Yugioh Duel Links Status and Error Issues

The ever so popular free-to-play with in-app purchases Yugioh Duel Links Android and iOS online multiplayer card game from Konami can leave a few players in dismay, especially when the game status is offline, which could be down to issues such as the dreaded ‘server error 1’ problem and if this happens to you here is where you can have your say.

Yugioh Duel Links Status

Troubles such as server error 1 can be down to too many gamers trying to login at the same time and this is when the developers decided to implement the ‘staggering logins’ process. Other problems can include not being able to login, download not working, other sites such as gamer-net/yugioh or yugi5k.us not opening up etc.

Is Yugioh Duel Links down for you today? If you are experiencing any types of issue please do let us know what it is, the device you are using and operating system.


Yugioh Duel Links Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If Yugioh Duel Links is down today, then reports will be found below.

Yugioh Duel Links Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • lisa s

    Same here! Ahhh

  • Devin Jenkins

    So according to the the duel links update it states that they are currently working to resolve the issue. Hopefully it fixes soon!

  • Nick Westholder


  • Nick Westholder

    when i start up my game it dosent do anything and just goes to a black screen. it wont do anything. help?? (i let it sit on the black screen for about an hr) i did not back up my files….rather not have to restart

  • Devin Jenkins

    Yeah I tried doing that also, it didn’t work for me either.

  • Rekon


  • Ciffer V Zif

    same here. Any news on this or a fix? reinstalling with data transfer didn’t help.

  • Devin Jenkins

    I have the same problem but no one can duel me. My friends can’t even send a duel to me, but they can send requests to other friends, just not me.

  • 123XDLOL

    It is the only one i can’t duel vs

  • 123XDLOL

    I can’t duel vs my friend
    The game doesn’t allow me to invite him in a pvp duel. It dosen’t matter how many times i press invite

  • ash

    enemy gravity axe- grarl equip card will have the effect that make monster we control cannot change battle position, so why my red skilled magician cannot be activated to special summon 1 archfiend monster. it nots like the gravity axe- graarl have the effect to disable the effect activatiion effect of red skilled magician, rite???

  • Ty Esannason

    I can’t get the Konami logo it’s frozen. I just won a battle it froze I restarted it now it won’t let me past a certain point

  • Dennis Lacandazo

    When I go to store and open any of the Line Up it says “Failed to get information. Please reboot the app after entering your Google Account information.” my Cellphone is Asus Zenfone Max, OS is Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop) PLEASE Give me some answers because I think I can’t get UR and SR Cards because of that. Thank you!

  • Pedro Gavilanes

    Tengo un error 501 y es fastidioso no me deja jugar normalmente :/ .

  • Misty Kingdra

    Can’t get my daily login bonuses.

  • Diamond Hunter


  • Esteban Verdugo Mondragon

    Insect hopper specify when is sent from the field to the graveyard i can special smn an insect from my hand(dosent matter if destroyed or tributed..) only is working when destroyed by battle of destroyed by a card effect.. but not when tributed by insect queen.. or altar of tribute and some other card effects… ill really appreciate to check it out please…

  • Karpa San

    The A.I. for auto-duel when Black Pendant is involved is annoying. Can you guys revise that?
    For example: The A.I. prioritizes using Black Pendant + Twister on the same turn, especially when the +500 Atk is beneficial at the moment.
    Another: Choosing to allow a monster equipped with Black Pendant to die instead of saving it via Enemy Controller, etc.

  • Jordan Larock

    I been trying to download this game for about a week now but it won’t let I cleared my data

  • Krusnik

    It stopped working on NOX emulator, bluestacks, andy and memu… just won’t work anymore on emulators. Even thou I give it 2 cores and 4 gb RAM…

  • L


  • Dragan

    I play the game on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone with a pretty good connection but I always get SERVER ERROR when trying to play PVP.

  • Official King Azel

    Dueling online keeps saying connection failed… I use to duel online just fine before Bakura event.

  • Adlez Eluryh

    Encountered a bug: AI field has 2 set charmers. I have 2 monsters. Attack opponent’s charmer, activate Magician’s circle. We both summon new spellcatsers, attack goes on as normal.
    Charmer flips, tries to take my monster, my monster dies instantly and then the charmer.
    My third monster is unable to attack.

  • Juan Gómez

    I transferred my data to my another phone but all the cards are grey and in the shop in certain packs it only displays a few cards.

  • Mateus

    Here too, no solution found so far.

  • Schidnsepp


  • Dusty Rhoads

    I can’t enter the shop I just started the game and it’s on tutorial and it won’t let me click shop to go in wtf plz someone help I’ve played the card game for years and want to play this game

  • a3el

    Each time I go pvp duels I keep getting the connection failed and I win which is fine but its makes dueling others boring is it my Wifi or there quitting

  • Emiliano Zavala

    Mine is just a black screen and it won’t load

  • unknownviper99

    Idk if u found the answer but it’s just a glitch. If u open the app then go to another app while it’s loading and u go back to yugioh it does that

  • unknownviper99

    My school wifi always let me play yugioh but ever since March 09 thursday it keeps saying network connection and I can’t play whyyy

  • Pseudonym

    After download, when Yugi says “I cannot afford to lose” the game freezes

  • Bruno Davi

    App doesnt load. I cant get even into Starting screen. Moto G

  • Yankiel Castro

    shop is not working, when i enter shop it says purchase error

  • AJinougaDoesAThing ForSomeReas

    Duel links won’t even download the game data, it just gives me an error, upon error upon error.

  • ken

    card shop booster box won’t load. I get into card shop click on the set and it’s stuck on the blue loading screen with sphere please help.

  • Dantae

    Server error 1 after every duel please help

  • Thys Richards

    So after struggling for 3 days to download the game I now get a “Scenario Load Error”

  • Tym

    My opponent had a main phase longer than 20 min, the screen didn’t freeze, I don’t know what happened but his phase lasted really long so I just shut down the app and lose.
    I also have problem, when I get a note “error” during battle, and than I automaticly lose.

  • Yee Mei moh

    lol i thought answer could be found here, but no one answer me)

  • Yee Mei moh

    When I’m opening my yugioh duel links, it shows nothing the screen is black and when i touch it something glow and it the screen will be white and still i tried downloading this app many times, but the app is still in error please help. I’m using Redmi note 3

  • Anonymous

    Same issue with you. Please upvote the comment. This is upsetting

  • Tyllerr13

    when i go to the app store to download it during the initial link download it keeps freezing at 211 of 267 and i still can’t even play it.!


  • Jonathan

    sorry i mean i use nox app and when i do a pvp duel it keep dc in the middle of duel help !!!!!1

  • Jonathan

    i just nox app and when i do pvp i keep dc in middle of duel help !!!!!!!!!!

  • Zulfahmi Zulhasni

    Got “server reboot error 0” after each game and the game will restart. Seems that I don’t get the experience points and duel rewards either

  • Guest

    for 3 days now i can’t log in the game kinda strange…

  • Simian Govender

    It doesn’t want to even start and keeps saying scenario error

  • Angry

    Same issue! Cant rank up because of it


    Have had same problem for about 3 weeks

  • eza spirit

    always error in duel pvp always rematch in round 1

  • Mai Huynh Nguyễn

    I chose user name from 4-12 characters with no space or special characters as required. But this game still not allow mine.
    Please help

  • armin

    as soon as I finish the duel, this message appears and the game reboots

  • armin

    Server error
    Error No. 0


  • Max Gautheron

    I got Error number 3, can anyone help me out ? :)

  • Yucheng Wang Bob

    I can’t receive my daily login bonus. I mean they showed up on my screen said I got gems/gold/duel orbs, but when I check those, there was nothing received. I can definitely say I haven’t received any duel orbs since weeks ago(I login every day during the time).

  • Dwayne Carey Santana Stephens

    I can’t access my other decks and when I press the character icon on the main screen it says error an ask me to reboot but rebooting don’t work please help I need my other decks

  • Amani Johnson

    Scenario : I’ll be mid duel on ranked PvP matches, and occasionally it will freeze and say that I have lossed the game. I keep a close eye on my time and it never exceeds the time limit.
    Using iPhone 5s

  • Dillyn Van der Merwe

    Scenario error then error 1 . And im using a samsung galaxy S7 edge with the latest android os

  • Kauai

    Scenario load errors for every battle. No descriptions on what anything means. Can’t create a deck.

  • Yousef Mohamed

    After maintenance i got error 3 and can not download the new additional data!!.

    Please help

  • Olan Tambunan

    whats is scenario error, and server error, i just installed it today, and error from first time login

  • Emberson Jay

    It has been resolved

  • Emberson Jay

    Down right now. “Staggering Log-Ins” Message after maintenance.

  • Moy

    No network connection error for at least 3 hours on stable wifi on iPhone 5 please help

  • David B. Hernandez

    I can’t buy card packs. I can purchase them fine with gems, but I keep getting error when I try to buy with my debit.

  • Priscilla Marques

    It takes forever to load and then it pauses. I’ve had the app for almost a week and I haven’t been able to play it because of this.

  • Priscilla Marques


  • Daan Thewis

    I logged into the game after the maintenance, then suddenly I was kicked out when I clicked the shop. Now I have error no. 500 thats says authentication failure. How can I fix this?

  • Matthew Ollis

    Was just about to make a trade with card trader and service error error no 1 whats this mean

  • DomixFifty

    Downloading takes forever , what problem is that ? please Konami fix this assap

  • Ler

    Yeah same here error error and more error messages

  • Dom

    Server error 1 Samsung g 7

  • A

    It keep saying no internet connection

  • Rocky89

    Just keep rebooting seem to have worked for me

  • Caleb

    Can’t log in keeps saying server issue on ipad

  • casey jones

    Error 1 android

  • Daro Erreis


  • Sliver


  • Rocky89

    Was in middle of game kicked me out now saying servor error 1

  • Anomoyus

    Purchase error ..how to fix it?

  • Rj

    Right after I beat Pegasus lvl 30 I get error -1 and can’t log back in (Android)

  • Ivan Raynovski

    Android Error 1

  • xPaxton

    Android Error No.1

  • Danny Salazar

    ON iOS Say: error No.3 ?

  • Danny Salazar

    Y te dejo descargar la actualización ?

  • Danny Salazar

    No me dejo descargar la actualización, me dice error al escribir el archivo error no3. :(

  • Ryan

    Do u have a samsung galaxy s7 ?

  • Ryan

    Same here

  • Lia Lio

    just make ur konami id then erase data, then u will play this game again, i found it by myself

  • myu

    Same here

  • Agustín

    Pues tengo un Huawei g play mini y el juego lo descargue hace una semana…Y hace 3 días que no puedo jugar con normalidad…cada vez que intento jugar contra un NPC se congela en mi turno o en ella suyo….Ya van 3 días así que no puedo jugar…arreglen eso …

  • Austin

    Draw phase freezing up for me as well.. makes me mad because im sitting next to my buddy who is dueling with no problems lol

  • Gui

    I have an issue not related with the server being down: i can battle everybody in solo just fine but evry time i try to duel online in the arena it says that i found an oponent and then i get a : “disconnected ” and it returnes me to the map with a loss . Any way to fix it?

  • Lia Lio

    i dunno why, but my friend can play it without any troubles

  • Some guy

    Im having the same issue. Log in fine. Can’t play due to draw phase hanging up and never advancing

  • Neyer

    Greetings from Peru, I started playing since January 5 of this year, I have the error of server 1 and when I want to enter to buy new cards, I automatically disconnect from the game. I have a Samsung Galaxy J2. I beg your prompt response and response. Despite that I think it’s a promising application, thank you.

  • Lia Lio

    before maintenance in 25 january, i played this game with no troubles, but after maintenance, server error, staggering logins, and the bad last thing is… everytime i try to fight against npc or even pvp, the game stopped after the second’s turn and can’t surrender, i closed the game and it happen again , i was bored in last 2 days with these troubles

  • Carlos Guerrero

    Hopefully they find a way to fix this im looking forward to See how the game is

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Gamer

    I managed to take part in the Welcome to Toon World Event yesterday and managed to get some prizes and unlock Pegasus. When I checked this morning it was gone and now servers are crapping. Looks like this event is too much for the servers to hanle

  • Zireal

    F**ked up for about 3 hours now… This might be serious :

  • Sayge Huyssoon

    Server error 1 or staggering logins all day, ill miss my daily :( Hope this is fixed soon
    Galaxy S6 Active

  • Jeff

    I’m in Michigan and I’m playing on my iPhone 6s. I can’t load my game is always says retry or reboot. These servers really need to be upped I can’t deal with this everytime I try to play.

  • Hype

    Just says “no network connection” and says to retry to connect or reboot. I’m in full wifi so guessing servers are down and have been for the past few hours. I’m in Australia, really hoping they go back up sometime soon.

  • Vincenzo

    Ho errore del server codice – 1

  • Shidohari

    I have the server error 1 due to the amount of logins i’m guessing. Since they finally must have activated the welcome to toon world line. I play on a Galazy Tab 3 from the Kentucky. Thanks to this i’ll miss my daily login as well. I hope they have some kind of compensation for anyone who currently had the app as of when the occurrences started.

  • Wht Rabbit

    I got pegasus went to let me play level 40, servers went down, let me log in a few hours later the event was over, and kicked off again now this is day two of this problem during the day so i guess for everyone with the issue its best to try to play around 10pm-4 in the morning eastern time because after that it goes man.

  • kyle

    its been olay all morning and now its down..they need to make there server handling better as this is more a pain in the arse than anyt.

  • Tom Sumon

    Either error #1 or staggering log in all day. They seriously need to fix this. Im on an lgk7

  • Sovereign Dezmond

    Screw this. After trying for 1.5 hours, I managed to login but got kicked out in less than 5 minutes. Lets forget about pegasus event.

  • Tobin

    Server error last 24 hours :(

  • Babis

    Server error -1 in Greece yet again, nightmare.

  • Yami Yugi

    Well i had the Server error -1 Issue but then i was able to log in again, then after it crashed with server error 0 message and now it went back to saying server error -1. Im not even trying to play the pegasus event right now

  • Helen Smith

    Same here

  • youness achbabout

    The game was running fine then the server error message appeared and couldn’t move on i have tried to turn on/off my cellular data but the issue consists otherwise im using an Android device lollipop 5.1with 2 Gb on RAM

  • tacos

    Server error which is fine bc i was losing bad

  • Carlos Guerrero

    Been on staggered log in all day. Haven’t been able to log in all day because of it. Have a Galaxy Note 4

  • DeadGhost

    Just got booted out my game and told server – 1 error :( #feelsbadman

  • Claire

    I also got the server error 1 status but have since learned they staggered the logins to ease the servers being overloaded.

  • Max

    I am actually happy because the yugioh duel links maintenance that happened today gave me like 700 gems for free.

  • Cleren

    Is anyone having the same issues as me with the server being down and getting the server error -1 message pop up?

  • Jaden

    I just got booted from my Yugioh Duel Links game, this has now happened a few times over the last few hours.