Yahoo Mail problems

There’s a number of ways to access Yahoo Mail that Down Today readers mention, and these include a free email app on most platforms, an online sign in, and other methods that all run into problems occasionally. This has sent some people looking for alternative email options, but those that love Yahoo Mail want to keep using it even when it’s not working correctly.

On this page you will see the current Yahoo Mail status thanks to reports left by users like you, so take a look below to see if there’s any problems right now and to leave your own report. If you do leave details about issues, then remember to give information on your location thanks to some problems being isolated to certain countries or even ISPs.

You are also welcome to detail issues with features within either the applications on Android and iOS, or the online platform when sending and receiving messages. Can’t connect errors are also common and can be related to outages, or local network glitches.


Yahoo Mail Status insight for Wednesday 13th of December 2017

If Yahoo Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Yahoo Mail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo Care

  • Andres Revesz

    For three days i get inconsistently rejected from sending from my Yahoo account and must shift to my Gmail to finally send the emails.
    Also have delays in receiving and loading.
    My iPad Mail had to reload thousands of emails.
    I also have three more email clients available on call which in problem times i must use but yahoo gives problems with all

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine——-

  • Susan Hunter

    yahoo email account cant log in says need to reactivate but wont accept my email address or recovery email or mobile number. been down since saturday. any idea what to do, located scotland

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine——-

  • Vicky

    Can’t send out emails from iPhone. I can only receive!

  • Ang D

    Can’t send emails from IPhone or IPad.

  • Jose de Barros

    doesn’t send emails

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine——

  • Helpline +(44)808-143-3686

    Contact us for issues and problems.
    Free Helpline and Support Team
    Thank You.

  • Jack

    Unable to forward emails with iPad! No ‘email this page’ box available.
    Having to revert to desktop!!!

  • Yahoo Care +1-800-585-2494

    Yahoo HeIpIine

  • Denise Lewis

    Emails are not sending!

  • Stuart Hope

    since update on computer 2 days ago cant scroll through my emails.
    when opening an email cannot scroll through message.
    I cannot remember so many other problems with yahoo this year???

  • Stewart

    Yahoo mail for Sky is down 3days keeps telling me to input password and when I do it’s coming up with password or mail address not recognised. WTF??

  • Jacki

    Automatic update last night and now can’t send emails on my BT account. They’re in the ‘sent’ folder but don’t arrive.

  • Duke Martin

    yahoo mail deletes all my mail on my pc, but not on my mobile! ever since i updated it has been rubbish!!

  • Ian Clabburn

    Yahoo mail will not let me send and keeps telling me that my password has changed (not so) and requests new pw. All day so far

  • Christine

    My yahooMail has gone down does anybody know how i can get onto my email please?

  • Clark

    Yahoo mail is down again and again, this is becoming a pain in the backside now.

  • steve

    yahoo mail not working

  • Steve

    Today e mails being composed and sent disappearing but not showing in sent .HAVE THEY BEEN SENT .?Cannot check.

  • Crystal

    Today we cannot send Yahoo email from our Apple iPads or Samsung Galaxy tablet, although we can receive emails on all devices.

    However, we can send Yahoo emails from our computers.

    All settings are correct, so we don’t understand where the problem is. It can’t be the Apps because those are different on the different tablets. It can’t be the server because we can send from the computers. It can’t be Yahoo for the same reason.

    Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Matthews

    Gone down won’t let me sign in say oops try later clear cookies done that still nothing

  • Robert Wolfe

    Slower than smoke! Junk they’re putting out slows my computer! All it takes is leaving a yahoo tab open, it’ll be no time until it’s time to restart the computer!

  • Phil

    Can’t get Yahoo on my laptop BUT I get everything else is working find, I get Yahoo on my cell Phone JUST find !!

  • Joyce Adam

    My sky/yahoo email is working fine on my pc, however like anne dean I have not been able to access emails on my Samsung j3 phone since 25/7 it also said last synced 00.01 26/7, cannot connect to server etc etc despite constantly trying sync now. I did think about removing account and re adding but thought better of it incase made things worse. I didn’t want to play about too much as not very techy, anyway just tried suggestion from Chris Salmon re changing SSL to SSL accept all and it has worked. yippee!!!! Like Chris cant believe it was something as simple as that thanks so much for your help

  • Stuart

    Has sorted itself out, now back to normal.!!

  • Stuart

    Having difficulty with my yahoo mail on my computer. Most of my emails have disappeared. When I check the box on the left it opens the email but when I click on delete nothing happens. When I click on any of the icons nothing happens!!

  • Steve Woolley

    Unable to access Yahoo mail today anyone else having problems?

  • David Gooding

    Thank you for your suggestion about how to get our sky email working again. I did what you said and both my wife and I have got our emails back on our phones. Thanks again. David.

  • Chris Salmon

    Further to my post yesterday. Very frustrated with all this so decided to play with the e-mail account settings. When I changed the Security settings on both the Incoming and Outgoing from ‘SSL’ to ‘SSL (Accept all certificates)’, hey presto, I got my mail on the phone. Same on the tablet and then restored e-mail on my wife’s phone and tablet as well. Cannot believe the solution is that simple but now have normal service resumed on our devices. Hope it helps

  • Chris Salmon

    Further to my post yesterday. Very frustrated with all this so decided to play with the e-mail account settings. When I changed the Security settings on both the Incoming and Outgoing from ‘SSL’ to ‘SSL (Accept all certificates)’, hey presto, I got my mail on the phone. Same on the tablet and then restored e-mail on my wife’s phone and tablet as well. Cannot believe the solution is that simple but now have normal service resumed on our devices. Hope it helps.

  • Chris Salmon

    Further to my post yesterday. Very frustrated with all this so decided to play with the e-mail account settings. When I changed the Security settings on both the Incoming and Outgoing from ‘SSL’ to ‘SSL (Accept all certificates)’, hey presto, I got my mail on the phone. Same on the tablet and then restored e-mail on my wife’s phone and tablet as well. Cannot believe the solution is that simple but now have normal service resumed on our devices. Hope it helps!

  • David Wilson-spencer

    Still no email this has been since 25th July, am waiting for urgent correspondence from hospital,what is the ANSWER? I have not received any notification regarding a problem,nor have I seen anything in the press.I am finding this a total shoddy service,please is there anyone who can provide an answer

  • Anne Dean

    The Yahoo ‘service’ is non-existent. Cannot re-add sky/yahoo email address to Samsung J3 – cannot safely connect to server or authentication required message constantly received. Spent hours on phone to Sky who say there is no problem. Can’t contact Yahoo as you need to be able to sign into your email for them to acknowledge your existence! Truly pathetic service. No emails on phone since 25/7 despite visits to EE shop, reboots, mirroring settings, phone calls to Sky…all to no avail. Why is there not a message anywhere from Yahoo/Sky advising that there are STILL outage problems (like those last week) which persist?

  • Anne Dean

    Tried repeatedly to

  • Dave Ridgway

    Exactly the same for me.spent 2 hours in EE shop trying to solve it still no joy.mine stopped on 25th July.

  • Pat

    Have been without sky/Yahoo emails now 7 days. Still not working for me today. Not recognising any of my log in details. Very frustrating. Sky just say it’s a Yahoo problem, which they are still trying to fix. No message from Yahoo in press or TV to say sorry and what this problem is. Not good enough. I live in Cambridgeshire, England.

  • Dave Cutts

    Cannot receive emails since 25th july,cannot contact anyone,very frustrating

  • Paul Crouch

    Cant log in to Yahoo mail today on my PC, phone seems ok but thats pre logged in. Just faults logging in to account. Annoyed.

  • Lynn Carden-Matthews

    Not getting sky Yahoo emails or backing up my phone. No emails for 2 days. Tried rebooting. 1hr waiting time on recording for trying to get thru to sky.

  • Mrs L Harris

    Frustrating!!! still not getting my emails for Sky

  • Bev Maynard

    Finally have my mail back, 19.30 hours BST!

  • Linda Firth

    Still not receiving emails

  • Peter Coles

    This happens once every year!

  • Tim Mason

    Thanks for the update Vic. So frustrating but at least it saves me wasting an hour trying to call them again too! If only they would update their service status page at least we would all know instantly, can’t believe they took the status down for this issue at around 2pm which implied it is fixed when it clearly isn’t.

  • Maggie Tindal

    Still tried to log in with same problem even though sky say the problem is fixed or at least not showing as a problem anymore

  • Vic

    I received the following two messages from Sky support within the last 30 minutes.
    1 “.Hi, you’re chatting with Marty today, there is a known issue with emails right now with everyone and we’re working on getting this resolved for you and should be sorted soon ok” .
    Which was quickly followed by
    2.” I really wish I had some information for you but we haven’t been given an update as to when it will be resolved but I do know they are working on it and because it is effecting everyone they will be working super hard to get it resolved” [smiley face!]
    So it is not resolved – and there is not a time estimate for fix .

  • Annie

    Spoke to Sky at 8.30 this morning who ‘hoped the problem would be resolved today’. When this has happened previously (3 times in as many years) I’ve been talked through new passwords etc. This time there is no online fix and it’s the email which isn’t recognised. A little annoying to read it’s resolved on Twitter. Not resolved for me.

  • Ivanidea

    Still can’t access emails. How much longer?

  • Teresa Webb

    Please can anyone confirm if they can now access their Sky emails?

  • Vic Perrin

    Although Sky say the problem is now sorted I still can’t get my emails

  • Alastair Mcmeckan

    good to know its a global problem – well not good really – wasted so much time trying to sort it out without success – so has it been confirmed that everything down – my last e mail came through at 00.35? LAST night.

  • Terry E

    Yep – Sky and yahoo email down but no one wants to say anything about it …. so frustrating for their customers

  • Ivanidea

    Sky have just messaged to say they are having problems with emails clients..

  • Peter

    Same problem as everyone else.Cannot log in to email account. Surely they could post a message that this is a Yahoo problem and advising what steps to take etc.

  • Tim Mason

    Just to add – have just come off the phone to Sky, they appologised and said it is affecting a lot of people and to try later as it is being worked on.

  • Ivanidea

    Grrrrr. The heading at the top talks about “those that love Yahoo Mail want to keep using it even when it’s not working correctly”.
    I so do NOT want to keep yahoo if this is what happens, but right now I have emails I need to retrieve.

  • Ivanidea


  • Tim Mason

    Same issue here, all our family email accounts are no longer recognised on iphone or pc, and even the sky email portal! I just tried to ring and the message whilst waiting said “we are aware that some customers are having problems with their email”. I agree that they should have something on the service status page.
    Will try again on the phone, would be good to know when others get fixed.

  • Ivanidea

    Likewise and Sky help . . . doesn’t!

  • Ivanidea

    Does this happen often with Yahoo? i had no problems when it was just Sky?

  • Ivanidea

    same issue – nothing mentioned on Sky

  • James newman

    Hi. I’m having the same issue. Went into sky website and nothing is mentioned

  • Sarah Simpson

    I’m getting the same doesn’t recognise mine either

  • Rob Beswick

    I also can’t log in.
    Doesn’t recognise my email account??

  • Mark A Sterry

    Anybody else having problems logging in today?
    It’s telling me my address & phone number aren’t recognised

  • Alec Henderson

    How much longer will this last?

  • Glenda Hewitt

    Keeps saying. Couldn’t sign in

  • Phil

    Yahoo mail is shite i need to get my flight details off my yahoo mail but cant access it i have 5 days to sort this then i will never use yahoo again

  • cjthelder

    I have not been able to access my Yahoo mail account for three days, using Firefox. I can with MS Edge, but I never feel safe using it, and never did with IE either.

  • Cipriana Muring

    How can i access my yahoo mail in this device, i felt to do it

  • Geoff Burns

    For the last few days Firefox has failed to allow sign-in to any Yahoo service, although I can still reach them on Chrome.
    It is normally the “Connection timed 0ut” error, although for half an hour last night I was getting a different one.

    By the way – trying to sign in using a Facebook ID forces me to a Disqus sign-up (which I don’t want). You might want to check your links . . .

  • Stephen McCrory

    Why won’t the newest version of Yahoo! mail load properly? I get some headings, with some links that work, but can’t see my emails unless I revert back to Yahoo! Basic……Please can someone tell me what the problem is, or how to fix it?

  • Marinda

    Good day yahoo customer care I can’t open my email it keeps on saying Sorry, we don’t recognize that email address or phone number”. Whats going on?

  • Alberto Martinez

    Error: service temporarily unavailable.

  • dale duesing

    Still not better! Can send emails using .net, but can’t receive anything. I am guessing that the IMAP problem has not been solved! Any news?

  • dale

    am not receiving mails using .net address. Started about an hour and a half ago. Nothing comes in, and several people called to say that the mails they are sending are returned saying there is no MX or A for this address. What is going on?????

  • Waqar Ali

    my email is not open

  • joshua ed

    Can’t access my yahoo mails,the last 3 days

  • gillian comins

    Sky Yahoo has suddenly refused to deliver any e-mails to inividuals with a btinternet address Has anyone else had this problem how to solve it

  • marianne ghosh

    keep being asked to verify my number , several occasions today , awful sevice

  • anya

    Can’t open emails in my inbox on my PC, using Firefox.

  • Ali Walker

    Cannot get yahoo mail on my iphone or kindle since yesterday

  • Irene Hanrahan

    I cannot get Yahoo mail on my Windows 10 phone, had problems for the last 3 days. Still ok on my Surface RT’ Removed it as advised but now cannot find the app in store to reinstall it.

  • Martha McNeill

    Cannot access Yahoo Mail for 2 days—same problem as others—why can’t you fir it?!?

  • Donna Bush

    Yahoo Mail Inbox only shows today’s emails. What happened to the last 15 years of emails? Located in Louisiana, using Charter internet on Macbook with Firefox as web browser

  • Jack

    Cannot connect to my yahoo mail via windows Mail 2011 in any way 🙁

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Contact us for login and mails issues.
    Toll Free Helpline.

  • Lindsay Cook

    Similar issues to those mentioned – started yesterday and still not resolved. Tried contacting a Yahoo specialist who should be available between 6am and 6pm – their not ??? Also tried online – which I have been advised they will e-mail me DOHHHH! thats the reason I have an issue I cant get my e-mails.

  • David

    Error: Service Unavailable Error since last night

  • H

    Getting emails in my inbox but when I open them the spinning wheel thing appears and no info. Tried to forward then to another address but they’re empty. This is all mail from 23.14 12/05/2017.

  • Elizabeth Hitchon

    I’m having the same problem with my yahoo mail too for past two days.

  • Elizabeth Hitchon


  • Keith R

    My yahoo mail is not working, can’t sign in, can’t sync cannot read any e-mails it’s been 2 days now.

  • Nnadi Beatrice Kelechi

    My yahoo mail is not working, can’t sign in, can’t sync. From Nigeria

  • Ady Miles

    Not working. Cannot read any e-mail

  • Kathleen Madeley

    Can not read yahoo mail

  • Susan Gini

    I live in Greece and when I visit UK, I cannot get into my e-mails when using a different computer. They ask me for an answer to a question that I didn’t even give. What can I do, any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Avril Farley

    My bt yahoo account keeps asking for my password on my tablet. It was fine this morning, how has my password been removed?

  • Daza

    Updated my beta ios last night.
    Now the yahoo app isnt working at all.
    Tried deleting and reloading but still nothing. Its like the boot part of it isnt working as unable to access to log in once reloaded.

    But am able to view emails via ios mail.
    Seems to be the actusl yahoo mail app thats broken.

  • Gregg

    … and now it’s back. Not the best in reliability…

  • Gregg

    I’m also experiencing issues sending/receiving emails using the stock email client on Samsung S7, or via the online email portal (as of this morning). Can send and receive emails fine from Outlook and Windows Mail running on Windows 10 though.

  • Darnell Walker

    I’m having issues too

  • Turtledude Woods

    Unable to connect to server – whether through my iPhone or online login. Anyone having issues today? Was fine yesterday.

  • David Kippax

    For the past few days I have not been receiving my Sky emails to my iPad, the timer just says it is processing the request but it doesn’t connect. Then totally out of the blue it will download the emails but will not update when read. Any ideas how to correct?

  • Tim Madew

    Had the same problem, Sky Mail not connecting and asking for password.
    Worked fine up until about 30 minutes ago.
    Sky Yahoo Mail via Safari on Mac is (at the moment) still working OK

  • j jones

    Since around 3pm this afternoon (Fri 24th March, 2017) haven’t been able to access my email. Was working fine this morning. Now keep getting the same message:

    The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

  • Cat

    BS they had me all over the place with call this number , call that number,, wtf,,, Yahoo is getting ridiculous..

  • Cat

    Put my password in this am,, got mail fine,, This afternoon signed in,,, “password invalid” wtf is going on,,,again?

  • Ann

    Trying to log in on my phone and it takes forever loading. So i switch to comp and is same wont even send mails it stayed sending for more than an hour.. I am quite frankly pissed off..

  • John

    I have stopped receiving my yahoo emails on both my iPhone 6 and my apple tablet I have deleted my account and reloaded it. NO emails. Any ideas

  • Jen

    unable to receive emails

  • B Ding

    Yahoo is telling my I am not on the internet and it is taking too long for the server to respond. Then it opens up, however, I can’t respond to the emails I have received. Anyone else experiencing this type of issue?

  • Pascalli

    Stopped receiving emails this afternoon (UK). Uninstalled & reinstalled the Yahoo app, switched phone off & back on again but each time I’ve tried to access my email account the following message appears:. “Unable to initialize your account please try later”.

  • Sharan Chharra

    Contact Yahoo Support Staff 1844-258-4546 Toll Free Helpline

    Login Issues

    Email assistance

    Password Recovery

  • Roger

    Had temporary error 14 for one hour now , have done the ‘fixes’ cleared cache, restarted etc-still can ‘t see my email. Any suggestions or will it fix itself ??

  • Helen Dawlish

    No mail here in Spain either

  • Navsteve

    Once again let down by Yahoo e-mail. No access to any accounts using Outlook or Native Webmail Yahoo. Engineers tweeting “We’re working on it”…. but no estimated uptime 🙁

  • Peggy

    Yahoo mail down today error14 very frustrating change password yet again

  • Jo Digweed

    Temporary error 14, since 20.10 GMT + 1 . Was OK until about 19.55.

  • Delbert

    Yahoo crashed out this time last evening. What is going on?

  • George

    Yahoo mail down for me getting this message

    We’re experiencing some technical difficulties…
    We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try again shortly or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue.

    Temporary error: 14
    Visit Help for troubleshooting instructions

  • David Grieve

    Yahoo Mail completely down as at 18.55hrs Tuesday 28th February.
    States that “Error 14” Currently “Temporarily unavailable.

  • method man

    i cannot receive any e-mail today…what happen plz help

  • josephine beasley

    Yahoo keeps on breaking down. Cannot get to my e mails and cannot click on anything!!! it comes and goes that ‘s what so frustrating!!

  • Jcp95

    Fed up with being asked repeatedly to change my password.. As I’ve done this twice the last few months (2017) whats the prob with Yahoo?

  • napokoli

    i can’t send or recieve msgs on my account since the beginning of month

  • Fay Clarke

    I am not able to receive or send e-mails on Yahoo through Windows

  • Richard Ortt

    I have not received my emails since Feb 1, 2017. I can send emails but not receive them. This is happening on 5 different computer
    and different email clients as well as at least 5 different email accounts. Yahoo when will this be fixed?

  • Bruce9

    Can Not See A Full Page Of Inbox Emails. Looks Like 3-4″‘s of Dead Space At the Top of The Page. ????

  • Alyssa Ferguson

    Location is South Carolina… All of my ither email services have been loading just fine. I have been a Yahoo mail user for years. Ever since notice of account hacks my emails will not refresh on ANY device (pc, tablet, smart phone)… Does yahoo care?

  • digitaltoast

    Same here – just spent an HOUR resetting password, mucking about, deleting and re-installing account on Thunderbird. Nothing on the Yahoo twitter feed, and I can’t even find a status page for Yahoo mail.

    Same as you, I can login to the server just find, but pop3 is sporadic – occassionally it works

  • Ludlum Mckenzie

    Oh come on folks, stop complaining. It will all be sorted out as soon as the CIA, NSA and FBI have done reading our emails today. Phew, I hope they do not read my Googlemail, I think I still have the plans for my next op on there.

  • Renee Groeninx

    Problems logging in this morning January 12 2017. did the verification to my mobile but afterwards get the ‘Engineers are working on it’ page.. So if they sent me a message about essential work I can’t see it!!

  • sheradean

    I can’t even read my emails each time I scroll down to see my messages the page freezes and this can’t be done . It’s not a problem with my phone because I can access other email which are not yahoo. Yahoo get your act together this is becoming annoying now.

  • Derek McPherson

    Seriously this email is becoming a JOKE,time to move on ?

  • Diane Hayes Sullivan

    Deleted email keeps coming back to my inbox. IT has been doing this for days! I am about ready to change. Anyone else having that problem?
    GEORGIA location