Yahoo Mail problems

There’s a number of ways to access Yahoo Mail that Down Today readers mention, and these include a free email app on most platforms, an online sign in, and other methods that all run into problems occasionally. This has sent some people looking for alternative email options, but those that love Yahoo Mail want to keep using it even when it’s not working correctly.


On this page you will see the current Yahoo Mail status thanks to reports left by users like you, so take a look below to see if there’s any problems right now and to leave your own report. If you do leave details about issues, then remember to give information on your location thanks to some problems being isolated to certain countries or even ISPs.

You are also welcome to detail issues with features within either the applications on Android and iOS, or the online platform when sending and receiving messages. Can’t connect errors are also common and can be related to outages, or local network glitches.


Yahoo Mail Status insight for Thursday 8th of December 2016

If Yahoo Mail is down today, then reports will be found below.

Yahoo Mail Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • bern

    Damn pain…

  • al

    Who broke yahoo? I can’t open an email or do anything

  • Tufftie

    Can;t open my emails and work related so very unhappy

  • Peter

    Same problem with BT Yahoo, can see the emails but can’t open them. This has been like it since Sunday evening and it’s not good enough BT come on get something done! West Sussex, South coast.

  • jane

    Please fix this email issue – 2 days and counting now… I can see
    emails but open anything or access spam, sent box etc, can’t delete etc.
    Very frustrating.Nigeria

  • ColinG

    Mail problems for me have been getting steadily worse for days now. Initially found that message toolbar commands wouldn’t work, but could still read messages; now it won’t even load the message list. Yahoo might not be able to guarantee 100% service availability, but not keeping users informed when issues occur is tantamount to commercial suicide. They won’t even deign an apology: all we get on Twitter is “…Thank you for your patience”. Absolute rubbish!

  • Rosalyn Hamblett

    I am unable to open my emails today too – Not only frustrating – it isn’t good enough, YAHOO, are you listening. Can’t find a phone number to ring either. I know they don’t have a dedicated customer service number, and expect you to look online for solutions to problems, but this problem isn’t listed anywhere grrrrrrrrr

  • lala

    Please fix this email issue – 2 days and counting now… I can see emails but open anything or access spam, sent box etc, can’t delete etc. Very frustrating.

  • john

    Yahoo mail will not load my mail today but it is updating and showing new mails but won’t open them. Whats really strange is that if i go into apple mail i can then open all my yahoo emails.

  • lyn

    I can’t get into my e-mails at all today. I am totally fed up with yahoo. been with them for ten years, but not for much longer. The service is increasingly unreliable

  • whistletalker

    Taken ages to load emails, even with classic last 3 days

  • Nick A

    I empty my spam folder daily, and was surprised last Sunday when advised that there were over 5000 to be deleted. Found out later that I had deleted over 5000 of my saved emails as they had “moved” to spam folder… sent an email request to yahoo to reinstate them, but not holding out much hope.
    Browser gets hung up on the adverts, which are often blocked by McAfee software

  • Ken

    Yahoo Mail running dog slow in my browser Explorer 11, eventually asks if I want Basic Mail, that eventually appears, so slow it’s unusable

  • Abel

    Dec 3 2016, I can not get into my yahoo mail, yahoo web site on the internet. What is the problem?

  • Jim Anderson

    Cannot log into my account sayin wrong password

  • Kathleen Marsden

    My account is showing .com instead of hence no emails getting through. Don’t know what’s going on

  • Diana

    I’m unable to log into my yahoo account today or last evening. I now have a statement saying my account is locked for 12 hours for security reasons.

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  • james G

    mail thats meant to say , web mail ok though

  • james G

    yep same with me I haven’t been abled to download animal to my iPhone for the last 2 days

  • Phil E

    Had problem downloading mail on my iPad, very slow. Decided to delete both of my mail accounts and add new with same addresses. Nothing happens other than I get email on my phone stating I am “all set up and ready to go”. Go where I’m not sure as no accounts are showing on iPad. Having speed and other issues on my iMac as well.

  • Phil Thompson

    Testing a yahoo account for a friend, can send and receive emails but not replies ? ie only new emails come in, not replies to email I have sent out. Bizarre.

  • Mohammed Usman

    By far the worst company to deal with if you have email issues they end up selling you anti hacking software and blame hackers from China so if yahoo got hacked why are they charging their customers to buy this software it’s a disgrace that a company big as yahoo has not been able to sort out why people not been able to send and receive emails for one week now I will never call yahoo customer support again I rather change email providers

  • Lynne Craig

    Why can’t I create a folder in my yahoo email account now – it’s driving me crazy

  • Victor Croll

    What are Yahoo doing / saying about this problem? Not been able to get my emails on my PC for days (using Thunderbird)…

  • Lindsay

    Yahoo mail glitchy taking 30 mins plus to update, sending and receiving email also taking hours. On iPad and iPhone. Glasgow Scotland area.

  • Jo

    I think it’s Yahoo … :-(

  • Jo

    I have this too – that blooming ‘wheel’ :-(
    Any suggestions ??

  • Jo

    Mine is the same, slow to load mail, won’t delete …
    any suggestions please ??

  • Jo

    Yahoo mail very glitchy on both my iPhone and iPad …
    slow (+++) to load, won’t delete mail
    This has been an issue for a few days now- any help please ??

  • GeaVox

    Thank you for the warning Julian! <3 <3 <3

  • GeaVox

    I can log into my Yahoo mail online without problems, but my Apple mail keeps telling me the very same password I used to log in online is incorrect.


  • László

    I can not download my mail at all since yesterday!

  • Sharon Beresford

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my sky email account and have done for a number of years. Have had a massive problem over the last two weeks with sending emails , they seem to go alright but dont seem to be saving to sent items and they hang whilst sending for ages. Any filing that I do also does this, I am just about to change from Sky which is such a pain! When I move between emails it takes ages to change to the latest one! My Broadband speed is fine, as are my Outlook emails.

  • Kathryn

    Took me 6 hours to get an email, too late to join my friends for a drink,
    They use gmail…….might be worth thinking about

  • Caroline

    Yesterday I started getting exclamation marks on my yahoo mail within iOS on my iMac. If I signed into yahoo it worked fine but I cannot cope with the flashing adverts or the layout. Today and yesterday my iPad and iPhone just cannot download mail – it takes ages. Also when go into folders to see an old mail refuses to download into the folders at all – this is a real pain. I had problems when iOS 10 first came along but it then sorted and has been fine for a while but now rubbish. When it does download it reloads stuff previously deleted or takes me to a view from 3 days ago. Come on yahoo get a grip. I am likely to move rather than use your App.

  • Alan in manchester

    Checking for mail taking forever- is this an iPhone problem?

  • Tony Joseph

    Me too. Wake up yahoo and smell the coffee before it’s too late

  • Matt

    Same problem too – just hangs there saying ‘checking for mail’. My wife’s iPhone does the same thing too.

  • Rich

    My email is just saying ‘checking for mail’. Anyone got any fixes for this?

  • Sue Grady

    I haven’t been able to send or receive Yahoo emails on any of my devices since last Thursday morning (10th Nov). I can’t get any information from anywhere about what the problem is or when it will be cured. Does anyone else know what is happening?

  • Sandra MacKendrick

    why has my BT account suddenly decided to reject emails from some of my clients, they are in my address book and they are marked as safe senders etc, they do not appear in my spam box, however they are receiving an ‘undeliverable’ and being told that my bt account is rejecting them as spam.

    any ideas?

  • Rachel Liechti

    It has been painfully slow for days now, I’m not sure what to do!

  • Ady Miles

    Couldn’t send any Yahoo! e-mails for over two hours. Seems to be working okay now

  • Joanna

    I’m in Cork, too, cured yet? Did you find a way to ask yahoo what the problem is?

  • Irene

    I upgraded to IOS 10.1.1 on my Ipad Pro yesterday and can receive mail on the Ipad Mail app through my yahoo email address but like everyone else my outgoing mail is stuck in the outbox. Nothing is getting sent! It isnt good enough.

  • Rachelle

    Glad I found this forum as couldn’t find ANY update on Yahoo! or Apple. Same issue as all below posters on iPhone since last night when I updated to iOS 10.1.1. Has anyone had success today?

  • John

    Hi again…problem appears to have resolved….I am now able to send and receive mails on my iPad on Yahoo mail.

  • MG

    Help! I can’t send emails via outlook (desktop iMac) or my phone (iPhone). Just sitting in my outbox and doing nothing. I thought it was my phone but when it didn’t work on my desktop, I suspected it was Yahoo mail itself. Am I right? Any news on when it is going to get fixed?

  • mimmo


  • Julian Cat Man Pirog

    This is NOT yahoo support but Indians trying to hack. They ask for the serial number of your device. DO NOT call.
    Admin, please delete this number as it’s not yahoo at all but a scam

  • Julian Cat Man Pirog

    PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE HELPLINE UNDERNEATH. it is an Indian scam and they are asking for serial numbers of the phone and iPad.
    Repeat. DO NOT CALL THE HELPLINE in this thread.

  • Jill

    I have the same issue – very frustrating that there is no information from Yahoo or Apple when this may be resolved.

  • Julian Cat Man Pirog

    Did exactly the same. Was going to book time at the Apple Store until I saw this. I can’t seem to even access setting to input imap

  • Helen

    Cannot send either – what do I do pls!

  • tim

    yeah i’m getting this problem as well in UK since last night. yahoo email on iphone 6 not sending emails. but receives. I’ve even deleted the account and re-signed into yahoo and still not working. Hopefully they can sort this out, otherwise i’m permanently moving to Gmail.

  • Anni

    I have the exact same issues on iPad and iPhone :(

  • John

    Just managed to send a mail on my lap top using yahoo mail….and again failed to send on my iPad….is this an iPad/Yahoo issue

  • Clive

    Same problem since about 1900hrs last night. Assumed it was iPhone ( 6 ) so spent more than an hour deleting then adding account, resetting networks, resetting all etc. Still won’t send. No problem receiving, no problem sending and receiving on PC, no problem using Yahoo mobile app. Such a waste of time, what’s going on Yahoo?

  • John

    Coming from Cork Irelnd and same issue…can get mails in but when I go to send any mail they go straight to outbox with the red circle and question mark indicator….problem notices about 7pm last evening. Three users in the house with iPads and all have same problem!!

  • Sharon Clogg

    I’ve had same issue with my emails too. Can receive, but sending gets stuck in outbox. Been like this since yesterday evening. Have updated iOS this morning to 10.1.1 thinking that may help but clearly not.

  • Sean

    Same problem on IPhone 7 & MAC, all on latest update. Started happening at 18:00 UK time.

  • Alice

    Two of us in this house too. One of us is on ios9 and the other on ios10. The emails are persistently stuck in outbox. Fixes don’t work! Have copied important messages into an alternative (not yahoo) account and they send fine from there on the same device.

  • Seastar

    Also have problem with sending emails, they get stuck in the outbox

  • Jiffy

    Yep – me too – been trying forever to reset – keeps reverting to old password in settings on iphone, even when account is deleted then reloaded :( Fed up – going to bed!

  • Sarah

    Emails getting stuck in outbox. None of the suggested fixes work! Not annoying at all…

  • Greg

    unable to send email using yahoo account created on iphone ios 9. Problems only sending mail not receiving.

  • Justin

    Also have problem with sending emails, they get stuck in the outbox

  • Alexandra

    I am receiving emails but can’t reply to them. Replies get stuck in Outbox.

  • bert

    I have troubles in Italy. is there a customer care number here?

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Contact Us (44)8081433686 Toll Free Helpline.

  • Lily

    I have exactly the same problem – have changed password 3 times and used recovery twice. can access mail on internet but not via laptop app or Nokia smartphone. No idea what’s going on. Might just wait and see if it rights itself. Could be a major security issue again??

  • Jenny

    cant logon to Yahoo with my tablet saying user or password incorrect,but can log in on computer?? Even tried resetting password on computer,but still wont acknowledge it on my Tablet…..Amateur please help!!!

  • Rose Gopaul

    I have not been able to receive any mails since 22nd of september either on my phone or computer. How do I contact yahoo. Do not know what to do.

  • trvlr

    Can’t login to Messenger from Apple (Mac OSX – el capitan) messenger app… Just refuses password and goes back to password screen… Can login online to Yahoo mail etc.; but can’t find or login to messenger that way.

    Yahoo needs to get its act together; ideally restore a proper Yahoo messenger app for Mac OS…

    It’s now just gone 5.00pm Wednesday Oct. 6th

  • Paul Beynon

    phew…thought I had major problems with my pc until I saw your emails…error 14 in Cornwall for hours…can’t get sky help on the phone either! Anyone know why my ipad can access sky mail but not the pc?
    oh just great…now I can’t post because this site wants me to verify my email address…hello!!!
    but what do you know…back on line!!!

  • DonCanard92

    No yahoo mail on PC in east Grinstead. Why does it still work on my Samsung S7?

  • susan

    Missing out on online surveys BT say they are aware of yahoo mail problems down in Dudley area.

  • freeasaswan

    shropshire error 14 for hours!!

  • Vic

    Yahoo mail down in West Berkshire, just with my browser on laptop getting the following
    Could Not Connect
    Description: Could not connect to the requested server host.

  • MG

    yahoo down in london

  • Janet

    I am in Bournmouth and do not have any Yahoo services.

  • rinfrance

    UPdate yahoo USA has just crashed time 14:50 zulu!

  • rinfrance

    There is a real problem with Yahoo mail, I would always suggest that you have another email account and frequently send emails to both your proposed recipient and your other email address. It will be sorted. They cannot afford it not to be! it is out in france and probably the US so all will be out!

  • Clive Carter

    Ever since the announcement was made about the hacking of Yahoo I have updated my password at least 10 times today but every time I try to log into my email the password is NOT recognized. My provider is Sky I cannot email anyone to get any answers for obvious reasons so does anyone know anything that I can do ?

  • Ronald Young

    I’m in Bulgaria and have not been able to access yahoo mail all day. I did change my passowrd a couple of days ago……

  • steve

    the site has a whole has been playing up for days,im in dispute with the D.W.P.and need to send and receive some important mail cant do either keeps saying cannot reitreive server its been like this for a few years though no wonder they sold their core buissness on they had to raise some cash to keep afloat

  • brian jackson

    keeps telling me no in internet connection but all others work fine

  • Ampex

    How right you are! I was notified ages (years!) ago of a transfer from Yahoo e-mail to BT’s own – but to date I have heard absolutely nothing! After the great hack, I have been unable to retrieve my BT/Yahoo mail again today and I’m heartily fed up with it. You can hardly call BT’s service cheap – I pay around ninety pounds per quarter for my broadband and my last phone bill with just thirteen pounds-worth of calls on it was TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN POUNDS FORTY PENCE after they’d added line rental, and God knows what then refunded the figure I’d paid in advance on my previous bill and re-charged it at an increased rate!!! Is BT’s ‘new’ e-mail totally provided by BT, does anyone know? I would love to find a reliable e-mail service, not too expensive and suitable for individuals as well as business use.

  • Nina Prabhu

    Same here since about 10 40 today. Is it because I opted to pay for Yahoo to stop adverts from showing?!! Nina

  • beryl

    Me too.

  • beryl

    BT don’t seem to know whether people are still with Yahoo or have been transferred to BT mail. 2 years they have been saying all will change to BT mail and still we see the Yahoo sign! What a mess!

  • beryl

    Yes no access to email today. So frustrating.

  • beryl

    Same here near Stockport, Cheshire. UK

  • beryl

    Me too!

  • beryl

    Me too in the UK. BT keep telling me my email is with them but Yahoo keeps appearing. What a mess!

  • beryl

    Waste of time!!

  • beryl

    My email is down today after changing passwords yesterday. Thought the password was the problem but it seems BT has a big problem today and the least they could do is put a notice to that effect on their home page. Obviously their “Customer Service” can’t be bothered to do that and their contact phone numbers are all so busy you can’t speak to anyone. Not good enough BT!!

  • Nigel

    Yahoo Mail is down for majority of people I think. I ask a few of my friends and they said they cannot access their emails.

  • Mark

    Got no connection to Yahoo Mail, this is the third time since yesterday this has happened to me.

  • C

    Having problems with yahoo on my iPhone but ok on my iPad keeps saying wrong user name or password when I try logging in

  • Yahoo Customer Care

    Report Now (44)8000903248 Toll Free Helpline.
    Login Issues
    Mail issues.
    Get instant resolution.

  • andersonkim905

    Interesting suggestions – I loved the specifics – Does someone know if I might be able to grab a template DA 3349 version to use ?

  • Lisa Weaks Phegley

    I live in Central Illinois. Today September 20,2016 I can’t senor recieve yahoo mail.

  • Grace

    I got my new I phone 7 yesterday and after transferring my data it asked for my yahoo password, but when I input it I’m been told they don’t recognise my phone number, e-mail address or password, I’m so frustrated after six years I think I know my e-mail address and phone number.
    Luckily I’m still receiving my e-mails via my old phone, but only if I’m at home via wifi.

  • patricia skowrup

    What a great frustration. My yahoo mail would not let me in on my i-phone – even with numerous attempts of entering password, deleting and adding my yahoo account, turning on and off my phone and finally I was able to get in but a half an hour later my whole account disappeared. Did all the above with little luck and finally resorted to visiting my local Sprint store and doing all the above another two or three times with the manager of the store. We had no luck. Very frustrating to not know why this was occurring.

  • LoVingThePanda

    Can’t access to my yahoo mail and keep saying wrong password. And I saved my password in my browser and it’s not wrong. GREAT. So going to delete the account after their fail update in YM too

  • Blackbird

    I got the same message this afternoon (c. 2pm) – no way to get access to my Yahoo mail

  • Carla

    Yahoo Mail is down yet again, think its about time i moved over to Gmail. We’re experiencing some technical difficulties… Here is the message i got when trying to access my account – We’re sorry, but Yahoo Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try back again shortly, or visit our help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue. Temporary error: 14 Visit Help for troubleshooting instructions.

  • Chris Eldridge

    Last Saturday I opted to stop subscribing to the adverts-free feature on my email account. Now 4 days later Yahoo have incorrectly deducted not 1 but 2 subscriptions from my credit card and to add insult to injury, the adverts are appearing on my account. I really can’t stand Yahoo any longer, they’re incompetent and unreliable beyond words so I’m off to Hotmail. Does anybody know a contact telephone number for Yahoo in the UK so that I can get my money back ~ nobody’s responding to my emails.

  • Patricia McNary Mathews

    All of my inbox mail from 2016 diappeared yesterday and did not come back today. I cannot adequately report the problem. Have I been hacked?

  • Mohammad Almtab

    When I send to Yahoo accounts from my iCloud account, My emails are not delivered, Neither I receive emails from Yahoo accounts.
    What the hell is wrong?!

  • RF

    I can’t open or make copies of my mail anymore. I am having bids come in and have to send them to a friend to open. WHAT HAPPENED IS IT A PROBLEM WITH YOU OR FIREFOX?

  • DWSigns

    Was looking at this page today as I was having problems myself today, and have found the sluggishness if Yahoo mail very irritating. But the issues today were no doubt due to the update. What an improvement!! Very slick and fast. It’s actually working more quickly than any other app on my at the moment. Give it another chance is my advice!

  • ronecc

    Have been having trouble with Yahoo mail for weeks. It is getting worse, so am closing my account and going to gmail or somewhere else. I have tried opening with Google, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Total Zero. Just shows what effect BT has on it.

  • Michael Hall

    I’ve been getting the mailbox initialization failure message all day on most of my accounts. I actually got into one account that did initialize but then 5 minutes later, it failed again!! VERY frustrating!

  • The Underfiend

    Having the same problem, error 16, error 14, timed out…..Tried different browsers but get the same. It’s been happening all day

  • Yoyo

    I have noticed that Yahoo mail has been down for the past hour. It either won’t load the inbox & returns a ‘technical difficulties’ error message, or the site won’t load and gives a timeout message.

    Several people on Twitter have been reporting same issues all morning

  • rose

    my yahoo mail on my S6 won’t initialising inbox. keeps saying unable to access mailbox try later? anyone else had this issue

  • Graham Lambert

    Constantly on and off on my PC today. Error “!4”. Trying to get some work done but constant outages.

  • Paulus

    I keep getting connection issues with yahoo

  • Noo

    Anyone else getting problems with Yahoo Mail today? Getting temp error 14 and the fixes don’t work. Is okay on my ipad but slow but will not work at all on my PC and I need it for work!

  • miketerry

    BT Yahoo blame my loss of 16 days access and unseen emails on “an outage”!

  • miketerry

    No emails from 6 to 22 August, finally got reconnected but have been told by BT there is no chance of getting the 16 days lost emails !!!! Disgusted.

  • Sarah Ross

    You are describing my problem. But I don’t know what BT yahoo is. I just have a regular long term yahoo mail acct. Hope it gets ironed out soon. Frustrated.


    I am so sick of BT playing these stupid tricks on me over the years, and then LYING when I ring them. They try to blind me with science, but my husband has worked with them/O2 for years and can see through their lying 6u115h1t. But still no usable service. So SO sick of these idiots now (and YES, wouldn’t it be nice to speak to someone who actually speaks English as a first language?? Utter cr@p service :-O

  • Jamila Koshy

    Individual messages are not loading from Inbox. What could be up? The same messages are loading if they happen to be in the sent box with a reply.

  • buick322

    I sent the same Yahoo email to my son 3 times and he still had not received it [after 2 hours]. So I sent it from my Gmail and Hotmail accounts and they both landed instantly to his email. This is messed up. I should just stop using Yahoo anyway because it’s been just “crawling” along for over a year.

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  • Fedup

    Why every time I go into an email does it freeze andI have to close down the computer to unfreeze it

  • miketerry

    BT Yahoo email have “serious problems ” (their words) – I registered a complaint on 1 August but, regardless, I am still unable to log into my BT Mail. I am a long term customer and was on Yahoo/ BT Yahoo mail. They are migrating from the Yahoo server to the BT server (I assume that this does not affect recent customers who are on the BT Server). BT have apparently outsourced the problem to “The Yahoo Back team” and it sounds as if they have a major problem – they cannot or will not give me a name of a person who is responsible or knows anything about these technical issues, I was told by one adviser “we don’t know who they are”. I am totally frustrated, its extremely poor service. Most people I speak to on the phone or online chat promise to ring me back, usually in “48 to 72 hours”, when I object to this long time scale promises of an early call back are often not kept or different people may ring me back – usually we go round in circles as if its a new issue. Three times I was told “the problem has been resolved” by BT email office (who are not techies)- it has not. Loads of apologies and buck passing … no resolution.

  • Helen B

    Why no incoming mail? Why saying settings not correct fir receiving mail when no settings have been touched? This makes me angry since you turn yourself inside out trying to ‘sort’ your tablet when it’s nothing to do with our ends at all!

  • Ian Moore

    No incoming mail on any of our Yahoo business A/C email addresses!!! from approx. midnight 31.07.16. No answers from anybody yet??

  • Kerri

    I logged a job on-line last Thursday about emails missing from my inbox and then another job log on Sunday night and have heard nothing. I rang 1800 360 519 and the gentleman on the phone said an upfront fee of $200 would apply to fix the problem. I told him to stick it! When will the emails come back – I need them. I am getting new emails but nothing past last Thursday 21/7.

  • Vesna

    Yesterday, all my mails were gone, I also went through password and account recovery and nothing. Today mails older than 2 days appeared, but I cant to sent or receive any new mail. Notice from alternative mail: The error that the other server returned was: 554 delivery error: dd This account has been temporarily suspended.
    What is going on?

  • bon

    All my email is gone! All of it! Been using same Yahoo account since 2001! Where did it go?

  • Erin DeSmit

    I just woke up and checked my mail, all old mail and all my folders are gone. I hope its just a glitch or issue, I had emails from years ago saved.

  • Jaymm

    Lost all emails and folders in account. Went through password and account recovery – no luck. Been waiting 4-8 to hear from Yahoo on submitted account recovery form, have yet to receive a response. Do seem to be receiving new emails still.

  • Grace Ellase

    i was facing yahoo password problems and there was no way to get help then i got yahoo tech support number i.e +44-800-031-4246 and all problems got solved by the team.

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    Same here.

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    And by the way, if you see ANYONE giving out so-called helpline numbers, don’t ring them. It’s a scam.

    Also, the links given to take you to ‘customer support’ don’t work. They are down and out for the count too. Fiasco.

  • Lesley Karen Luscombe

    What a mess! Yahoo Mail is notoriously slow at the best of times, but today it is down on both IE and Firefox, both giving the same message ‘DNS server not responding’.

    For goodness sake, Yahoo – please sort this out. I see some poor souls below have lost all their inbox messages! That would be a disaster for most people.

    I’m in the United Kingdom and I did hear that we are having a lot of terrific thunderstorms today – maybe that’s got something to do with it….


  • tony

    Message this morning `site cannot be reached`. No point atttempting to contact as employees can`t speak comprehensible Engish

  • RH156

    Unable to make connection with yahoo DNS server 20/7/16

  • Richard Crooks

    Lost all my inbox emails yesterday , and still haven’t returned ?!? Any ideas I called +18005852494 but was no help couldn’t understand English

  • Cheryl Thomson

    Yahoo email can’t hold an internet connection, can’t delete (though it claims folder is empty as I’m staring right at it) email just disappeared out of nowhere, can’t open a specific folder, CAN’T, CAN’T, CAN’T!! Right before the in-box Add Another Mailbox. Yeah, right.

  • Marie

    No Yahoo mail since 12:15 today, what gives?

  • Stela

    I’ve lost all my inbox emails. I hope something can be done about it.

  • Shaqira Maren

    Call Free helpline +1800-585-2494 for Yahoo Now

  • jacqueline sawyer

    I Have been trying to sign-in to my yahoo mail it keeps telling me the password is incorrect what can i do? I Have had this same account for 15 yrs same e-mail same password but now i can’t do anything can you please help me get back into my account!

  • anniem

    No inboxes available today. What the heck has happened??? Am really fed up with this…

  • Ramachandran Venkataraman

    yahoo mail give FALSE error message “internet not working”

  • Andeline

    Trying to sign in but being asked security that I don’t remember the answers to. Have correct PW
    So I’m trying to sign in to my e-mail that I haven’t been in for a long time. I was able to recall the PW but then since I’m signing in from a new computer, it’s asking me answers to security questions that I don’t remember the answers to… What can I do to get pass that?

  • Kate Lacy

    As usual, the first message won’t open. All the others will of course. Why does it take opening another message first to get the first message to open?

  • Dave Oz

    Same here (a month later). I haven’t used Yahoo for years, got an email from them asking me to log in if still want the account. Can log in to the main news page but click on Mail and doesn’t go anywhere. Emails to my address fail to deliver. I request a verification email to Gmail which I get OK, enter it, enter password, it tells me what my ‘new’ email address is, says click Get Started – NOTHING HAPPENS. So flippin’ ANNOYING. I’ve spent hours going through their ‘help’ pages, nothing solves it. What’s going on? (I’m in New Zealand and have a email address, this should still work. Tried on Chrome and Firefox; Windows 10)

  • Bruce Bubello

    Haven’t found one other than what I posted initially. And of course, nothing about it at Yahoo and they are not fixing anything.

  • Sherrie Berrie

    Same thing is happening to me, what is the fix?

  • Bruce Bubello

    Yahoo email is working really screwy. It says there are new emails in the Inbox, but the Inbox does not auto refresh. You need to go to another folder and then back to the Inbox to see the new emails … definitely not the way it should be working.

  • Sal

    I cannot even get into the yahoo web site today. I tried 3 browsers plus an iPad and the page won’t come up> 6/14

  • Dave

    On compose, yahoo adverts have become far more important than allowing you to type your message only allowing a word or sometimes a letter between waiting for the adverts to renew. This is getting extremely annoying and I am going to stop using Yahoo as my browser, If everyone else does the same perhaps Yahoo will stop taking advantage of their users.

  • dyahayu pramushinta

    dude ur comment was two months ago, but still..i can’t even checked my inbox for now. it sucks

  • Customer Support

    Yahoo Customer support number UK Tollfree 4.4.8.O.O.O.

  • Customer Support

    Yahoo Customer support number UK Tollfree 4.4.8.O.O.O.

  • David

    my yahoo mail was not working. it was very hard to get help and got the help from the yahoo support @ +44-8000-314-246.. the team resolved all problems of my account easily.

  • scotopic

    I am an idiot. I was putting in the wrong password… my bad.

    However, deleting and re-adding the account didn’t rectify my original issue. Indeed, it seems that updates made to contacts on my iphone do not sync with yahoo contacts online. All that I succeeded in doing was losing the changes made to contacts on my phone; and I’ve just had to go through my text messages to add new numbers to contacts, etc.

    How can this be? I though contacts were meant to sync across devices? Have I got this wrong?

  • scotopic

    Problems with Yahoo! mail here too, in Surrey. Is it area specific? Noticed that contacts on computer hadn’t synced up with those I’d updated on my iphone last week. I think they’re supposed to reciprocally sync across both devices, aren’t they??

    Decided to delete then re-add mail account on iphone… as this appeared to be recommended first step in trouble shooting. Now the phone won’t let me re-add the mail account at all. Great… Thanks, Yahoo! When I try, it at first says password is wrong, then that the account may not be able to send and receive email, then when I open mail app it keeps continuously asking for the password while doing nothing useful. Grrrrrr!

    Grrrrrrr!! What now? Is it problems with the yahoo mail server? So it’s just a question of sitting and waiting? I’ll try not to get angry.

  • Lorraine

    Cannot receive emails today from the surrey area

  • Sheena

    Oh no yahoo mail problems again . Ok for a couple of days and now the blank screen again. I am in Scotland as well

  • Ian

    Same for me here in Scotland. Tried contacting Sky, who run it also and told I would get a call back in anything up to 72 hours. I’ll be lucky if I’m in to get the call. In this day and age the service and remedy process are poor.

  • jasneskis

    May 28, 29, 2016. Yahoo mail inbox comes up but can’t open any emails. I see messages in inbox, no emails can be opened for reading. Tampa, Fl

  • Bons Twitch


  • Bons Twitch


  • Bons Twitch


  • Rakhee

    Log in fine but unable to access yahoo mail, blank page :(

  • Sheena

    Can’t log in to yahoo mail for couple of days now and some may be urgent
    What is the problem

  • Bob

    I can login to Yahoo, but not to Yahoo mail. Error code 2, which I’ve not been able to find the meaning of. That’s on the Web. The email app on my phone logs in but can’t load my mail box, saying try again later. It’seems been doing this for a couple of days.

  • Cath

    I’m getting the same blank page when trying to login

  • Pauline

    I’m getting a blank email page…… How can I resolve this?

  • Clare London

    After reading every email, or opening a mail folder, I get a blank mail page and have to manually refresh the inbox. This has been happening for a couple of weeks. I’m still on Windows 7, on a PC. Anyone else suffering this? Any ideas?!

  • Arsenal1Again

    I am simply not getting alerts to my mobile telecommunication device. If I login the server is checked though. My mobile telecommunication device is not checking the server automatically.

  • Gio Necesario

    my email is hacked i think because of outage yesterday
    , please help us resolve it my email is

  • Tabassum Islam

    mine too..

  • Tabassum Islam

    I am having problem with yahoo mail. I can not login in my laptop also can not send mail through my yahoo apps in my mobile

  • alice yuen

    I`m getting:”Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.”
    I just hope they will resolve this issue soon. arghhhhhh

  • Froilan

    password request loop…

  • Dado

    I`m getting:”Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.”
    I just hope they will resolve this issue soon.

  • Tom Barkas

    Can’t connect via browser on PC – same message as yesterday

    “Will be right back…Thank you for your patience.Our engineers are working quickly to resolve the issue”.

  • Phil Pryce

    For the last 24 hours I have not been able to send to Yahoo from Outlook. Receive is ok. Checked all the settings and all are correct. One email did go when I fired up the computer this morning, but now I have the same problem again. It seems to be the SMTP outgoing that’s the problem. In Malta here.

  • E Bond

    UPDATE: This is still happening despite me deleting my account from my phone completely and resintalling. So all my emails are coming from what looks like a single email address, again known to me.

  • E Bond

    Yahoo Mail has changed all the emails in my inbox on my Iphone so that the sender and receiver is someone else, the same person, a client of mine, and known to me. But I have never seen this happen before and I’ve been with Yahoo Mail for at least 15 years so seen it all so far. The emails on my computer are normal, just been changed on my iphone. The only way to resolve this was to delete them (there were only 5…). Extremely weird and odd. Im UK based in the west country.

  • Clinton

    well no email today thank you yahoo , google works no problem
    i have been with yahoo from day one but its seems to be on the down ward
    spiral , not loading , adverts on the mail home page which they want to get
    paid to remove a lot a month
    come on yahoo sort it out

  • Wadey

    Unfortunately I have emails set up with both BT and Sky who use Yahoo Mail! as their mail provider. I have decided after many years to move on and sign on with an email provider who doesn’t depend on people like Yahoo or Google (they have had their problems with

    Gmail). With have to use MSN or Hotmail.

  • Dollymix

    My friend who is with sky (so email through yahoo), and aged 80 has been on the phone to sky today and they have advised her to change her password so she can log in, which is a complete laugh, in all she has changed it six times over approx. 15 hours. She’s called me several times and I’ve talked her though accessing her emails and resetting everything. I think it’s totally unacceptable and she doesn’t need this sort of stress.

    Why do CEO’s have to be so irresponsible, when they get paid silly incomes..

  • Peter

    Where is Yahoo customer service? My yahoo mail cannot log in for over 10 hours now.

  • nikoskav

    Here i have also the same problem 12 hours now !!!

  • akis konidis

    what the hell is going on.WHERE ARE YOU YAHOO are you sleeping.From Greece from 9 am NO E-MAIL and since now NOSOLUTION

  • windsor1

    in 2015 and earlier there were very few service disruptions with Yahoo mail. Today (9 apr) is one of many service disruptions at yahoo. At a time when Yahoo is financially underwater and the CEO is rubbing her hands together hoping for her 100 million plus severance package to be at home with her newborn the cash stream at yahoo mail will become more desperate when “plus mail users” look for alternatives. Advertising revenues will decline as well as the number of subscribers declines. It is a hassle to switch email accounts, informing all your contacts and subscriptions etc but once that decision is made users will not return.
    Technical issues should be resolved as Yahoo has been in the email game a long time. Possibly the system is being sabotaged by disgruntled employees hacking into the system.
    Many people have hit on the problem. Yahoo does not inform users about service disruptions. The user spends countless hours etc trying to source the problem, thinking it is their anti-virus, software conflict, ISP issue, or a configuration problem. I expect that Yahoo will either be allowed to fail or alternatively a major company might see the brand as having value and purchase the name and or assets.
    I cannot bear the thought of having to inform everyone on my list that I have jump ship but Yahoo mail has become so unreliable that it has to be considered. I am one more failure away from jumping ship.

  • Sammy

    I can’t login. Keep on getting messages;” Try again later ” l live in Kazakhstan

  • Cristian Popescu

    this is the end for yahoo.

  • Rob Vrije

    its a shame they don’t even acknowledge and keep us informed on the progress of this issue.

  • Martin Heusel

    It is very frustrating !!!!

  • Martin Heusel

    What the hell is gong on !!!!!!
    Does anybody know when yahoo is back on !!!!
    I tried and research on it but there is no statement from yahoo

  • Joanne Harvey

    Diabolical! Yahoo truly sucks! There is no information ANYWHERE that says what is going on! I am so angry!

  • Frustrated

    Yahoo email down for past 12 hours. Despite thousands of tweets and facebook and tumblr posts, Yahoo has yet to respond to even acknowledge that there is an issue, and that they are working on it.

  • Shadi Saleh

    cant open my contacts on yahoo ,pleas help me

  • Kim Loney

    Yahoo mail freezing constantly and delay when typing.Feeling annoyed.

  • Susan Osumba

    Hi, i’m able to sign on to yahoo on my android phone, but unable to open my mails. But on my laptop i open my mails well.

  • Jamy Harmse

    I can read the e-mails on my cellphone but not on my computer at work. We have access to everything including Social Media. How is this possible, because last week i could still read my e-mails?

  • Gail

    After reading an email, they are no longer visible the next time I check my mail. Only unread emails show up in my inbox. March 5, 2016.

  • Nova A. Lockhart

    For at least two months I have been getting logged out without my permission and am told to login again. Is there a way to control this or this this just another reason I am unhappy with Yahoo Mail?

  • Katy

    Have been getting “Yahoo mail stopped” on my tablet for a couple of weeks now. All other devices are fine. What is going on?

  • Nancy

    I keep getting the message ‘unfortunately yahoo has stopped’ when trying to access my emails, what can I do?

  • RejzePrez

    Web interface often buggy (the wait window get stuck for long minutes), whatever using Firefox or Chrome. When a i receive email with a big attached file, it can take as long a 1 day to pop up in the inbox folder.
    Also, very funny (not at all in fact), in early january 2016 a lost ALL inbox emails of 2014 and 2015. Two whole years of mail that were not transferred in archives files. I have so much information stored there, i don’t want to change for another web mail client, but i wonder if they will bankrupt soon and i will have anyway. I will maybe try an external email client I/F to see if it can be more liveable and speed the delay of receiving files…

  • tommy

    I keep getting the same message,what is it,can’t log in to accounts!!

  • Rasheed

    Can access yahoo mail from my iphone app, no problem there. But I am unable to access yahoo from my new Lenovo laptop. I got this laptop sometime during the 1st week of Jan 2016 and I was able to access yahoo mail until 3rd week of Feb 2016. I can access the yahoo website and I am also able to sing-in, but when I click on the mail icon it says “This webpage is not available >> ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”. Also the wired part is I am not able to access yahoo answers too. Get the same error. The only change I made to the laptop is I installed iCloud during the 3rd week of Feb 2016. Could it be the culprit? Please help.

  • david

    Cant open yahoo tdy none of us keeps saying wrong password anyone else with same problem?

  • tony

    Yahoo will not open on my laptop at all. The login page will not open, it is driving me bonkers. Can on i use my sky email account on outlook express?

  • Julie

    Not receiving or delivering emails that have been sent

  • M nugent

    Thanks will look out I am getting spam mail supposedly from BT been sending on to the abuse dept

  • M nugent

    I keep getting yahoo mail stopped report or OK whilst looking at my mail has been happening for a few days now

  • Michael Gavin

    When I search by sender, only emails up to December 2015 show up. The search function is also generally unreliable. I too am thinking of giving up on in spite of the hassle of changing so many logins.

  • dalian

    I can’t find emails I sent on my Yahoo account when I search them. It only comes up with very early messages and sometimes nothing even though I have proof that the email has been sent (for example when I receive a reply…). I love the tabs and in order to make sure I won’t lose the unanswered email I click reply so it will end up in my draft folder. for some reason it stopped working though! is that a general problem? I am considering to move to another provider as sorting out the issues is too time-consuming and tiresome. (in London)

  • bob


  • Ming

    My yahoo mail account cant send or receive any email…i tried sending an email from my gmail account it says..
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

  • Cathy

    By the way, the app goes down and has to be closed down 50% of the time these days. Have reached conclusion Yahoo’s cr app. (London).

  • Cathy

    Have been having problems with Yahoo mail app all day today on my android phone. First it says it doesn’t recognise login (I don’t log in). I deleted app and re-downloaded and it wouldn’t accept my password. It sent a code to my phone, twice, and then just said it couldn’t log me on. When I went direct to the site and tried to log in it kept saying it had ‘timed out’.

  • Marius

    I keep getting “Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.” in Eastern EU.

  • Stephen

    Having problems logging in to yahoo mail via thunderbird email client and via chrome which returns the following message: “Sorry, we were unable to proceed with your request. Please try again.”

  • Ed

    Having problems logging into yahoo mail on iPad, have reset password but still asking me to put in password, not receiving any mail on iPad. However when I log on my PC I can see my mail and every attempt at log in on iPad. Any ideas? U.K. Northwest region.

  • Sylvia Daley

    I got rid of Google Chrome & went back to Firefox & am getting my mail ok now!

  • Jim

    I am having to get my Yahoo password reset all the time, did a password reset on my ipad last night and gained access to my email, tried again today via my lap top and again I states invalid email address or password, not sure if it is coincidental but these problems started when I set up Yahoo on my new iPhone. Any ideas anyone?

  • Jan

    My boyfriend lives in American and I in Australia. I can see that he is trying to connect with me, but can’t, is anyone else having any issues………..grrrr!

  • Brian Townsend

    Trying to delete multiple messages, continually receive message “10 messages were not succesfully deleted”. annoying

  • Mike Walling

    difficulty getting into mail today @ 10.30 & it’s continuing now – Mike in Exeter

  • Sylvia Daley

    Be aware folks! There’s a lot of fake Yahoo emails around at the moment mainly from someone with an AOL account.They want you to sign into your account…but don’t!

  • Funkyecat

    For the past several days email will not delete on visible page-

    – The confirmation and undo notifiaction shows up. I press the the down arrow for the next email, which shows up (and original email has been deleted.)

  • David Smith

    last 4 days I have been receiving a lot of spam, even though I have filters set.

  • John Green

    These is a way, I am told, to automatically sent emails coming to Yahoo to another email account. This you have to pay for but presumably, you can then access your emails from there and forget the crap service run by Yahoo. Does anyone know about this?

  • John Green

    Unable for 2-3 days read incoming Yahoo emails in Europe. No sign of a resolution to this.

  • robodad12003

    reliable as a fkg rabid dog

  • sandra

    I can’t send any email. Ive been trying for an hour.

  • sandra

    I’m having the same problem with same error msg, ‘”To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link…’ this is the first time I’ve had an issue with yahoo mail. but it is bugging the life out of me now. Can send a single email. Not sure if I am having trouble receiving as well.

  • Mark Lipshutz

    Can’t send anything from Yahoo mail. I get a message that says “To prevent abuse, your message cannot be sent now. If the message contains only a link, please add some text to it. This helps us fight spam. If it still cannot be sent, please modify the message or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience”.

    At first I thought this was because I was sending a reply that contained an image or a link. But I could not send even a new basic text message with no links, images or attachments.

    My wife is experiencing the same problem on another machine.

  • Pam Polo

    The whole of the Yahoo UK site is a complete disaster, cant comment , can’t open comments or replies or even use the thumb facility. the news is a mish mash together with trivia articles, and it seems we are conjoined with American commenters on some articles….not that I mind that so much, but where is Yahoo UK?
    It is unbearably confusing and frustrating!!

  • Sylvia Daley

    Am having these problems too & the only way I’ve found is to shut down Yahoo & fire it up again. Sometimes works immediately & other times I need to do it all again It’s only been happening the last couple of weeks & I’ve been using Yahoo mail for 17 years!

  • amanda

    email is not loading or freezing, it also sys no internet when i do.. this is happening not only on my PC but my iphone and my ipads….. whats going on its really becoming annoying and i need my email for work.. anyone know why this is happening

  • Colin Broadfoot

    My yahoo mail has stopped on my phone but still working on my “Tablet”. Any suggestions on how to restart my yahoo mail?

  • 1234heythere5

    Help–No internet service appears far too often so that I don’t get to read some of the mail. to-day on 12-4-2015 it has happened again.

  • Bill Thatcher

    and they are too f…. stupid to set up a call center and handle complaints because it is such a shitty service

  • Kate Lacy

    Android phone…yahoo mail spins trying to update until I just give up and close the phone. On laptop, no problems at all. Been this way all day. Often updates slowly, but this is terrible. NW Arkansas, USA

  • Cedric D’sa

    Outgoing mail not working this morning from the south of England? Anyone else experiencing this issue???

  • emily

    messenger not working, when does messages taking 20 minutes to come through, emails sent them, other person still not got them after 1 hour

  • Molee

    Ridiculous that I can’t log in with my Yahoo ID, to discuss Yahoo. Dumb dumb dumb.

  • romfordbluenose

    Yahoo mail android app deleted off phone as its now even worse than before almost unuseable. Gone back to using android email app. Good news is my phone has magically speeded up as well. Have had problems since their upgrade which must have taken half the world down. Still have problem signing in via outlook.

  • Mona

    Yahoo showing messages from today but then rest are from 2012 and earlier

  • fed up

    Cant open yahoo, off to make a new account with gmail. No proper spam guard with yahoo, yahoo wastes my time

  • Vicky

    Is anybody having issues with email push to their iPhone for yahoo emails? Mine worked fine and then 2 days ago they stopped coming through automatically and now I have to manually retrieve them

  • Dave

    The new version is a complete disaster. Not even a search button any more! I just can’t believe Yahoo can be so stupid. They’ve changed it to something completely useless. And as far as I can see there’s no way back to the original version. Think I’ll have to find something else.

  • Helen

    I’m having trouble signing onto my yahoo email from two separate android devices, both are on wifi, but no problems from my laptop.

  • Debra Tunnicliffe

    Yahoo mail playing up again, will not let me delete any mail.

  • bruce

    My email keep dissapearing after 10 mins

  • Caroline Blakey

    Oh yes! Big gap this afternoon with nothing coming through and not able to send to/receive from my other account (not Yahoo). Also the time displayed is incorrect – not changed from British Summer Time! I sent @YahooCare a couple of tweets and eventually had the following reply “Hi Caroline, we’re aware that service is slow/delayed or
    inaccessible for some of our European users due to a fiber cable cut by a
    3rd party that is in the process of being repaired. We apologize for
    the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

    I’ve had some emails this evening but intermittant and still unable to send to/receive from my other account. :-(

  • Lucy

    anyone having problems receiving emails today ???

  • buick322

    I just waited over 2 hours to get an email to land in my Yahoo mail. I sent it to Yahoo through my Thunderbird mail handler, not once but four times. I know for a fact that Thunderbird did it’s job just fine because I finally sent it to both, my Gmail and my Hotmail accounts and “Bam” they both landed in several seconds. This has been going on for a longgggg time.

  • romfordbluenose

    yahoo email app now cluncky on android. Also the settings button no longer has any effect. have deleted and reinstalled to no effect. This is really screwed up. Luckily the default android email app works fine and is the same as always. I have lost my sync’d contacts as the yahoo app no longer works for that either. What a mess. The whoile world is probably wasting its time.

  • fedupwithyahoo

    Am I the only one on WP for whom the yahoo mail interface has changed in the last half hour to something ugly, clunky, emptily basic – dissatisfactory? Why are we never consulted? Why are we never given an option to stick with what we know & love and more importantly, especially for the older among us what we are comfortably FAMILIAR with?! Is this why you’ve all been having problems? They took it down to screw it up? I give up…

  • Troutman

    My wife and I have been trying for several hours with no success to send email none received either what is the problem

  • Annabelle

    Drives me insane!!! I rely on Yahoo mail for work!!! I’m losing work!

  • Florence Lerch

    email unavailable on Yahoo for at least one hour today.

  • Hazel

    Not sending yesterday or this morning.

  • Joe Bova

    Yep it’s not working right at all. for the past week I have noticed a multi-hour delay, and now things have crawled to a halt. I send a test message with two words “test test” over three hours ago from a non-Yahoo account to my yahoo account and no-joy. Too bad… The good news is that in the past six hours i received only one spam message :-)

  • Tony

    YAHOO email problems- I’m receiving emails one at a time that are hours and hours behind, and although my emails show sent they are not being received…

  • sm

    I’ve been having this issue for months now. It’s bad on my laptop, marginally better on my desktop and surprisingly okay on my android. The problem I have with my android is not typing emails, it’s getting them. The app asks for my log in password frequently which is a pain. I use Firefox to access it and I am in the UK. Amazing how the adds bar seems to work. I guess this is the priority for yahoo, rather than the mail service which is so shocking I’m considering leaving and going to another mail provider.

  • Natalie Harkness

    emails appeared in my inbox from a year before i opened my account wtf ????? they were from a dating site lol

  • Lorenda Clarkson

    Yahoo Mail stopped working correctly on Nov. 6 – cannot receive emails but if I search for them, then they show up. Prior to that, most of my good emails were going to Spam. Anyone know if Yahoo is working on fixing these issues? I use Chrome.

  • eva

    My yahoo email does not work as well as last week. Changes over weekend are bad, please change back.

  • István Kovács

    I can not send emails at all for a week or so.
    What the hell is going on with yahoo mail? I have been using it for almost 20 years and I have not experienced such a thing before.

  • oldlady

    Excuse me but not really tech savvy. Have been moved over to the new android version for yahoo (after googling to find why my mail looked different!), but nt all images lad. Where do I find settings to adjust?

  • barry banks

    how do i get help with yahoo?? i cannot send yahoo mail from my iphone and also i dont receive all of my emails either

  • ter

    Hi, having exactly the same problem. Can’t find an answer. Any luck yet?

  • Jessica Sander

    Hi, can anyone help? For 1 week, my laptop will not load yahoo mail page saying “connection has timed out”, yet i can access it from other computers and my mobile. The problem is not my internet connection. I have also cleared my cache etc. Does anyone have any advice on how i might fix this issue??

  • hoe

    not able to sign in, tried requesting resetting with another email, and email from yahoo says it expired, but it was only less than half a minute ago?!!!!!!

  • Kevin Glibbery

    I’m not a fast typist but compose in yahoo email can’t even keep up with me. I have to backtrack and edit all the time filling in words and letters missed. To check it was not my laptop I used open office to test my typing with no problem at all.

  • Judy Glenn

    My email has not been up again have not been able to get E mail in for 4 days.

  • Adrian Paul Miles

    Not working again this evening – not good enough with all of the ads we get!


    Everytime I login to my yahoomail, I’m unable to open my mail. This has been going on for the past one month. Yahoo stinks. Everyone has been advising me to try gmail or the like but I’m stuck with this. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arthur

    Explorer been closing down all day when I try to open ymail, but Chrome works OK so I’ve switched to using Chrome. What are MS and/or Yahoo playing at? This should be simple stuff.

  • ken flint

    hi I had same problem used firefox instead no problems hope explorer sorts itself out

  • Gill

    My laptop closes internet explorer when I try to login to my Yahoo mail too. its been doing it all day. I need to access my emails whats going on?

  • Derek Pitt

    My Windows laptop keeps closing Explorer when I log in to my Yahoo mail. Important: My Yahoo mail works on another computer.

  • Melanie

    Can access yahoo mail on my ipad but not on laptop keeps closing internet explorer

  • marc

    unable to log in and also closing internet explorer and then reopening and closing

  • Cads

    Log in page on internet not working and is closing internet explorer

  • Hilary

    I can get yahoo mail on my apple computer and I pad but not on my iPhone 4s. On my computer it has spasmodically deleted mail up
    Toting me in a mess does any one know if this will be rectified soon as I need it fir college work?

  • Susanne

    I’m having exactly the same problem Alexander