Xbox Live not working on Dec 6, Lizard Squad

Xbox Live Core Services are not working with confirmation coming from Microsoft on their status page for December 6, 2014. Also, moments before Xbox Live went down today we saw a pre-warning from Lizard Squad that some of our readers might know from previous reports.

Lizard Squad said they were about to start trouble again on their official Twitter account, and then a few minutes after the statement we saw thousands of reports pointing to a global outage with Xbox Live. The problems have been reported for Xbox 360 only so far, but if you have issues with Xbox One and want to leave a status update then do so here.

This isn’t the first time Lizard Squad targeted Xbox Live servers this week and in fact, it is the second time within a 24 hour period. The latest outage started at around 5pm UK time, although there’s been reports of glitches with the Xbox 360 sign-in for most of the day.


You can see a screenshot above from the Xbox Live status page for December 6. Issues like this are hard to stop and it’s unclear if Microsoft will ever be able to keep their servers online when under attack in this way.



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