Xbox Live matchmaking status service alert for Nov

There is a new Xbox Live matchmaking status service alert for November 7th, 2014. The update details the normal matchmaking problem message and names a couple of big titles, which are Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The exact issue is to do with joining other Xbox Live members and we received a number of reports about this on Down Today.

On our Destiny and Xbox Live status report pages, we have heard about matchmaking problems on Xbox One and Xbox 360. This official announcement only confirms what Down Today readers told us directly, so if you are having problems connecting in multiplayer with the likes of COD or Destiny, then you now know why.

You can see the statement left on the official Xbox Live matchmaking page with a red status alert. The problems seem to be ongoing with more information yet to be revealed, although we expect everything to be fixed at some point today.

It’s worth mentioning these problems are not related to Destiny servers being unavailable, or with Advanced Warfare servers being down today. This is purely an issue with Xbox Live matchmaking.



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