Xbox Live down on Dec 25 if Lizard’s succeed

There is a strong chance of Xbox Live going down on December 25, Christmas Day, if Lizard Squad succeed with the threats they are making about taking Microsoft gamers offline. The important point would be how long Xbox Live is down today, if the One and 360 run into connection problems they could be helped by someone on Twitter calling themselves Finest Squad.

In terms of websites being taken offline, especially when it comes to gaming servers like PSN and Xbox, there now seems to be a battle between @LizardMafia and @FinestSquad on Twitter. One will try and send packets to take down gaming servers, while the other is promising to help gamers by stopping them.

Who will win on Christmas Day between Lizard Squad and Finest Squad? Will Xbox Live go down on Dec 25? If you notice your console not being able to connect to online gaming today, then let us know the game and console generation on our Xbox Live status page.

This is also where you can see if there really is problems in the USA, UK, or other countries thanks to feedback left with Down Today. Remember to leave your location and city with any status update you leave in a comment.



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