Problems with WOW Internet and Cable TV

The WOW internet, phone and cable TV company was known before as WideOpenWest Networks. When problems arise in most cases it will be related to their broadband internet service going down, although occasionally you’ll see issues with their phone and TV services.


In most cases when you receive problems with WOW internet it will be a total outage, although you could have intermittent issues as well rather than going totally down.

When services go dark for longer periods of time you might receive credit towards your monthly bill. Report issues you have below, or look at status updates from users. You can also use contact information to directly contact social support channels on this page.


WOW Status insight for Saturday 22nd of July 2017

If WOW is down today, then reports will be found below.

WOW Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Irene Vittoz

    Down in Charlotte, MI all day 7-20

  • Kali

    In Royal Oak MI and so many DNS errors showing up for me today. WOW you really need to sort this please.

  • Roz

    I am in Charlotte and my network is not working, how long is my internet going to be offline?

  • Toby Jones

    Sterling Heights. No internet. 3/11/17.

  • Cmh

    Jan 26, 2017 Northwest c-bus outage from 1.30 pm now is 4.33 p

  • Robin

    My internet is down too in Taylor Mi. I called Wow and they are sending a tech tomorrow.

  • Melissa Kessler

    My internet has been down for a few hours , I’m in Taylor mi

  • Warie

    It is all working fine here in the UK Gary, must be servers in the USA only, hopefully you will be back on soon.

  • Gary

    In Huntsville Alabama and got no Internet, whats going on folks?

  • Bradd

    My Internet is perfect when searching the web and going on Facebook etc, but as soon as I play a game on my PS4 WOW Internet services stop working.

  • Mike

    Can’t get online in Dearborn Heights MI.

  • Caroline

    My business internet is not working, seems to be down because i cannot get it online at all not matter what i try.

  • Brian

    I am down in Huntsville, AI. Is this just my area i am having issues with WOW Internet or is it down anywhere else?

  • Clive

    Internet is really bad for me today, not sure what is going on as its been great all weekend up until now.

  • Shea

    My Internet is working but cable is down and family not to happy they missed Bachlorette.

  • Perry

    I am in Detroit MI and my service is not working, what is all this about the DDOS attack?

  • Cindy

    What is this DDOS business all about, really frustrating me not knowing.

  • Ashley

    WOW is down in Westland, MI. Not able to get any services.

  • Ken Shaffer

    My internet service has been up and down multiple times today.

  • Harry

    Very slow in Knoxville Tennessee lately

  • lee jones

    i have no voice on channel 20 on any of my sets wgn l

  • mehhhhhh

    Wow, so this is what 400 quid and a Ps Plus subscription gets me. It’s a thumbs up from me f**kers, sorry I did mean middle finger

  • Pam

    Huntington Woods has no internet right now.

  • Joe

    I want to change my DNS settings with my WOW router, some people say this can get it working again.

  • Rita

    I’ve had no internet in Royal Oak for hours.

  • Jill

    All around really bad service for the last 2 months. I’m thinking this is the last straw for them. I’m now talking to Comcast and may move for a little extra money but better service I hope.

  • Lisa

    I have no internet in Taylor. Had enough of this today, the one day off I have and no internet or very slow loading pictures when I do get a connection.

  • Melissa

    No internet in Warren for the last 4 hours.