When is iOS 9 coming out? Release date insight

There’s plenty of confusion over the iOS 9 release date and Apple fans that are Down Today readers keep checking the servers for an update. Our readers are asking when is iOS 9 coming out? Hitting that “Check for Update” button is almost pointless right now, which is due to the iOS 9 Gold Master having a release time of about 8PM UK time today, or around 12NOON in PDT.

Developers will get hands-on with the iOS 9 GM build before a public release date, which will be before the expected iPhone 6S launch. Servers can only handle so much traffic, and Apple made mistakes in the past by crashing their servers with an iPhone and mobile operating system update on the same day.

In 2015, you can expect the iOS 9 public download within the next two weeks and just before you see a new iPhone 6S in stores. If you are a developer, then look out for the Gold Master download from Apple’s Dev Portal later today, September 9.

If you run into problems when watching the Apple Sept 9 keynote event and its live video stream, then you can leave details about streaming freezing, buffering and other problems on our Apple outage page.



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