Vodafone signal issues

Is there a problem with Vodafone network today? There are so many things that can go wrong for a customer, and when problems happen the main ones include Vodafone signal issues, the login page not working or even the network coverage is really poor. Of course there are many other issues that can crop up, and if they do Down Today and other readers would like to read about them.

Vodafone signal issues

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunications company operating in multiple countries, including Europe, The Americas, Asia-Pacific as well as Africa and the Middle East. In fact the company now operates in 21 countries as well as having other partners in an additional 40. So no matter what country you are in, if you are on the Vodafone network and experiencing any troubles then list them below.

Down Today is here so others including us can read your problems and also reply to them if need be, so if you are having any Vodafone signal issues or problems with Internet, text messages, voicemail or even if the website being down, please do share your status report.


Vodafone Status insight for Tuesday 28th of March 2017

If Vodafone is down today, then reports will be found below.

Vodafone Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sarah

    No signal for me in the brighton area

  • Rachid Zaharra

    i will be the rom, what device is it ?

  • Declan Christopher Smith

    Got upgrade phone on Friday, still no network coverage, they said it was the SIM card, had 3 new SIM cards now from them and still NOTHIN !!!!!

  • Paul

    So. What’s Vodafone doing about poor or no coverage.spoke to them today couldn’t even take my number correct .very poor going to look for another network .

  • Wendy Moomin Wood

    Very bad service today in both Andover Hampshire and Weymouth Dorset

  • Geraldine Fletcher

    Been down all day in Wakefield, their website said nothing wrong. Can’t wait to swap service as this is crap.

  • Jan

    No service since this morning Doncaster

  • Jayne Emsley

    bad internet and calls all day x cans stream at all and hubby can’t make calls

  • Ehsan Geshnizjani

    Peterborough, CAMBS – intermittent signal, mostly “so signal” since 07:30 this morning, even Vodafone Technicians don’t know what’s wrong, but near enough most of the UK are effected.

  • Aleks Kozonov

    no internet ,no imessages today -10/03/17 in Hull and Lincoln

  • Pennygwent

    Very poor service in Leeds, no internet connectivity even with full strength signal on H+

  • lauradeth

    No service or H+ in leeds. Very slow. Losing my patience! Yet their network coverage says everything is fine. Obviously not.

  • Jessica

    Can not send or receive text messages. I can call people but can’t receive calls. Mobile data isn’t working either. Phone says I have full signal.

  • christina baker

    No service been on phone to Vodafone told me there was nothing wrong been in the shop no joy my. Phone has been off two days now what are Vodafone doing about this

  • Rachel

    Very poor signal the past few days.. what’s going on?

  • R Hall

    Terrible service for last week or more fluctuate sometime cant make or receieve text and calls very poor to no service at all

  • Naresh Kumar Mandal

    Almost no network…. Fluctuations in network since few days…Please solve the issue

  • John

    Low signal strength and almost non existent Internet Norwich (west)

  • Andrew Mealor

    Down in cumbria fine yesterday

  • Bhawna Arya

    My Vodafone network is not working since yesterday. Though it has full bars

  • George Wight

    NO network since yesterday Arbroath

  • Sarah Benn

    Signal down to one bar in eastlothian. Keeps dropping calls and no 4g at all

  • E Lloyd

    Signal down to one bar for the past few days in Banchory, Aberdeenshire.

  • Beccy

    Signal been at one or two bars for days now, had no coverage at all this morning, in Castleford area. Also when do have signal major delays on text been sent and connecting issues. Don’t get me started on the problems have been having with my bill for the past few months.

  • Graham Callaway

    Vodafone signal down to 1 bar and only 3G no 4g Ellesmere Port area Vodafone say there is no problem !!!!

  • Steve kelly.

    Vodafone not connecting 27/1/17 when calling other Vodafone users. Same as when trying to sort out a bill with them. You will be sent to outer benbecular or a foreign country to sort your bill out. To no avail. Just frustration. Have now constructed tin cans and string method works just as good and cheaper.

  • danny

    No single at my office at as ros nagar


    No signal for 2 days glossop derbyshire

  • Tyson

    Same here- 1 bar of 4g. and Texts messages are failing to send. Tried all sorts. Hate vodafone. Dont understand how they are the UKS number 1. Its because everyone gets stuck in a contract with them and cant get out haha

  • J

    I’m having trouble sending text and no one can hear me on the phone should have stuck with o2

  • Phil gibson

    No one net service in Northern Ireland crap…..costing me money…….crap…looking to change service……… crap………

  • Taffy

    South West Wales has a complete Vodafone outage.

  • Brenda

    No signal in North Norfolk again today.

  • Keith

    No service in North Norfolk today and still out. Not good enough. No warning, just dead.

  • Eleri davies

    No signal in west Wales today

  • Liana

    I haven’t got any signal right now , is this just me?

  • Muthuraman

    There is No signal for more than one week in chennai

  • Annie

    The signal in Buckland Newton Dorset use do to be ok. At present it is terrible but vodafone state there are no problem with the network. It’s not my phonemail as worked perfectly in town today

  • redmikekite

    No signal in Ashburton Devon, was fine last night but nothing today

  • Liams

    Signal going up and down constantly Wife calls I answer then I loose signal right away taking the mick a bit now never had a problem or lost signal until today

  • Jorge

    I have not 3G today with vodafone in Maastricht. It is frustrating how they do not tell you anything.

  • Peter Toth

    I’ve got no Vodafone service in West Molesey (KT8 2PZ) this evening, but as I haven’t got a replacement SIM card for testing purposes, I can’t know if it’s Vodafone or my SIM card at fault. Trying to contact them now online.

  • Chris

    Chris in Cambs ,weak signal most of the time on hands free
    Will leaving unless improves has been like for awhilei

  • chris

    phone signal continually fails during calls, i can hear them but they cant hear me. new xperia z4 compact. ab39 and tr4.

  • Liz

    No network coverage for the last 2 weeks in Cornwall and the parts of Devon we have been in.

  • Dawn

    Unable to make calls since Sunday internet okay chat said don’t worry! What’s going on. Redruth.

  • David

    Have had business account for the last seven years. Started off reasonably well, then dropped off. Kicked up got a Sure signal box lasted about a year but only gave signal at home not locally. Has got progressively worse and on average I can’t even send a text message let alone make or receive calls for about 3 or 4 days a week on average. The area I live in is BH31. Today it’s No Service as usual.

  • Les

    Been with vodaphone 3 years always had good strength signal able to phone and receive calls fine. 2 weeks ago 13/10/16 signal became poor and no service frequently. Reported it on 10 occasions to date but Vida just keep feeding me lots of Bxxl Sh one tee ! The service remains poor the signal is weak but they take my money. Les Manchester

  • Ria

    London, Essex area
    Cant make/receive calls there is just no tone and doesn’t ring either end but i can still send/receive txt message.
    And because i cant phone out i cant get in touch with Vodafone!

  • h Bastable

    No service again in Oxford area. Getting totally fed up with Vodafone as it has been like this for months.

  • Simon Rowlinson

    Had “No Service” on my Vodafone handset with no network for 9 days now (8 Oct 16 to 17 Oct 16). Keep getting fobbed off in store – “it’s OK there is no problem” or “don’t worry it’ll be fine tonight” etc. On Live Chat similar nonsense such as “there is a minor issue with the 4G frequency but your calls will be OK”. When I contact “Customer Service” by telephone all I get is “you have to be reasonable and let us fix it”. All designed to delay and delay Vodafone having to sort it out while they hope I will either get bored or they will restore the network. Had enough. Will have to go elsewhere but in the meantime everyone in my position should email nick.jeffery@vodafone.com as he is the Chief Executive Officer and the buck stops with him. If everyone emails him he cannot ignore dozens of his customers maybe even hundreds. Give it a go we have nothing to lose. Certainly not a mobile telephone network!

  • Hannah Duncan

    Had no services for 48 hours. Was told it would be fixed but still then. They then proceed to tell me apparently there are 8 NUMBERS connected to my account I know nothing about. But failed to tell me others are having issues as irs down to vodafone updating there system.

  • gigp nik

    no signal for 15 days now F u VOdafone Central London

  • Brian Birch

    No signal Southampton!

  • Anjali Anto

    the netrowk issues of vodafone is increasing constantly…..earlier signals were good and the network was fine but now every now and then network is gone ,no bars in signals and its not about a single phone , it is happening with most of the users of vodafone.

  • Richard

    Problem with mobile signal near Oxford, Sure Signal box failed, new one will take up to a week. Been with Vodafone for 20+ years and are now so fed up with them that we are in the process of moving to EE – hopefully they WILL be better!

  • Julie

    No signal all week Kenilworth. Have been told it will be fixed by the end of the weekend. Vodafone USED to be good but not anymore

  • Stephanie Goodger

    No signal Cumbria, can’t call or get calls, can’t text or get text, what’s going on

  • Liz Elston

    No sinal since this morning !!!! tenterden kent uk

  • Tozi

    Said no service since last night till the morning, now with service but no signal (no bar’s). Fed up with vodafone tbh. – bristol, uk.

  • Robert

    My signal in nr28 all ways had full today nothing

  • Lola

    Fluctuating signal in East Sussex. When I manage to make a call, the recipient can hear me but I can’t hear them. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

  • Richard Rutherford

    No signal or intermittent signal all week here in East Sussex. I have a booster installed but no improvement. Cant wait to change

  • Isabel

    No signal in London SW1 since 8 am. Always losing signal

  • Sonia

    No signal in oxford city center >>> keeps. Losing network and Internet problems
    >>> 3G & 4G both playing up!

  • jan styles

    Fed up with Vodafone. Always losing signal

  • jan styles

    No signal in KY10 3 Xj since midday

  • NICK

    No network in mid devon EX16 4BE

  • Suzy Fox

    Unable to make calls but can text.

  • D

    No signal np11 abercarn/newbridge

  • Marek Urdominski

    No signal at B23 7SS..

  • Andrew Middleton

    Intermittent/no signal at DE4 5FG. Like this for several days. I chose Vodafone when I moved here because the reception was superb. Vodafone you need to sort it or lose many customers

  • DCG

    No signal at DE4 5FE for most of the day yesterday, 19th, No signal today, 20th, SOS only. unreliable.

  • Clair

    No signal at all today! Really important to have it today and its gone why just me?!!

  • Hil

    No service at all in NR11 (North Norfolk) since Sunday, have tried contacting Vodafone who keep fobbing us off with sure signal issues, but there is no signal in the whole village. Frustrated!!!

  • Ellen

    New phone . No signal since I’ve had it !

  • JL

    Is Vodafone down? I’m unable to call or text

  • Cathryn Whittaker

    Can’t txt or ring ppl since this mornin nd signal in and out all day but still cannot txt or ring ppl carmarthenshire wales

  • 30011887

    No signal since this morning, living in keith morayshire

  • John Watt

    No signal for last 2-3 hours in West Lancashire though used mobile this morning.

  • Sheila

    No network in London since 11am today Thurs , do Voda blame a bit of heavy rain ? Voda so bad. Cust services so bad and rude for years now ! Why I have stayed with them 21 years I don’t know , I must be a mad mug !

    I am moving my six Voda numbers to EE when the contracts are up.

    From Sheila south east London

  • DD

    No network during the work day yesterday, it returned last night, but gone again today. Forston, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2

  • Carol

    Had no service at home for 2 weeks. Signal when out it says but no one can hear me. Trying to secure employment. Not good enough. Ring them and when you finally get through they say no problem. They lie we all know that. Paying for something am not getting Vodafone!!

  • Crofty

    London, same problem – can’t send outgoing texts and haven’t been able to for last week or so.

  • Sue gardner

    No service in Leeds LS17 either!

  • Gem Willison

    Looks like no service in Hull today!

  • Jackie, London

    Having trouble sending texts over the last week or so. Have to try 4 or 5 times. London based. Very annoying, never had this before. Incoming texts and phone calls Ok.

  • James

    Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th NO service in the Nailsworth and Amberley area of Gloucestershire. Spoke to Vodafone online and they advised it was my sim care (7 months old) and that I had to drive to another town to collect a new sim card. Did this, and the Vodafone shop was shut!! but, my signal issue resolved itself outside of mu home town.

    So much for Vodafone being able to see that it was a sim card issue

  • Colin Lloyd

    Can somebody tell me why I’m throwing away my pension each month on paying for a fone that at best, I can use once a day? Signal in IP27 0TD is non exultant and has been for months. Soon my contract with Vodafone expires the better.

  • Kelly Foster

    I’ve had no signal at all since 9am this morning! It’s a joke! I’m in Heybridge in Essex x

  • Francis andrews

    I live in L34 and since approx 0930 hadno Vodafone mobile signal this morning. Made a call with no issues and good signal approx 0830. My wife and I have had intermittent signal problems for last week. Worth going to Martin Lewis money saving expert and big discussion on current Vodafone and lack of attention to customer issues

  • Paula

    No text ,can’t receive or make calls
    No service
    Rang Vodafone ….keep saying there are no issues in the area had to drive to get signal
    Anyone else having problems in St. Helens and surrounding areas??

  • Paula

    No signal today or for last 10 days in St. Helens and Prescot .and throughout north west.
    Signal is intermittent wherever I am
    Me and my husband are affected and have different phones
    Vodafone state it’s my phone but any visitors and my friends and neighbours are having same problem
    Get it sorted Vodafone and stop lying to customers

  • Grahame Stenning

    I was on the phone to my Friend who on vodaphone and the line went dead i tried phoning her back and it says her number is unavaiable Great Yarmouth Norfolk

  • Robin Johnson

    No 4g in Coventry today

  • John

    A friend dent me a text but it came through 2 hours late and my daughter missed playing with her friend its been like this for over 2 weeks now

  • Kat

    Hi, can not send text london

  • Grira

    Says no signal

  • Derek

    Says SIM card registration failed also

  • Keef

    Says SIM card registration failed

  • Chrismeldy

    No service dont understand what’s the problem

  • Chris holdsworth

    Cannot get messages or call out toda

  • Darren Tyler

    In Kent too – can’t send or receive texts today either

  • Darren Tyler

    no texts or calls since Friday

  • Amanda

    No calls ,internet or texts since Friday

  • Marie

    Still no text since 27th. Really annoyed. U will be refunding me having to use my mobile data!!@

  • sam

    Problem in Aberdare for two days at least, ok in cardiff! Any news ?

  • Robert Thompson

    no texts should be fixed midnight…..

  • Dean

    I’ve just spoke to an advisor via online chat and there is an issue with Vodafone network. She promised me it will be rectified by midnight.

  • Paul

    This started yesterday in London for me with text and now having same problem in manchester

  • Sam

    Problem with Vodafone I have just phoned them. Should be a few hours and it’ll be sorted

  • Lee

    Can’t send texts, can receive OK and make and receive calls OK. Sheffield. Been waiting 30 mins in support queue so far. Online support chat leaves you waiting for 20 mins then throw you off! Shite Vodafone again

  • Victoria Robbins

    Can someone confirm if there is an issue with Vodafone tonight please???

  • Gemma

    Can’t send text messages from iPhone 5s. Can make/receive calls but can’t text for th past hour or so. Anyone have any tips?

  • Dean

    Can’t send text from my iPhone 6s Plus from about 7.30. Is it a network problem, as can’t get through to customer services? I’m in Derby area.

  • Sam

    Haven’t been able to text since 8oclock don’t know what’s wrong

  • Me

    No txts and taking an age to connect calls if at all. Merseyside

  • jon

    no calls or text. bristol

  • Amanda Fawcett

    Cant send or receive txts and cant make any call. Kent

  • RH

    Can’t send texts since about 19.45. And test text from another phone on O2 took a long time to receive. Suspect Vodafone is having problems. SG4 area

  • Joanne

    No service can’t text or call ?? Any issues

  • DM

    cant receive 2 step verification texts, frustrating…

  • Barbara gregory

    Having problems for last couple of days. Can’t call out or receive text messages

  • Olivia Pintassilgo Pun

    Calls are not connecting. A couple of days now. Keep having to reboot the phone and walk around to get signal. This has never happened. What’s going on? Tw19 area.

  • Lois Thompson

    Been having signal problems for last couple of days just as I’m trying to enjoy new upgraded phone. Signal not the best here but this is ridiculous!

  • DavidChassels

    Why phone poor reception no service keeps popping up in Glasgow….very erratic and only started last few days….?

  • Mrs Ingrid Hearsum

    No calls in or out 12th and 13tn

  • Michelle Stowe

    No signal since the 21st March, and Vodafone keep saying they’re aware, and on top of it. But why is it taking so long??? People dial me and it says its an incorrect number, and my phone tells me that the Vodafone network is unavailable.

  • S

    No service sk23 7ra for a week now

  • Magz

    No service for vodaphone in the kilmarnock area 30/3/2016

  • Michelle

    I too am dialling a Vodafone number and it keeps saying incorrect number

  • Aimee

    What is the problem I’m calling someone who’s on vodaphone network and all I’m getting is ‘you’ve dialled an incorrect number’?

  • Pamela

    Chester le street north east uk coverage not good

  • Pamela

    Cannot receive calls they’re going straight to voicemail

  • Tony Couch

    No Service today in Southern Scotland today – 11/0-3/2016 – DG10 postcode. Cannot login to account as no way to receive login code!!! Anyone know what’s up?

  • louise clixby

    No signal in darlington once again this has happened to me 3 times now tried to ring Vodafone 4 times at work today. They hung up twice and left me on hold the other 2 times for 13 minutes so i hung up. Fuming once again thanks vodafone (Y)

  • Will Holdsworth

    No registered network here in telford Shropshire. Contacted vodafone, automated system says my number doesn’t exist!!!

  • Malcolm

    Can’t phone or text today here in Brighton. According to the website, everything is OK – but it’s not, so what is happening?

  • lexi

    Websites down, won’t let me register my mobile, therefore I can’t top my phone up. When I attempt to top my phone up, it’s saying sorry there seems to be a problem.

  • Kerri

    No signal in Winscombe for days :-(

  • kenneth gillion

    dear steph, i live in chasetown and since last night been getting , line busy notice, so i think somethings gone down.

  • Tracy Pratt

    No live chat available all day 04.03.16. Tried to call and hung up after 12 mins on hold….not happy

  • Barbara nash

    No signal for 3days please sort it vodafone

  • Bob

    No Signal in Brymbo Wrexham and I have Sure Signal which I have reset with no difference???

  • lloyd

    no service in ferndale

  • Steve

    Cheltenham no signal on 4 G but works on 3G been like it all week!!!!!!!!

  • James Geary

    RG2 Reading transmitter has issues – delayed text messages, dropping out calls etc. come one Vodafone sort this issue out, this transmitter is passed its sell by date.

  • Kevan

    try switching mobile data to 2G, then you’ll at least be able to make calls…actually it started working for me now (London (Liverpool Street))

  • Mark Beavan

    No service in Solihull

  • Andy

    no service in the Wirral area on this network for about a hour.

  • Charlie

    My Vodafone signal has gone, i am getting nothing – I am in Birmingham.

  • Ben

    I am in North Wales and got no signal, it was ok like 2 hours ago.

  • alanaH

    I have no signal , cant call or send SMS

  • Stefanie

    Cant send or receive calls. I live in cannock, Staffordshire

  • Stuart Hannah

    I’ve not been able to use apps on mobile data all evening despite restarting my iPhone 6 twice and having full 4G signal indicated. (Leicester)

  • Narad

    I can’t send texts or make calls!!! Seriously debating switching providers :( Carmarthenshire

  • Sam Mishra

    yes been having this problem for the last couple of days, as has a friend of mine also on vodafone

  • Es

    Can’t use any apps on my phone for almost 2 hours from Central Birmingham here – 20/2/16

  • Gem Olds

    I can send texts or calls but i can’t receive them

  • Beryl

    Anybody having trouble receiving and sending emails to other vodafone users today 17/2/2016

  • Michael John Weeks

    I just got two emails 1 was bout I have no cap on my calls abroad 2 was bout content and now I have no network

  • Ali

    Tried phoning a friend in Harrow today. Kept getting message ‘This person is currently unavailable please try later’. Anyone else with same problem?

  • Craig

    What’s happened to the network in Longhope, Gloucestershire? It’s been out / intermittent for days.

  • Regimantas

    No service
    Yesterday come from o2

  • Johnjinty Walkerblamires

    No signal Alston cumbria

  • Mrs C

    No signal since 3rd Feb in north Cornwall

  • sam crowtherr

    Ive no signal since yesterday emergancy calls only nuddersfield

  • Shaun Orton

    saying not regisered on network

  • Helen Davy

    Very intermittent connection, showing as no signal most of the time. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

  • Damo

    No signal, Birmingham and Worcester. Anyone the same?

  • Mark Wild

    Phone’s been displaying “No Signal” for about three hours now.

  • David forret

    Is Vodafone down today??

  • Sue Slater

    What the hell is wrong with the vodafone signal in Stoford? Disgusting service/ lack of service. Sort it and recompence us for a week with no phone.

  • Yvonne Starkey

    Still no signal in Stoford,Yeovil for days now.

  • Joanna

    No signal Birmingham, Iphone 6S

  • Marc

    No signal in Stoford, Yeovil for 3-4 days now!

  • Craig pitts

    Where is the signal gone in stoford Yeovil?

  • Sue Slater

    No signal in Stoford, Yeovil since last night

  • Harry Kari

    No service in Blackpool (2) in the middle of a job discussion this morning thanks again.. sort it out or I’m changing pronto after fifteen years+ loyal service….. what is the issue here in Blackpool its been in and out for three months now

    I can even see the mast on the water tower so increase the power please, there is no excuse its a very very poor service.

  • Nia Morus

    No signal in lower Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan all day. It has always been poor at home but nothing at all today. I have been considering changing provider for some time, I think this may be the catalyst.

  • Sara

    No signal for nearly three weeks in Hemel Hempstead /redbourn area

  • Rachael

    No signal for 2 days now in Hampshire GU35.

  • Carl

    No service in blackpool, only joined vodafone yesterday from o2, might be changing again now

  • Clare Griffiths

    No signal even with our sure signal in Pershore, Worcestershire

  • Sui shaw

    signal keeps cutting out this week in and around auckley this week.

  • Keith crossley

    No signal all day Oldham Lancashire

  • d burns

    no service in Northwood London

  • Mike Wright

    No signal Ropsley Lincs

  • Charlie

    Down Tarland Aberdeenshire AB344YE

  • ann

    emergency calls only for the last 5 hours in barrow

  • Yan-Erik Iversen

    Down in scalloway Shetland

  • Bunks

    No service down in Chessington. Think I need to go to change network.

  • Tarun

    Regret joining vodaphone

  • Tarun

    No serice today .network down in sutton

  • Elizabeth

    No service showing on my phone

  • Albert Ross

    Vodafone never have a great signal in Stonehaven but I just found out today that O2 have excellent signal strength, time to change supplier?

  • Robert Grandison

    Searching signal ascot stop working around 6pm

  • szadia

    Not data signal and txt messages don’t sent …. stopped working at midnight last night at 10pm READING

  • DJW

    Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire down again last time it was like this took 3 weeks to sort….

  • Gav

    Have full signal and 4g but yet the Can’t use any data (even though I have unlimited) on a brand new contract iPhone 6s… Safari or any apps that require internet won’t work. Regretting switching to Vodafone already. Work and live in the Manchester area.

  • Brian

    Signal poor in West Cambridge today and last night — is a transmitter down?

  • sue shaw

    the office i work in in sheffield cant make a call cos it keeps cutting off or the line is so bad with crackling no one can hear me

  • ellowise

    my signal just went off is the network down

  • GaryC

    Been having problems a couple of weeks in the SS14 postcode region.
    Have weak signal

  • Ioanna

    no network access since midnight 18 to 19 November. Tried to ring High Street Office from landline but message says their phone is switched off.
    First time with this problem in my experience. But then there is first time for everything!

  • andy

    more issues with Vodafone signal at BS40 5sb near Bristol airport. Supposed to be a good 2g signal here. Spoke to Vodafone agent via live chat who assured me the current issue was fixed this morning. Guess what! Its still useless. Really fed up with Vodafone and about to take my business to a provider offering better signal and better customer service, communication…

  • Katie

    Not getting any service in Frankfurt suddenly even after resetting my iPhone, gonna try to wait a bit I guess but not sure how to move forward.

  • Pollyanna

    As of tonight can’t text or make outbound calls!!! Hate Vodafone nothing but stress with them! What’s going on??!

  • Jamil

    Suppose to have 4g around Sheffield but most of the time I am only getting 3 g, Internet is extremely slow, very frustrating as I’ve just joined Vodaphone, customer service are useless they can’t answer any simple question ringing them you could be waiting 1/2 hour plus

  • Karen Abrams

    Two out of our 5 family lines haven’t been able to receive incoming calls for 8 days. Vodaphone says they are trying to resolve a network problem. If this is representative of their ‘problem’ something like 40% of their line is down. Every time we ring we get a different piece of advice about how long it’s likely to take to resolve. Hugely unsatisfactory and we are planning to look at other providers. Karen Abrams

  • Anna

    my txt messages don’t sent …. stopped working at midnight last night (not a first time so i didn’t even got surprised)… we had to switch to wifi …. its ridiculous … vodafone is a joke … they dont even inform that the service is down so you sit and wait for replies and the other person didn’t even get your message… i have never been happy to see surveys from service providers but i took my time to tell them all issues then … in the end they send me message asking why my rates were sooo low … once i explained they never back to me … even so say simple sorry/we are working on it … not with any offer or anything …. thank god though.. cuz i only wait till the contract runs out … and i run run run and never look back …. stay away people.

  • Q. Cumber

    No signal for two days

  • https://vimeo.com/davidgrahamscott David Graham Scott

    Off most of Saturday…..terrible

  • Vicky Davies

    I have had issues for a long time now, texts not sending straight away or person I send texts to getting duplicate texts. Some text can take days to go threw. Sometimes I have a notification on a text, but no new text have come threw. Also sometimes people are unable to get hold of of me. I am ment to have 4g and very rare actually get it. After complaining a few times I have now been told my SIM card is old (1 year). Previous been told upgrading masts and things like that. I pay for a service I have not been getting for many months now and I think it’s disgraceful. Take phone into shop to get checked, but I work those hours they are open. As my phone gets hot. Battery can drop quick when this happens. I have backed my phone up numourous timea to reset it, have to turn it on and off to try and get messageg to try and send as the try resending option does not appear just a message and clock symbol. I complained online chat and phone I would say going back to last year, but now texts won’t always go threw when i send them and getting messages back to question text or reply way after I have sent text, and then for people to get the same text 2 or 3 times is also annoying for them. I very much doubt sending a new SIM card will fix this problem. Obviously I do not reviec a service I pay for. Especially 4g thats very rare I get that. I would not recommend and will continue to inform people of these issues that for myself do not get resolved. I also am not stationary in one area due to my job I am travelling around. Wirral signal was not down today as my work phone is Vodafone and worked all day, so why would my personal phone take around 13 hours to send a text when my work phone worked fine. I doubt it’s the SIM in my personal phone as my work phone SIM is about 3 years old, 2 years older than my personal phone, but no issues with that. One very unhappy constomer and if this change of SIM does not work I will not be continuing with Vodafone for contract and take my custom elsewhere. To which I have been with Vodafone around 8 Years now. I refuse to pay for a contract that I am not receiving all benifits from

  • Paul

    and still today – can get 3g by switching mobile network (ie not LTE) but not 4g??

  • Reece

    My girlfriend texts are unable to receive as it comes up with “I’m sorry messaging service has currently stopped working” she needs this back up and running asa before she changes providers

  • Paul

    Have 4G signal but no internet in twickenham/Teddington all day today

  • Peter

    4g signal in the area of BT tower in London has become available but internet does not work. The same problem as yesterday.

  • hoppo

    No signal in mini ipad in Devon or when back in London Since Sunday 25th October why cant Vodfone tell us there is a signal problem – I am wasting money topping up Bundle when I cannot use it

  • Peter

    No 4G close to BT tower in London.

  • Rose

    There’s been no signal in the north east since 11am been trying to contact Staffordshire all day

  • Chris Pattinson

    No Vodafone 4G on iPhone 6 or IPhone 6s with the same number. iPhone 5s works with a different number using in sane area as iPhone 6 & 6s

  • Tracey

    No signal since half 2 this afternoon

  • Polly Price

    No signal in Maidenhead area since 9am this morning. can’t find out what’s going on


    I had no signal at all since 10 am this morning in leek Staffordshire what going on Vodafone. Xx

  • Jeff Sands

    Have missed several important calls from my doctor who could not get through or got cut off. Phone was on and ready to accept calls. Very upset. Has anyone else had this? Cheltenham way.

  • Linda

    When will it be back up I’m
    In essex

  • Gabi

    Ive spoken with them and they said it should be starting to work form the 23rd of this month after 5pm …. I need a refund for this week

  • Nigel MacLeod

    Lochcarron – the transmitter at Attadale is unreliable. Vodaphone claim to have fixed the latest fault on Saturday afternoon, but it is now Sunday 18/10 and still no signal!

  • megan

    East Devon, 3 miles Exeter. Signal on and off for over a week now. Failed to get important texts about appointment yesterday. Sometimes if I restart my Samsung S3mini it will show a signal for a while, then goes off again. Phoning Vodafone is the pits; I’ve had the run around about other issues in the past and the idea of contacting them about this makes me feel sick.

  • Vijdan

    I got in touch with them again last night to be lied to! Which sucks.. I suggest turning your 2g on then you can make n receive calls.. It’s worth a try! But Vodafone won’t help so I just gotta wait this out..

  • Gabbi

    Two days and still no signal !!! I live in south Croydon and my boyfriend is with Vodafone and he’s got no problem at all ,I went to the store they said the same story it will not last longer then 24h and that was 2 days ago !! Really pissed , at lest they had to say something…

  • vijdan

    Im having exactly the same problem!! i managed to get through to someone on their live chat where they told me there was some maintenance work going on in my area (croydon,london) and it would have been resolved by 1am this morning.. still no outgoing or incoming calls.. i can still use my 4g though. Im not sure if my texts are working either but they need to fix this soon! and i still cant get a hold of vodafone to find out what else or what is really going on.. were not the only ones though so hopefully will resolve this soon!!

  • Lexy

    I can’t make outgoing of receive incoming calls. I’m heavily pregnant and its kind of important I can contact my partner and family. When will this be resolved. Had the same problem yesterday and went into the Vodafone store yesterday and they said it should only last 24 hours but it’s now over 24hours and need this to be resolved!!!!

    I can’t even call Vodafone on 191?!?


  • Andy

    Oh yeah I can’t make phone calls either, comes up call not sent… And when I do press call button, it takes ages to dial out, before I hear the ring tone, and ut decides to cut out, so I have to keep redialing.. So I can’t recieve calls or texts.. Good job I’m not a fireman or a doctor on call… Still I’m paying God knows how much for a service I can’t recieve so I should get texts immediately ansd use my phone.. Err as a phone!!!

  • Andy

    No signal No network.. Take battery out, sim out, etc put back in, still nothing.. When it finally does come up vodaphone, I pick up the phone it goes back to no network.. I could breathe on the phone and it’ll go no network.. It’s annoying as when I write a text its fine, as soon as I hit send, that split second, and it goes off, and says it’ll send when a signal network is avaliable.. Been like this for three days now.. It took 4 hours to send a text, even with a network and full signal.. Oh and texts take ages to recieve.. I was sent a text at 4.30pm on Wednesday.. I didn’t get it till 5.40pm.. An hour and ten minuets later.. It said that it was recieved at 4.30.. Ha!

  • Ben

    every time i make a call it says calls to with number are restricted on this phone

  • Bob

    Constant problems for a couple of weeks now with calls cutting out and some calls not getting through. Thought at first it was iphone software upgrade but everyone I on Vodafone is having the same problem.

  • Chloe

    I can’t renew my big value bundle even though I’ve just topped up £15? nor can I opt out?

  • Stephen Cornthwaite

    I have been having constant problems since taking the contract at the end of July. No signal for 5 weeks due to mast being down, then mast repaired, showing signal but when try to ring out states unable to access network? I do not receive any calls, my phone does not ring I just get the text message for a missed call. If I manage to make or receive a call it is short lived as after a minute or two I can no longer hear the caller although they can hear me? Text messages may get through eventually. I have rung, live chat (when I can get through and it is available which often it is not), and wrote to Vodafone and they in turn have altered my phone setting, issued a new sim card, reset the setting again (bearing in mind it takes hours of my time trying to get through to them) and still I have the same problem. I had my phone checked and Carphone Warehouse have been really helpful and gave me a brand new phone even after the 28 days as they also had a record of all my problems and still it is the same as above. I have put my sim in another make of phone and in my old phone that worked fine on another network and all the same – absolute rubbish with vodafone. As like everyone else, I can a phone to make contact with and be contactable, my elderly mother, my children, partner etc. I cannot even make emergency calls some days even when it states emergency calls only, some good it is to me. I am now going down the slow painstaking road of the ombudsman trying to get out of this contact but realistically, what are my chances?

  • Kirsty Davies

    I haven’t been able to send a text message on my vodafone payngo since 4 o’clock this afternoon!!

  • Gemma

    My vodafone wont let me log in to pay my bill! Been waiting on hold for 15 mins! Now if i miss my payment they will be so quick to switch my line off!! Getting rather peeved!

  • Gemma Harwood

    I’m not receiving and texts at all. What us going on. I’m not going to keep paying for a contract that has poor signal mist of the time and now this.

  • Lisa Canning

    Vodafone is being a nightmare today, no live chat available, 20 mins waiting time ont he phone! Ive just paid £158 to a phone bill and its still not even available to use again – this network is a joke!

  • Natalie Hazel Shearon

    I’m having problems with sending sms

  • Emily Moffatt Jurish

    Oh I’m totally behind you, I started contacting the Ombudsman before then they kind of sorted the issue at the time but now it’s just got ridiculous! Yes, please stay in touch Nick and I too will keep you updated! What a shambles!

  • Nick

    I’m going to pester them again them again tomorrow. Let you know the outcome but I’m very tempted to get OFCOM involved if this BS5 shambles isn’t sorted soon.

  • Emily Moffatt Jurish

    Hi Nick,

    Oh it’s hell! Another phone call 2 days ago and today as they randomly changed my tariff and stopped my Spotify! When I called them they gave me some jibber! As far as the signal, well again there is more work going on in the area……really? My mother went into hospital today and when ringing to see how her op went I spent most of my time walking around the house to get a signal…..oh and how rude are Vodafone? Very, as they keep hanging up on me!!! I feel your pain Nick!

  • Nick

    Hi Emily. What was the resolution as I live in bs5 and also have shocking phone signal? I’m going through the same cycle being fobbed off with every excuse imaginable from technical support without any resolution. Tech Support have told me to switch to 2g despite paying for 7GB of 4g data each month. I’m lucky if I use 500 MB!!!! Utter rubbish and quite appalled given the superiority Vodafone claim to have over the competition! Cheers, Nick

  • Rebecca

    anyone else have no internet access today?

  • Zoe Varnam

    I cant send or recieve SMS messages but can make calls. My phone Samsung s4 mini keeps searching for a network then tells me no network available. Very annoying.

  • Janine

    Mine has just started with no service and i live in Holland. Anybody know anything

  • debra

    My phone has just been saying no service for 24 hours now !!!!!! ????

  • Mer

    No service for the past 24 hours… at all!!!

  • Scott

    Searching for two days help us out

  • Holly

    I’ve had no service for 24hours now, very very invonvinent as I need my phone as a contact source because my mum is ill. Can’t believe there are all these complaints and Vodafone seems to have done nothing! Do they even read these things?!

  • Neil Swift

    Cannot access all 3 numbers on my account. Cannot log in using my pin. Suddenly my account says i have sent 27 million texts !! I am lucky if i send 270. Very disappointed with vodafone

  • Stephan Perry

    Can’t send any txts

  • Gary Hollern

    No signal for two days, absolute shite network, ill be moving elsewhere as soon as I can, based in North East

  • http://www.forestsecretsskincare.com/ Barbara Olioso

    same in Somerset, I called them and they said there were no issues at their end….

  • sandie middleton

    What is happening with Vodaphone today?? Signal is virtually non-existant in the Forest of Dean!!!

  • Zankhana Desai

    It’s creating a great problem in work issues….
    Heights of tolerance…… Network of Vodafone has always been a great issue….

  • John B

    Phone not connecting when dialing. Just annoying bleep as call ends. Fuming. Maghull Merseyside

  • jaimie

    New contract and can’t even use the phone for anything texts calls or Web 😭😭😤not amused at all when will this be fixed ????

  • Liz Clarke

    getting no ring tone when trying to connect to mobiles from landline. as we are a business this is causing lots of problems. No answers from Vodafone

  • Heather Wilson

    Can’t send texts to anyone Armagh / markethill area.

  • Emily Dolan

    Can’t send text messages to anyone

  • Wiggy

    Phone shows 4G signal, but it won’t load any pages, or send/receive messages??? In Warwickshire/West Midlands area.
    Whats going on????

  • Teresa

    No signal in Newhaven,East Sussex. Really frustrated. Trying to phone customer services now and have been waiting in the queue for about 10 minutes now.

  • Jet

    Ellesmere Port in Cheshire no signal !

  • Sade

    I was told they were going to complete porting but they havent yet. Got to wait another two days now.

  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    My family, I, co-workers and colleagues have lost service and/or had calls go direct to voicemail despite a full signal, and had texts or iMessages take up to a day to arrive in the following locations: Wiltshire (Near Marlborough), Warwickshire and North Oxford.

    This has been going on for ages now – almost a year – and as an engineer, I believe this has to do with 4G being interfered with by Freeview signals and that means, there is NOTHING we can do.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter, the issue is that Vodafone (and other airtime providers), NEVER display downtime timetables on their websites or send their customers texts to notify them.

    As I type this, I am trying to end my contract and the same with family because the situation is starting to get dangerous (cannot call emergency services) and harmful to business.

  • Emily Moffatt Jurish

    No signal for 3 days, I’m fuming!!!!! To be treated like a 3 year old and fobbed off with different excuses all the time!!!!!! Bristol BS5

  • jay brads

    Status zero! No signal for a week! Do I care! Dorset, bh21

  • Nancy Mellay

    no reception all day, strachur, argyll.

  • Gordon Bennet

    Cant send texts in Windsor or Slough would you believe it? Don’t get a freebee, or a refund ever though Huh?

  • zombiesazza

    No signal in Aberdeen.

  • Gary Williams

    No Signal at all in Ammanford although the site says the problem is fixed!!??

  • Alan Mitchell (Soundgazer)

    Vodafone connection is zero in Aberdeen! Can’t make important calls! Well pissed off!

  • Ian Armstrong

    Go problems sms calls net

  • Sankar Nagappan

    No data connection…

  • Ellie

    Kent seems to have been hit with Vodafone issues, my friends and myself were left without calls connecting to each other. When my friends send me a text message whilst they are with me just to test i don’t get them until like 4 hours later.

  • Sally

    Got no Vodafone signal in Cumbria

  • babis

    Text messages are not being sent from my phone, no doubt a Vodafone problem.

  • Martina

    Surely we can leave mid way through a Vodafone contract if they are not providing a service we like. People are not getting any signal and when they do its not for long. Surely signal is the main part of the business to keep its customers.

  • Nathan

    Getting no siganl at all in Lymington. I still got another 8 months before I can leave.

  • Linsay

    I have been to both Stonehaven and Bristol over the last few weeks and cannot get any Vodafone signal there, now I am back home in London and yeah you guessed it i have no signal.

  • Sherrie

    I have tried so many times to access my Vodafone voicemail without the ability to. Even my phone signal has been out the last two days. C’mon now please sort this out.

  • Roger

    Very bad Vodafone signal in Newham, UK. I went with you because i thought you was the best.