No Virgin Mobile signal problems

Virgin Mobile is a provider of mobile phone wireless communications in many countries, so you can make calls in the UK and other countries like United States, Canada, Australia, and more at reduced rates. When there’s no Virgin Mobile signal due to unforeseen problems, or when the network hits issues on phone and tablet, then this will end up with complaints from unhappy customers.


While there’s enhancements you can use to increase Virgin Mobile signal like a booster, in most cases you will be on the bad end of a network outage that cannot be solved at your end and will need engineers to fix. You can see status reports from Down Today readers below in regard to no signal, or disruption to Virgin mobile Internet in different regions.

You can reach official Virgin help thanks to a number of contact methods detailed on this page, or leave your complaints about signal problems right now with locations below.


Virgin Mobile Status insight for Thursday 29th of June 2017

If Virgin Mobile is down today, then reports will be found below.

Virgin Mobile Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Donna Johnson

    CV5 no Internet for 12 hours so far

  • steven hilton

    Very little signal .and im hardly getting connected to 4g Leicester LE3

  • Susan

    No mobile TN39 area. VM first said no problem in area, it’s our phones (all 3 of them!) and we need new SIMs. I said I don’t think it’s SIMs, it’s network. Finally managed to get half-sensible answer: “You are right. There is a problem with network. A minimal fracture on transmitter. Upgrade being done. Should be back up in 3-4 hours. Turn phones off and on occasionally to see when problem has been fixed.”

  • Ser Victor Timmins

    No service in Northern Ireland since Saturday…

  • Brian Zaynus

    Rubbish 2g signal in dy11 (Kidderminster) area. Almost impossible to make calls send texts etc. It was fine 2 weeks ago!
    Don’t even get me started on 3 or 4G signal!!!

  • Angela Owen

    Been rubbish for 8 days now emergency call only and the wifi hit and miss holyhead Anglesey

  • Sajida Malik

    No service all day in london, whats up?

  • Sam

    No service N11 since late last night

  • Isha Natalie Salmon

    Funny that the said same to me in bournemouth

  • Julie Campbell Keepings

    My elderly aunt phoned them today and they said that they have discontinued service in her area and she will get full refund after being fobbed of with excuses for a month. Looks like she has to change to another network provider

  • Marion

    Same as Jim below, was in France for a week, phone worked fine, came back to Liverpool UK yesterday and since then my phone went to “no service” and cannot fix it!!

  • Jim Hutchinson

    Just been to the Virgin fone shop and they gave me a new simcard which has cured the problem. No explanation why..

  • Jim Hutchinson

    4 days in France with excellent service – as soon as Le Shuttle got to Folkestone my fone went to ‘no service’ – been like that for 2 days now – come on Virgin get your fingers out – I live in BR5

  • Diane

    Have you phoned Virgin Mobile to ask them x

  • RNHB

    No mobile signal for 2 days Romford Area, what’s going on.

  • Tigger

    I’ve had no network on my Virgin pay as you go since Thurs 1 June. It’s been the same for my friend. Funnily enough I went to the continent at the weekend, the coverage returned on arrival and disappeared again as soon as I reached Dover. I’m in E11.

  • Estel

    No 3G in Reading!!!!!

  • TP Keating

    N1 London, “Error in network connection”.

  • Thomas Beresford

    I’m in north london

  • Thomas Beresford

    I have no mobile connection!! Seems like lots of others don’t either. I hope they resolve this quickly!!

  • Andrej

    No broadband connection in E17 second day.
    Had to work online from home last Sunday – impossible.
    Not able to watch a movie or entertain kids as we have online t.v. only.
    Virgin website keeps postponing estimated fixing time.
    No apologies, no notification before got disconnected. Very bad! Moving to a new place by September and definitely not taking Virgin with me.

  • Christine Baldock

    No network for mobile for since yesterday , still unable to make or receive calls and messages. What is going on

  • David Whotton

    no network for mobile whilst staying near London Gatwick airport on Friday 2nd and 3rd June! I had taken my son and new bride to catch a flight on 3rd BUT COULD NOT MAKE OR RECEIVE CALLS……MOST INCONVEINIENT VIRGIN I was blind as to what was going on with flights etc at a crucial time…..

  • Dilan

    Very poor reception in NW1 area for the last couple of days.

  • Jacaranda Gweru

    And friend has just told me no signal in NR9.

  • Jacaranda Gweru

    No signal in BN7 for two days and impossible to log in to account. And even more frustratingly, Richard b****y Branson is digging up all the pavements round here so that he can charge us more for a useless service.

  • Mary Mills

    I have had no signal anywhere in Kent and West Sussex. Would really appreciate knowing why not least because I just cannot communicate with family.

  • Caroline

    Keep loosing connection to our mobile phones indoors, seems strange could a recently installed sky dish thats been fitted to our next door neighbour be causing the issue as before that was no issues. Starange why all of a sudden we are loosing connection to mobiles phones only, connection comes and goes, would be curious to know if anybody would know the reason for this.

  • Pschaf

    No outgoing call for days now on both V mobile phones. SL6

  • Danny Lee Minick

    No service in Leysdown, ME12

  • Peter Bingham

    I have no signal


  • Ben M

    No service in AL10 – “Error in Network Connection”

  • Hffgbf

    no service in Preston

  • Raymond

    No signal in M320dl saying error connection

  • Fed up

    Still no signal for several hours today 2.6.17 in nw london

  • Terri Nearney

    No service in TS23.

  • Vonnie V Smith

    Had no service in Brownhills for several hours

  • No service in tn342pp

    TN342PP no service

  • No service in Hastings???

    I still have no service in Hastings

  • Peter Hughes

    Signal very low in stretford Manchester M32 8pw 20.35

  • ilgainis

    No service in Bath since 6am – now 17:50

  • ilgainis

    No service in BA2 8JB since 6am – now 17:45

  • Nicky Gussow

    No service in CF311LP since 9 pm last night

  • Customer14y3

    No service in TN9

  • John Hurr

    No service Sunday 28th May, Surrey/Hants border.

  • Charlene Mockford

    No service since Monday, highlands, does anyone know why?

  • Paula Fleischmann

    no service Downton wiltshire for the last few hours!!!!!

  • Leanne Osborne

    Currently no service on BN2

  • Michelle Sharp

    I had no service in the all evening last night (BR5 area) right up until I hit chislehursjt on the way into work this morning

  • Matthew Shackler

    No service haven’t been able use my phone for nayle 2 week had two new sim card and still no fix am starting. To get really annoyed with Virgin because they av no idea wots causing it.

  • baffled

    No service just landed in Stansted help!

  • Jennifer Adams

    No service in Devizes all day.

  • Mary Boundy

    virgin mobile signal very poor to none existant in the Liverpool area any idea

  • Surb Bansi-Gill

    Cannot contact Virgin mobile online or over the phone! What is going on??

  • Surb Bansi-Gill

    No service since early this morning in Ashford Kent. Spoken to several members of staff at Virgin mobile and each has told me something different, one said she will call me back and didn’t, I have 4 have put me on hold and then I have been disconnected, I then made 2further calls and said I do not wish to be put on hold as I will be disconnected and they assured me I will not and I was cut off again. I have been calling on the 0800 0643 820 and have tried every option and have been disconnected – so thought I’d try the sales option as surely they will answer and YES I did get through but they said they would have to transfer my call and once again disconnected. I also rang the 08 no and went through all the options and disconnected again. Appalling service. I just want my PAK code now as I’m not carrying on with virgin – the worst service!!

  • catherine Mather

    Nottingham , been down since midday , odd text goes out none in , can ring out but no one can ring me .

  • Kelly tarling

    No service at all bristol

  • John Omoya

    No Signal SW14

  • Robert Rusin

    No signal Warrington wa5

  • Lisa Gillingham

    no signal at all in RG17 area

  • Bobbi

    Keeping Losing Signal randomly in Edinburgh

  • Dave

    Sporadic phone signal sent texts that was not received & un-contactable! Very frustrating whilst paying for a substandard service…

  • Jack Van Den Berg

    full signal but no calls/messaging E london.

  • Angela Steele

    Yes came back late afternoon

  • Claudia Malcolm

    Mine is fine now, yours too?

  • Tracy Mann

    i cant make any phone calls or texts or receive since 9.15 this morning norwich nr5 area

  • Angela Steele

    No service in Beare Green either. None yesterday until briefly in the evening and no service again today. RH5 4QU.

  • Claudia Malcolm

    No service for mobile in north holmwood rh5 4ja. Please help, I need it for work

  • Peter

    No signal in Portsmouth for at least two weeks. It’s my 93 year old Mums Personal contact with the family from her care home. Everything goes to voicemail. Who the hell is running this shambles.

  • Simon Money

    Haven’t been able to make or receive calls for 3 days now. S5 Sheffield. Can use 4g data traffic and can send and receive texts. Can’t call 789 or retrieve voicemail (goes straight to voicemail when people call me). Move to a different area and everything is fine. Girlfriend also on Virgin and has exact same issues, so would indicate coverage issue rather than handset issue. Both phones showing full network coverage. Bloody irritating!

  • Nigel

    No phone CB6

  • Teri

    No phone. Data ok. NG12

  • Joe Flynn

    Lost mine around 12 o’clock, bloody pain in the backside. Tried to ring 789 but taking ages can’t get through. Preston PR2

  • Sil

    Lost all internet connection around 11am today in Nottingham area. Apparently only way to get in touch with Virgin is to call them on 789 on the mobile. :( In the middle of a work day. I don’t have time for this!

  • Liz

    No mobile service or mobile internet Plymstock, Plymouth (EE also affected)

  • Ray Houston

    I’ve had no signal for two days here in Troon, Ka10 6te. Only able to use WhatsApp in WiFi to contact anyone. No idea how to address this as it seems to be difficult to speak to Virgin. Should I just wait for it to get better or abandon ship, look for a better deal elsewhere?

  • Phonegirl

    Unable to top-up phone for last three days – Scottish Borders

  • Richard Wright

    No signal in Devon. Tq12. It’s been 4 days now. And I think it’s time to stop paying the contract till this is solved.

  • John

    No Signal in Staffs WS15, was sent out a new sim after waiting 24hrs, have now given up as they then said it was my phone and I purchased a 99p pay as you go Tesco sim to prove it was working fine, they have closed account and I’ve just moved to Plusnet, much better deal as well, 5gb, 1500 mins for £10, and a network that’s working, beat that virgin!

  • Marg

    No signal in Beckenham BR3 today. This KEEPS HAPPENING. And yes, that is shouting, for good reason!

  • cheryl

    I have had no service on my mobile since friday i call and have been told all sorts of lies cos one is telling ne one thing and somebody else telling me different. Waiting on a manager calling me.. il prob have a long wait. Im in kirkintilloch

  • Michael Beattie

    Can’t make or receive calls or texts though internet seems ok in PL6

  • Ian Steel

    Wish people would say postcode when reporting no service

  • Gill Roberts

    No service at all today just 3G and wifi

  • Becky

    Second day without service, is there anything that can be done or is it a waiting game?

  • Allison

    No phone in or out. Texting is working.

  • Dave Mower

    both me and the wife no mobile phone!

  • Liz

    I have no phone useage today

  • Lisa Kelly

    Couldn’t receive or send send texts on Friday and not resolved till lunchtime yesterday and again today the same problem. Never had an issue with O2

  • Kate Clark

    Mobile network went down yesterday. Can get wifi, WhatsApp but no texts. wish I hadn’t signed up to Virgin.

  • Babs

    No mobile data, texts or calls at all. Went down yesterday.

  • shev

    no network 6 days now, they restored to factory settings-no network, they sent me new sim card-no network! can get wifi. whats going on!? London

  • Ady

    In Birmingham uk, not able to call or receive for the past four day and no correspondence what so ever from virgin on this issue. So frustrating!!

  • Amanda Hackett

    Nothing in derby. Cant use phone to call at all.

  • Paige

    there is no signal whatsoever today in Penpedairheol, Hengoed. CF828LE.. my partner has tried everything to get his phone signal back on and nothing is working ?

  • SimCov

    There’s no signal in the Coventry area from Westwood Business Park location CV4 8LG. Network has been down since I arrived at work 08:00 on Monday 3rd April.

  • Jules

    For last 2wk I have been getting an intermittent no service message when at home, but no where else. So frustrating. Calls drop, cant reveive calls, can’t txt. Can’t even call Virgin from my mobile when this happens, says I’m not registered on the network! Fortunately I don’t have my Internet with Virgin or I would be totally screwed!

  • Heather Bird Davison

    Pretty much 2 bars or none, calls keep dropping been like this for over a year. Was told to change my tariff and add 4g and it would help? Nope. Calls to virgin even drop.

  • Wendy Hall

    No service in en1, call phone out or receive calls

  • Phil

    4G intermittent in RM15 area… phone unable to register with network..

  • Anna Dean

    no service in OX5, cant call or text

  • Tracey Downie

    No service in Po7 can’t call or text!

  • Paul W

    Have mobile signal but cannot make a call. Very frustrating

  • Stainsby

    In BH23 – TiVo not working- no signal for mobile-very very slow on iPad. Been intermittently bad for a week- now second day of TiVo not working.

  • HK

    I’m not able to send texts says service is unavailable. I’m in PE16 6PL area

  • Steph

    Having problems over the last week or so with very low if any signal in the PR6 8 area of Lancashire. Historically signal has been fine – has something changed in the area? If so when will it be fixed!!

  • Stuart

    No mobile signal in Marks Tey Essex for 3 days

  • Sean Moore

    There is a problem with 4G network in Wesham PR4 3 constantly disconnecting.

  • Denise Fort

    No or very little mobile network signal Preston Lancs PR2 6. Had this problem over 3 week’s. Numerous calls to virgin, can’t seem to sort the issue.

  • Colin Haggarty

    No mobile signal in West Yorkshire (LS29 area) all day. What is happening at Virgin?

  • Martin

    I have had no signal in Southampton since yesterday I am now working in Christchurch and have the same issue there

  • Zoe

    Signal keeps dropping in and out in tv and broad band! Not impressed at !!!

  • Yvonne

    No signal for the last 3 days, ME2 and London areas. text’s not sent, no data coverage, no calls..what am I paying out for!

  • Charles Shakespeare

    I’ve been unable to use data on virgin mobile since last Tuesday. Virgin promise to fix but doesn’t happen. Call centre says it’s an IT problem and they can only raise tickets with them, are unable to phone.

  • Heather Simpson

    North Skelton signal down. Anyone know why

  • Samantha Morgan

    I’m in South Wales and my signal has pretty much been down all day:(

  • Bajer

    Sent a text message at just after 6 last night (06/03/17) was not received until 2 am this morning.
    … 8 hour delay?!
    Today there is a lag again which will get worse as day goes on no doubt.
    TA7, Somerset area

  • olivejunkie

    call failed 3 times three different numbers here in bristol

  • Aftab Yousaf

    No signal in b10

  • Braden Gunn

    Getting a dropping signal in Kettering, keeps hovering between 1 bar and nothing.

  • Josh

    Can’t make or receive calls was working fine this morning but stopped about five hours ago in E13 area. Chat online constantly busy can’t ring them as no phone what is going on Virgin?

  • C.R

    No signal at all, TF9 area,was okay a couple of days ago, now completely nothing!!!!

  • Martin King

    Ba2 area got 4G upgrade but had no mobile network since

  • Lisa Gillingham

    Son has had no signal in rg17 area for 2 days, was told it would be resolved by tonight!!!!

  • busyforfarmum

    Had a very poor signal all day. No working at all now

  • Evie

    No service all day. I got back from Amsterdam Sunday and made a call yesterday. Any suggestions why no service ?

  • Imran

    No signal at home since i moved to new home in m19

  • cassandra

    Having same prblem as you – no network coverage for 14 days. Been out and bought new phone today with different network. Apparently Virgin mast in Stocksbridge has collapsed and they do not know when it will be repaired. Cassandra

  • Nasir Khan

    text sometimes works but calls made and received don’t in HA4 area for the last few days

  • Rose

    No mobile signal in bl1. Cannot receive calls goes straight to voicemail.

  • Sophia

    No signal today in both W6 and W1 areas of London. Sigh…

  • Sarah Poulter

    Managed to get two calls out earlier and one text but now nothing. I was lucky as had to call doctors. Need to make another important call but can’t. Virgin online chat is constantly busy. Other locals have said their EE signal is also playing up. I’m in the CB10 area. Am I right in thinking that virgin piggy back on EE????

  • Nicola McClenaghan

    Very limited or no signal at home, only emergency calls only at PR2 6 area. Not great news when my mobile is my business number. so many lots calls over the last week, what is going on.

  • Justine Jeunesse Conway

    No service either :(

  • Roland Sz

    Guys what goin on with virgin can not make a phone call …….

  • John

    No mobile signal for 10 days in S35. Not good enough.

  • Bob

    My mobile just keeps saying searching for network Virgin is there a problem

  • Bob

    Why am I not getting a mobile signal at HP13 7EA although sky internet is fine here

  • Neil

    Been told Virgin moving carrier from EE to BT, I have lost connection forbidden to connect to Network for now 40 hours

  • Wazzie

    No signal at home for the last 2 days. Convenient how it’s been fine until I went on a higher tariff

  • Eugene


  • Julie Thomas

    No signal at DG13 0QL since Friday now, not a happy bunny!

  • Chris

    No signal again can’t make any calls

  • xixek

    Forgot to mention that it is in UK

  • xixek

    Me and my wife both have a virgin mobile and today we both cannot receive incoming calls. Outgoing calls are ok. Help desk didn’t help.

  • Nick Hindle

    In the UK, text service failed 31 Jan, and today 1 Feb, voice mobile power seems to be down.

  • Pauline Morris

    I can not receive any text messages on my virgin mobile and when i try and send them it says failed. I have been having problems for a few days now as it started with getting texts very late but now can`t send or receive any.

  • ss

    no data all morning so far in Vaughan Ontario, won’t let me send a picture out

  • Sarah Weeks

    My phone is not working or reciveing texts at my house but as soon as I’m not at home it works

  • chantelle white

    I’ve gonever to another network. Haven’t bothered to tell virgin mobile. They know what they’ve done and that’s taken some of their network wires down to save money. I haven’t and won’t pay anymore bills and have cancelled my direct debit. @Ste Lowe @Royal Baby. I’m happy with the network I have now and virgin mobile can do one

  • Ste Lowe

    I am having the same issue I’ve rung two days running and all they say is engineers are working on it. I’ve refused too pay my bill as having no phone that recipes incoming calls could cost me 43 pound a hour if work call me in because I won’t get the call


    Internet is up and down takes a lot longer to get on than normal but can’t use either TV anywhere app or my account says problem contacting servers

  • Royal Baby

    i’ve been having the exact same issue for the past 2 days and it’s seriously frustrating.
    please let me know if you’ve found a solution as their customer support has been useless.

  • Sabino

    No signal in house in Preston at the moment.

  • chantelle white

    Im with virgin mobile. For nearly 3 weeks now I’ve been having problems with them. I haven’t been getting incoming calls or receiving texts or being able to send as it will be failed. BUT I can call out fine and use my data ie whatsapp Google etc. Then put the blue all my texts will come through and I will get calls. Now yesterday it has happened again and I’m really fed up with it. Ive rang virgin mobile numbers of times and they haven’t a clue what’s wrong. Ive changed phones and the problem is still the same. They even sent me a replacementsim card. Ive threatened to not pay my bill of the problem is not found. I live in Enfield

  • Josh

    Just died out of the blue about half hour ago restarted my phone turned data on/off still not working

  • liz

    Every time I call I wait 15 minutes and then I’m cut off.

  • liz

    No signal in Epsom KT19 9LN. I see a lot of areas are having same poor service for last 3 days. Virgin seems completely unaware of it and refusing to acknowledge it. I can’t watch catch up TV and my kids can’t play with their games on the Xbox.

  • Annmarie Pryor

    No signal for the last 4 days in Belfast, I’m going back to O2

  • Anthony Jones

    No phone coverage in Swansea since 8am cant even get a doctors appointment when will it resume Virgin come on give us some idea ??? Tony Swansea

  • I

    No data Cardiff

  • Sarah

    No signal from 9am this morning in work and home (b64 and b65)

  • Susan

    Not just me then. No signal Felixstowe Suffolk

  • Pete Roberts

    No signal in Hp79lz Amersham Bucks this is ongoing and happens every few months Disgraceful.

  • Claire

    No mobile service in Hinckley, Leics.

  • kate

    no virgin media service on my phone since morning in kimberley nottingham

  • David Rothwell

    No service Hebden Bridge, been like this since 28/12/16, called virgin…switched from department to department then cut off. Absolute joke..

  • brian

    My phone says emergency calls and i cannot make calls or receive calls, i will need to cancel my contract but cannot call virgin because of this, i cancelled internet in my area before and now i will cancel my contract which is finshed thankfully, i cannot believe virgin only focus on trains etc but do not care about their networks and they as a company want to be the best but they are losing the battle, i hope they do something about the network issues or else i hope if they dont do anything they lose customers and they should be ashamed of their actions, richard branson you c***.

  • Barrie

    No service in Verwood Dorset for the past day

  • Kevin Helferty

    Virgin connection non existent in North West Ireland. I will have to review my recent contract.

  • Shropshire Lad

    No service Criccieth, North Wales this morning.

  • Emma

    Little or no service Macclesfield uk

  • palosrob

    connection has become non-existent or very spotty in Orland Park Illinois, 60462. Specifically Lagrange Road and 151st Street.

  • Martin Davies

    no network for almost 2 days in the neath valley area? any updates??

  • Kevin

    Poor to very poor Virgin mobile signal at home. I would phone to let you know but can’t get a signal.

  • Craig White

    I’m seriously hacked off with virgin mobile, i have been without a phone on 4 occasions over the last 3 months. It is getting beyond a joke. You lose signal even if EE are changing something on their network because they use the same mast. It is farcical and nobody wants to help. If you complain long enough they offer to compensate which never gets accredited.

  • Tony rees

    Just joined virgin but no signal at home even though service map says I should get 3 g it’s very frustrating do they supply booster as I have been sold a pup

  • Sheila Ewing Friedline

    Signal up and down. Drops off every time I use the phone. Ready to give up Virgin mobile.

  • Graham

    No network signal

  • Fiona Cullen

    Can’t receive or make calls last two days

  • Oggy Stoop

    mines been going off every day in London

  • Dani

    No service in PE45DE for 3 day. Fed up vir virgin.

  • Nikki

    Mines been on and off for three days in borehamwood

  • Nigel

    Installed new 4g sim three days agi and still not activated? ANy help

  • Nick

    Poor signal in M20

  • Binh

    I got no cell services no text or calls

  • Ian mclean

    No virgin mobile signal at DL12 0TD

  • Susan Evans

    No service in Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, any news on this?

  • Becky

    No service so far today in Market Drayton. What’s happening Virgin?

  • Melissa

    Signal keeps goin saying emercency call only when i doors when outside i have a little signal

  • Martin Griffiths

    No service in Teddington for over 3 weeks!?!?!!

  • Debbie Deedee

    No internet at all today

  • Denise Rogers

    No service in ME13 7NS

  • Chloe Wallington

    No use of my phone for two days now, no service at all in Liverpool or surrounding areas. Can not contact family, clients or my partner Nearly lost my job today as a result (I work primarily from my phone) no emergency calls work either. My phone is just a very expensive paper weight. Can’t even call to complain

  • kate woolford

    Same here all day! Bn2 5YU

  • David Johnson

    Service dropping out in Bn25pp

  • Laura Anne Bishop

    Had problems with my signal for the last three days. Webpages not loading properly, videos not playing right. Nowtv service with bad picture and buffering. More than ready for my old strong signal again….

  • Simon C

    Virgin not working in parts of Bury St. Edmunds today

  • Bayla

    No signal now for two days in Salford/Prestwich (North Manchester) can’t send or receive texts nor make or receive calls. Having to drive south a few miles to get any reception. Not that it’s much better on a regular basis – ever since Virgin swapped over to using EE’S ‘wonderful’ transmitters I have never got more range two bars of signal when at home.

  • Sue Steven

    Can’t send texts AGAIN! Network out of order.

  • Frank

    I haven’t had any signal in London for a whole month. This happened before and I was sent a SIM card to replace the old one. It didn’t make any difference. It’s still not working. Unfortunately, VM don’t refund me for this fall out period. It is absolutely disappointing and I consider to change the network provider.

  • Nautilus

    Wetherby, West Yorkshire, emergency calls only – this just isn’t good enough given media claims that EE has best coverage in UK. Get it sorted Virgin!!!

  • Jeanne Hughes

    NO signal for a couple of days in Penwortham nr Preston, Lancs either

  • Roger Salvi

    In Peterlee – no mobile data. Again

  • Anton

    In Spain (Mallorca) no service on VM via Orange since yesterday afternoon. Going to buy a payg sim from orange shop!!

  • davidr

    We have two phone. I phoned VM because I thought there was a network problem as both phones wouldn’t work. Apparently they believe that both SIMs failed at the same time in both phones.
    Right, OK.
    I’ve been with Virgin since it kicked off and I’m seriously thinking about going elsewhere. Sod the contract.

    We’re in Northumberland.

  • Ian L

    Warrington area no signal for 3G or 2g all day

  • Matthew fowler

    This is a joke 7 days now sort it out virgin

  • The Pill Man

    No data in Barnsley all day…So it looks like its EE Network…Again !

  • Michael Odonnell

    it will be 3 days at 09.00 today 4 sep

  • Matthew

    Not happy had no signal for 3 days now how long until something is done

  • Charlotte Hamilton

    Down in Derby too since Friday morning

  • MsT

    No data in Sheffield all day

  • amie

    Is anyone else experiencing not registered on network and not being able to make calls or text?

  • listerdude

    No mobile data all over the UK it seems. I called customer service and they are aware of the problem.

  • Michelle Mcdougall

    No data in stourbridge, West Midlands

  • Greg Wilson

    Drove from Hay-on-Wye to Northampton and data was lost around Redditch and still nothing in Northampton.

  • Christian

    No data in Hull all day

  • Katie Orchard

    That’s why I’m angry haha I wanted to go and play pokemon go

  • Katie Orchard

    I’ve got no data in Nottingham

  • KenOzz

    No data in Lincoln and surrounding area’s all day 02-09-2016

  • Ady Brewster

    No data signal in Alfreton / Swanwick or Jacksdale

  • Chris Haj

    No coverage in Milnrow, Rochdale all day. Virgin site informs me that signal strength and coverage are – “excellent”. Makes you wonder!

  • Kirk Hastings

    No connection in Coventry, thought it was my phone for a while but glad i found other issues elsewhere here

  • Salma

    No data connection in Leeds all day today :(

  • john

    no data connection in York since early this morning. Any news any one on what’s

  • Phil

    No data connection in Lincoln either.

  • Liane

    No data in West Yorkshire since 6am

  • Rob N

    nothing in Leeds.

  • Ali M

    Yep. got no signal here in Birmingham

  • Beets

    I personally don’t think that it is necessary to ask money off the bill as these technical issues can occasionally happen and unless it doesn’t last for days then it should be okay :) Hop they will solve it today though

  • Wan M S Zolkifli

    No virgin mobile network since this morning in Leamington Spa and Coventry. I guess it nationwide down.
    Hope it will sorted soon. The H+ network also are quite poor lately since one two months ago. Only on 3G most of the time.

  • Phil

    No 3G signal in Derby all morning

  • Aneira

    No data usage since around 10am this morning in Staffordshire :/

  • Chris Smith

    No Virgin mobile network connection since midnight in Tameside SK16. Any idea when it will come back??? Just started a pay monthly tariff this week with Virgin (regretting that one already).

  • MGB

    Lakes to Manchester, no data at all today :(

  • Stuart A. Myers

    I currently have no data as of about midnight this morning, rang Virgin and there is an issue, they said an engineer is looking into it. They also gave me a method to reboot my data by re-registering the network. Tried this but it still failed. Not happy, I pay £31 a month for my phone with 5000 calls, 5000 text and 10 GB of data that I cannot even use at the moment, I want some money off my bill for this, as most others with the problem should ask for the same too. Hope all is resolved soon! :-)

  • Beets

    Apparently after calling customer services Virgin is aware of loss of internet signal today and currently their techs are working on it. Hope it ll get solved soon!

  • Beets

    no 3g internet on my phone since this morning in various areas of nottingham

  • jordan

    No internet all day on my mobile

  • Daryl Magikarp

    no data connection all day so far, need this issue to be sorted asap please!!

    also since you have joined with EE i have no mobile data in gorleston area (gorleston, great yarmouth, norfolk, united kingdom)

  • pobby69

    No data connection on pre-paid/rolling contracts at the moment.

  • Debbie Auberger-Daniels

    no signal all day 14470 ny… neither my daughters phone or my free obama phone

  • Mary

    No signal all day here in Northern Ireland

  • Alison

    Virgin is Rubbish. Signal is of ee. Sharing network. Fine for a while then gone no signal. Cuts phone call off. Then the famous searching. Then back to high signal then low then nothing. Etc etc. Complained a year ago. No improvement after an hour long call with technical. Virgin your paying good money for an inadequate service of ee. Blame it on the black spots that everyone seems to have around here but does not show up on map.

  • Laurence

    Never have network in Torbay, they keep sending new sim cards, but no difference. Cant do anything but wait until I get home to WiFi, then make calls on WhatsApp. Never have even one bar of signal. What a waste of money thi virgin is!

  • Raphael Basan

    No signal from Richmond to Putney. Nothing. What a waste of money.

  • Maurice

    Nearly everywhere at the moment! Westonzoyland, Bath terrible and East Molesey Surrey bad. All worse of late

  • jet devon

    putney heath area is no good at all

  • Jamie

    No signal for 24 hours in Saltdean, Brighton

  • Gavin Bolton

    No signal in B74 was intermittent but now nothing.

  • Ted

    Same problem with Virgin sim only contract. Can see networks but can not access them. Same problem last year in France and this year in France and Germany. My wife’s EE phone worked perfectly. Should I change networks?

  • debbie

    Very bad in stanmore middx today, calls cutting out and failing. Not good.

  • Jc

    V poor signal in redditch (b97). Been bad for a couple of weeks.

  • Wayne D

    Very limited mobile connection for Internet and calls in hull for the last week.

  • Micheal Reed

    anybody in Lincoln having probs signal at all ln 1 area

  • Steve

    Mobile phone signal in Salford M7 is just dreadful, I am able to call someone and if the call lasts longer than 1 minute (2 mins max.) the phone just cuts out? I have had this problem since Saturday 6 August, and of course Virgin say that there are no network problems, has anyone else her had problems?

  • Kevin

    En92qb Nazeing area been intermittent for a month. Such poor service when is antenna going to be fixed?

  • Jean Skipp

    Signal in my area (Caddington Bedfordshire) never ever been good but now is almost non-existent. Can’t receive calls, cut off abruptly when making calls. Texts need to be re-sent and re-sent and re-sent!!! Phoned Virgin who said to check the software on my new phone!! Bang up to date. Not getting what I am paying for!!!!

  • Gemma boylin

    Been in Menorca for 4 nights no service at all I’m back in the uk now at sk10 3hr and still my phone says no service what’s going on?? Sort it out virgin??

  • Keith Bell

    Same problems with 2 separate virgin phones on Costa Blanca. No network service all day and also unable to switch manually to another network

  • Sharon Lyon

    I am on the Costa blanca and have no signal all day.

  • Andrew

    Family on Virgin roaming in Spain. Can see that there are networks (Orange, Movistar etc) but can’t get service. We are in Sotogrande, Andalucía. Any one else having this problem?

  • Rodger JOHN

    Both UK Virgin mobiles in France not working. Virgin says they are working on a problem with their international roaming partners.

  • michael

    4 days into my holiday in France all my bars have gone so I can’t send any messages Is there a way to fix this ?

  • Suzanne

    1 week into a holiday in Spain & no Virgin mobile all day. Can’t call or text despite roaming being switched on and have tried all the usual taking the battery out etc remedies. The whole family is affected. Can’t even contact Virgin to tell them.

  • JC

    St-Ives / Cambridge area had no or very poor coverage during the last days on my Virgin mobile plan as well

  • Paul Dann

    Here in West Surrey GU16 area, Virgin signal disappeared afternoon of 18 July, and is still not back one week later. Has it been turned off by EE? I signed a new contract with Virgin only two weeks earlier, and reckon I was sold a pup. Now looking to cancel due to misrepresentation.

  • Caroline

    Same here in Beckenham Kent. Very boring and annoying! Not a single comment, explanation or apology on Virgin website! Thinking it was my phone I spent one hour fiddling out frustration this morning, downloading updates, removing SIM card. You name it, I did it!!!!

  • Pete Roberts

    Still no signal hp79lz it’s been 48 hours now disgraceful.

  • Nikkie Thorington

    New phone contract with Virgin, can’t text or receive texts not receiving calls, can call out occasionally, says my number is incorrect when anyone tries to call and cuts off their call, rubbish signal in B45. Not impressed at all!!!

  • Alan Craft

    No virgin mobile in Eynsham West Oxfordshire fir the last hour or so.

  • Rickshaw .

    le67 no service again, come on virgin, get your act together or refund

  • Julia

    CM9 6NT – Has been consistently bad over the last week. I’ve not had any problems for about 7 years yet the signal just seems to have vanished

  • ET, not phoning home

    No signal since yesterday. Sadly, Virgin traditionally make customer service impossible to penetrate so will live with it for a few days and then cancel the contract.

  • Becky Teate

    Keeps going off then coming back then says ‘searching…’ I’m waiting for a lot of important phone calls but hey,thanks virgin because I’m not gonna receive them!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeannette Thompson

    It is 12 days now in dh9 7rb area

  • Heather Wilkinson

    Still no service in NG22. It has been three days now. Have never had this problem before.

  • Gaily

    Called virgin was sorted in minutes.
    It flipped the carrier out which I never ever knew about.

  • Andromeda Heightz Andrea H

    Have had no signal SOS calls only for a month now, unless I stand in the middle of the road with my arm outstretched above my head! (with my crutches its quite a feat really!)…very strange tho…bloody frustrating and causing no end of problems…crap service!

  • Ian Prior

    Still no signal in KT3 – that makes it 14 days and no response from Virgin!

  • Gaily

    Snap arrived Southampton today no signal at all. That was 7am now 6pm.
    Never had a problem before. Reset phone nothing
    What is going on Virgin?..

  • Margaret

    Arrived in Dover last night. Needed to arrange further travel but guess what? No signal! Still like that today, despite restarting phone several times. What is happening?