Viber status and problems

Viber allows users to send free messages and make calls, and the service most of the time runs smoothly. But when there is a connection issue customers are stopped in their tracks, and Down Today is here for your Viber status and problems.

Viber status and problems

When the app goes down on mobile devices or the website version goes down it can cause a few issues, and we are here so you can report any Viber problems below. Global outages do happen, but most of the time they occur in certain locations.

Are you having Viber problems today? Main problems can be down to outages, calls or texts not being sent or received, maintenance updates or software updates. No matter what the reason please do send us your Viber status report below. You may also get support from the help section on the right of this page where you will see links to the official support page, Facebook and Twitter.


Viber Status insight for Sunday 30th of April 2017

If Viber is down today, then reports will be found below.

Viber Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Claudiu Negrea

    Same here. Any solution?

  • Malcolm Diamond’s

    I have unread message notification but have no idea where message is.
    Any solution on how to delete notification?

  • Mirza Bosnia

    No notifications for incoming messages at all on my android phone….when i open the app they appear in my unread messages section,my friends have the same problem too

  • julie

    Fir 2 days it keeps saying cannot connect to wifi and discinnected but whatsapp is working well. So i tried to reinstall vibrr but now it won’t even let me register my number. Please help. Im from Phililpines

  • eka

    samehere it’s so annoying. I see in notifications that I have a call an actually ringing but I can’t answer. then I delete and install viber again and now can’t register my number. is this nationwide? what’s wrong? please help us asap!

  • Ann

    From philippine. Stable internet connection but cannot rceive and send viber messages since late afternoon yesterday. Pls fix it asap

  • Erika Stern

    Viber disconnecting all the calls even though messages go through. jordan

  • ej

    my messages are not from the Philippines..any issues today? Will it be fixed the soonest possible? you’re help will be highly appreciated.

  • F&D

    my messages are not being delivered from scotland to sydney australia and my calls are only ringing twice and not being connected

  • Jan Molnar

    My gf profile photos have changed and she’s not the one doing it. It’s freaking her out. What’s up?

  • ZJ

    My messages aren’t being delivered to my partner in Berlin, Germany

  • Nyein

    Why I can see others online even they are actually not online?

  • rei

    been having issue since last week. n

  • John Pullinger

    Viber is down in southern Queensland Australia January 26 2016

  • Shaun Edmonds

    For the last week Viber is only working for me in the morning, after that I get 8 seconds with my partner then she goes dead.

  • King

    I have problem to get code

  • ilhem

    Viber is not working un tunisia :'(

  • Tam

    Down for at least 1 hour in Cambodia. Checked with three internet providers.

  • Mohammad

    My viber is not connecting. I’m in Phnom Penh, Cambodia . Iphone5s, iPad air2, acer laptop

  • Jed

    Mine is not working in Holland, what is going on now?

  • Mike

    Viber is down in the UK

  • devinder

    I am in Rabigh City but whn i ping to my friends , text does not reac say check ur internet connection..
    plz help me wht can be problem..

  • John King

    Conversations are not showing on my computer screen. I receive notifications but all past convasation history has gone and as I write or others write to me, nothing shows in the conversation box.

  • Mirta G

    Can’t initiate Viber on my desktop, I do not get a message with code to a cell phone.

  • Bazza

    Viber is not working on my mobile phone but is on my laptop and desktop.

  • Christopher Morton

    Viber down on mobile and computer matlock england

  • balaji

    Hi sir/ madam my viber line is showing seems problem. …what is that and how I need correct the problem? ??

  • Kajel

    Is Viber down today June 12? I tried to access it but not letting me in.

  • Pie Viray-Hachero

    Viber says Disconnected etc even if I’m connected to the internet via wi-fi. I’ve restarted, turned my phone off and on… exited.. uninstalled and re-installed but still it’s not working. I’m from QC Philippines. My friends can use Viber though. Is it because of a firewall setting? Help!

  • Fan Tastic

    hi my friends online status can all be seen except for one friend. could it be bacause she does not have access to the internet?

  • Ron

    Is the Viber server down today? I am wondering as not getting connected and having a lot of problems all day, I’m located in NYC.

  • Markie

    Everytime I turn my contacts on my iOS Viber app keeps crashing.

  • Liza

    The Viber iOS app keeps crashing when I turn on the contacts on.

  • emadgh

    I have, more than 50% of my viber messages are not being sent and I have to send them twice or more to go.

  • Christopher

    When I send a Viber message to a friend to one friend it all seems to be fine and dandy but when I send it goes to someone totally different to the person i selected.

  • James

    I have no problems with connection yet i am always disconnected, how is that possible?

  • Teresa

    I have no problems at all with Viber, working like a dream.

  • Carima

    Viber is not opening for me, seems a little weird because I do not normally have any issues at all.

  • Jess

    My Viber messages are not being sent.