Verizon Wireless Brooklyn and Manhattan outage

There’s thousands of Verizon Wireless customers reporting an outage right now in parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Verizon confirmed they have 58 cell towers down in the New York City area, and this outage has hit at least 3 boroughs.

We have seen a number of reports on our status update section for Verizon Wireless, which highlight areas of NYC. These include Brooklyn and Manhattan. On Twitter, you’ll see hundreds of outage reports and also confirmation from the official Verizon Wireless support channel.

It looks like some customers can make calls, but not send text messages. While others, cannot make calls or send text unless they are on WiFi. If you have been hit by the latest outage, then leave your status report for Verizon.

This outage has arrived after problems with Verizon Wireless in Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago, which hit both Internet and phone services.



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