USPS Tracking Problems, Website Outage

If you are having any kind of USPS problems such as its tracking service being down or lets say you are seeing a website outage, then please do report your issue here on our dedicated USPS Down Today page. Basically, this is where you can say how you feel about your service or lack of it in some cases.

USPS, which is short for United States Postal Service has over 210,000 operating vehicles with over 600,000 people working for the company. Customers do have problems now and then with the most common being not being able to track a package because the service went down.

Maybe you are having issues with your priority mail for international delivery, packages getting lost and not being able to trace them in transit. You can even ask any question about the service you like such as, does usps deliver on labor day. If you have a complaint please do report them right here.


USPS Status insight for Sunday 29th of March 2020

If USPS is down today, then reports will be found below.

USPS Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Shannon Matthews

    950550008049000107 No update!
    9500100005008029000100 stuck in Transit for 2 weeks! My costumers at eBay are getting angry please help.


    No tracking information has been available for my last three packages

  • Ed

    I cannot log into my USPS account via the website. Cannot find tracking numbers one day, then another cannot login it just gets worse.

  • Michele

    Trying to track a click n ship label to no avail. It keeps saying for me that there is no tracking available. Not a good service is it?

  • Tracy

    I have an item on its way to me and trying to track it but cannot. USPS needs to sort this out because on a business or personal level this is unacceptable.

USPS Reports

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