20YearsofCharacters clue website

The clue website is down today, or at the very least running very slow with problems thanks to high traffic. This website is listing many characters that gamers go to click one of the characters after receiving a clue.

There’s going to be one clue left each day this week at different times on the official PlayStation UK Twitter account. The reward for those fast enough to solve the clues is a chance to purchase Sony’s 20th anniversary edition PS4 console in the UK, which is almost impossible to buy right now.

Thanks to such limited stock, the clues will be very popular and some people will want to search for the answer before trying to click the correct character on the website with 20 Years of Characters.

You can expect the website to be slow loading each time a clue arrives, or even go down under very high demand. You can leave status reports for any PlayStation website and PSN in particular on our website.



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