Twitter sign-in problems for Android, iOS app

Twitter confirmed sign-in problems for Android and iPhone app users within the last hour. It looks like the issues taking place right now are focused on mobile visitors only, and not desktop or laptop computers.

On the Twitter status page, it explains the service is down today on December 28, or 29, dependant on the country you are located in. The status update landed about an hour ago when a larger number of users were impacted by the login error, although we can confirm the problems still remain for many iOS and Android app users.

Twitter officials offered an update that detailed “trouble signing in to twitter”, although the engineers were working on a fix at that point. There’s been no other updates and reports still flood in on our status page for this social network, so it’s clear the problem is still being worked on.

If you are finding the mobile Twitter site, or apps not working with sign-in issues, then leave a status update through the link above.



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