TUI Website and Login Not Working

Is the TUI website down for you? If this is the case here is where you can have your say and chat with others having the same problem. We have set up this page so that you can discuss about how long the TUI service has been down for you.

Now and then the TUI website will go down because of updates or server issues, other problems that occur include not being able to login, booking a holiday but when it comes to payment it gets stuck on the page you are on and will not go any further.

So, if you are having TUI issues no matter what it is please do report your status below, we want to hear from you.


TUI Status insight for Friday 16th of November 2018

If TUI is down today, then reports will be found below.

TUI Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Campari

    Have checked in on line but can’t retrieve the boarding pass.. Each time I press resend to email address it says its been unable to deliver email have tried 3 different email addresses. Received the booking confirmation email OK… Tried the phone app too same problem!!!

  • TheGooner

    Have been trying to access my booking, but website has “had technical difficulties” since the weekend.

  • Vance Kearney

    It’s been down all day for checking bookings etc

  • Justyna Prokop

    mine same today

  • Allan

    Do they even care?

  • Nelly

    Check in issues

  • Mr. GruZ

    All day since afternoon it was stuck empty on payment page, from evening there more problems and 504 Gateway Time-out on web pages…

  • Kate

    I can get online but for some reason when i go to complete my booking the payment will not go through.

  • Sarah

    The TUI website was down for me for like 2o minutes but then came back up. So they were just updating and tidying like they said.