Tinder not working?

The Tinder app reinvents dating on Android and iOS, but when it is not working there will be thousands complaining about certain problems. The most common issue with the Tinder app tends to be users complaining they can’t login, although on occasion the application will be down totally.


While traditional online dating involved signing up to a popular dating website, with Tinder you just install the app and basically say if someone is hot or not. If you and the other person both like each other, then you will be able to connect. This is a new and fun way to find someone that also shares interests with you based on the data the app gains from your Facebook page.

Once Tinder find a match, then you can chat but if things are not working it will be very frustrating. Share with Down Today readers if the Tinder app has problems right now, or take a look below to see if others are reporting sign-in issues and other app related glitches.


Tinder Status insight for Friday 21st of October 2016

If Tinder is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tinder Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Deane

    I’ve been trying to rejoin. I’ve downloade the app, I have the Facebook app. But everything I try to login with Facebook it does nothing. This has been going on for days. So frustrating. Please fix!

  • C

    Simply refuses to load!

  • Dibbdroid

    Lost matches in the middle of a conversation

  • faye

    Not letting me on??

  • Am

    not working today

  • Carl Wingate

    cant log in been like this for days now

  • Gillian

    wont let me login through facebook-frustrating

  • Janella

    It says server error for 3 days now

  • Glenn

    Is Tinder down right now? I am not able to login at all.

  • Alex

    I tried to login to Tinder and all I got was login failed error. This is seriously doing my head in now.

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot

    Never. Tinder software people are lazy morons.

  • Corinne Keenan

    Problem logging into tinder -.-

  • Shelley

    Error connecting to Tinder server! What’s going on and when will it be fixed. Grrrrr

  • Sunday

    Not working with facebook and not sending SMS confirmation or text

  • Monica

    Facebook logging not working

  • Sir Farty Fartsalot

    Tinder has always had its issues with software bugs but ever since the Tinder Social fiasco was introduced, it’s been overwhelmingly buggy.

  • Journal Singh

    Fb login not working

  • Mel

    FB login not working

  • Andy

    Can’t view settings, to delte my account. The settings icon does not appear!

  • Michelle

    This happened to me this morning with someone I liked. Not impressed. The match sent message and when I sent to login the match and all their messages have disappeared.

  • Casey

    Facebook log in not working

  • Toni

    I have just logged in to my Tinder and nothing is showing for me, gone blank.

  • Tee

    I log into my Tinder account and it is coming up with no matches, not even able to send any messages.

  • steve

    Facebook login not working again

  • Ellayy

    Log in not working. I’ve tried everything. Please fix

  • Cally Garfield

    Was swiping fine this morning and then i stopped working and now facebook login fails every time i try. have reinstalled the app and also updated software on phone and still nothing.

  • Jaime

    Facebook Login not working!

  • Kirsty Hill

    Can’t login. Have uninsulated, reinstalled and still same. Guessing server down as everything else is fine. I’m in UK

  • Sara Davis

    Tinder was working just fine, then all of a sudden it wanted me to login. And it won’t let me, I haven’t done anything to my phone setting or Facebook setting.

  • Lola

    Did you find any solution ?

  • Kouassi Le Roi

    I only see match and message notifications, I don’t get to actually see them on the app it has happen for every single notification I’ve had can someone help. I’ve already tried login in and login out, also uninstalling and installing it back.

  • Kouassi Le Roi

    I only see match and message notifications, I don’t get to actually see them on the app it has happen for every single notification I’ve had can someone help. I’ve already tried login in and login out, also uninstalling and installing it back

  • Debbie Friend

    This bloody app is useless in the middle of messaging then says server issues this happens every couple of day!

  • Dieezah

    I was typing a message on Tinder when my battery died. I plugged the phone in and turned it on again, open tinder to actually read the latest message which arrived while I was typing (same person I was messaging) but when i tap to open it everything vanishes. Other messages from other users still open. Just the one I was on when my battery died seems to shut down the app. I restarted the phone, no luck….

  • Jeany

    I am trying to rejoin tinder but having trouble. Is anyone else having problems

  • Berry

    I wished I never updated my iOS software, since doing so i have had nothing but issues with apps. Now I cannot even read Tinder messages.

  • Karl

    I seem to have lost connection to Tinder in London.

  • Djbot

    Looks like the server is down. I have internet connection yet error message says, no internet connection. I have uninstalled, installed, clean cached, clear data, restarted my phone. Still the same thing

  • Alexander Volf

    Ok so other people are also having the same problem coo then i was starting to get tilted at my phone l0l

  • Bobby

    Down, using WiFi but won’t log in regardless of restarting WiFi trying data connection,

  • Charlene

    Same issue here

  • dogma

    Lets pretend this is tinder

  • dogma

    Yeah same issue so I think so

  • Crystal

    Is tinder app down now? It keep telling me login failed. I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and still keep getting this same message :( i dont know what more i can do!!

  • Tas

    Did you ever get your account back? How long did it take?

  • tsb049

    Don’t worry, Stephanie. I’ll be yours.

  • Hanako

    It says my account is being under review..why?i didnt do anything please get me back

  • Holly Mossman

    I can’t log in.

  • Ady

    Can’t login pleas

  • David

    Peoples pictures are not loading so I don’t even see there pictures ?

  • Stephanie

    Same issue as Megan told it’s because I’m using mobile data not wifi!! That seems nuts