Time Warner Cable / Spectrum problems

When a Time Warner Cable / Spectrum outage strikes it can involve a number of services thanks to the range of products on offer, which include telephone, broadband Internet, and television services. Time Warner covers around 30 states with services for both business and consumers at home.

Common Time Warner problems include TV and Internet, although on some more rare occasions you might see a total blackout of all services thanks to a power outage or other factor.

When issues hit Internet users, then it might be very slow and almost unusable rather than a total loss of connection. Reports about Time Warner Cable being down will be left by our readers and further support can be gained through official channels on the right of this page, which will include both social media and the main website.


Time Warner Cable Status insight for Monday 6th of April 2020

If Time Warner Cable is down today, then reports will be found below.

Time Warner Cable Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Renee Herbert

    is there a issue with spectrum cable in St Louis mo. I have some channels, but am missing some. The message says one moment please SO0008. It has said this since yesterday

  • Joe

    I got no wifi in 11215, there is an internet outage.

  • Gertie

    Might as well switch to DISH seeing as cable is not the answer. Always an outage with TWC.

  • Bruce

    The is a TWV service outage in Rochester, New York.

  • Terry

    I am starting to really get annoyed with my TWC service in Cincinnati, Internet and or TV keeps dropping on me.

  • Stephen

    Time Warner Cable in Kansas City is very poor indeed, always losing Internet. Are there any good alternatives.

  • Micahela

    When TWC tweets back in reply to my complaint of its Internet not working yet again i seem to get the same tweet back, “Greetings Timothy. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing service issues currently..” Surely this is an automated robot tweet and not a human, seems to be like ASOS Facebook replies lol.

  • Lottie

    My Internet is not working, keeps going down on me and all Twitter replies can say is they will assist, but still not working TWC.

  • Orson

    No TWC Internet in my location, which is Princeton IN

  • Kerry

    Time Warner Cable connection issues in NYC, Internet is down folks.

  • Julie

    There is no Internet service in Orangeburg, SC.

  • Crystal

    I am in Chenango Forks NY and all i am getting is the weather channel. So if i am getting this channel but no other channel what does this mean? In fact what am i being chagred for when all i have is issues.

  • Milko

    The only time I get to watch real TV and not kids stuff when they are in bed and now the the TV goes down thanks to TWC. Well done.

  • Gregory

    TWC just reported over on its Twitter this, “XXXX My apologies for the
    frustrations. There is currently maintenance ongoing at this time that
    would impact that. Would you like an automated call back set up for
    when that clears?” This was in reply to someone having an issue.

  • Tyler

    TWC is just getting worse, starting to really hate this company now. So many other customers are reporting issues so in a way i am glad its not just me because i thought i had issue with my laptop.

  • Brian

    I am in Samo and I have no Internet at all, so i am unable to play my Call of Duty Zombies online.

  • Jessica

    Time Warner Cable is down for me today March 23, 2016.

  • Leeah

    My cable is down in Voorheesville, NY, anyone else having the same issues?

  • Peter

    Time Warner Cable seems to always want an outage, have they purchased the name OUTAGE becayuse that is always what they have?

  • Walters

    It is 2016 and a New Year has begun and for once TWC has got things right, yeah ok i am lying they havent changed at all they are just carrying on like they did last year, RUBBISH service.

  • Kerry

    I am located in Delaware County, Ohio and there is a total Time Warner Cable Blackout today. What is going on?

  • Jessica

    Lexington KY has no TWC Internet.

  • Mario

    Had no cable service for like 3 hours now in 90631

  • David

    I am in Los Angeles and TWC Internet seems to be down, when it does come back up which it does come on and off it is stupidly slow.

  • Jamie

    I am also down in Wisconsin.

  • Daniel

    Got no TWC Internet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • Brenda

    Called customer service and they said there’s an outage in San bernardino. Any idea when it’ll be up and running again?

  • Julie

    My channel list only goes up to M – everything after M is missing?

  • Ben

    I have got an outrage with TWC in Baltimore today, was slow yesterday, but today nothings happening at all

  • Barry2313

    Cannot send email, can only receive. Support says looking into it.

  • Andrew

    Out in Marysville, Ohio. Nothing but issues for the last 24 hours, very unhappy.

  • jesse

    No internet since yesterday, San Bernardino CA

  • deon lemarks

    live in Waldoboro,ME and haven’t had it for nearly 5 days now

  • Jon

    Down in Cuyahoga Falls, not working at all

  • Rick

    down in Lex, KY

  • Jacob

    Internet down all day long in Lisbon, Maine (Nov. 2).

  • Quinby

    Soldotna, AK; have GCI and been disconnected 8 times in two days. Very unhappy; I want a f’n refund! -also, when I pay my GCI bill, internet crashes 4-5 x’s for 2 or 3 days. very weird. poor service.

  • Matt

    Having lots of issues in Lisbon Falls Maine with my TWC internet service

  • Jay

    Internet down in east Dallas; anyone else? I also have a friend in Summerville,SC, asking if there’s an outage?

  • S Smith

    I have no internet,cable and no phone. This is exactly the reason I wish I never bundled my phone with my cable.

  • Kathy

    Outage in manhattan.

  • Jeff

    Out in Southwest Raleigh, downtown for 4 hours now.

  • Keith

    TWC TV service down in 27009

  • Kerry

    TWC Help just explained what to do on Twitter, you basically need to do direct to your modem if you have a Belkin router. This is a quick workaround.

  • MICK

    If you have Belkin router problems then be warned it’s not a Time Warner outage, this is related to all old Belkin routers going down across the world.

  • Joe

    My TWC isn’t working, I have a Belkin router.

  • Vinny

    The outage in the 75231 Zip code has lasted for 3 DAYS! – Still no progress – We have had no cable or internet since the morning of Oct 4th!

  • Diane

    My TWC Internet is very slow and I have an unstable connection in NE, Ohio. 44240 Zip. Anyone else having issues in this area?

  • Michael

    Down in Monrovia today.

  • Nicole

    Down once again in riverside , this seems to always happens during the night and I notice customer support never knows about outages thanks to them claiming they have had no reports. websites like this reveal otherwise.

  • Mark

    Down in cleveland 44106

  • bonnie

    TWC cable service down in 45230 for 24 hours now. I had to look up the reason why today, upset that TWC just didn’t tell me the reason yesterday when I called them.

  • Lauren

    TWC Internet, phone, and cable service outage in 27703.

  • Kyle

    I am wondering if there’s an outage in the 75231 zip code?

  • Natasha

    Time Warner told me that I should reset my box after calling 3 times, but you just get an automatic voice telling you the service is down and they are working to fix the outage.

  • Darrel

    I am having Internet problems with TWC

  • Tom

    Internet is down

  • Abe

    TWC internet is out again in Morrisville NC. Their channels are pretty much closed other than Facebook, so I’ve mentioned the outage to them.

  • Amber

    Frisco,TX. TWC has been out since midnight

  • George

    Internet down!

  • Jason

    My TWC phone, TV, and Internet has been out for well over 30 hours. I’m not happy how frequent this has been happening.

  • Jennifer

    When I try to send email I get an error message 0x800ccc78.

  • Tim

    Major nightmare, I can receive emails but having problems sending email. It keeps asking for my password and login for my email. No idea why the email can’t keep working right without all this constant errors! I have had these problems for an hour this morning and really want a credit this time.

  • Roxy

    I am having issues in Milwaukee, it’s down for me.

  • Clayton

    TWC Down in Oak View, CA

  • Tom

    The Time Warner Cable outage today, August 27th, was really bad across the nation but I think it’s fixed now.

  • Brian

    I’ve had no internet since I got home from work in Long Island City NY. I phoned a friend in San Bernardino, CA. They also have an Internet outage.

  • Ray Brown

    My Time Warner Internet is really slow today, restarted everything as well but still got problems. Fix it please.

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