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Tesco Direct is one of the biggest shopping websites in the UK for everything gaming, technology, for your home, toys, and much more that can also be picked up in-store. When this service is not working, then it will be felt by thousands and this can certainly happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK, which might see Tesco Direct down today with a redirect message.

The screenshot on this page was taken at tesco.com/direct during the busy UK Black Friday, which saw the website go down with this message for some people over hours. This could be at any point in the year though and you might be told “lots of people are shopping”, and to wait briefly.

It seems on occasion you are meant to be redirected to the Tesco Direct website, but this doesn’t always happen and the service can run into problems. If this has happened to you, or there’s other issues with Tesco Direct then you will see them report below. Leave your status updates as well.


Tesco Direct Status insight for Tuesday 15th of October 2019

If Tesco Direct is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tesco Direct Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Angela Alexander

    Trying to log in to my Tesco Direct account. All it keeps doing when I select ‘log in the my account ‘ is redirect me to the grocery app??? Never had this happen before

  • Mark

    Tesco Direct has been a little funny with me today, trying to purchase something and when i got to checkout it said it was sold out. But I tried again and it worked… Spooky.

  • Richard Tate Racing

    Tesco direct site had issues all day in checkout stage the orange pay now button won’t work. Tried on iPad and a new laptop no problems my end!

  • Kelly

    I had issues trying to access desktop version of the Tesco website about 20 minutes ago, seems ok now though.

  • Paul

    My Tesco app keeps crashing, and before any asks me to delete and reinstall the app that doesn’t work either. Has anyone got any ideas in what I can do to get my Tesco app working again?

  • Jenny

    From my Tesco Clubcard vouchers I have a code for Pizza Express but for some reason I cannot print them off to take when i get my pizza.

  • Simon

    I can see Tesco Direct going down on Boxing Day, sson as the sales go live the website will slow right down or go down. What do you think, will Boxing Day sale crash Tesco Direct website?

  • Marcin

    Tesco direct took money from my bank account, but my items are still in online basket.
    Tesco does not see that I already paid for items(website error) but the bank says that the money has been sent to Tesco.

    No money and no items. I’m confused but I hope that the problem will be solved.

  • lynda

    I’ve order from tesco direct Yankee candles 13th November 2015 now 24th November still waiting keep being told it’s on it’s way they are very busy but my sister has ordered the same day has had hers delivered she 2 doors away from me I asked them to explain how they can manage to deliver to her but not me has anyone else had this problem

  • Lee

    The Tesco Direct site will surely go down on November 27 (Black Friday) due the huge demand for products on sale. What do you lot think?

  • Scccccc

    2 weeks still haven’t received my 10 items purchased even though an email says its been despatched and waiting for collection in store. Turned up at store to be told none of the items are there! Joke!!!

  • peterh@realisations-uk.co.uk

    Tesco Direct unable to deliver TVs. Promised next day deliveries are not achieved They are not dispatched on the day they need to be and TVs that are dispatched and can be tracked go missing at third party courier’s depot. In two cases they have been lost at Yodel’s Fareham Depot and third replacement, never left Tesco’s Daventry Depot.

  • Jimmy Moore

    Tesco App not working since Friday 11th Sep – anyone else or just me….?

  • Marie

    I keep getting an error when i try to buy my purchases for online shopping. This is the first time this has happened to me.

  • James

    I keep getting error over on Tesco Direct website, even when the site does work nothing shows n the basket area.

  • Terry Swain

    BEEN TRYING FOR DAYS. No help from Tesco Keep getting this message This page contains the following errors:
    error on line 10 at column 2070: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’

    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

  • Mark

    I went onto Tesco Direct website and when i purchased something the item did not show up in the shopping basket.

  • lol

    Trying to checkout at tesco direct but all I get is a banner with their money off tdx codes.

  • Matt

    Not Tesco Direct, but Tesco Banking that is suffering. I’ve been unable to get online and view my account since yesterday. Apparently it is an internal computer fault.

  • Angie

    We have had an email saying that our club card vouchers have been used to purchase Hudl and Hudl vouchers? We have not bought any and when i try and log in, none of my details are being recognised.

  • Rory

    The Tesco direct website has been a waste of time all, I hope someone managed to get some bargains because i didn’t

  • pammyl

    I have been trying this website since 9 a.m. Still getting the “Sorry” page up. Come on, get a grip Tesco and sort it out PLEASE!

  • Jo

    Been waiting for 4 hours now?? Arggghhhh!!!

  • mick

    I don’t know what is worse, being redirected to know where withTesco Direct or Currys and PC World making you wait an hour in a website queue,

  • Roy

    Sorry for making me wait are you Tesco? You’ve just lost the sale of a 42″ TV.

  • Sam

    It was bad enough trying to get online at Tesco direct last night but this morning it is impossible. I reckon the Americans can take Black Friday back!

  • Sol

    I just can’t get online at Tesco Direct, hope I’m not missing all the deals. Want a new 4K TV at the right price.

  • Jess

    I hope they don’t have these problems at Tesco on Cyber Monday.

  • Billy

    The Tesco iPhone app and Direct website isn’t working, nightmare, anyone else?

  • Lewis

    What’s going on today, Currys, Tesco, and also Asda websites keep going down. Black Friday really that big a deal in the UK?

  • Kerry

    Sorry for making you wait, this is all Tesco’s website tells me when trying to access the Black Friday deals. You’d think a big brand like this can keep their website up.

  • Nath

    It keeps retrying with a countdown, but I cannot get on Tesco Direct as it’s not working. Just get a thank you for choosing Tesco Direct message and not happening.

  • Dan

    Tesco Direct is down for me, November 28th. I keep getting the redirect message.

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