Telegram Messenger App Down

Are you having issues with the Telegram Messenger app? One of the main culprits for the application or web-version of Telegram not to be working is when the servers go down for some unknown reason or for a scheduled / Unscheduled maintenance. But other problems do crop up, and if this is the case for you please do share all of them no matter how big or small below.

Telegram is a very good mobile messaging app for Android, iOS, PC/Mac/Linux, Windows Phone as well as being a web-based version. It is an app that allows its users to send and receive secure conversations, photos, messages and other information, basically something a little different to SMS or text messaging.

Some of the main Telegram problems that do occur include not being able to download the app, updates not working or stopping half way through, as well as the app crashing upon opening.

Maybe you are having trouble with bots or stickers, no matter what your trouble is please do share them below as we and other users would like to know. This is your Telegram community page for issue sharing.


Telegram Messenger Status insight for Sunday 29th of March 2020

If Telegram Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

Telegram Messenger Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Tom Naderi

    app not opening i tried all the option but nothing yet

  • Riccardo Cecinati

    Telegram Ko today on IM and bots from Italy AFAIK. No access on Web and from mobile app .
    Botfather does not respond either

  • muhammad khalil

    telegram web version is down in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 3 days… If they can not recover up fast, people will shift to alternatives apps.

  • Yat Sing, Arthur Chan

    Down in HK……. keep updating……who can help me?

  • Temporary down

  • IdC just HELP

    When i go to telegram there is a white screen with chats thing at the top

  • Sarah

    I’m in Canada, Vancouver. And my app just says “updating” my texts aren’t being received. wifi and data works fine. How can i fix this issue?

  • miky

    Today telegram doesn’t work, i can open the app but when i try to open some chat, the phone reboots

  • Angelo

    Stuck on connecting (wifi) but works with mobile data – Philippines

  • Tirzah Hoskison

    I’m in the US, Texas. And my app just says “updating” my texts aren’t delivering or being received.

  • mona

    telegram is not working in iran

  • mona

    telegram is not working in iran

Telegram Messenger Reports

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