TalkTalk Mail and Login Problems

Are you a TalkTalk customer that is not too happy with your service? Paying for the services such as broadband Internet, mobile, home phone and TV etc is great when all is running well with no hiccups. But when problems do occur you need a platform to complain, ask questions and look for answers.


Welcome to the TalkTalk Down Today page where you the customer are important to us. Some of the major issues include not being able to login to your My Account, website is down due to a server outage, email problems etc.

Even if you are seeing error codes, your signal is very weak or non existent we want to hear from you. Not only can your report any issues you can also ask questions, maybe wanting to find a contact number for customer services.


TalkTalk Status insight for Tuesday 21st of November 2017

If TalkTalk is down today, then reports will be found below.

TalkTalk Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Gary

    I am sick and tired of not being able to log in to talktalk webmail ..I log in and the circle just goes round and round for hours and for many days now I have not been able to access my acxcount. this over the years and months has been a REGULAR OCCURRENCE and I really dont know why I pay for a service which half the time is NOT AVAILABLE.. shouldnt we get refunds ????

  • Graham B

    Spent 40 minutes ‘Chatting’ this evening because I cant log into my Tiscali account info – zilch happening. I was told that Tiscali accounts are no longer supported blah even though I can access my Tiscal webmail no problem! Bizarre – someone go figure!

  • pineapplechunks10

    Yesterday the 18/10/2017 and again today no access to my talktalk mail account.Website not available is the message I receive, and to check my connections.
    Nothing wrong with my connections at all. I can access any other website I try. Its just dear old TalkTalk Mail yet again. BT much better.

  • Rufus Hunt

    Cannot seem to get into my email, I click on my Thunderbird shortcut but it opens with a pop up box for my password. Put that in but it fails & asks me for password again. After a couple of attempts it puts a box up saying the connection has failed. Spent the best part of an hour with back and forward chat with TalkTalk tech support but they failed to resolve it. Lots of sales patter on how sorry they are but they failed to cure the problem. Promised to send an email to webmail account on how to resolve it but this failed to come through.
    Pretty hacked off to say the least.

  • Derek

    Still can’t log into email unless i go to my account and that not working every time.

  • Derek Miles

    Can’t log into mail. say’s wrong email address or password.which is crap.
    As for speed can only get 8mps half of the 17mps advertised

  • Linda Evans

    I cant get into my account I log in and it goes to blank white page

  • Anna

    Can’t send or receive emails for the last 3 days, just keeps telling me wrong password or account etc when it’s not. This has happened before, very frustrating.

  • Hugh Gibbons

    For the past three hours can’t get or send emails – even at the Talktalk page.

  • Toni Sloan

    I am unable to open / log on to my email account and this started on Wednesday 13th September. I am unable to read any emails of course, I really need to retrieve them. Does anyone know what I can do.

  • Liz

    Having trouble logging into my emails. Just keep getting the message Address/Password incorrect, when they definitely aren’t! It was like that all day yesterday and still doing it this morning. My husband had no problem logging into his last night tho! Don’t know if its because my talktalk email address is quite old and his is quite new! Think it has happened before and is very annoying. Takes you through to re-set your password, and says we’ve emailed it to you . . . . but how are you supposed to get it if you can’t get in your emails! Think its time to change my email address.

  • Carol White

    I live in Newcastle and have had no email for 2 days – so happy they aren’t my broadband supplier now and never will be !!!

  • paula

    Talktalk WiFi intermittent since the weekend getting worse

  • Sue Lewis

    I too have been unable to access e mail. Very frustrating as unable to follow up with my business meetings. After 3 calls and 5 redirections have been told server is down and will be working after 4pm today ( Friday). The new CEO Tristia Harrison will not accept communication until you have a complaint number which is hard to get when they fob you off with excuses. It also of course masks the true number of complaints and dissatisfaction

  • Andy Chaffer

    Hi I have been unable to access my tiscali email since Monday morning. I have tried on my tablet and on a PC. On my tablet and on the PC I have only twice managed to even get the log in page up. What is going on?
    Andy Handsworth Birmingham

  • Alison

    I’m in Aberdeen and emails have not opened in 3 days.

  • Alison

    Unable to check emails 3 days

  • Alison Foster

    Still unable to log into emails 2 days now

  • Christine Try

    talk talk login not working – not receiving or cant send any emails

  • Carolanne

    They are now saying on Twitter that they have resolved the issue. But i beg to differ because mine is still not working.

  • Clint

    Looks like the webmail service is down, they are apparently working on restoring services now.

  • Major

    TalkTalk login is not working, been trying for the last hour and nothing.

  • Craig

    I am having serious TalkTalk webmail login problems right now, surely I am not the only one!

  • Garry

    Funny that because on the official TalkTalk Twitter page they say they are aware of the internet issues with browsing.

  • Clive

    TalkTalk is getting worse, just getting sick and tired of my internet and calls dropping all of the time. Net speeds just keep dropping to be slower and slower each day. I called them and they say there is not a problem.

  • Patsy

    I am having issues with my internet right now, what the hell is going on today?

  • Steven

    My mobile internet is not working again, i live in Belfast.

  • Xana

    Has TalkTalk been hacked again, seems to be an ongoing issue lately getting any good service from them.

  • Arran

    Internet is down in Nottinghamshire, I had trouble with my landline yesterday and now this.

  • Mark

    I am in Newport and do not have any TalkTalk internet. Trying to get this sorted because it really is not making my day go well.