T-Mobile Honolulu, Hawaii problems

There’s currently an outage with T-Mobile USA in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the problems started within the last 2 hours. T-Mobile has gone down today in Honolulu thanks to a loss of power, and the official Twitter account confirmed just this minutes ago.

After one customer from Honolulu reached out on Twitter, they received the reply seen below. This confirms the problems are being worked on, although no timeframe has been given.

Blog messages and tweets are in the thousands with no T-Mobile cell signal at all for anyone in Honolulu, or in fact for the majority of Hawaii. All we know at this time is sites were taken down by a loss of power, but not if that issue has been caused by a storm.

Another response explained, “We do have a known issue due to power outages. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve”.



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