Sprint text and calls down on March 25

There is a massive Sprint outage today, March 25, with text and calls down in many cities across the United States. The official Sprint Care support page on Twitter is fully aware of the problems and are working to fix them, although they have no estimated time that everything will come back up working again.

You can see reports coming in on our status update page for Sprint, which details problems right now in the likes of Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Milwaukee, and many other areas with the Sprint outage map looking almost all red.

While we wait for further details and how long the engineers take to fix the issue, make sure you detail what city your in and leave your status with what’s not working for you today. Hopefully, we will get some information on the cause behind today’s outage, as users are already seeking refunds with the outage running into hours rather than minutes.

We will update this page, as more details arrive. Update: The only messages being left on social networks from officials is confirmation about the outage, and saying “Our Network Team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it”. This is a standard message being given to almost everyone, so still nothing is being made clear about the causes. For those ready to seize Propecia domain.com to have time around also . the fact that the pill could be capable for you personally.



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