Snapchat problems?

Those of you that can’t log-in to Snapchat and are getting errors might want to see if the service is down today, or at least check for reports on other problems with the chat app when sending text messages, videos, or photos.


If Snapchat isn’t working today, then normally you will fit into a few areas thanks to certain issues being common. This might be Snapchat not receiving snaps or could not refresh errors, the Android or iOS app not letting you log in or receiving a server outage message.

To find out about the latest problems you should look at the status reports below, or share your own issues to help other users of this service.


Snapchat Status insight for Saturday 22nd of July 2017

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

Snapchat Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lorcan Johnson

    It logged me out and is saying the password is wrong and when I try to change it it says my email and phone number are invalid. Someone please help

  • Reahna Msp

    Can anyone please help me ,I’ve tried logging into my boyfriends account to hack it while he’s a practice but it says his password is not right but I’ve had him change it and it still says the password isn’t right

  • Abigail Martin

    my snapchat keeps on saying i’ve lost my streaks but for the people i have streaks with it’s still there, why and how can i fix this ? it’s really starting to annoying me !

  • Anweesta Ghosh

    Can anyone help me out?
    I use snapchat from a android phone. So a few days back when i uninstalled and downloaded it again, my memories icon which appear down the camera button isnt appearing. Even when i tried to check the settings. There is no option as save to memories. I tried to swipe up my cam screen but nothing is showing. My app is uldated to the newest version. I tried uninstalling it and downloading it again. But nothing happened. Someone Please help me out.

  • Leilah-Marie Le-Gendre

    This just happened to me is it still saying this for you

  • Mish

    Messages won’t let me view on them, can’t see anyone else’s story.. Advise please?

  • James Smith

    I accidentally uninstalled my snapchat, so I installed it again and logged back in, but all my friends and trophies were gone.
    Could anyone be kind enough to teach me how to get all my friends back?

  • Maiya Mathis

    I can’t add people back on Snapchat someone help me it keeps saying something went wrong everytime I try to add someone back

  • Aaliyah Crawford

    My snap chat will literally clear my friends stories and I can’t scroll to ones I’ve already watched .. anyone get this issue sometimes aswell?

  • Mis

    Happening to me have you solved it ??

  • hadiyah

    this is happening to me too I’m hoping its a glitch and tomorrow morning it will be fine as it happened with my previous account has this happened to anyone else

  • Nia


  • Craig Dinse

    can anyone help I have changed my password numerous times but still says the wrong password and wont let me log in HELP

  • desiree ahonen

    Mine is doing this right now! Did it ever fix itself!?

  • Craig Dinse

    its done this for 3 days with me now

  • L

    I post a story on snapchat, it says it’s been posted, but no one can see it and it says 0 views.

  • Lucy

    When I try to log into my Snapchat on my phone it says that the password is wrong but when I tried logging in on my friends phone I got in fine

  • Jess

    It logged me out and when I logged back in all of my friends stories disappeared and so did mine

  • Timi

    does it still say that??

  • Kimberlie Garcia

    Every time I try to log in to my Snapchat it says “could no connect please try again”

  • WeakenedDrake


  • AmberMartinXo !

    everytime i try to log in it says “please check your connection and try again”

  • Jennie Koning

    changed password on snapchat but when I try to log in with new password it says its the wrong password

  • Marry

    This just happened today, me and my friend were texting on Snapchat, when he sends me something I can see it but when I send him something he can’t see it.

  • Alissa

    Omg the exact same thing has been happening to me to, I’ve been trying all day to fix it , but no matter what I do i can’t login in. Have u been able to login or fix this issue?

  • CheChe

    It’s been going on for a while but Snapchat will not upload certain (most) videos from my camera roll. Just weird.

  • Bianca Mendoza

    Probably because someone else has your account

  • Bianca Mendoza

    It takes atleast 3 days for snap to give you your streaks

  • r foreman

    I can’t log into snapchat it’s saying can’t find an account with that username? And when I try to change password or something the server is down and I need it fixing it’s been like This for weeks and I’ve tried uninstalling the app,restarting my phone but doesn’t work,please fix it

  • Asber

    I can’t login on snapchat even though my passcode is correc it says password is incorrect
    Can anyone help me please

  • Fusion ax

    My friend is sending me streaks, but I’m not receiving them. I can see her snaps which are just to me though..

  • Leon Reilly

    any solution?

  • Leon Reilly

    can’t add on snapchat, it just gives me an error but i reinstalled the app, help meee.

  • Leon Reilly

    can’t add. It just says there’s an error, i tried reinstalling app but that didn’t work.

  • Jim

    Add button to add friends is not working for me.

  • Michaela

    My Snapchat logged me out and every time I try to enter my password it’s saying it’s wrong so I change my password and try to login and it still says it’s wrong @michaela_143k

  • Daisy

    I keep getting logged off. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this. I have already tried rebooting it, changing my password and I have the latest version of IOS.

  • Dakota

    Same as me and my internet is fine

  • emily

    just so you all know, i fixed mine. i logged into another device of mine and then back to the one where there were issues and it worked again

  • Fbhddb


  • Emily

    same. idk what to do

  • Prestonwarman

    Said can’t refresh and can’t see anyone’s story

  • Christopher Irvin Byas

    Same issue^

  • Dakota

    Mines down as well saying connection error wtf and I’m sat next to my router
    Why do you have to keep messing about with this app, I’ve never known an app like it in all my life, if it’s not broke DONT FIX IT and leave ppl be to have fun

  • Riley Mathews

    Me too

  • Bbz

    Stupid question. Just realised you said android

  • Bbz


  • Martin

    Same -.-

  • Martin

    my sc is saying “cannot refresh stories , please try again” but i’m getting snapchats from friends .. i even put something in my sc story & since it’s not refreshing i can’t see who watched it . i’ve tried forcing it to stop (android thing, sometimes makes apps stop glitching) , i restarted my phone , & tried disconnecting & reconnecting from my wifi . still isn’t letting me refresh ..

  • Thomasina

    Same is happening to me? Possibly the story’s are down? Or the friend story’s

  • Z

    Every time I try to post on my Snapchat story is says failed to post, and server error check connection when my connection is fine!

  • jaquaya

    my sc is saying “cannot refresh stories , please try again” but i’m getting snapchats from friends .. i even put something in my sc story & since it’s not refreshing i can’t see who watched it . i’ve tried forcing it to stop (android thing, sometimes makes apps stop glitching) , i restarted my phone , & tried disconnecting & reconnecting from my wifi . still isn’t letting me refresh ..

  • Emily

    same. what did you do for it? – if you did anything. idk what to do!

  • Kez Partridge

    i cant take a picture with a filter, everytime i take a pic with filter it freezes goes black then crashes anyone that can help?

  • Teigan

    It keeps saying I’ve lost my streaks but on the other persons account it’s still there

  • Alex

    Does any one know what to do – please help asap

  • Alex

    I can’t either

  • Jeremy Shramek

    Yeah mines doing the same thing

  • Taz Chauhan

    Same I can’t log in and even when I click forgotten password and click phone it won’t load the capcha thing

  • Joey

    Everytime I try to sign into my Snapchat it says “check your connection”

  • Cristal

    Today when I when to log in it tell me to check my connection but everything is right

  • Tori Huth

    It’s telling me to check my connection when my connection is perfectly up and working! And randomly logged me out and now I can’t log back in.

  • Josh Clarke

    Every time I say to log in, says that I need to check my connection when it’s fine I’m using it on over devices and they can all access other forms of social media

  • Diego Escarcega

    It says something is wring with the server try again , & everything is right !

  • WeakenedDrake

    I can’t login it says “can’t connect to server” when I try to log in. But I can signup fine. So it’s clearly a bug, and I really can’t just make a new account

  • Marisa Smith

    I’m having the same problem and every time I log in it shows me messages I’ve already opened as new

  • Bradl

    Hey I’ve got same issue too! Ive got 2 accounts – and logged me out of both when I try log in with password it says it’s wrong! Any luck with yours? It also said when I tried to link my phone number due to “suspicious activity ” I couldn’t link my number on 2 accounts ughhhh I need it back on for my makeup posts

  • Savannah Poar

    I’m doing my friends streaks for him while his phone is broke. Earlier in my way home I sent streaks from his account but when I’ve been trying to log in it says wrong password when it’s right

  • Marcus Christiansen

    No! I can’t send messange but I can send snap pic.

  • Marcus Christiansen

    I get snaps from my friends but I can’t send…!!!!

  • Lucy

    Hi Meg, did you end up logging back into snapchat ? My son has had the issue today on his iPhone & cannot login.

  • ann

    try restarting?

  • bbyknksss

    same !

  • Ronny

    My snap story won’t load and none of my friends snaps show up I can do everything else but see my snap or a friends I refresh it and it says ” please check your connection and try again ” but I’m connected to my wifi and my connection is fine I really getting fustrated

  • Meg

    My Snapchat has randomly logged me out and it keeps saying my password is wrong when it isn’t

  • Dixie Ycong

    I can’t receive my friend’s message or snap, and vice versa. Sometimes we’d think either is busy or available but when in fact, neither of us received it anyway

  • md

    me and my friend chats on snap and when he sents me a snap it says snap unavailable

  • aaron

    when i add my friends they tell me they havent got my resust

  • Lol Ums


  • meenakshi rawat

    I am unable to login and can’t sign up

  • Oluwatobiloba Adeyemo

    cant upload video On ma story….This is sad and i have a major event tomorrow….please HELP

  • James

    What can you do if you can’t open people’s snaps?

  • Patrick Zuze

    Keeps showing me stories I viewed already how do I get rid of this problem I have deleted the app and install still the problem is there

  • kate

    my snapchat wont let me accept friend requests or send them, I have unistalled app and reinstalled, ive reset my iPhone and its still not working what do I do?

  • Abi

    I’m having the exact same problem! I can save most individually but some individual ones don’t save either

  • alysa

    I’ve deleted pictures from memories several times && after i log out && log back in to my account pictures which i’ve deleted are back again on my memories, i cant seem to fix the problem

  • Michelle

    Still not able to login into app crashes takes me back to home screen Help

  • Trinity

    My Snapchat won’t show who’s viewed my story just a number how do I see who it is? It just started happening

  • Kimberley Jackson – white

    I’ve saved a story with 28 snaps in total .. but it won’t let me save to my camera roll .. says it failed all the time

  • Elizabeth Tacos

    My Snapchat streak won’t go up with my friend. We are sending each other multiple streaks and the number won’t go up. We still have a streak though because the fire emoji is still there.

  • Josie

    i can’t login to my snapchat because everytime i got to, it crashes and the screen goes back to my homepage

  • Abbie

    My Snapchat won’t send other than blue snapchat but I can recieve others, how do I fix kf

  • Cj Bryant

    Did u find a fix??


    i was having same problems, i switched vpn to ivacy, now its working fine.

  • Tin

    Happened to me to

  • Tessa

    I can’t send snaps or send chats t to any of my friends… but can receive.. pls i need no save my streaks :(

  • Matt Patterson

    I’m meant to be doing my friends streaks at the moment and my phone is not verified to log in and I don’t have there phone! Please help because I will lose them soon

  • Woooww

    I found out that one of my friends look at my snaps but their name doesn’t pop up when I look at the people who have seen my story , I don’t understand why this is happening, please fix it

  • Devi

    Every time I go on to my Snapchat it goes all the way back on to my homeboy screen

  • Anya

    Same, don’t know why

  • Anyamcmx

    I can’t log into Snapchat as it’s not letting me, it just says error, check internet connection although it works fine; my connection is fine as I can go on my laptop. Any suggestions??

  • Jim

    My snapchat comes up with failed to send every time I send a picture but I made a new account and it works on there

  • Idk

    When I go onto Snapchat it’s saying I’ve lost a lot of my streaks, so I message my friends and ask if I’ve lost a streak and they said we haven’t? And it’s saying I’ve got 20+ snap chats to open but when I go onto it it’s saying I’ve opened them all? Someone please help

  • Tanner Lange

    On snap chat on my sisters phone, someone will slide up on her story and it wont show her what they said why? And how do you fix it she has tried up uninstall it and downloaded it again and it still doesn’t work

  • KaiE_U

    I can’t login after changing password it freezes with ‘Your Password is Updated’ message. Uninstalled and reinstalled 5 times now.

  • Colleen Jones

    My friend and I are friends on snap chat and don’t have each other blocked from seeing the others story but, neither of us can see the others stories, why is this?

  • Anam

    My internet is working and the speed is also very good but when I log in it shows check your internet

  • Idk

    My snapchat memories aren’t backing up or loading properly, help!!!

  • Sarah Jill

    Mines doing that too. It’s saying some people who viewed but then +20 more or something and it’s soooo annoying. Is this a glitch?! Why can’t I click the +20 more and see the names?! Is this going to get fixed ugh. So annoying. It’s not more views than usual and yesterday I could see every username who viewed.

  • Siobhan Mulcahy

    I logged out, refreshed and deleted and reinstalled, nothing worked. Has this been happening for other people ? It’s been like this for over 12 hours on my account and the blue chat messages I got 12 hours ago are still there in the chat.

  • Siobhan Mulcahy

    My blue chat messages are saving without me saving them and if I open a blue chat it says I haven’t opened it yet on the chat screen

  • Lex

    mine is doing this too. help pleade

  • indiwerwlf

    Did you ever figure that out? Same problem

  • Gia Whymns

    I’ve had Snapchat for many months and all day today the app has been saying “Could not refresh messages. Please try again” every time I try and refresh my messages. My phone is connected to the WiFi in my house and other apps that require WiFi are working completely fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the app again, I’ve tried restarting my WiFi, I’ve tried clearing Snapchat’s cache and I’ve I’ve also tried restarting my phone. Snapchat also works when I turn the WiFi option off and I use my 3G.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how this could possibly be solved?

  • Bernadette LeBlanc-Fortier

    Not able to send snapchat videos or photos today? My story is not able to refresh. I also have an issue with a message about a split screen. How do I get rid of split screen? Is there a simple fix for thevother two ossues?

  • diar

    did you fix it!!!! cuz same issue

  • diar

    same thing happened to me to! idk what to do, HELP!!!

  • Mel

    Hi my snapchat is melxxnewx and my boyfriends is ryparrish1903 we can’t log in either it says both our passwords aren’t wrong and it says on mine that my phone number is not applied to my account when it is , please help us my email is and my number is +44 7715 129667 please help us we are gonna lose all our streaks !!!!!

  • Ryan

    snapchat won’t load snaps or stories, it stays stuck in the loading process. tried to restart and reinstall everything but didnt work. other apps such as fb and twitter load data just fine.

  • Bik

    I can’t log in my snapchat account neither sign in a new one. I format my phone and now i can’t access to my account. What should i do ? Please help. Thanks

  • Becky

    Last night, I was feeling low and my boyfriend was going to try and cheer me up by sending me videos and stuff. I got all of the notifications but when I went onto the actual snapchat app, they weren’t there. Any suggestions on what to do?

  • dominic

    ive got a iPhone 4 and had to go on my iTunes to download snapchat onto my phone but when I try to sign up its says please update snapchat to the latest version can anyone help?

  • Chronova

    For some reason Snapchat won’t let me send certain videos/photos to friends or my story through Memories (on the camera roll section). The normally visible blue circle with the arrow in the bottom right corner isn’t there. Any reason why?

  • Roxanne Brierley

    Hi i downloaded snapchat and it says Snapchat has stopped working and i dont know why

  • June LEE

    Our Snapchat (me and my 1st best friend), we are both each other first best friend. Why did our snaps keep disappearing? Like my friend sent 10 or 15 snaps but I only see 5 or 6 of them. I received the notification but I don’t see all the snaps. This happened to both of our snapchat

  • Dianne

    My snaps cant be saved into memories. Why?

  • Ryan

    My snapchat when i log in say it doesnt exist but did earlier tried to make another an says names been taken

  • Nchatxu Vang

    I cannot log in! I don’t wanna lose my streak!!

  • Andrew

    I snap streak like ten people for three days and it’s shows a yellow heart best friend and I updated my snapchat

  • Monique Stephen

    I can’t streak with some people and with others I’ll be able to!

  • Ray

    So my snap was glitching it only showed the number of people who viewed it like 6 mins ago and then just a minute ago it was back showing people who viewed my story maybe we just have to wait it out

  • Rachel

    Can’t see who’s viewed my story, just the number of people. I want to be able to see who has! Lol

  • Gabe

    Yes same here

  • mona

    I posted a snap yesterday and it was all fine as I could see who viewed it but just now my view comes up with a number showing me the number of views (+46) I thought maybe because there were alot of views but actually it isn’t alot I posted right now and it’s still coming in numbers. I logged out and logged back in and now my views are completely blank.

  • Gabe

    Yeah me too. Help please

  • Erin

    cant see whos seen my snapchats. just shows a number nothing more

  • Trish Loftus

    The number of people that have viewed it. Doesn’t say who

  • Beckyyy Butler-Franta

    same woth me thought it was an update but non of my friends are having this trouble other than me
    at least I’m not the only one

  • Paige Eberle

    Snapchat won’t let me see the usernames of the people who have viewed my story.

  • Olivia

    I usually have 1.4k views but all of a sudden I can’t see my views at all no matter how much I update it.. I don’t want to log out unless I can’t log back in again. I guess I’ll have to wait it out.

  • Olivia

    What you mean number?

  • Cara Louise

    Just shows a number for my views too not who’s seen it

  • Trish Loftus

    I can’t see who’s viewed my story now. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still can’t see. Just shows a number

  • Taylor

    This is happening to me to. It won’t tell me who has seen my story and just comes up with a number and a plus sign.

  • jas

    Same here

  • Katie Love

    My snapchat won’t let me log in on my galaxy note 4 I reset the password on another phone I had logged in already and Uninstaller the app and reinstalled. I’m confused. It keeps saying I can’t log in right now

  • Ella Goodermote

    My snapchats aren’t sending but only messages and group chats are sending and I don’t know what to do

  • Eva

    Every time I use one of the snapchat filters, the bottom of the screen goes a solid block of colour and every time I move it changes colour. It is really annoying!!

  • Nicholas Roseto

    I don’t know what happened I had two stories up today and I clicked on my first one and for some reason that became the icon and now I can’t see who has viewed my snap story and it won’t let me delete them either

  • Hora

    Same issue

  • Millie

    Did you fix it? Mines is saying that too

  • charlotte lau

    ive had this problem for a while, the icon on my home screen has a certain amount of notifications and when i open the app only about half of them show up. then, when i click the home button again the number of snaps that showed up appears, not the original number UNTIL i get another snap, then it goes back up to the original number but the snaps still wont show up. this only happens when i have a large amount of snaps, never with single digits.

  • Elissa

    I try to log into Snapchat on ma phone but it dousent work it says wrong password but it will let me login on my iPad with the same password

  • Kiaora

    I’ve got 3 videos that I want to post on my story but they’ve been ‘posting’ all night and all morning. I’ve restarted my phone 3 times. I can’t save them either and I don’t wanna lose them. Help anyone?

  • Dani Hunt

    Snapchat won’t let me view snaps, its saying It needs to allow camera, then it tells me to click into snapchat settings on my iPhone, not the actual app itself, but it doesn’t have anything about allowing the camera to work?? Anyone have the same issue??

  • Cassidy Osteen

    In my saved memories, I have a couple videos that are just not working. It shows the whole video when its the thumbnail size but when I click it, it just goes black. I’ve deleted snap chat, reinstalled it, logged out, logged back in and restarted my phone twice. Wtf is going on? What else can I do? Nothing on my phone is damaged.. I just hope I can do something because that person in the videos passed away and I really want to see them again. Please tell me what else I can do.

  • Roxana Paniagua-Espino

    I’ve tried to log in but it won’t let me at first it tells me to disconnect my VPN so I did and and it still won’t long in…

  • Malika Ali

    I’ve been snapping someone for over a week but still haven’t got a streak

  • journi lynn

    when i log in it deletes my chats, group chats, and it won’t show people’s stories

  • Samantha

    The same is happening with mine. Help?

  • viridiana.

    I have the same issue right now. Can you log in now?

  • Qasim Munir

    my snapchat is not working

  • Jasmine May Lau

    I talk on blue chat but there messages stay in the chat with out anyone saving them

  • Izabella

    I tried logging in to snap but it’s saying that my password is incorrect even tho ik that is isn’t, I tried resetting the password but it isn’t working and idk what to do

  • Shma Shaxawan

    My messages are saved without anyone saving them.

  • Bec❁✞

    I have the exact same problem did you fix it ??

  • Erin Dunne

    I send picture messages to someone but they don’t receive them? Whats going on

  • Carson Chopp

    Yes it did go away after a couple of days. Just stay patient and it will fix itself. Best of luck! :)

  • Kelsey McKinnon

    I have that problem too, did it by any chance go away after a couple of days???

  • Genesis

    I’m trying to watch peoples video snaps and record videos and it always comes out as a picture. I don’t know what’s happening. It’s very annoying I would like to watch other peoples videos on their stories. I tried deleting and re downloading the app and it’s still happening

  • Åriee Markayy

    Mu Snapchat first it was my snaps wouldn’t refresh! The. I deleted the damn app! And when I reinstalled not it won’t show my damn stories I know I just posted last night nor can I see others stories wtffff Snapchat! Y’all are loosing so many social media users from y’all stuff always crashing I’m starting to hate it

  • Elizabeth Griesinger

    I can’t get pictures from anyone! Why ? How do I fix this ?

  • jeyy

    i have problem too with log in i cant log in with in my snap from last night

  • Kendall Shope

    My snap chat will not refresh!!!!!!

  • Salma Noor

    I can’t login to my snapchat account even i I have changed its password too so why it’s all happening?

  • Mansi ranpara

    I have saved some of my pictures to story after clicking it on snapchat…but after some time when i opened it all of them disappeared from the memories
    ..pls help me get it back

  • Badar

    Can’t delete my story and can’t save them either

  • Candyyy

    My recent snapchats all say “opened just now” or “received just now” even if it’s from weeks ago. Also none of the pictures or videos are saving to my memories

  • taramcloughlin3


  • taramcloughlin3

    I have 3 problems 1it won’t let me use the filters when I’m talking to someone 2 my Snapchat wont let me log in 3 I had streaks with people and Snapchat got rid of the streaks does anyone else have these problems?

  • Charlie

    I have that too it’s so annoying


    my snapchat filters havent been working for past couple of days. anyone else having this problem?

  • Ayna

    When my friend sends someone else’s snap to our gc but it says “snap unavailable” ALL THE TIME

  • Mikayla

    My friend and I Snapchat each other every day like all day but her name won’t show up on recent.. I have to scroll all the way down to her name and it’s so annoying

  • Bryoni

    So my Snapchat hasn’t been allowing me to double tap and send a snap but I can Snapchat people the way where u tap a pick and select who you want to send it to however this is a long way of sending snaps, is anyone else having this problem? X

  • Jayden Barnes

    over 50 people will sc me over night and when i wake up to check it, it only lets me open a few of them. I have to send my streaks to open all of them because the messages will come up after i send a photo.. my notifications delete so that i can’t see who all snapchatted me and then it doesn’t let me open the rest so i can’t see my messages.

  • Kaseim Griffith

    Some problem

  • Kaseim Griffith

    I have the same problem

  • Hayley Hinton

    So my friend and I are both on each other’s snapchats. One day I accidentally deleted him but added him back. I snapchat him more than anyone else but it won’t make him on my best friend list and we both can’t see each other’s stories. Does anyone know how to fix this ?

  • Carson Chopp

    When i receive a message in my chat i am able to open it and read and save it, and after i exit that chat it still shows up that I haven’t opened up that chat yet. I’ve tried deleting the chats and logging out of my account and back in and the same problem comes up

  • Jake Coxon

    I’ve got a new phone and when I try to log in it just says wrong password. When I use the ‘forgot password’ ot sends me a pin and then it just closes my app, any ideas?

  • Anaaa

    My snapchat is just so weird. I have streak with about 80 people and after a few weeks my snap has been so slow, it says that i have timeglass with many people, my streaks disappears and comes back several days after, and text messages that no one saved automatically gets saved, and today when I deleted snapchat and downloaded it again, it made it even worse. Now I cant even get any filters or lenses. Anyone knowing what I should do?

  • Abul Kazzim

    When I try login it stays on verifying device and just loads but nothing happens

  • Allana

    First It was no connection not it says my password is incorrect when it’s not and I can’t change it because it says my email is invalid

  • Nah

    sc won’t let me log back in it closes the app?

  • Derek Martin

    I can’t log back into snapchat when i enter the right password and I tried changing it but it doesn’t work

  • Shannon Marshall

    My snapchat doesnt work unless connected to wifi, i have deleted the app and downloaded it again and checked my connection with my network and its all fine

  • mr S Xec

    Can send snaps and reciece chat messages but i can not semd chat messages

  • Sienna

    My Snapchat freezes when I watch peoples videos on their sc story.

  • garrett

    it also temporarily blocked me last night

  • garrett

    my snapchat says incorrect password when it is the correct one. i changed it 3 times to make sure i had the right one and i do. it still wont let me log on

  • Chris Campbell

    How did you solve it

  • Miah

    Every time I go to sign in to my account it keep saying could not find content or something please try again I’ve tried different phones too I have an iPhone 6s Plus what can I do?

  • Andrea Goetz

    Same thing here and I’ve tried to send them my issue through support but now tells me my username is wrong

  • Grey Space

    I am trying to save my story to my phone, but it won’t save. It shows the bar where it shows the progress, but will not save the videos or my stories.

  • Danni

    Snapchat isn’t letting me send snapchats, but it’s letting me speak on blue chat and open them..?

  • Courteney

    How come when someone sends me a picture on chat it never loads? My snapchat is fully updated.. Anyone else have this problem, Or could help me

  • Kita

    My snap chat says “wrong password” on both my accounts, when I try to change it, the app closes, i deleted and reinstalled the app but still not working. Please help ! It’s the only way I can talk to my older brother. Kita_2001

  • Ricky O

    Whenever I try to log in it says that, it has trouble connecting to servers, and that my account is temporarily blocked.

  • Evie

    Hi it appears not many people can see my story. We just experimented with a few phones. I have it set to ‘everyone’. Don’t know what to do please help?

  • Juan

    My snap Will not let me see any stories at all , I’ve tired everything

  • Macho Unicorn

    Snapchat isn’t letting me open stories

  • vaso

    can anyone help me please

  • vaso

    my snapchat wont let me log in it says its temporally blocked

  • Megan

    The same whit me

  • Nani

    My snapchat isn’t letting me save my videos or pictures

  • bella

    The people who can view my story are all my friends but only one person can see my story

  • Megan

    Snapchat won’t play my friends stories, it says my phone’s storage it too full to play. But I don’t see how my phones storage would have to do with the actual app itself. Why? And how can I fix this?

  • Declan Cooke-Coombes

    Its not letting me log in why not like it was letting me intill i formatted my phone then i re-uninstalled and now it wont?

  • Shaelyn

    I use snapchat on my iPad and my phone. I am always logging out and in on both but I’m used to it. Recently I found that I can’t log inti my Snapchat on my phone, but I can on my iPad. It just says verifying device forever on my phone takes two seconds to get in in my iPad. Anyone have a similar problem?

  • Apple

    It wont save my pictures/memories anymore

  • Lucero

    Why when a friend tries to send me a text on snapchat it only tells me typing? For example “mary is typing” but it wont deliver the mesaage to me?

  • Mariah

    Having the same problem, if you find out what’s going on please let me know

  • Omar Hesham

    Same I need help

  • Patricia Defrancesco

    I’m unable to log on at all. Started with not being able to add a friend, uninstalled and reinstalled app when trying to log in “no connection” but have full bars and plenty data also have wifi. Rebooted my phone tried again same thing happened. Help please?

  • andromedas~mother

    When I try to save a snap it loads but never saves.. tried about everything. Haaalp

  • Ryan Beauchamp

    My snapchat wont let me log in on my new phone but it will let me log in on my old phone is anyone else having trouble logging in? Can someone please help this is so frustrating

  • Zoe ._.

    Yesterday I was able to send snaps but I was unable to receive my friends. So today I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and when I logged into my account all my friends were gone, my name had changed and my score had went down to 1. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but nothings changed. My friends still have me and our streaks though, which I don’t understand. I then logged into my brothers phone (iphone) to see if it was just my phone (android) but it’s still the same. I’m so frustrated! Does anyone have the same issue or do they know how to fix it because I’m getting hopeless.

  • Zoe ._.

    I am too

  • Vinny

    I can’t log in to my snap !!!! It keep saying were sooty your login temporarily failed. However I’m able to log in on the Internet and not the app
    .. this is stupid

  • Patrick Smith

    My Snapchat won’t load up a video I’ve been sent earlier in the day although I can load up and view my friends story’s pics/videos just fine

  • lexie

    I can’t load my snap videos…keeps saying “unable to load snap” PLS HELP!!!!

  • Sara

    When I press the button to save a snap into my memories it just loads but never saves. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Sebastian Chen

    Same problem

  • kirsty

    My snap chat wont let me log in after updating anyone else got this problem?

  • Yana

    Snapchat is not saving any snaps or stories as of January 26th at night (Japan time). I can snap and send messages just fine but can’t save anything. I lost a snap I wanted to save from yesterday because I thought it saved already. Now I’m trying to save before other snaps disappear but it seem highly unlikely. There goes my monthly snap project -_-

  • Sarah Carlson

    My only answer was that the iPhone is on a different update than andriod… and I’ve tried everything and nothing is solving the problem. Snap chat needs to get their crap together

  • jessica

    I installed, removed, and reinstalled snapchat and it still tells me “unable to refresh, there was a problem.” Wth?

  • dewitt jenkins

    Sc: dddewittt

  • Bob

    My says the message is sending even if received and opened

  • MaryKate Mullen Snyderman

    I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution? I’m so frustrated! I need to save a snap video of my son from last night. :(

  • Anon

    Still not fkin working -_-

  • Sarah Carlson

    I have also had issues saving snaps to my memories, my stories to my memories, and nothing from my memories will save to my phone. I am using an Android cell phone. I have restarted my phone, deleted things from my memories, cleared some storage space on my phone, checked to make sure my app didn’t need to be updated, and have tried to make the saves with and without Wi-Fi. This is super frustrating! There are a few snaps and more importantly video snaps that I would like to save to look back on or to share on social media. This is obviously a problem that more than a couple of users are encountering. I’m glad I found this forum while trying to google a solution after I tried all the basic trouble shooting techniques. Please fix this bug, ASAP, Snapchat!

  • Trish

    I can’t send snaps but I can receive them as well as Chat messages. I can send those, and receive those… but I can’t send snaps!

  • Faith Seal

    My friend sent me a Snapchat. I looked and it never showed up on my iPhone. How can I see it when it’s not there??

  • Anon

    Does your sc work at all now and if so how long until it started running fine again

  • An

    I cant log in at all and even if i can i cant sennd or recieve snaps or messages and neither am i able to upload stories. Basically i cant do anything at all

  • Theresia Dalton

    Same issue I’ve been having for about a month now, any luck yet?

  • Sheikh

    I can’t see any of my friends stories on snapchat even if I refresh it
    It says add friends even when my friends are already in the list .
    This happened before but after a few hours the stories would start showing but not this time.
    And I haven’t been blocked any everyone !

  • Louison Coutte

    I can send pictures but my chats/messages aren’t sending

  • Ceci Dann

    When I try to login to snapchat in my iphone i get an error message telling me that there is a connection problem and it’s not possible to connect to the server. But it’s not true because I have internet connection and I’m able to surf in the web. Can someone help me???

  • Rebekah

    My snapchat pictures wont save onto memories. I have an android and it’s been occuring since a few days ago. I logged off and logged back on to swe if that would work but it didnt. How do i fix this?

  • Brianna

    It won’t let me delete “chat” conversations but if they’re picture conversations then they’ll delete.

  • Kerry Shields

    Having issues saving snaps to memories. And stories. Tech support just keeps telling me to try a different wifi. They won’t help.

  • fabian van der kooij

    its fine again i reseted my settings and it works fine now

  • fabian van der kooij

    do you have an iphone? just reset your settings and it wil be fine!

  • fabian van der kooij

    i cant see my snapstreaknumber on my iphone i treid it on an other phone and i can see the number there but on my own phone (Iphone 5s) i cant see it.

  • Ava Hedlund

    I’m posting stuff on my story but none of my friends can see it. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and I logged out and back in again and it still didn’t work. It has been happening for two days now and nothing has changed… Help??

  • Geuna

    Won’t let me save snaps to my memories! Help

  • S

    Im same?? We’re you able to open it?

  • Sana

    I cant log in my snapchat they say ( network connection) plzz help me

  • Sana

    My snap chat won’t open they say ( network problems plz help

  • angelica

    same problem here !

  • …..

    Snapchat won’t save my pictures to my memories

  • Cassy Cruz

    I can see my friends story but they cant see mine, and I don’t have them blocked

  • Andi Johns

    My phone updated (Android) and logged me out of the app. Now I can’t log back in because I keep getting the message: “There was a problem connecting to the server. Please try again.” I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, changing my password, and tried using both wifi and mobile data to log in. Everything gave me the same message. I sent a message to Snapchat via their support center, but I don’t have high hopes of that being answered. What should I do?

  • Jj

    Yes I’ve been having that problem as well and I looked to see how I can resolve it and some people said delete the app and download it again but NOW it won’t even let me log in because a network error *sigh*

  • Kaitlin

    I’ve had my boyfriend on snapchat since November, and our “friendship” is and has been mutual, yet I can’t ever see his story, but he can see mine. Neither of us make it into each other’s “best friends” or even “recents” when we use the app daily with mainly with each other. I’ve had it happen with another friend too, and it was the exact same case. He could see everything of mine, link his bitmoji to mine, but I couldn’t do that either. They for sure have me added. Any insight?