Snapchat problems?

Those of you that can’t log-in to Snapchat and are getting errors might want to see if the service is down today, or at least check for reports on other problems with the chat app when sending text messages, videos, or photos.

If Snapchat isn’t working today, then normally you will fit into a few areas thanks to certain issues being common. This might be Snapchat not receiving snaps or could not refresh errors, the Android or iOS app not letting you log in or receiving a server outage message.

To find out about the latest problems you should look at the status reports below, or share your own issues to help other users of this service.


Snapchat Status insight for Wednesday 29th of November 2017

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

Snapchat Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Diego Salerno

    I can’t login, I been trying all day long in all my devices

  • Rylin

    My friend can’t see my story and I can’t see hers. But we are friends on snapchat.
    Any ideas?

  • Ariana

    I keep trying to log in, and it says my password is incorrect. I have changed it multiple times. It says my wi-fi is the issue but data won’t work. I have lost all my photos now. I have been crying the past hour. Snapchat u ruined my day!

  • Liam

    Lsmith19994 Snapchat me

  • Harry


  • Harry

    Mine hasn’t let me log in but won’t load any messages now but let’s me load streaks

  • Ella

    It’s still not letting me receive my messages

  • real jake

    just says its not refreshing stories

  • Ella

    Let me log in but says no connection and wot let me see if I have any messages or let me send any when can this be fixed

  • Nicole Espinoza

    it should be working now

  • real jake

    sorry it is lol

  • Alysin

    Add me when snap starts working again ally3473958

  • John

    Snaps wouldn’t send so I logged out and when I tried to log back in said check the connection??? Newt wrong with my wifi

  • real jake

    not for me

  • Adam

    It’s back!!!!

  • Jade

    It’s working now!!

  • Jess

    Got WiFi not letting me log back into Snapchat saying I need connection when I do help

  • jade

    does anyone know how long this will last??

  • jade

    Does anyone know how long this will last??

  • Bob

    I can’t log in or send anything, pictures or chat. It made me think my phone died…

  • Maya

    Been over an hour how long do they need my life’s is so boring without snapchat

  • Courtney Mccarthy

    What is going on

  • Iris moore

    Omg I have streaks ffs!!!! I logged out to do my friends and I get relayed with this, you better restore my streaks if I loose them!

  • Courtney Mccarthy

    This is annoying me

  • Veronika Garcia

    what radio station said that????

  • Eoin

    Won’t leave me login even online

  • J a d e


  • Nicole Espinoza

    How long will this last?:(

  • tom

    no probably not

  • Alphabet_boii


  • Alphabet_boii

    i mean if you don’t send streaks to that person within 24 hours you lose the streak so

  • Jade

    It’s just the server being low

  • Jade

    When will it work again?

  • Jess Triscott

    jumping off a bridge, see ya’ll later

  • em


  • Ellie-May Buffey

    Best not be

  • Sk

    Are you being serious,I’m gonna loose my streaks:(

  • real jake

    mines not

  • Skye

    What’s happened to sc? When will it be fixed I have streaks to send? I’ve been told sc is hacked

  • Alphabet_boii


  • aanderson

    Will I loose any of my streaks, even if they don’t have a timer???

  • Bii

    Snapchat is Down for two days it said on radio

  • Ella

    It won’t let me log onto sc and it won’t refresh

  • ggggg2

    workkkkkkkk fffs I need it for homework lool need to ask my friends about it

  • Dee

    I’m getting so mad bc it won’t let me log in and it keep saying error

  • Lily

    When is it gunna start working again ?

  • Gemma Louise Scott

    Add me when it is up (if you are funny) – StarDomU

  • Moeyaaseenmia

    I better not loose my streaks snapchat*

  • mia

    snap won’t let me login omg

  • pc

    same i have a streak of 250+ and I’m gonna lose it if it doesn’t let me log in will it get fixed soon!?!

  • Scarlett

    Because not everyone’s snapchat is down

  • Kitty


  • Pat p

    Princesspat1 everyone add me when it works x

  • Ellea

    Is everyone’s sc down reply if so x

  • Ell

    My snapchat wone let me log in?

  • Katie

    How can you get a friend to keep your streaks if everyone’s snapchat is down??

  • Scarlett

    Chill out everyone geeeezz, right like I said before u have to wait! It will work, u have to give it time, don’t go searching for hacks because this is a good time for hackers to get your information while its down so let it sort it’s self out on its own

  • Landon

    Same idk what is wrong

  • Sabiha

    My snapchat wont let me login aftet i had toreinstalled it because it stopped letting me send or recieve any snaps at all

  • ella

    tf !!

  • Scarlett

    I remember this Happening awhile ago to me and a lot of other people, basically all u can do is wait until the morning, get one of your friends to do ur streaks and go on another social media platform for abit while it sorts it’s self out!!

  • Becky Grant

    snap not letting me log in, no server ??? when will it be back feeling lost
    what has our lives come to

  • Mya

    Mine keeps saying that I have no connection

  • Sahar

    Not letting me log in

  • Brooklyn

    Mine won’t let me log in keeps saying I have no connection

  • Liv

    howd you sort it?

  • K


  • Naomi

    Snapchats won’t refresh or send with WiFi or 4G, logged out and it says no connection?!

  • Millie

    It wasn’t loading so I logged out and now it isn’t letting me log back in and I haven’t done my streaks

  • Alex

    I got timers w all my streak, plz sort it outttt 🙁

  • Shelly

    i have connection and its keeps saying I dont and wont let me log in

  • Kiara

    Saying I have no connection can’t log in

  • Alphabet_boii

    They’re trying to fix it so now we just need patience i guess

  • Leah

    OMg sawt sc out I nearly got 400 day streak

  • anon345

    doesnt say when itll be fixed tho

  • Paris

    Snaps is so unserious

  • Tayla

    Yea me too

  • Paris

    Snaps a so unserious

  • Alphabet_boii

    that’s good that they’re aware of the issue

  • Matthew Berrick

    Did they say when it will get fixed by?

  • Elliemae

    It’s saying I have no connection

  • ronnie

    it says i have no wifi when i clearly have

  • Elliemae

    Why won’t it let to me log in plz someone reply x

  • K

    Ive been watching a lot of videos, reading, re installing the app and it’s not working 🙁

  • sieriah

    Can Yu Please Fix It, I’m Not Tryna Lose My Streaaaaks!!! :'(

  • Scarlett


  • anon345

    their website says theyre looking into the problem

  • B

    That’s happening to me too

  • Jaz

    Anyone else’s not working?

  • cc

    yooo whats going onnnn

  • Anne Katrine

    Take it easy. According to their twitter Snapchat support site they’re working on it. I’m mad too, i had hourglasses with most people…

  • B

    I opened my snaps and it wouldn’t let me snap back so I logged out and tried logging back in. It won’t let me

  • Beau

    All my friends Snapchat is working except mine. It says my connection is low or something

  • Ethan


  • P

    Omg when’s it gonna be back

  • Alphabet_boii

    Exact same problem for me

  • nnnnnn

    watch some videos and sort out this joke urself kids

  • maisie

    that she happening with me too like what if i lose my streaks omg???

  • Hannah

    This is crap! Can’t log into my snap and im gonna lose all of my streaks!!

  • Levi

    Same thing happened to me I can’t log into my sc and ima loss all my streaksss

  • Klol


  • Bnsndjs

    Actually really annoyed don’t need people thinking I might ignoring them and I’m on timers with my streaks

  • Paris

    This is a crisis !!!!!! Help

  • marie

    its so annoying this keeps happening to my account recently

  • Alphabet_boii

    idek but it’s driving me nuts

  • Klol

    Yk gal mockery

  • Alphabet_boii

    I can’t lose my streaks!!! Nooooo!!

  • Paris

    Snapchat is trashhhh

  • Scarlett

    It’s happening to me to! Basically my friend was having an argument with a snake and then the snake hissed and blocked my friend so my friend went on my account to text her and now it’s not letting me sign back in and my friend is now back on her account WHATS HAPPENENING MY STREAKS!!!!M

  • Amber

    i think its the same w/ everyone

  • Regan

    What is going onnnnnn

  • Amber

    i was trying 2 link man

  • Klol

    Someone reply why isn’t it working

  • marie

    I logged out to see if that would fix the problem now I cant log back in. So annoying don’t want people thinking i am ignoring them.

  • Anisa

    I’ve deleted the app and tried signing bak in and all it says is my connection is down when it is not!? Argh

  • Anne Katrine


  • ella

    dood if snapchat doesn’t fix this i will die. it is my life

  • Natasha N

    Does anyone know the reason and when its gonna be fixed because im about to lose my streaks

  • Anne Katrine

    I am so losing my streaks Lol

  • Anisa

    It won’t let me long in I’ve done everything I can think of too! What’s happening

  • Zanab

    Same man, this is pathetic

  • Paulina Paul

    I’ve done the exact same thing!

  • Maya

    Anyone know when it will be back on?

  • Anne Katrine

    Oh my god What is happening

  • Tara

    Why wont it let me sign in

  • Chanel

    I did the same lol

  • Hana

    Same with me has anyone fixed it

  • Alphabet_boii

    Snapchat wouldn’t refresh, and then I logged out because that usually solves the problem- instead it says my connection is down and I can’t log back in! I’ve done everything I can think of… ugh.

  • Chanel

    I’m having same problem

  • Katey

    Same thing is happening to me

  • Paulina Paul

    Same here

  • Eleanor

    It won’t let me log back in as Well its so annoying. Any look with your login ?

  • Jess “Jessisacarrot” Price

    i have the same problem, its not letting me log in after i have deleted the app and then re-downloaded it!

  • Ellie Alex Johnstone

    Me too

  • Paulina Paul

    I’m not able to sign back in too! What’s going on?

  • maria


  • Lucy

    I have this problem too !

  • Danny

    I do. Loading time is ridiculous.

  • Emma Coyle

    I have the same problem has urs been fixed yet

  • Maya

    I can’t log into snapchat, has anyone else got this problem, when will I be able to get back in?

  • Mel Downing

    I have had the same problem but the other way round … my friend sent me something but I didn’t recieve it

  • Dyan

    Block her if she’s just gonna do that it’s not worth it

  • Hcgnnknnn

    I have a friend who say she didn’t block me from seeing her snapchat STORIES
    And it’s hard to believe because it was working fine in till then AND I keep calling her out then she screenshot it that I was not blocked but she could of unblock me to show me I wasn’t then block but I don’t know I think she’s not telling the truth

  • macey

    same happened with me.

  • kareem oyindamola

    I got a new phone nd I can’t login on my new phone

  • Polyakov

    I know I’ve been having the same issue I changed 3 times after, uninstalled it and reinstalled it and even restarted my phone in so confused

  • French

    My phone got damaged and I got a new one and I can’t access or create a snapchat account sigh..

  • French

    I had an Samsung s4 and it got damaged and I never logged out of my accounts now I have a Samsung s6 and I can’t access or create a new snapchat account sigh…

  • Jenna

    I sent a snap but the other person can’t see it. on my screen it says i sent it but nothing pops up on theirs. why?

  • Emma Espinosa

    Same thing is happening to me. But I don’t have my email or phone number in there. It says I forgot my password but I know I didn’t!!!!! Like I’m 100% sure why is this happening can we fix it

  • Chloe

    My snapchat won’t let me log in it’s been two nights now my password hasn’t been changed but my friends tell me we still have our streaks help please any info msg me 07375710641

  • Luchia

    I posted a story then wanted to delete it and it wouldn’t let me. Then someone replied to my message and then it said that hadn’t opened it.

  • Aly

    How can I see some stories but not others


    My Snapchat isn’t logging in for the past two days now why is that?

  • Sam

    I can’t receive or send text :/ but I can send pic

  • Hannah

    Texts won’t send

  • William Nubiga

    If you’re snapchat isn’t letting u send messages as well I’ve posted the solution to the problem on my story including a link on how team snapchat fixes this! My snapchat is “wizzyyi” it’s just 3 easy steps

  • Jaida

    Samee i thought it was just me but my friend said she cant send messages or receive them but can send snaps

  • Ally

    Sc isn’t letting me send texts

  • Emilyjane Bensusan

    CAN send pictures just can not text

  • M


  • Bxilxyy

    Have you worked out what the problem could be and if so have you solved it because I’m having the same issue, thanks.

  • Bxilxyy

    Is it working for you now? I have the same issue

  • Mad-Hatter Studios


  • Emily

    Failed to send anything on sc

  • Hunter

    Having the same issue

  • Mb

    Failed to send pictures and texts to friends… Help

  • No text messages or Bitmojis sending. Pictures are ok.

  • Sky churchill

    What do i do if I cant text my friends on Snapchat

  • Leilani

    Did anyone solve it?

  • Leilani

    Does it work now or do I need to create another account ?

  • Leilani

    Do you know hats wrong ?

  • Leilani

    Me too

  • Leilani

    Me too. Do you know what’s wrong ?

  • Sigridur

    When I log into my Snapchat it always says “Please check your connection and try again”. I have already deleted the app and instal it again, I have checked the Mobile Data, I have updated my phone and also changed my password. What should I do?

  • Cori

    I can’t log into my snapchat, every time I try to it says wrong password and I’ve tried changing it and yet it still doesn’t work?

  • lydia benfield

    me too

  • Will

    Same here won’t let me send messages or see friends story’s some one help

  • Deb

    I can’t see my friends story but they haven’t blocked me from seeing it. It says snap unavailable when they try to send me something

  • Abdul

    I’m having the same exact issue. Have you found a solution yet ?

  • Susan Bjerre Hitchler

    I can’t post anything to my story. It just keeps saying failed to load. It was working earlier today.

  • dave

    17 days later im having the same problem

  • Hay

    Add button spins but doesn’t add this specific person , scanned their code but when I press add it says Something went wrong to try again later like always. The app also crashes a lot and freezes. This has been going on for weeks now and it’s frustrating . Anyone knows how to fix this ?

  • Millie

    Has the person blocked you?

  • Millie hirst

    My snapchat randomly logged out and when I try get back in it says an account can’t be found with this username so I waited a few days and it still wouldn’t work so I came to the conclusion that I’d have to create a new one. However once this had been created I went back into my home screen to reply to a message and when I went back on the snapchat app it had done the same thing again I’ve tried making 5 accounts now and each time it has logged me out saying there is no account with that username.

  • Olivia Bott

    That’s what mine is doing aswell have u worked out how to fix it?

  • Michael

    I can view all stories accept one. They can send me direct snaps but can’t view story keeps showing error message

  • Demi

    I’ve been getting shoutouts on Snapchat off from friends and when I have been getting requests it won’t let me add them it says ‘something went wrong please try again later’ I’ve been waiting ages and still the same reply? Can Anyone help?

  • Affia

    I’ve tried to log back into my Snapchat but it won’t let me it keeps saying ‘there was a problem connecting to the server’. I’ve tried clearing my cache. Uninstalling and installing Snapchat again and again but it still won’t let me log on to my Snapchat !!?

  • Jamie

    I’m having the same issue right now ! It’s driving me crazy !!!!

  • linda ugarte

    How do we find answers to our problems all I see is people asking questions and no one with solutions

  • Keia