Snapchat problems?

Those of you that can’t log-in to Snapchat and are getting errors might want to see if the service is down today, or at least check for reports on other problems with the chat app when sending text messages, videos, or photos.


If Snapchat isn’t working today, then normally you will fit into a few areas thanks to certain issues being common. This might be Snapchat not receiving snaps or could not refresh errors, the Android or iOS app not letting you log in or receiving a server outage message.

To find out about the latest problems you should look at the status reports below, or share your own issues to help other users of this service.


Snapchat Status insight for Thursday 8th of December 2016

If Snapchat is down today, then reports will be found below.

Snapchat Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • **shn

    Won’t let me login and when I was logged in wouldn’t let me send anything it crashed locked me out and keeps saying no connection every time I try to login anyone else having this issue?nothing will fix it

  • abbytharapper

    so my phone won’t let me log in it keeps saying something about connection failed or something since the 4

  • Mastaneh

    I lost my streaks even tho we snapped last night and the streaks were gone in the morning.

  • ShZy

    Any 1 got no notification problem

  • Charlotte

    When I try to open a video on snapchat (includint stories), I can only see a picture from the video. What can i do to fix this?

  • Nona Reed

    honestly if this doesnt get fixed soon ppl are gonna start using instagram as a way for snapchat. Snapchat logged me out and wont let me log back in, help!! Am i hacked or??

  • Nona Reed

    why tf i cant log into my account?

  • tasha


  • Krish Tejnani

    My friend sent me a snap and I got a notification. When I logged into Snapchat I couldn’t see it and I hadn’t opened it. Why did this happen?

  • me


  • me

    A person I chatted with months ago suddenly showers up in my “recents” on snapchat and shows up first in my chats, why? (PS no i did not send anything to them recently nor did they)

  • Holly

    Okay so my snapchat when I take a picture it flips and it either goes really stretched or it half’s the picture and the other half goes black, do any of you guys have this problem or know what to do.
    P.s I have restarted my tablet several times and I have re-installed it several times
    P.S I have a samsung Tab 4

  • leeby

    I send chats and all my friends get is a blank message

  • Tanner Palin

    Won’t let me log in every time I try to log in it says cannot connect deleted that app and re downloaded it restarted my device and it still will not work. Anyone know how to solve this ?

  • Jackiee Aispuro

    Mine Says The Same Thing & Then Says My Phone Number Is Wrong

  • Cihlar

    I have sent the streak but it won’t go up

  • Corey Panama Kirkendoll

    Follow for follow

  • Holly

    Add me : lalabuzz

  • Erikaaaaaa

    Thank you so much!!! It worked!!

  • Nella

    Follow me on IG @Nellatewarii

  • Barlas01

    Add me…. barlas01

  • Stacey

    so dead on this now

  • It’s like that

    Maka2055 add him……

  • Sienna

    oh well done

  • ell

    —> princess_elhx add up

  • Corey Panama Kirkendoll

    Add me @c-kirko
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  • Antonia


  • Klara Chovet


  • Antonia


  • Izzywoww


  • rip

    yo get a sc username chain going add everyone up :lukeeeey10147

  • Antonia


  • Holly

    It’s working

  • Savanna

    wait like the rest of us did then

  • Nina

    Me too krivokapic_n20

  • rip

    re log everyone then it’ll work :)

  • Holly Rebecca Yearn

    I fixed mine, I created a new account it logged in then I logged out of it logged back in it and it let me so then I tried with my actual snapchat and it worked

  • Shrooq

    Mine isn’t working

  • Cadz

    Back up yaaaas

  • Niamh

    OMG it’s working!!

  • Antonia

    Indeed it is…..

  • Sa

    Mine wasn’t working but I tried to log in again and now it’s working

  • Trinity


  • Izzywoww

    add up sc izzy.morse

  • Klara Chovet

    Btw sc: klaraa61_36

  • its back up!!!!!!!!!!

  • rip

    close the app and open it again then try logging in

  • Klara Chovet

    I was chatting with bae we have 178 streaks I hope I dont lose them…

  • Lilly


  • Baby Cris

    Why can’t I log in

  • rip

    add lukeeeey10147 need some new faces yoo

  • Dying slowly

    Snapchats down and my boyfriend isn’t replying. Now I need someone to cheat with.

  • Minnie Minnie

    Add the snap : xo_nellsbells

  • Lilly

    Wtf I hve streaks to reply and this happens last second if this is cuz of donald trump I swear down im pissed of sooo badly

  • khushboo


  • Kat


  • Tom

    Yes mine is

  • Katie


  • rip


  • S

    It’s working now!!

  • Jj

    Omg it’s back up for me

  • Maxine

    Awh okay, hahaa thank you :)

  • Zara

    Ok well I g2g bye

  • lisha lee


  • Tom

    OMG Why is SnapChat not working does anyone know why!!! As soon as Donald trump becomes president everything fails!!!!

  • Izzywoww


  • Eetu Väisänen

    Has Donald Thrump cause this?

  • Rut

    Working again?

  • Becky

    omg yes it’s working

  • Courtney Dumighan

    im on now

  • Jj

    Omg what’s wrong with it

  • Jethro Kingsley

    Pissing me right off, at least I’m not the only one

  • Courtney Dumighan

    omg fixxx ittttt

  • Kat


  • Isaiah

    Im on!!

  • Molly

    Mines working now

  • im 18… still many years ahead but sucks…

  • Yamileth Villatoro

    Why won’t snapchat let me login

  • khushboo


  • John Van Kempen

    Why is it down

  • Isaiah

    Im online?

  • rip

    the last time this happened to me it took about 10 hrs but i dont whana say anything cos yknow it could only take like one

  • Aria

    Streaks is when you get a number beside someone’s name after snapping then for over 3 days

  • Jemmaleighhh

    Insta: jxmma.x
    Musicly: jxmmaleighxo
    Sc: jemmaleighxo

  • HbuAlyssa

    Follow me on Instagram till it’s fixed :) @hbu.alyssa

  • Mya

    Why did it have To go now ffs

  • Antonia

    That better not be sarcasm mate.

  • S.N

    Argh just workkkkk!!!

  • Jay


  • Zara

    Fairs but srsly how old r u tho?

  • Izzywoww


  • Rachel

    Is yours saying you have no connection ?

  • Lol

    Shuttup ur ugly

  • Izzywoww

    The nugget

  • jada

    this is so annoying man i feel so lost

  • Caitlyn

    Will it be fixed soon?

  • Rut

    It’s broken and I’m angry. #blameTrumpfornoreason

  • Trinity

    Insta: _.trinityyy_

  • S.N

    Lmao your so funny man

  • Jami

    Add me sprg477 :)

  • rip

    yeah, its probably gonna be down for a few hrs guys

  • Kat

    Hurry up sc

  • HbuAlyssa

    Same lmao

  • Katieplattx


  • Selena


  • Godh

    Is it like this for exactly all users?

  • Libby

    Hurry up man

  • Mya

    This is acc taking the piss

  • Snapchatsuks

    Yes thank god I’m not the only one

  • it sucks tho when you find out the person you love dont feel the same way about you.. so i dont really care much about the snapchat problem my world is destroyed anyway.. :/

  • Corey Panama Kirkendoll

    Add me @c-kirko
    Follow for follow

  • S.N

    I just want it to work lyk NOW

  • Miriam Mircea

    Yes! Can’t connect from iPhone or iPad! Check your connection is whAt I got too!

  • darcey

    can’t loose my streaks :(

  • SC iidaalien

    Omg this is srsly giving me tooo much anxiety… Rip streaks

  • Izzywoww


  • Lauren

    What is snap chat doing right now

  • Bek

    I can’t login it says connection failed.. even when I delete the app and reinstall it!

  • lisha lee

    Casually sitting here reading all the comments until someone says its fixed…

  • HbuAlyssa


  • Kat

    Me too Ashley me too

  • Courtney Dumighan


  • Izzywoww

    manz ig @izzywoww follow up

  • Lola

    Loooooool shuttup u sket

  • Ashley

    I was getting the maddest nudes ffs

  • Samanthamyu

    i gotta snapchat back my girlfriend dude wtfffffff

  • S.N

    This is so annoying

  • jada

    ahhhhhhhh right

  • Jay

    Can’t log in lol

  • brock

    does anyone have ios 10 with this problem

  • Antonia

    I love how everyone has streaks that they just haven’t replied to

  • Zoe

    Is if being fixed ?

  • Jaz

    Still having issues logging in! Common I have streaks to keep

  • Katrine wilquin

    You better fix my Snapchat NOOOW!!! I am not a sane person without it!! Am getting an anxiety attack!! My streak is at 289

  • Zara

    Okay great

  • Corey Panama Kirkendoll

    Add me c-kirko
    I follow everyone back

  • Sarina

    i have 72 streaks that i CANNOT LOSE

  • khushboo

    “if you or someone you know is in a suicidal crisis, blah blah blah” to like loads of people lol probs ranting about snapchat

  • Maya solanki

    I can’t get onto my snapchat!! As soon as I press log in after putting my username and password in it says check your internet connection …I am fully commnnected to wifi and I have 4 bars on my wifi ! Please fix this Snapchat and let’s all pray meanwhile !!!

  • rip

    streaks are more important than the results of the elections

  • Ripstreaks


  • Sarina

    like wtf is this

  • Antonia


  • im not sry… just had a really bad weekend :(

  • Antonia

    I am feeling sexual so we should be sexual

  • Sarina

    hurry tf up

  • sd

    mans gonna loose streaks rn

  • Izzywoww

    What’s it sayin

  • Magnus

    Add me mfmorgan47 – 17 guy 😉

  • Lauren

    This is happening g to me right now

  • jada

    what’s it saying

  • Princess

    What gonna happen when’s this gonna be fixed

  • Izzywoww


  • Laura

    Mine is also doing this

  • Holly

    Don’t be annoying

  • Ben

    im creased omllll

  • Sophie

    Same here

  • khushboo

    has anyone seen snapchats twitter lmao

  • Bruhhlowit

    fam allow this

  • Antonia

    Got me walking side by side

  • Amber

    My friend couldn’t get into her account so I tried to log in for her and now I can’t get back into my account.. I tried to change my password to see if that would work and it didn’t either

  • Priscilla


  • Becky

    Not working going to loose all my streaks and a pink heart. Please hurry up

  • Lola


  • Antonia

    Been here all day

  • Antonia

    I’ve been here all night

  • Ryan

    Ima lose my streaks 5 175 days Ima be mad if I lose them

  • Holly

    How u know

  • Neel


  • Michelle

    Cannot sign into snapchat and saying i have a connection problem but am currently connected fine to the internet, deleted and reinstalled app twice and still saying the same thing?

  • Godh

    They said on twitter that they “will look in to it”

  • Courtney Dumighan

    nooo i was tryna get a linkkkkk!!!

  • Princess

    Tried logging in not working re installed it aswell still not working I need to log in I’ll loose my streaks

  • if all the servers snapchat are useing just crashed.. do you think it takes just 5 min to fix??

  • maddi

    add me maddison200121

  • Niamh

    Follow me on ig niamhwalter ❤️

  • Whydodesetingscrash

    I’m dead fam looool dw no one can see it coz snaps down

  • Izzywoww

    Never forget

  • Reema

    I wannnnnaaaaa dieeeeee