Sky Email problems? Not responding

Not only do Sky provide you with broadband, TV and mobile service, but they also have an email platform, which thousands of customers use on a daily basis, whether it’s for personal or business reasons.

With that being said, the most common problems are users not being able to gain access to their Sky mail due to them either being locked out, the servers not recognising their password, not responding or it’s just simply not responding in general. Report of any current outage can be found in the comment section below.


Sky Email Status insight for Monday 6th of April 2020

If Sky Email is down today, then reports will be found below.

Sky Email Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • TomTreb

    Once again cannot access Sky email on Apple Mail. Getting fed up with it. Keeps asking for my password, then says it cannot verify it. What’s the matter with Sky all the time?

  • PR

    Any problem with sky email today?

  • Andy

    Any issues with Sky mail today?
    Unable to retrieve mail from my Sky mail account. Have deleted and added the account but no luck

  • Val

    Can’t access my sky emails

  • Joanna

    My Sky Emails was working yesterday morning, although since lunchtime i’ve been having nothing but issues and i’m needing to send a few bits off for work, what a nightmare hoping it’s going to be back up by this evening.

  • BobbieB

    This has been happening to me for a good few hours now and i’m not too sure on what’s going on. Is anyone else having the same issue where you aren’t able to log in and does anyone know why?

  • Bella

    Im currently having problems with my emails, we only signed up to Sky a few months back and already having issues which is not good. Does anyone know what is going on, i’m struggling to send and also receive.

Sky Email Reports

@dixon_j5 Hi John, I'm sorry you're having issues with your email. Please follow the steps here… to fix the issues with your Sky email. ^BM

@skytv can someone contact me regarding my bill as my bill has near doubled in price with no email or contact from sky I'm sorry but I have had nothing but problems from day 1 and sky are no real help this might just be the last straw

@SkyUK I have sent five emails asking for a call back about my sky broadband and not had one first email was over a week ago!!! I understand it’s busy but it’s not right not even a email back nothing as a #keywork feel a bit let down

@Yfielding @VodafoneUK I had an email off sky TV to inform me of the increase to my monthly bill too. I mean for gods sake can they just not keep things the same for people until all this blows over. As if we don't have enough problems to deal with

So Dark Sky sold to Apple and are shutting down their Android app and web services. Good weather apps are like good email clients, they're unicorns and when they do show up they never last.

So much for going down to zero like a miracle. So from that initial hopeless guess, we now have... 50-100 9/11s 20,000-60,000 Benghazis 3 Vietnams But at least he's not using his own unsecured email server. Imma' gonna' go outside now and yell at the sky for a bit. #COVID19…

@chempsall @VolanteNick @swklibdems @SkyUK @SkyHelpTeam Hi Chris - has there been any improvement? If not, then pop me an email and I will see if the council is aware of other residents reporting similar problems with Sky.

@monica__bts @Vh1India You should email them and list down the potential song lists. The radio station might know only the current hit songs.