Screwfix Website Not Working and Errors

Is the Screwfix website down for you today? Now and then the site does have issues where you cannot open or can be very slow in opening pages, other errors do occur and when they do we would like to hear from you. can experience technical issues where the website can be temporarily unavailable, the best way to know how many people experiencing issues is by reporting in when you do.

Many customers rely on Screwfix because this is an online shop where you can order many items, being it for electrical, lighting, plumbing, security, storage, heating and even tool etc. If you are having any problems at all please do report below in the comments area.


Screwfix Status insight for Sunday 29th of March 2020

If Screwfix is down today, then reports will be found below.

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  • Simon

    I have been on and off the website all morning. Seems to be down more than up, nope its up again, nope its down.

Screwfix Reports

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