SBS On Demand problems

If you have any misfortunes with your SBS On Demand service share your problems with others in this community. Maybe you are having issues with products, website, services, code complaints with SBS content on any platform radio, online, or TV.

Free Catch up TV and on demand video service SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) On Demand is a great service that went live in 2011, since then it has a huge following with numbers still rising. But problems happen and in some respects there is nothing you can do about them.

SBS On Demand can be accessed via PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Windows 8, most Apple devices, TVs that are Sony internet-enabled, LG internet-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, Hisense internet-enabled TVs and so many more devices and products.

In the past customers may have seen the SBS On Demand error code 10010 or 1005, other issues include videos not playing, unable to login etc. Are you having any SBS On Demand problems?


SBS On Demand Status insight for Saturday 4th of April 2020

If SBS On Demand is down today, then reports will be found below.

SBS On Demand Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • ian

    big problems with the sound jumping especially after a add

  • If it’s anything like their Smart Washing machines you might have to do what we did – throw it in the tip!

  • Hugh McGarry

    Have had problems all evening with SBS OD on two different Internet services

  • David

    Can’t watch SBS on demand after 7.40 pm . Adds hang for a long time or for the rest of the night. Ipossible to watch.Contacted SBS , nothing.

  • Gerard

    It is very frustrating to wait for over 10 minutes for all the 4 ads that keep freezing up in between the films to upload & the next segment. Even tried to follow the instructions given by the internet of how to ” stop ads on SBS on demand’- No luck there, either. Would nod pass the 4th instruction- STOP.

  • Terry page

    I’m getting 5 minutes of content & then adds again.What is going on ?

  • Terry page

    Please fix this app

  • Terry page

    This new SBS on demand update is absolutely dreadful.The screen blacks out for 30 seconds between adds of which there are always 4. This is the worst catch up tv channel out.

  • Peter Lowe

    I’ve been blaming internet for buffering but when move to other station don’t have buffering issues why so slow ?

  • Phillip Butler

    Keep getting message that there is no internet connection which is incorrect.Cant watch anything.

  • Les Seaward

    we’re getting 20mps but the buffering is constant. Before 8 pm it was fine. So frustrating.

  • Eddie Keane

    When watching programs the recording reverts back to the beginning.
    Any suggestions anyone?

  • Michael

    When the ads come on in some programs eg next of kin, the video locks/freezes.

  • Tony Fox

    Why does the picture over scan immediately after the first commercial break on sbs demand? The first segment is always perfect and the second over scanned?

  • lynn Mitchell

    Why does sbs on demand constsntly buffer making it unwarchable _we pay for sbs thru our taxes and expect better than this…not good enough

  • Margie O’Riordan

    I’m streaming Berlin Station and it keeps dropping out – so frequent it is not worth watching. Not a problem with any other service ABC iview, Netflix, Apple TV etc. I do have a samsung telly and I know at the beginning of 2017 there were SBS/Samsung issues but these were fixed. So frustrating because I live sbs shows!

  • Patrick Irwin

    Constant buffering problems. When the adverts come on it locks-up altogether.

    We’re using WiFi from computer via Apple TV connected to TV by MDMI

  • Patrick Irwin

    The adverts seem to be the cause of the trouble. We’re getting 13Mbps. Should be enough.

  • Patrick Irwin

    Constant buffering problems. When the adverts come on it locks-up altogether.

    We’re using WiFi from computer via Apple TV connected to TV by MDMI

  • Michelle McGrath

    Frequent buffering on SBS On Demand all other streaming works fine but SBS soooooo frustrating at time

  • Peter Prewett

    Not working on the 30th July on two computers with firefox, chrome or safari

  • Roy

    Has SBS stopped working on Desktops using XP or Windows 7 ? It worked brilliantly VERY recently but today the pages load but the videos do not. I am using the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome

  • Jamie

    Live streams are not working at the moment, especially the sports ones.

  • Randy Quaid

    Cant get the On Demand to load properly? Keep getting bounced out of the site with ‘Website can’t be displayed’. Why the hell do they keep ‘updating’ a website that worked perfectly well to begin with?

  • Vicky

    Is The Raid movie playing on for anyone on SBS On Demand? It seems to be very slow for me with a few jumps.

  • Bruno

    When i play a video the buffering is a pain in the backside.

  • Kovak

    I keep losing signal, it seems to e a common occurrence today.

  • Carlos

    Trying to get SBS On Demand programs to play seems to be very hard today.

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