Samsung TV Smart Hub problems

The Samsung TV Smart Hub is used worldwide, so it’s a global nightmare when problems occur and even more if the interactive television service goes down completely. We have seen Samsung Smart Hub TVs run into DNS issues in the past and these require a fix to the normal address on occasion, although this is a rare event.


There’s hundreds of apps available through the Samsung TV Smart Hub, so naturally if the server status changes and goes down today, then this will impact many 3rd party services. Through this hub you can load apps like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and many more that will not be working if the main software cannot load.

If you have problems with the Samsung TV Smart Hub, or find the servers down and not working we want to hear about it. Status updates from the community should be left below, also see reports framer readers to see if you are not alone with certain bugs.


Samsung TV Smart Hub Status insight for Friday 9th of December 2016

If Samsung TV Smart Hub is down today, then reports will be found below.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • ash1001

    Strange one ITV Hub does not work on my Samsung KU6000 yet it works fine on my H5600

  • James Harris

    For those of you with iPlayer not working on your Samsung TV this is likely to be caused by your Software version being out of date.
    I had the same problem and performed a software update and now my applications (including iPlayer are working)
    To update your software you need to do the following;
    1) Go to menu (button on remote) when you are NOT in the Smart Hub screen.

    2) Under Support (of something similar) you should see Software Update.

    Important Note: if Software Update is greyed out (so cannot be selected you are probably in the smart hub screen).
    For this to be enabled you need to exit Smart Hub and go to the Menu.

    3) Select Software Update

    4) Select Online (this will then prompt you to run a Software update if you need one).

    It is recommended that you check every couple of weeks for updated to ensure you are always running the latest software.

    I hope this help someone as I have been a week without several apps until I got time to speak to Samsung to eventually fix this.

  • Glyn

    what I said earlier fixed bbc I player too

  • Glyn

    To update ur samsung smart tv. On ur tv remote control click menu button .arrow down to support tab select software update
    Select alternative software it will say found new software click on update this fixed all my smart apps

  • Jules

    Iplayer not working on our Samsung since Thursday. It finds iplayer from the hub but cannot load it. All 4 is fine.

  • nigel

    my iplayer also not working on samsung 32″ Smart wifi tv. It finds the web page but does not load it

  • Glyn

    My iplayer on samsung not working just get grey screen with says loading on it any ideas why it’s not working

  • Ian Rodie

    I had to reset the hub and then re load the ITV app ( which seemed corrupted) to solve this issue on my Samsung yesterday.

  • frenchfancy

    Mine’s been down for about a month now. Keeps asking me to register, I put my details in and it does not recognise them.

  • Magsem

    Having decorated and moved Samsung smart tv out of room Friday, put back and rebooted today – no iplayer, just get message loading on grey screen. Itv hub & All4 home pages show but `cannot find programme` message on screen. As total numties with technology can anyone help!!!

  • Monique Mayer

    Is yours okay now? mine seems to be okay now.

  • Monique Mayer

    Seems to be okay now

  • LondonPaddy

    bbc iplayer hanging on my Smart tv – only started a week ago. Report to

    @SamsungHelpUK on Twitter. I had just done and they are looking at it – my Twitter id is @CONIRL Please do the same

  • LondonPaddy

    only started a week ago. Report to

    @SamsungHelpUK on Twitter. I had just done and they are looking at it – my Twitter id is @CONIRL Please do the same

  • LondonPaddy

    Report to @SamsungHelpUK on Twitter. I had just done and they are looking at it – my Twitter id is @CONIRL Please do the same

  • LondonPaddy

    same issue with bbc iplayer hanging on my Smart tv – only started a week ago. Report to

    @SamsungHelpUK on Twitter. I had just done and they are looking at it – my Twitter id is @CONIRL Please do the same

  • alison

    couple of days ago the bbc iplayer stopped working, same as everyone else, little blue box saying loading….no fix?

  • Alex Wood

    Been like this since the middle of the week. Checked for software updates etc. and nothing.

  • Monique Mayer

    10:33 am BBC iPlayer starts to load and then there’s a little question mark in a box.

  • Sick of IT

    All Samsung DNS is down and not working, nice to see that Samsung has issued advice and when they will sort it NOT! if you sell connected devices that don’t connect i doubt you will stay in business long because the trust in your brand will soon disappear.

  • Nicolle

    Same! Anybody managed to get on?

  • Wes1

    Drama TV channel 20 keeps dropping off channel list. Keep re tuning and it finds it but then it goes off again. Any ideas?

  • Kelly Johnson

    Just purchased a series 6 Samsung tv and cannot get the itv player to work. It’s just a blank screen with the home, search etc down the side. Have fun an update and switched off power at socket afterwards. Still won’t work, please help

  • James Harris

    I have the same issue. Did you find a resolution?

  • frenchfancy

    I tried repeatedly to log in to All4 which I used to be able to do but no longer. I’m glad in a way it is an official mistake and not just my telly!

  • frenchfancy

    iPlayer not loading today – initial screen comes up with iPlayer logo and then just a button saying Loading hangs there

  • Peter Davies

    Cannot get the tv to connect to the new BT smart hub, nor Apple tv

  • AZ

    No solution yet???

  • James

    Just had this same problem. Tried everything for hours. Eventually I did what I should have done at the start. Removed and replaced the power cable. All fixed. I am a computer guy that should have been the first thing to try!

  • John, Bucks

    Interesting to hear that others can’t get All 4 app. My software is all uptodate so looks like it’s Samsung that have the problem… Can it really be that difficult for the to sort?!

  • tom

    I called Samsung as my Itv hub doesn’t work properly, they told me hopefully all 4 will be available at the end of the year. Itv hub needs to do an update for it to work correctly too, so hopefully that will get sorted soon.

  • KC

    I received the same email reply from Samsung when i first bought my UE49KS7500 TV back in June, so i think we could be waiting a long time.

  • China

    Thanks for the reply KC. I also received the below from Samsung earlier today –

    Unfortunately, the All 4 service is not currently optimised for new 2016 Samsung Televisions. We are aware of this issue and are working to provide a resolution, however, we do not currently have a time frame as to when the All 4 app will be available.

  • KC

    Hi ,
    All 4 is not avaiable yet hope it will not be long to wait ,was only able to download My 5 app in the last three weeks. Samsung is waiting for channel four to agree terms. KC

  • China

    Hi all. New to this Smart TV lifestyle but just bought a Samsung UE49KU6400 and love it! All apps are avail and working with one exception ALL4. For some reason the App Store doesn’t list this even if I search for it. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance

  • China Kambo

    Hi all. New to this Smart TV lifestyle but just bought a Samsung UE49KU6400 and love it! All apps are avail and working with one exception ALL4. For some reason the App Store doesn’t list this even if I search for it. Any ideas please? Thanks in advance.

  • yasmeen

    My Samsung tv isn’t working. Want to watch something in 40d and it crashed after the adverts. Now it’s saying service is not availble on the main tv and not letting me open 4od or iPlayer.

  • Sue

    Itv hub not working for me can’t search for a programme

  • Linda Harrison

    Go to “settings” on screen press enter. Select “Support” – press enter. Select “Self- diagnosis” press enter. Select “Reset” -press enter. Enter PIN ( usually OOOO)- press enter. The televison will turn itself off and back on again in a few seconds. then start from scratch connecting to wifi. Hope it helps. It was very quick to set up again.

  • Eslam Mohamed

    Hey Linda, instructions please

  • Fred Nerks

    Hi, Looks like a world wide problem for Samsung Servers.
    Starting here in Australia. Friday 25.11.16 night at 0800 GMT, a long lot of “updating”, and the TV switched itself off and would not come back on. Eventually, all working again, except for Web Browser, it’s still a black screen with spinning circle. Other internet apps like BBC, YouTube work ok.

  • .BARRY

    Thanks steve your reply.Just cant understand when browsing a site it says THIS FUNCTION IS NOT SUPPORTED, It doesnt say this on every site an so it suggest its f Samsung’s fault with hub server issues and problems. Am Ethernet wired and all is connected. This all started about 2 weeks ago. so annoying and frustrating. Let me know please if any information how to fix, most appreciated.

  • Peter J

    Dave, mine is connected via ethernet. Support couldn’t improve on its current state so I should be speaking to 2nd Line support, hopefully, soon, or IO’m be seeking a refund/replacement from the seller.

  • Steve Dunn

    Me too. Looking for a fix. Will post on here if one is found. Very frustrating!

  • Steve Dunn

    Have the same problem. Just phoned Samsung support again.They are not aware of the issue and said that certain websites don’t have functionality and that they couldn’t help. Rubbish! Those webites have worked perfectly well for a year and stopped working properly about 4 weeks ago. What now?

  • DaveAtherton20

    My girlfriend has had a Samsung and has been an on going nightmare for months. One night it is perfectly fine then the next night after a couple of minutes it buffers or crashes. The BT wireless is less than 4 meters away knocks out up to 50 Mbps. I have reset to factory settings twice, changed the to all number of suggested variants from Samsung but still it is not reliable. I have bought an ethernet cable and if this does not work, I can only think there are design faults with Samsung TVs.

  • Peter J

    Support souldn’t remotely connect to my TV but now I’m about 75% back, I connected via a hostspot as a test and it eventually came back but I feel Samsung has some Hub server issues they’re not telling us. My apps show but show on Home but I can’t install any, neither any sfrom the store, as it says that it’s still updating, and some settings flip back and forth between enabled and disabled, e.g. PIP, software update. I’m awaiting a return a follow-up call from support.

  • lee

    i litterally bought the SAMSUNG – UE32K5500 few hours ago im all set up but keeps saying cant connect to samsung all i get is a spinning circle no apps show at all iv tried the and is it a issue samsungs side?? im software version 1142 but cant connect to samsung.

  • Peter J

    My problems started a few days ago with a smart remote ad appearing
    which covered my fireTV or Youview app on the Home bar, which I couldn’t
    remove. Severly irritated, on 23/11, I tried reseting my UE65KS8000 and
    it went pear-shaped! I can’t create or login with an account, access
    apps, and I get a AS400 error as the TV can’t connect to samsung’s
    servers although Internet access clearly occurs on Youview and my
    fireTV. Samsung 1st-line support tried to help (resets, change DNS,
    unplug devices, etc.) but failed. It won’t connect and I’m told I’ll be
    receiving a product specialist call today. (Shouldn’t Samsung make these Smart TVs fault tolerant, so they can still work although their server has problems?) Any ideas, please?

  • Will

    Thanks Alex,
    I’m in Germany too, she said it might take few days or weeks.. I asked if there was an announcement or a way to roll back the FW update, but no positive response. I can’t really use the TV now at it’s too slow, home menu not going up. I don’t have the issue that the TV is opening without pressing buttons.
    Have a good day!

  • Alex Popp

    Don’t know the previous version. But I spoke to Samsung Customer Service (Germany) today and they said that I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Apparently they are working on a new firmware which should be coming out in the next 48 hours… Let’s see. This is also supposed to fix the issue that I had, which is that the TV occasionally turned on without me pressing any buttons. Those two problems are related…

  • Will

    Do you know what was the previous FW version?
    I can’t find any other FW on the website except 1150.

  • .BARRY

    Phil the same happens on my tv , is there anyway to stop this as its so annoying . my tv only 12 months old. all was ok until about 2 weeks ago.

  • Will F

    I’ve just bought a new Samsung UE49KS7000 Smart TV and am in the process of setting it up. It all looks good so far but I can’t find All 4 in the App Store. I was under the impression that it was available on this TV so its off that I cant find it. Any ideas?

  • Will

    Same problem started today, did factory reset with no success

  • Alex Popp

    My Smart Hub does not pop up every time I use the home button. Anyone else experiences this? Smart Hub somehow freezes for a few seconds and only a thin light bar can be seen on the bottom of the screen. Seems quite laggy in times. BTW: I have a rather new SUHD TV… these problem started appearing after the 1150 firmware update.

  • Andrew

    Changed DNS to 8888 as mentioned earlier and Bobs yer uncle good ol BBC and Youtube have returned,now that’s magic !

  • artycrafty

    BBC I player, Sport and News and You Tube are not working on my Samsung Smart TV today. First time this has happened. BBC I Player is working fine on the BBC website on my Computer.
    Is this a Samsung problem or are they trying to “tell” me to buy a new one?

  • Phil Thompson

    Try browsing to a site with unsupported popups or ads on the side, and you’ll be stuck — your cursor automatically pulls to the ‘OK’ under the message “THIS FUNCTION IS NOT SUPPORTED.” When you click ‘OK,’ the message disappears for about 1/10th of a second, and when it comes right back, your cursor is once again pulled to the ‘OK’ button. Got it? There is no way to navigate the site without first closing the “THIS FUNCTION IS NOT SUPPORTED” by clicking ‘OK,’ and there is no way to close the pesky “THIS FUNCTION IS NOT SUPPORTED” for any length of time. An endless loop, the only solution to which is exiting your browser altogether.

  • Kira

    Thank you! That fixed our issues.

  • Elenaus Is working for me as well!

  • Maryana S

    youtube is not working on my smart TV today, but Netflix is ok. What to do?

  • Lars Grant-West

    Having the same problem as Tracy. This is maddening. It’ bad enough that Smarthub updates seem to Bogart my viewing every week or so…but to sit there and wait and have my netflix app not work….grrrr…..I’ll be thinking twice about buying Samsung again. :(

  • Andrew Kerr

    Good tip. I changed my DNS and back working now thanks

  • Lars

    Change DNS to in network settings solved the problem for me.

  • Lydia

    Same as Tracy below. Very annoying.

  • Tracy

    smart TV keeps saying “not connected to the internet” when I try to access Netflix or Pandora…. my wireless hub is fine and all other items I have running internet are working fine

  • Afaun Mandol

    Netflix broken after last update. Also flakey power – when I use my Harmony remote the TV turns off and then back on again. I have to cut power to the TV for it to turn off. Even used original remote and power is weird. Everything was working for the past year and suddenly it stopped last week

  • Caroline Senior

    My iPlayer app stops playing a programme after 15-20 minutes. I have to turn off the tv and go back in to watch it as the whole app freezes. It’s not broadband issue, it’s definitely the app on the tv. Help!

  • Davey

    I had the same issue, do a full reset of the tv and the app should work

  • Giovanni Mazzaglia

    Hello, my Samsung smart tv is giving me trouble. when i press smart hub or menu, any content that appears is jumping. everything elase is fine, but if,for example, i want to choose youtube from smart hub, the entire options are jumping, even the keyboard and menu options. i tryied to reset but do not work.

  • george

    Samsung tv catch up services not working on any channels.

    BBC I player. Itv hub. More 4. Only YouTube works

  • brunolondinese

    My older generation samsung works fine. A newer model in another room (UE32K5500) has problems. Some apps work (Vimeo, ITV) fine, others like youtube, netflix and tunein radio will not connect, or not open. This newer model does not even have iplayer or all4 available

  • .BARRY

    Are you still having same problem, this also happens with the web browser. Looks like will stay same until next software update.

  • Linda Harrison

    In the few months I`ve had this tv it`s had to be reset back to factory settings because all the smart features stopped working. It reconnects in seconds but I can`t see this doing my tv any good. It could be worth a try.

  • Linda Harrison

    After no real help from samsung I remembered that i had kept their response last time I lost the internet connection to the tv. They suggested going back to factory settings. So I did it again and I was connected in seconds without even putting in my password! Hey presto all my apps appeared and it was working fine again. So far so good. If you need the instructions i can paste them on here for you.

  • Jayb

    Hi, my smart Hub is not working after an update I did yesterday. Can not download apps either. It comes with a message “the function is not currently supported.
    When I try to open up an app, I get a message ” smart hub is being updated. Please try again later”
    It’s been two days now

  • Daisydown

    yep, Linda we have this problem too – for past 3 days

  • Daisydown

    Same on ours too – is there anything we can do – it is so frustrating.

  • Daisydown

    Hi – our tv keeps halting when in the middle of a movie or using iplayer is there anything we can do? Thank you

  • .BARRY

    Does anyone know why when on web browser it says (This function is not supported)

  • Jonymac

    Hub down again. It has been down the last five times I have tried to use it. It’s working on the other three platforms I use. Unacceptable Samsung.

  • Jim Brown

    My 5 has appeared on my Samsung Bluray player. It loads ok and lets me browse the content. It even asks me to confirm that I am over 18 but when I press enter to watch anything it just hangs up.

  • Ian Beeton

    All 4 isn’t working on my samsung tv. My curved remote has stopped working. If I select bbc iplayer 7 times out 10 the tv switches off. Great tv picture but I’d never buy another samsung tv.

  • frenchfancy

    I have exactly the same problem. Annoying, isn’t it!

  • frenchfancy

    My log-in to All4 keeps failing. Have not been able to access ITV or Amazon for months now. Holding out for the reliable i-player.

  • Linda Harrison

    Samsung are telling me there are no problems with smart hub that they know about!!! I beg to differ.

  • Dawn

    I have just bought a Samsung curved TV, mainly for the apps. I can’t get BBC iplayer and all 4. This is the sole reason I bought a new TV!

  • Linda Harrison

    3 days with no Smart features. Done direct message on Twitter but no response yet from Samsung. It`s not my internet connection. Who else has this problem right now?

  • Linda Harrison

    Can you get onto the internet or netflix? I`m getting no internet connection- try router etc but all else is working fine.

  • David

    ITV hub not working. Hasn’t worked since last update back in 2015. Version 13.14004. Can’t watch any programs that you’ve missed on ITV. When you go into the smart hub and select ITV Player it opens ITV Hub ok but when you select a program to watch it turns TV off and back on again onto channel you were on before you went into the ITV Hub i.e. BBC etc. No updates available.

  • Edith

    iTV hub out of action of our Samsung Smart tv too. I can open the itv hub and get to the programme I want it watch, and then when I press play it just turns itself off (or kicks me out) and I find myself back on the normal tv.

    It is working on my iPad…but not really big enough for us all to hunker behind to catch up on programmes. What a shame…does q notice go out when it is all working again?

  • Tom Henner

    Hi. I have been suffering the global issue in Poland too. Can’t register the service thus newly purchased device is connected to the net (both WLAN and LAN). Nothing happens when trying to enter the internet@tv screen. Outage ? Server down ?

  • Linda Harrison

    Just tried to get Youtube and Netflix- says my set is not connected to the internet and to check my connection. My other laptops etc all working fine. Given code NW-1-19. What does that mean?

  • mike

    Have you put your post code in on setting up if not it will not workgo back to settings and re set the tv but put your post code in hope this helps

  • alby

    I did not realise so many Samsung owners all had the same problem as me, trying to watch smart hub.
    mine has been down for 2 weeks now. I had my server check my broadband ,that is ok. I replaced my router, still no luck, tried it from Wi-Fi to fixed line, still no luck, replaced the dongle, still no joy, checked for new software , now getting really frustrated with it.
    after all this, reading this page find that it is all down to Samsung. so what next

  • Dina

    My Smart Hub it’s doesn’t working since yesterday.

  • .BARRY

    Does anyone on here know what the latest software version is or been updated to for model ue55js8500. most appreciated if anyone can help.

  • Jules

    I can’t actually get any if the channels either or any of the Sky channels. I’ve done all the things recommended in the troubleshooting guide but still no itv channels although when I put on the TV guide I do get a picture which disappears as soon as I turn to the full screen. How long is this going to be a problem? I’ve only had my TV for 9 months although this is the first time I’ve had this issue.

  • Christine Leonard

    How long do they anticipate this problem? One of the channels effected is the channel the Pat’s game is on! Samsung, I’m beginning to wonder why we bothered to buy a “Smart TV”, not to smart!

  • Gary Brown

    Had this problem for a couple of months now, contacted Samsung support who are aware of the problem and are working on a fix, but could provide no timescales, the workaround is to reset the smart hub, not the best of workarounds but does work

  • Peter Callomon

    this looks like a very sound approach to what appears to be a common problem. we have bought a samsung smart 40 inch 5500 class and one of the maon benefits was for an iplayer when our daughters deleted programmes on the PVR. I shall try to do what you advise this afternoon!

  • Harold Bauldrey

    have exactly same problem, Samsung sort it ouit

  • Cath Collison

    Had same problem this afternoon for while,turned TV off at power sauce for abt 10 mins then tried again.. worked fine all evening

  • Seamus

    So, last night 20/10/2016, suddenly the Smart button on my remote stopped being Smart. Just got the “Starting” whirly logo on TV, then that vanished, then it started up again, then it froze. This also seemed to completely freeze the remote, couldn’t even power down the TV with it. Switched it off at the wall, left it a minute, back on again, tried again same thing SEVERAL TIMES. Then tried to check settings in case the network was playing up (though something should have told me, of course). Indeed, the TV seemed to think the network was inoperative. It wasn’t – everything else (laptop, phones, NOW TV box0 were all fine. When I tried to either re-do the network settings, the SMART Hub, or perform a software upgrade, it just bombed out again.
    Now I can’t do anything but normal digital-via-aerial TV, the SMART Hub button on the remote is a sudden death option and there seems to be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I can do to get SMART Hub operational again – if the TV can’t be wireless for SMART Hub, what the heck can I do?? It’s driving me absolutely nuts.
    Every option I try from total re-set to network re-set via SMART Hub re-set ends up with a frozen remote and NOTHING HAPPENING.
    Help Help HELP! My telly is a UE40ES6540. I loved it until right now!!

  • Charlotte

    My itv hub’s home page on my Samsung smart tv doesn’t work. There is a list down the left hand side saying: home, channels, categories and search all on a black screen (looks a lot like teletext) is this a fault with the app? Or have I pressed something that I shouldn’t have. I have tried to press some buttons to get it back to normal but cannot work it out. Can someone help please.

  • Cath Collison

    Have a UE46ES6300 “Smart TV” got it end of 2012,yet again the smart hub is playing up the BBC iPlayer keeps buffering this time. Will never have another Samsung product

  • Julie

    I have a new 6400 but the ITV hub app won’t load properly and the App Store can’t find all 4. So frustrating!

  • Leo Daniels

    I have a Brand new Samsung KS8000 Series. And I have my Xbox One connected. When I first started using it the remote for the tv worked with the Xbox one menu and also whenever I turned on my tv it would turn the Xbox on as well but now all of a sudden it doesn’t do any of these things. I wonder if it has anything to do with an update

  • Kjm

    orry folks but you should all have done your research before buying your new tv’s… After 18 months of not being able to stream ANYTHING without interruptions, buffering, freezing and a list of other nonsense issues on my SAMSUNG tv I cancelled all my subscriptions such as Amazon Prime and NETFLIX . I contacted samsung stating facts, sending videos of my frozen screen, and pages and pages of websites and forums with 1000’s of similar user complaints. They just ignored me in the end when they ran out of made up excuses and I got too technical for them! ! Basically. Samsung are not providing necessary firmware updates for tv’s rendering rheir ‘smarthub’ redundant! In tip of this, they also wont come to agreements with bbc ( and probably other providers!) which means apps arent even updated let alone the software problems. Put these togerher and it is ine of the worst tv’s to have. Im disgusted by the respinses ive had, and lack of! They are just ifnoring complaints- i wish id done my own research and id have bought a different brand of tv! Dont waste your money, no matter what the

  • KJM

    Sorry folks but you should all have done your research before buying your new tv’s… After 18 months of not being able to stream ANYTHING without interruptions, buffering, freezing and a list of other nonsense issues on my SAMSUNG tv I cancelled all my subscriptions such as Amazon Prime and NETFLIX . I contacted samsung stating facts, sending videos of my frozen screen, and pages and pages of websites and forums with 1000’s of similar user complaints. They just ignored me in the end when they ran out of made up excuses and I got too technical for them! ! Basically. Samsung are not providing necessary firmware updates for tv’s rendering rheir ‘smarthub’ redundant! In tip of this, they also wont come to agreements with bbc ( and probably other providers!) which means apps arent even updated let alone the software problems. Put these togerher and it is ine of the worst tv’s to have. Im disgusted by the respinses ive had, and lack of! They are just ifnoring complaints- i wish id done my own research and id have bought a different brand of tv! Dont waste your money, no matter what the sales persin tells you! You will be buying a big lemon!

  • Oli

    I bought a Samsung 5600 TV 8 days ago. I have never been able to search for the All 4 app. It simply isn’t listed.

    I did a software update 2 days ago and the Smart Hub wouldn’t even register the wifi the following day, even though it worked perfectly on every other device we tried. Phones, laptops etc…

    Since the update we don’t have BBC iplayer either!!

    Had a 4 series for 2.5years and had no issues at all in this time. But then the screen died 9 days ago :(

  • Jgd

    I have bought a Samsung smart tv but cannot find the BBC player or all 4 to downloads

  • Yvonne

    Got new Samsung 5 weeks ago UE49KU6400 can’t get channel 4 on catch up and the ITV hub only works sometimes, so frustrating, also keep getting a red line in the top left corner of tv, only goes when I reset everything, wish I never bought this tv, it was recommended on the which site!!!

  • Julia Buckley

    My new Samsung 6 4k ultra HD tv did software update last night since I cannot get it to play itv hub or YouTube anyone else having this problem?

  • Richard Gregory

    No hub today, stopped working last night. Unit is about 1.5 yrs old, though I have only just started using the hub over the Viera tv option due to that not working properly. -_-

  • Tom

    No channel four or demand 5 on Samsung tv I bought few weeks ago seen people have same issue

  • Dave

    Samsung smart TV keeps losing connection to the Samsung servers every day and has some for months.
    I have been in contact with Samsung and they are not interested,
    I have a Panasonic pvr connected to the Internet and this is fine while watching Netflix etc. I will never by another Samsung.

  • Stephanie Hockly

    I have had my Samsung smart tv for a few months now with no issues whatsoever. However,in the last few days, I am having issues watching 4od. I can navigate the site perfectly, select what I want to watch and then prest play. Once the adverts have been on maybe 10-20 seconds, it freezes and will not move on. I can exit and repeat but will still freeze on the opening adverts, so I can never watch what I request as can’t get past the adverts!! Never had this problem before and only with this app. Have reset my bt hub several times, with no luck. Please advise as I also cannot software update through the tv as it is not available for me to access

  • Richard Hollick

    I have been told by our local dealer that Samsung have not been able to negotiate a licence with BBC for 2006 tv’s to recieve iplayer.

  • Marney Prouse

    My Samsung tv mysteriously list all player apps except ITV this week. What’s going on?

  • Misty

    Won’t play 4od. Plays the adverts at the beginning then the loading icon just goes round and round. I’ve updated the tv to the latest software but no difference.

  • Freda Ferranto

    I have same problem. phoned Samsung today. They “know about the issue” but can’t guarantee if/when these channels will be accessible. I got my tv 3 weeks ago. thought it would have all the latest … but no!

  • Freda Ferranto

    Cannot access More 4 on new smart tv. M
    odel code not recognised by help site so cant look up issue, nor email them. phoned them. after about 10 minutes of discussion (they wanted all my details so they could “register” me) I was told that I can’t get More 4, and they can’t guarantee if or when I will be able to get it, but they know about the issue. Thanks for nothing, Samsung!

  • gal

    Smart hub categories back to life today
    Samsung -well done

  • Chris R

    Had the same problem with “there are no apps found”. Samsung must have pushed out some kind of update last night as the categories menu is now accessible and searchable.

  • gal

    So you think issue is related to broken smarthub update done recently or more to samsung servers not functioning?

  • Fred Beyerlein

    Short answer is yes.. it has performed well since i installed it about 3 months ago. Same problem has happened before but would reset itself if i shut down TV and then came bace into the Smart Hub..not this time?

  • gal

    i have the same issue but since i bought the tv just last week i dont know if it related to any firmware update causeing that,

    Was your TV worked fine in the past ? Did you do perform firmware or smart hub update which cause the problem?

  • gal

    i have the same issue but since i bought the tv just last week i dont know if it related to any firmware update causeing that,
    Was your TV worked fine in the past ? Did you do a firmware or smart hub update which cause the problem?

  • Fred Beyerlein

    Same issues with Catagories in getting a “no apps found”. Have restarted several times as well as changing the router I was using to no avail.

  • DAVE c

    Same problem in CATEGORIES. No apps found

  • gal

    having same issue with Samsung j4303 in Israel. All was fine till 24/09 but for the last 2 days I cant download anything from the categories and get the same massage “there is no app found”
    Samsung -please take care

  • Carl Smith

    9/24 and 9/25 – just bought this POS, in smarthub i can see “what’s hot” and “latest”, but when i choose “categories” it says “there is no app found” – how am i supposed to install anything worth while?

  • Ashley chell

    Wheres 5 on demand catch up and all 4 catch up ive got samsung curve 2016 tv help me people?

  • Steve Holloway

    Itv hub runs for a few days on my Samsung tv then crashes. Have to do a factory reset to restore it.

  • Becky

    Since yesterday no TV hub? Everything else works fine. How do you recover it?

  • Pompous Panz

    Our Samsung Smart TV is just not responding and hasn’t for months. We have spent a long time on the phone to Samsung Support with no joy at all.

    The TV doesn’t respond when you bring up the Guide or any other menu. Even powering off. If it does respond there’s a time lag of anything up to 4 mins. Sometimes the Arab just reboots itself.

    It won’t connect to the WiFi at all.

    Other time you can turn it on & it’s perfectly fine. But not often.

    We usually give up & opt to watch the iPad instead. COMPLETELY RUBBISH!!!!

  • Marcia

    Whenever I try and log onto ITV hub, it shows a crashed screen and doesn’t respond to anything – please help! My amazon app has also frozen – any ideas???

  • Chantelle

    Brought a Samsung UE32K5500 today. Only itv hub on apps. All other UK apps do not even show on the menu. Having phoned Samsung support, they had the nerve to thank me for my
    patience while they work on the software. Telling me that their 2016 models need an update to make these apps available but are unable to give a time frame in which this will happen. Interestingly and illegally
    they continue to promote their entire Smart TV range as featuring BBC
    iPlayer & BBC News while obviously knowing that the 2016 UE range does not. It’s going back!

  • Christina Ludlam

    really fed up,all the apps bbc i player,channel 4 and 5 players all working fine but when i try to use the itv hub it keeps saying not connected to internet or though i clearly am

  • Lloyd

    Brought a Samsung UE40K5500 today as our old Samsung smart TVs packed up due to what looks like the backlight packing up. Only itv hub on apps. Can’t get BBC iplayer and other apps. It’s going back! Such as shame as we’ve always had Samsung.

  • caroline

    likewise, all apps not working, can’t get any iplayer etc, says the machine is not attached to wifi, worked perfectly alright the night before!

  • Adria Evans

    None if my smart hub apps work, I’ve reset the TV and the only one that will come on is itv, but when I play a show it has an advert playing on repeat as the sound.
    Very annoying, it started yesterday evening.

  • John

    Having exactly the same experience. my old Samsung is fine but my new 40″ £650 TV apps do not work reliably, (ITV Hub will not load. Extremely disappointed each time I try to watch anything my new Samsung it hangs my network. Most unreliable times are between 7-9pm. Tried connecting by wired link but and not wifi but the same it still gives me a bandwidth error message, even when it is the only device connected. Time to take back to Curry’s.

  • ann

    My tv is fine, broadband working on computer but smart hub will not even connect & neither is the menu button working via remote, any ideas?

  • dee

    I can’t access any smart apps today and it says reset isn’t available. Any ideas what I can do please.

  • mrdene

    My samsung tv was working fine on Wed until about 8pm when it would not connect to my bt broadband.
    When going through network conection it tries to find it but then stops itself and the screen vanishes and goes back to the main smart hub apps screen.
    Bt broadband working on all other devices.
    Is there a problem at Samsungs end?

  • .BARRY

    i dont know at the moment how to fix it. its annoying. only thing can suggest is wait for next software update to see if that will fix it. Have you phoned Samsung. if their any fix to stop it please let me know.

  • Tommy Ingram (Ineedapintofbeer

    My TV is doing the exact same ….is there a fix?

  • Jai King

    I just bought a 49″ ks8000 and i’m thrilled with it.However there is no BBC iPlayer,All 4 or My 5.I did have the Itv Hub but now that’s stopped working.I am very disappointed!

  • simon

    UE55K5510AKXXU doesnt get any uk apps, iplayer, more4 ect rubbish, ive always had samsung but this is the first tv i cant get uk apps


    Cant get bbc iplayer on my Samsung tv model ue32j451oak xxu Doesn’t even show on menu ? any one advise pse

  • Stuart Purdy

    BBC Iplayer hasn’t been working for a few days, tried clearing the apps and changing Internet connection but just goes to grey screen when app loads

  • Naomi

    Ive just updated my samsung TV and now I can’t use YouTube the other apps are fine but I just can’t connect to YouTube

  • Jo

    How do I find Bec I player and install it

  • Tim

    I would like to watch all 4 on my new Samsung 4K TV but the app search comes up with not found. Is there a problem or is it just me.

  • Keith

    I have 2 Samsungs one is 5 years old and it works very well.
    The new Samsung 6 days old been exchanged for a replacement and the same thing happens.
    Go to itv player and it just hangs up, BBC player is fine as is all the other apps..
    So is it Samsung or the broadband if no immediate cure will be returning to Curry’s for a refund and get a Sony elsewhere…

  • .BARRY

    Has anyone had any problems with latest software update 1460. tv switches off itself at times into standby.

  • Shin KAZAMA

    Got the same problem and didn’t know it was worldwide.
    Changed the dns still didn’t work.
    Finally tried to reset the tv then got stuck at the first setup.
    It’s really frustrating.
    I’ve a samsung UE48J6300 powered by TIZEN”BUGGY”OS

  • Vin

    I had the same problem a d contacted Samsung. Got the same advice

  • B1gsarah

    Just bought a new model Samsung tv. BBCiplayer, my5 and All 4 do not even appear when searching the App Store. Contacted Samsung who advised there is a problem they are trying to fix which is affecting those apps, but they couldn’t give me a fix date. Apparently when they find the fix it will be automatically downloaded when connected. They advised do not reset th TV.

  • deedee424242

    BBC world news not doing anything. Just black screen. Can’t back out, have to power off.

  • Mick Finn

    UE32K5500 TV: Can access the Hub but navigation arrows don’t work and Enter has no affect so ITVPlayer and iPlayer cannot be accessed. New batteries installed in remote. Any ideas gratefully received.

  • Stephen

    Iplayer on smart hub won’t work hasn’t for a week! Can anyone help?

  • Kelly Demicoli

    Smart hub keeps freezing then the tv keeps rebooting.

  • Linda Harrison

    I got it working a few days later- god knows how. Then I wasn`t able to access on screen qwerty keyboard using the remote pad or my mouse when i went on web browser or Youtube. Both worked fine the day before. tweeted Samsung and they said check for updates. I do and already had. Then hey presto both work fine again. ITV hub works fine through the adverts but when it comes to actually playing a programme I get “Whoops we have a problem”. If I had known all this before i would have stuck with the tv I had. It`s nice to know it`s not just me.

  • Carol Rothwell

    Read my post above.

  • Carol Rothwell

    I have a Samsung UA48J6200AW Smart TV less than 3 months old. We have been happily using Netflix and STAN to watch movies until a few days ago when we were getting messages that TV could not connect to Internet. We have Wifi and other devices in the house and all have Internet connection.
    I have had a few calls to Netflix, thinking at first it was a Netflix issue, but I have just spoken to a very helpful person from Netflix situated in Florida who asked me…..”Didn’t I know of the Global Issue that Samsung has been having for about a week with a specific Samsung Smart TV, which she said I have, the name being Samsung HAWK-MUHD.” I can’t call Samsung right now, it is too late, but I will be calling them in the morning and making a visit to their retail store.

    No quick fix for this issue. Samsung have to fix it from their end!!! The Netflix ppl were great and took me through steps that looked like we had connection but it only lasted for minutes and was gone again.

    I’ve cancelled my STAN subscription and Netflix have noted on my account that when Samsung have fixed the issue properly, I am to contact them and they will give me a months credit.


  • Chris

    I had this issue with our UE55JU6800 since the latest update (1460) this week. The solution is to sign out of Netflix switch the TV off and then unplug it for about 30 seconds switch on and you should be good to go. I had to do this each time I tried to go back to Netflix but now they seem to have sorted it out and the app seems stable without unplugging the TV.

  • Collette beech

    Bbci player won’t work, or itv player, just offers me option to download it, then won’t do it anyway!

  • Crpv1

    Netflix app won’t load wheel just keeps spinning

  • .BARRY

    Not connecting to web for about 3 hours even though nothink wrong with internet connection

  • Nicole Farao

    Oh dear. Hope it goes back up soon. It’s the first time it’s happened. Reset definitely hasn’t worked.

  • Eamonn McGuinness

    Previously I’ve found that there’s no point trying that. I tried everything with no luck. Then after a couple of days it worked again.

  • Nicole Farao

    Same here. Thought it was something with my connection, then reset it. :-( Now I can’t get on and will have to set it all up again.

  • Eamonn McGuinness

    Down again today. Anyone else stuck too? Keeps saying it’s not connected to the Web when it is.

  • Linda Harrison

    3 days ago our samsung smart tv won`t connect to wifi either. Even with live chat instructions it`s not connecting and now Netflix and other apps have disappeared.

  • Linda Harrison

    Tried to log into Netflix 2 days ago- got error message- Wireles Network Disconnected! No way would my 2 month old 32in samsung K series Smart tv connect to wifi. It picked up the router and allows me to enter password but will not connect. Had live chat assistance yesterday who had m doing all kinds of stuff and then taking it back to factory setting. Still no go. They suggested I contact my internet provider BT. I have and they have refreshed my connection even though my laptop and everything else is working fine. Today the Netflix, Web browser and other apps have disappeared. Still no lock getting connected to wifi. I looked for up dates but it said none were available. Anybody got any ideas I can try?

  • Susan

    My 5 has disappeared from my Samsung Smart TV