Samsung Smart TV DNS error, April 19 Hub problems

Your Samsung Smart TV might experience a DNS error right now that’s due to the Hub going down today, on April 19 2015. The Samsung Smart TV and Hub problems have been confirmed by official support, as seen in a tweet below, and thanks to the gadget news website Product Reviews.

The tweet above reveals not only the Samsung Smart Hub TV problems on April 19, but also a quick fix for this DNS error and a new address to change to that might fix the issues. Hundreds of Samsung Smart TV owners have taken to Twitter to complain and in fact, a few reached out to support by phone and social channels.

It’s now clear the outage has taken place globally, so this obviously includes the United States and UK where most people have reported problems. Current advice is to “change the DNS Server to 4,2,2,1? Menu>Network>Network Status>IP Settings”, and support also ask all users to check their firmware is updated. Leave your problems on this page and see the latest status update from the community.