Is down today? If you visit their website you will notice a maintenance message when the online services are offline, which can be due to scheduled work to servers or even in some rare cases an attack of some sort.


In most cases the UK shopping website only goes offline for a sort time. This is for regular maintenance and to add new features, or fix bugs for improved customer experience. When is down for maintenance, you’ll still be able to use their Help Centre and read about the online shopping experience.

If you notice the Sainsburys UK website down, or if it has come back online, then share a comment to let others know.


Sainsburys Status insight for Wednesday 24th of May 2017

If Sainsburys is down today, then reports will be found below.

Sainsburys Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Alan

    I have nothing wrong with getting onto the website but damn trying to access the online banking seems to be somewhat of a pickle. No idea whats going on.

  • Usall

    (SAINSBURYS online problem) Apparently, the problem is to do with a few customers’ card details. Their system is not able to accept (selected???!!) card details, so you need to speak to a customer advisor and they have to enter the details onto your account for you. Then you should be able to checkout properly. With mine, when I checked out, it gave a different error message about my payment but the order did go through (as confirmed by the advisor). Hope yours goes well….

  • Usall

    Thanks, Bab. Aren’t Sainsburys fixing it??? (not really a question for you). I’m trying to contact their phone helpline. Will update later.

  • Babs

    Siansburys groceries does not take payment due to technical glitch, which has now been there for nearly 4 days!

  • Usall

    Is there a problem with the online grocery payment system at the moment? It keeps saying it has logged me out for inactivity — I have tried re-logging-in, and using a different browser, but am getting the same error again and again….

  • Ceedeells

    Is sainsburys website down today thurs 9th Feb?
    Could not log on last night or today.
    Blank page!

  • Jenifer Dylan

    I have booked a time slot for delivery but I can’t add anything to my trolley. I know people go crazy at xmas time but surely there is something left?

  • Sophie

    Grrr did my shop, went down, can’t check out

  • Yvonne

    I wanted to update my shopping which is being delivered tomorrow, but can’t get on :-(

  • Nikki

    sainsburys groceries down!! Just finished shop and logged me out, now I can’t get back on!!!

  • Riddly

    incredibly slow tonight: ‘sticks’ and tells me it’s ‘updating’ it bloody isn’t, I have to reload the page every damn product…..getting very annoyed with this! WTF is going on- I have good connection with everything else….

  • Rose

    My Sainsburys login is not working, I want to order a shop and cannot. I have tried on laptop and mobile phone and still not working.

  • Howard

    Definitely down today…

  • Greggy

    Sainsbury’s website is down for me, whats going on. Are the servers offline due to maintenance or updates?

  • Craig

    I am looking forward to the Sainsburys Boxing Day sales 2015, but what I am not looking forward to is the website going down s this will not allow me to search for the deals. Will the Sainsburys website be able to handle the traffic this year?

  • Sergio Seelochan

    Getting “The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.” was working until 10 mins ago.

  • Mandy

    Is Sainsburys going to add some sort of countdown timer on its website to let us know we are in a queue like a few other stores did online last year?

  • agota

    I was doing my online shopping when the whole website crashed and it says:
    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
    Your support ID is: 16221582016785297320


    Just tried to submit online assessment for groceries online shopper at Ellesmere Port – completed all ?aire and then received fault message as I pressed submt. Can you help ?