ROBLOX maintenance

ROBLOX is a game where players can build their own virtual world; it’s about bringing your own game world to life. Once you have made your creation you can share it with others, but this game doesn’t come without its problems and most of the time it’s the ROBLOX maintenance that brings more downtime than any other.

ROBLOX maintenance

This game is intended for ages 8 to 18 but all ages do play it, you can play ROBLOX on a tablet, smartphone or on the desktop. This means you can play wherever you are in the world, being it at home, on the bus, train, or even in the office (You should be working though).

Main ROBLOX problems consist of not being able login, troubles with a download, server issues where the game goes offline completely. Others in the past have complained about connection error and lag amongst other things. If you are having issues with ROBLOX please do comment below.


ROBLOX Status insight for Friday 24th of February 2017

If ROBLOX is down today, then reports will be found below.

ROBLOX Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Henry George Flynn


  • Nathan T


  • Marquan Alexander


  • Shady

    Wait does you’re roblox says Roblox is currently undergoing maintenance. You may encounter connectivity issues. as well?

  • heyk47

    its happened again apparently

  • Coating Gamer

    I lets me click on the games but i cant play or log out

  • TopGun158

    my roblox game is down on xbox one

  • hdjdnd

    its on xbox one

  • hdjdnd

    its a spawn error idk what to do

  • hdjdnd

    its down right now too

  • Michael Wilson

    ddos is a type of cyber-attack I belive

  • Marty

    It’s down on Xbox one aswell

  • Baby !!

    Guys… I found an method to GET on roblox while its fixing,firsts searcg roblox on google and make sure you created an account on roblox before or this wont work,click LOG IN once you searched,there should be a button thats LOG IN,it will take you to your home page and you can play games,but they’re may be a chance playing the game wont work.

  • Everyn

    Roblox is most likely in maintenance. Dont worry guys, we will get our Roblox back soon.

  • Cheyonne Johnson

    Roblox is down :(

  • Bella

    Its down.

  • Bane

    *What is “ddosed”?

  • Bane

    What is

  • Bane

    Roblox is down, the launcher won’t work and the webpage will not come up.

  • Info Baws

    New Info i found Roblox isn’t down for maintenance its being ddosed.

  • Smeargle


  • Info Baws

    I think roblox is down for maintenance

  • y dis happen

    Same ;-; I need roblox in my life

  • Zach

    Please fix roblox. Its broken. WHY?!

  • pls fix

    rooblox not workin

  • i can’t play roblox

    i can’t play roblox you idiot

  • ._. i can’t play roblox

    roblox is under maintenance this was posted
    at 26/10/16

  • ._. i can’t play roblox

    i can’t play roblox

  • _

    it’s down for me :III

  • EpicTroll

    no its been hacked and scammed by v3rmillon google it

  • Gaming Prentice

    By the way this was posted 19/10/16 (19th October 2016)

  • Gaming Prentice

    Its saying this site is offline due to upgrades and maintenance!

  • Robert Norris

    It’s not letting me log in. I was just on it

  • GoldStar

    All you get in the Roblox games are lag I constantly keep on getting lag spikes *Annoyed alert*

  • h

    lets all relax now

  • h

    its just a bug

  • h

    roblox servers say i need to use firefoxx or safari >:{

  • Ethbot Bot

    well, i cant start it… nor install it…

  • Roblox Fan

    Oh, ok

  • KidGamingTime

    Really, no. It is in matinece

  • MaxNero

    still down but when my roblox home page is working cant play any game it says ERROR and something

  • Roblox Fan

    Someone hacked the site ;c

  • mohammed

    i think it roblox’s problem they r telling its a maintenance but a maintainence will end for only 2 hrs

  • mohammed


  • mohammed

    even my other devices also stops loading such as IPAD,phone,tablet the application will close immediately

  • mohammed

    when i search for roblox,the website fails to send data,wtf

  • Guy

    I cant join any server i cant play it keeps on saying error code 6

  • CaptainCakeBlast

    Crip the Poodle says that he wants 5k followers on Twitter and he will let ROBLOX on. :/ I’ll do it for ROBLOX

  • Paul the airjitzu master2

    still down

  • Paul the airjitzu master2

    and my tablet

  • Paul the airjitzu master2

    yep even on xbox

  • Paul the airjitzu master2


  • Paul the airjitzu master2

    its down


    wait a minute no it’s not… well at least for me i can’t access the site at all mate.

  • thebr0fist4life

    i can access roblox on my data but not on my wifi WTF

  • rockychocolate123

    i can’t join a FLIPING SERVER ON ROBLOX WHY IS ROBLOX DOING THIS ALL MY FRIENDS WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PoodleCorp

    Servers Are Down. Crip poodle did say they took down their servers. They want things and then they will bring it back.

  • Rob lox kid

    i love ROBLOX I play it almost everyday! D: and the severs are down ;-;

  • Rob lox kid

    i can’t get the site and it say ‘Sever not running”? what does that mean

  • Robloxian

    Cant get on the site

  • Dave

    Im loged in but the games are not showing up i cant go to avatar all it says is INTERNAL SERVER ERROR error 500 so yea i think the servers are down

  • josh

    its really annoying on all sites it says roblox is up

  • james

    same do you know why

  • Grace

    I can get in on the site but I can’t play games

  • blah

    right now roblox is down

  • Sean Sanders


  • Timmy

    I keep getting the Roblox error code 901, is anyone else getting this? I have never seen this before and is why I am asking for advice. Thank you in advance.

  • Brian

    Is Roblox down today? The reason I ask is because I cannot connect.

  • Marcus

    How come when i want to get online all i keep getting is “This site can’t be reached”?

  • Vicky

    Roblox maintenance is still going on i think, only guessing cause i cannot play right now.

  • Mark

    The Roblox maintenance password is basically random generated and is only seen by staff.

  • Robert

    What is the roblox maintenance password all abut, do we need this at all?

  • Ginger

    When I try to play my Roblox game it keeps saying I need to download Roblox again, kind of strange.

  • David

    The game has a little lag i think, flinches would be a better name lol. The rendering needs playing about with to make it perfect.

  • Nigel

    Maybe the Roblox maintenance may remove new profile pages, who knows. Can you ever see this happening. lol.

  • Juan

    Looks like Roblox is down for maintenance as I cannot login to my account.

  • Austin

    Yesterday the servers went down for about 15 minutes for server maintenance, but it also looks like Roblox is going to have another maintenance today. I am not too sure, can someone verify this for me please.

  • Chad

    The ROBLOX maintenance is complete now and the game is accessible. At last peeps.

  • Christy

    ROBLOX website is up and running again, that was scary stuff earlier. There was no way of restarting the browser.

  • Ruben

    There was an issue earlier with roblox where it said on the website you had to restart your web browser. But this was a glitch because that was impossible to do.