PSN SU-30709-9 error for PS4 2.04 download

If you try to download the PS4 2.04 update on Feb 17, then you will be met with a PSN SU-30709-9 error has occurred message and this is stopping gamers from downloading the system software at the time of writing.

We have taken a screenshot of the SU-30709-9 error on PS4 after trying to update our system to 2.04. As you can see above, the Software Update page just returns an error saying “An Error has occurred” along with the error code SU-30709-9.

Have you been able to download the PS4 2.04 update? We would love to hear feedback from Down Today readers in the UK and USA< especially to see if this error code is the same for both regions and if every country has problems downloading the firmware update today. You can leave a status update for PSN and your PS4 on our related page.



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