Plenty of Fish problems

The Plenty of Fish dating website rarely goes down with such reports hitting headlines a few times a year, although when such an outage takes place you can be sure that thousands of users will be trying to found out when the service will be back up.


It is worth noting that it is not only the website that gets hit when Plenty of Fish is down and those behind dating website also offer Android, iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry apps. Making connections with others might be blocked via mobile channels when an outage occurs.

The quickest way to find out if there’s big problems would be on official Twitter, Facebook, and support channels found on this page. You should also report any issues with a rough location below in the comments, so that others will know something is wrong.


Plenty of Fish Status insight for Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

If Plenty of Fish is down today, then reports will be found below.

Plenty of Fish Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Sharon

    I’m having the same problem mines saying check my wifi but there’s nothing wrong with my wifi lol

  • MadMac

    It would help if folks actually ANSWER you when you ask a damn question ………..

  • Kon-Jordan Gardner

    Can not get into Plenty Of Fish -Does not recognize username or password, over & over again.

  • Adam

    Hey jen, im having the same problems. Where are you from?

    Love, Adam

  • MadMac

    Been down in Dundee City, Scotland, UK for the past 4 days. (posted 17/07/17)

  • Jennifer Aquilina

    I have been logged in for weeks and suddenly I have been logged out and can’t log back in using the correct password.

    I use Galaxy S7 Android App and I have tried my tablet and laptop. I decided to try and change the password but the email never arrives. I then tried to register again and it said my previous username is available which means my account must have been removed???? I never got an email to tell me this but also I have read all the rules and I didn’t break any :(((( So I tried to register again using different email addresses and different usernames, I click Continue and the page just reloads with no error so I can’t register! I am so annoyed as I was in the middle of conversations with a number of people!!!

  • Paul

    Can’t register tday.

  • Nick Critchlow

    Same here no idea wot to do

  • chris wilson

    Can someone help me get logged in as i have been unable to get on in months also created new accounts & get on for minutes then kicked off any suggestions

  • MadMac

    How long did yours go down for, just out of a matter of interest?

  • Nick Critchlow

    Can’t log in and says can’t recognise email address

  • chris wilson

    I habe been having this issue since beginning of 2017 it is taking the pish now & i tried emailing pof customer service aswell as there legal team 6 months still not heard anything

  • MadMac

    I sympathise with you ….. same thing’s happened to me today …… was working fine in the morning, and when I went back on at lunchtime, it wouldn’t recognise my login details, despite trying to re-register with new email address, username & password. How did you sort it out? Did it just kinda’ sort itself out eventually?????

  • MadMac

    Did it suddenly just sort itself out eventually, Mandy? It was ok early this morning, (22/7/2017) then went back on at about 11am and couldn’t get back into it …… it’s now 5pm, and I STILL can’t get back into it ……. it’s not even allowing me to re-register with a different email address, username and password, for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!

  • MadMac

    Anyone out there know if POF is down today? It was working fine in the morning, but now it’s not recognising my normal login details, so can’t get on the site! Tried a new email address, new username, new password – the lot – and I still can’t get anywhere. I’m in Scotland.

  • MadMac

    22nd July 2017.
    The site was ok early this morning, but now I can’t get on …….. keeps-on saying ‘username or password not recognised’ …….. anyone else having this problem just now?

  • samg50

    cant access my account as of today due to recent update of the site