PSN problems

PlayStation Network is the well known online gaming service that connects owners of the PS3, PS4, and other Sony game platforms. The service is enhanced further with a subscription to the PS Plus package that delivers a number of benefits.


Most reported PSN problems today: these issues tend to be related to the login, connection with match matching within popular games, and the PS Store.

You can check the Playstation Network server status on Sony’s official PSN status page for US or see planned UK maintenance. This allows users to get some insight on problems even before they happen, when planned that is.

The real-time status of problems can be seen and discussed in the comments below, so if PSN is down today for you then leave feedback with a location.

PSN Problems? Share your Playstation Network issues with Down Today readers:


Playstation Network (PSN) Status insight for Wednesday 26th of April 2017

If Playstation Network (PSN) is down today, then reports will be found below.

Playstation Network (PSN) Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jenny

    PlayStation was under maintenance earlier on today and have no idea why they needed to do it, was there a reason?

  • Clive

    Is anyone seeing the PS4 error 82000168? I have no idea what this means, do you?

  • john g

    Must be all of Manc same here

  • john g

    was on signed out yet again,same nearly every night for 3 weeks

  • jahmaine thomas

    This is a joke i pay money for these kinder services

  • jahmaine thomas

    When will it be fix

  • ZiiAndretti

    Seems to be working now.

  • Gene

    Down in the Manchester area all morning

  • Dean

    I can not log in United kingdom

  • Pablo Cavalieri


  • Jeffry

    Psn can login malaysia

  • Jeffry

    I can not login psn from makaysia

  • Marc Mooney

    it’not letting me sign in on ps4 so I tried on my PC, no luck so itried to change my password and it says my email is not valid. U.K.

  • Phil Glascoe

    Just seems to be slow the last couple of days loading stuff up like notifications and the recent activities

  • Kale De Von Barton

    Down in Idaho USA

  • Kevin Lindsay

    its not letting me join parties and when it does I’m only in it for 10 secs and its happening for my friends

  • Liam

    Down in runcorn don’t play good money for it not to work sort it out PSN

  • steve123

    Its down in the uk down in the uk still

  • Marcus

    From Hamilton Ontario Canada been trying to play Destiny for 4days and it hasn’t worked always said something is wrong with PlayStation Network

  • Kali


  • Mike

    Psn down? UK? I am getting undergoing maintenance message.

  • Aldo Wetsch

    According to PSN official page everything in uk down with message engineers working to fix it.

  • Dayna

    Not working in london either

  • Richard King

    Not working in nottingham area

  • AliWD

    Hopefully it won’t take long till the servers are back up ( maximum 2 more days).

  • AliWD

    Down here in Iraq too. I just bought a ps4 slim yesterday and the PSN didn’t work for me on either days. Hope that they’ll fix it soon.

  • Stop hacking the psn servers

    Back up in uk

  • sasa

    down in belgium

  • Kevin

    PSN is down again, its been on and off all day but now totally offline in London, UK

  • MF27

    Still down to this moment how do you fix it anyone?

  • Toby Reynolds

    down in the uk

  • Sebastian

    Why was my comment deleted?? Bad PR for Sony? Figures! Censorship

  • Skylord

    I can’t play anything online!

  • xOMGxIts_Saadxx

    “PSN undergoing maintainence”

    Getting this message while trying to connect ps4 to psn.Region is USA.

  • shahinoor Ali

    I cant sign in wow

  • Bruce

    What is this error ce-33992-6 i am getting when i am running a test on settings.

  • Peter

    I am not able to sign into my PSN application on my iPhone.

  • Billy

    PSN is down for me today, I keep getting disconnected and have no idea why.

  • Kevin

    the same thing happenned tto me and i nad just gotton the ps4
    this was before new years
    i was signed in then i got signed out and i had to change my password but i can use the email i had because microsoft prevented emails from coming in and out of the email.

  • Anime-info

    am cant log on my ps3

  • james whittingham

    and the same on wwe2k17 what’s going on with the servers

  • james whittingham

    why cant i play cod black ops 3 online it keeps saying unable to connect to psn server

  • Yoshito Hirose

    Why am I continuously getting error np-38564-6. I dc from parties and game servers for no reason. I literally and I MEAN LITERALLY tried everything to fix this yet it doesn’t go away. Sony really needs to take a look at this error that doesn’t exist according to them.

  • Idylla

    It keep asking me to update my password and I dont even get any emial from them!!! Now I can’t log in!!!! WHYYYYY

  • Paolo Shogun

    down in switzerland

  • Juzy James

    My Playstation store says its undergoing maintenance when will it end so i can redeem my code

  • Earron Keane Woen

    I got error code 80023017 in my PS3 when trying to log in to PSN

  • neil

    my wifi is insipid to say the least cant play any online game since it runs below average not even in mb so im lucky to get one good round example over watch count down wont go down or people freezing in one spot then teleport to new location (Due to lag) gun not working or switching if mercy getting killed when no ones there been disconnected every minute cant load friends list or anything up for around 5 mins and now lost connection to psn saying its to weak its weird when pc works fine and xbox 360 connects and plays without error so why is the ps4 useless?