PayPal confirm sign-in problems, eBay checkout not working

PayPal has confirmed problems with their app sign-in moments ago, which is also hitting those wanting to pay for something on eBay. Down Today users are reporting the eBay checkout is not working and this is obviously linked to the PayPal technical issue.

On November 2nd PayPal issued a tweet confirming what people had already noticed. They called the problems “temporary”, and explained their engineers were working hard to fix the issues. As normal, they apologized about the problems today and of course the inconvenience it’s causing.

We have tried to sign in on an iMac and had no problems at all directly at, although there’s still problems completing PayPal sign-in requests within apps.

You can see the tweet left on the official Ask PayPal Twitter channel above. This confirmed the problems have been going for at least an hour, although if you still have issues paying at an eBay checkout or with using the sign-in to PayPal, then leave a status report on the eBay or PayPal Down Today pages. This is where you can receive the latest reports on this service outage.



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