Outlook and Hotmail problems?

If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues with their log-in box other than password errors.


You might know Microsoft’s free e-mail service as Windows Live, or Hotmail, and your problems could be far from simple with more complicated issues in regard to receiving or sending messages.

Whatever your issue, take a look below to see the latest status reports that would reveal if the Outlook / Hotmail email service is totally down today, or having minor problems. Those of you with problems might want to leave feedback for others.


Outlook Status insight for Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Outlook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kenzan Yukishiro

    The sad sad thing is junk mail comes in fast and easy into my mailbox while work-related relevant stuff gets choked by for days on end.

    Come on, buck up, outlook/hotmail!

  • Elva

    Same to me.. i cant login my account.. also try to reset security code but password is not sending to my mobile

  • Gideon

    Very difficult without my emails in Hotmail!!

  • Fatma Sarikaya

    It has been 5 days that i cannot send any emails from my account.Any suggestion?

  • Tony

    Outlook Helpline- l (8OO) 585 2494
    Email sign in problem
    email password recovery
    send & receive problem.
    outlook sign in problem.
    Imap & Pop error message.

  • Sam

    I have been unable to access my emails since Thursday on computer!!! I need to access and don’t understand the issues or why no notification has been recieved?

  • Eleni

    I am unable to access my hotmail on my iPhone 7 for a couple of days now and I need t for work. Is there any resolve or even an answer to why this is happening?

  • Angela brown

    Hotmail down for the last 24 hrs, I can access my emails, but cannot read any of them, the advantage is, that i can see who they are from.

  • Wilson Master

    Outlook Customer Service . Free Helpline. +I 800 585 2494

    Free Helpline
    Outlook Customer Service

    24*7 Helpline Support

    Login Issues


    Email Problems Contact FREE Helpline.
    t has been noticed in the last few weeks that people from different places have been reporting that the outlook not responding. But is outlook really not responding or is it just you having the outlook problem? There could a couple of reasons you might be encountering the outlook problem. Before doing anything on the device it’s better to check if the outlook is down. How do we do it? Well its quite simple.
    Before moving forward discussing the outlook problem and outlook troubleshooting, the most important thing to keep in mind for those who are creating a new account or for those who haven’t done it, Always connect a working phone number with your account. Please check your account info if you already have an account. Check the phone number connected with the account. If you have the right phone number in there, almost all the outlook problems are resolved by that.

    Whenever you are not able to sign into your account though you are using the correct credentials, just reset the password for the account. That should definitely fix the outlook problem you had.

  • Scam Dumper

    Hotmail down last 2 days

  • Sue Chonos Balmer

    Can’t get into hotmail, it states Too many sessions open, help

  • Sue Chonos Balmer

    Cantvget into my hotmail, it says too many sessions open,help!!

  • Stan Acaster

    This is driving me nuts, the last 5 days I have been unable to send or delete any emails via a PC (I have three available). However I can send from iPhone! Problem is all my invoices are generated on the PC !!! I note that I can RECEIVE emails on the PC but can’t do anything else. I also note that, on the top right hand side, my ‘picture’ does not appear so I can’t log out or do anything else…. This new ‘Outlook’ is rubbish. The ‘Outlook’ is bleak! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why oh why do they have to muck things up so much!!!

  • M

    Hotmail not sending e-mails, been going on for at least two days on both my devices, causing chaos!

  • Karen Pollitt

    when click on outlook get microsoft sign in box then can get i to my email, cannot get in normal way

  • Michael

    now it tells me that I’ve exceeded the number of password recovery requests

  • http://www.antivirus-helpnumber.com/ Norah Smith

    Thanks for the solution.

  • LaNell Barrett

    Hotmail or MSN OR whatever has been totally totally screwed up more days than not lately. Shame we don’t get a televised update so we out here know it’s going on.

  • Leah Finlay

    Hotmail has not content in each email today!

  • Sarah

    I have been awaiting an email all pm it says it’s been bounced back is this due to hotmail being down?

  • Angela Harding

    are they fixing the problem or do we just keep trying

  • Jason

    Is hotmail down? I sent an email to my self from another account and i did not get it

  • tentantoes

    As of July 25, 2017

  • tentantoes

    Help. Only one of 4 devices accepting password. Other give no reset

  • Godofwar Gameofwar

    Outlook security issue

  • Samantha Gunatillake

    Receiving message that my email account is unavailable. Unable to send anything.

  • Joyce

    Hotmail must be down. have been having issues for 4 days.

  • Naomi Mc Mahon

    Hotmail down can’t get my emails

  • Debbie Morunga

    I can’t get into my email its trying to load


    I can’t access my email as the page remains forever loading

  • Susan Foster

    I’m having problems sending an email message keeps coming up password is incorrect receiving email I just can not send them need help grrr

  • Ken Booth

    No help. Goes to voicemail.

  • Ken Booth

    Appears to be frozen. Incoming email…won’t let me open. Can’t change from focused to other or to even Junk mail. Nothing in Hotmail will even display except notice of arriving Focused mail which will not open. No ads appear anywhere 7:30 AM Mountain Time July 13

  • Micheal

    Outlook Login Issue Contact : l 8oo 585 2494
    Outlook setup issue,
    Outlook login issue,
    outlook password recovery,
    email recovery.

  • Vickey

    Visit Outlook Helpline – l8oo 585 2494
    email issue,
    Email login issue
    can’t send & receive issue.
    Password recovery Issue.

  • Scott Steven Schroeder

    What is the deal? Does anyone actually know why hotmail/outlook is down?

  • sherry

    Hello, I can’t access my email as the page remains forever loading. How can I see my emails?

  • Chris

    Hotmail down

  • joseph petrov

    Hi, haven’t received any emails in 2 days, both on iPhone and mac. Possible causes? how to fix?
    Hotmail of course
    Actually can’t send either. Great job microsoft

  • Jack Martin

    Contact Outlook Helpline l8oo- 585 2494
    Email login issue
    Password recovery Issue
    Email Send & receive Problem

  • Mimi Sestini

    my hotmail is not working is there a problem with the Microsoft server?


    Outlook Helpline =
    l80O – 585 -2494

  • Keith Davies

    Microsoft Outlook are bombarding me with emails stating that’ one or more folders in your mailbox have name conflicts with others, or system reserved names.
    I mark them as junk but they keep coming, hundreds in a day. What can I do. Please help!

  • Adrienne Wells

    Hi. I have not been able to receive emails since Tues 27june2017. But my wife’s account on Hotmail is fine?? Can anyone help?

  • Colin Richardson

    Same problem here on all devices

  • Pete

    Hotmail not working with one time passwords

  • Monique Abela

    I’ve received no incoming emails since the 9th of June on my hotmail account & can not send emails too . Don’t know what to do to fix it ? I have an iPhone . There are helplines company’s that charge money to fix the problem can they be trusted ?

  • gotawayfromtheD

    Pfft, still down

  • Natalie Hardy

    My hotmail continously “cannot connect to server” I delete my account and reinstall it is the only way to get it to work, then a couple of days later, it’s the same again

  • capulet

    no emails for 2 days on hotmail since Thus am. receiving in coming junk mail How to resolve problem?

  • LuvHime

    pls try using other alternatives to google chrome such mozilla, explorer or edge.

  • LuvHime

    try using other then chrome. i tried on chrome and it wouldn’t open but when tried on others mozilla or explorer or edge, it allowed me to log in

  • Alison Jennings

    Hi my mail transposed the oldest date is at the top how do I amend please

  • Cardinal331

    Hotmail webmail and skype web are not working, I have logged out and in a few times, but nothing is helping

  • Kar Pay

    I cannot access my emails, is something wrong?

  • SuzzaneR

    -Hi, You may Contact Outlook :::
    Outlook support +l8OO – 585 -2494

  • lisa Jordan

    Contact Outlook Helpline – l8oo-585-2494

  • Shakeel Rana

    Hello, i can not use hotmail anymore,sometimes inbox doesnt open,sometimes you can not send emails,or even forward.whats going on please can some one tell me?

  • Alana Richards

    Hotmail has not worked for 3 days now can check my emails

  • Amber

    I haven’t been able to use my hotmail correctly. When I log in, the inbox often won’t open or if it opens, I can not get my emails to open. Also, the whole page freezes if an email opens. My email app won’t work at all anymore either. I have all my accounts through hotmail. I’ve tried new email apps, changing password, etc. Nothing works!

  • Jo

    My hotmail is showing emails are sent but no one is receiving them. Any advice?

  • Mark Bransby

    2 weeks without any hotmail. What on earth is the problem?

  • Jane Scanlan

    I cannot attach from my i phone or apple computer

  • penny

    how do you know they are legitimate?

  • Karen

    I have a email “unread” in my inbox but there are no messages unread and I can’t clear it, can any one help

  • Maria johns

    -Hi, You may Contact Outlook ::
    Outlook support +l8OO – 585 -2494

  • Frank Slinger

    Hi Edna is your outlook still down ? .

  • roni

    Do not ring this stupid number. I work in IT and the Indian call centre tried to tell me it was a network problem on my side. Really? work laptop, personal laptop on different networks and an iPhone over 4g? AAAArrrghhh!!!

  • MaryJo Fundock

    I have not been able to get into my hotmail account for two days. I use it for work and they have been sending me things but not coming thru. Is there a problem? Is there anyone we can talk to to get it repaired? Rather annoying when it is my work address.. Thank you all.

  • JefferyWann

    Hello, You can contact here >>

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494 ToII Free
    Online Care Representative for OutIook care live

  • Jonathan Waddington

    anyone else having problems,cant even load hotmail site and on my phone also wont conect?

  • Michael Rooney

    have been trying to log in for two days cant get anywhere or answers need my e- any answers

  • Barry Smyth

    Any idea what the problem is?

  • Evelyn Lee

    Thanks for the info. Kept on signing in just now but failed.

  • carol

    hi logged ok in but randomly keep getting the message I can send emails e get stuck in the out box bizarrely seem to be receiving messages ok

  • Olivia

    Hello, You can contact here >>

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494 ToII Free
    Online Care Representative for OutIook Care live

  • Larten

    Hello, You can contact here >>

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494 ToII Free
    Online Care Representative for OutIook live

  • Vintage Reworked

    My email is coming in about five hours behind. Crazy!

  • jamie perez

    i am not receiving any e-mails. is someone with the same problem?

  • Les

    I’m not receiving emails today, I tested this by sending emails to myself via my own separate hotmail/outlook accounts in London

  • Soon Eng Lee

    Cannot log in…Singapore

    Keep saying login problem. :-(#

  • Gillian

    Can’t login hotmail account in Canada! Please fix!!!

  • Roger Maxwell

    I can access outlook on my tablet but it’s not letting me in on my pc. Says the connection is not private and someone might me trying to steal info. Rubbish!

  • Sally Dixon

    Mine is down, saying password has been changed on the server, but I have NOT changed my password

  • Scott Robert Mackenzie Young

    my outlook isn’t letting me log in

  • kingdom

    Down in London since early morning

  • Frank Slinger


  • Ash

    Hotmail service is down, or at least struggling badly. Just have to sit back and wait for Microsoft to fix it unfortunately.

  • Ash

    Down in the UK here, for the last few hours.

  • kirsty

    I can not log into my hotmail account on android… keeps logging me out. On the laptop it is painfully slow. Why is this?

  • udhffh

    my hotmail wont sign in anywhere

  • Laurie Powell

    There’s obviously a massive problem with hotmail. I’m not affected nearly as badly as other people but it takes 5 minutes just to display my contacts and file attaching doesn’t work any more. I can send and receive emails though.

  • Harebella

    The following solution was provided by Outlook support when I contacted them today and it has worked for me…….”There is a possibility that this is a browser issue, so what we can try is to optimize your web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, follow these steps: Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL simultaneously and click Clear Browsing Data”

  • compton

    “it would be good to have an official communiqué from hotmail/ outlook! And to know how long this is likely to last.”

    Hear Hear to that – it’s a bleeding nightmare!

    Can’t send anything!!

  • MarkSpencer

    Hello, You can contact here >>

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494 ToII Free
    Online Care Representative for OutIook Care live

  • Phillip

    Outlook helpline number-1800-585-2494.

  • K

    Also unable to connect to hotmail either with Mozilla, IE, chrome. Smartphone gives some access.
    I see this problem has been an issue for several days and is affecting many people : it would be good to have an official communiqué from hotmail/ outlook! And to know how long this is likely to last.

  • KarenG

    I can’t access hotmail with mozilla, IE nor chrome! Smartphone gives limited access. What’s going on?

  • kidneyjoe

    my outlook is just a blank white screen

  • Ebenezer Scrooge

    5 – 30 – 2017 can’t open hotmail. bing seems to be having issues on my phone. anyone else with both issues?

  • Elvisluver63

    I have hot mail….my problem…press mail icon..page comes up welcome to mail….then a list of email options……no hotmail…last choice OTHER…..went there typed in my info….for hotmail…..up comes some IMAP crap…….anyone else with this?

  • Mike Binkley

    Same here 3rd day of nor being able to access hotmail with Firefox. Seems to work with chrome. Maybe I will be switching browsers!

  • lesley

    PS the same guy told me on the first call that he could fix it for me but it would cost £69. I declined his help……

  • lesley

    Trying to log into my email account – same message as below. Phoned hotmail support. Was told I had a virus on my computer and that I would be able to access the internet OK but anything involving secure passwords etc would be down. So, I put the phone down and got easily into my online banking account. Phoned back, spoke to same person who said they can’t help me and it is not a free service and then put the phone down on me! What is going on!!!!!!!

  • Maria Patrinou

    Second day it hasn’t worked with Firefox. Works on other browsers and on my Samsung. This is immensely annoying.

  • OB

    Firefox won’t connect to Hotmail, error SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT. Tried a different browser (Safari) and it connects OK.

  • Hilary

    I agree. Getting worried…

  • Edna Mccarty

    Down again today.This is ridiculous.All day yesterday,and it worked for about an hours toady then off again.

  • Hilary

    I’m having the same problems today, first noticed yesterday. I’m also using firefox. Any ideas please?

  • evo34

    Same issue with Firefox: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT

    Why is no one talking about this except on this site?

  • Tsunami

    Same here.

  • Jack Johnson

    doesn’t work with firefox at the moment but it does with chrome

  • Maria-Helena Miranda

    I haven’t been able to sign in in my Hotmail account today.

  • Susan Daniel

    it’s those damn Russians!!

  • Justme

    I have not been able to get into the web page. It keeps say it can not connect. Yes it is annoying.

  • Babs

    I’ve not been receiving Hotmail emails for 6 days now. Any ideas please?

  • Chudy Owen-Pugh

    I’m having the same problem Roger

  • bartcen

    does foxfire even know about this? this is nuts!

  • Roger

    Having trouble logging into hotmail today – this error message keeps appearing – SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT. I am using firefox. Any ideas?

  • me2

    I normally use Firefox. Getting the same error, I can sign in with Safari.

  • http://www.whyamiguilty.com Peter Hull

    In through Chrome but denied via Firefox. Not chuffed; I hate Chrome. Hast there been any announcement?

  • yerman

    Yea, i can access on my {cheap chinese] phone.

  • danfagenbecker

    This is my sole provider for employment…As i cant access it i work be getting any offers of work for this week.Problem seens to be with Mozilla as Google Chrome allowed me instant access!! Bring back Mozilla Firefox i have never used anything else and dont wish to.

  • allan sutcliffe

    Unable to access using google on mozzila. went on to msn found i could access. tried again then i could not access are they suffering the same meltdown as BA?

  • Elizabeth MacKinnon

    This was awesome thank you Cosmic Hobo! We rely on the email for our business bookings so no access is not an option! You are a star!

  • John

    I am unable to access using mozilla,but tried on my Samsung phone and no problem.

  • Cosmic Hobo

    If the above doesn’t work, try a browser other than Firefox/Mozilla. Microsoft Edge has got me straight in.

  • les lebourn

    Problem only just started to occur for me – but using Cosmic Hobo’s suggestion below – works (Thanks XD) – Once you found the entry – is a right click and toggle and is done – auto saves :)

  • Cosmic Hobo

    Yup, me too. Found this solution on the Microsoft community page, though, and it’s worked for me. Remember to change the setting back again asap!

    open Mozilla, type in the top window about:config, say yes. look for

    security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling. double-click it and change its value to

    since this will slightly lower your security, it is important however,
    that after a bit of time when the issue gets resolved by the site (maybe
    try again in 24 hours), you go back and switch the setting to “true”

  • Elisa Montero

    I have the same problem :(

  • Margaret

    How can you forward when you can’t even sign in? That makes no sense lol.

  • Margaret

    Really, 3 days? That’s weird… it only went down today for me, but it’s been at least 8 hours so far.

  • Mooon under Water

    Can’t sign into my hotmail/Outlook accout since Yesterday (28th May2017), Tried again today 29th May 2017. I’m getting this message: Error code: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_INVALID_SIGNING_CERT.
    Why.. and can anyone help..?

  • Jolene Cole

    So frustrating, no other way to check emails and am needing to respond to urgent ones!! How long does it take to fix?!

  • Anne Edwards

    cannot sign in Hotmail for days what’s going on?

  • Jay Buckley

    something went wrong
    Sorry, we can’t get that information right now. Please try again later.

  • martin

    Outlook helpline number-1800-585-2494

  • Najampatel


  • Steven Stefano Candita

    hotmail now dead

  • Yvonne Moore

    Have not been able to log in since yesterday it is worse today. should have realised as been having trouble loggin in for last week. why do they not sent message through TV to their customers that they are down.

  • The Mermaids Purse Blog

    Cant even get to the log in page, won’t load.

  • England Terry

    Also Skype is blocked grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • England Terry

    Cant log in says my account has unusual activity, tells me to log in and make a temp account to contact them, but it wont let me do that!
    Crap day!

  • Inspirevida

    I HAD this same problem… solution????/ forwarded to a different email.

  • Inspirevida

    This is nOT microsoft…. this is SCAM

  • Inspirevida

    this is NOT microsoft…. This is SCAM

  • Paul Mcskimming

    Sporadic emails here in Glasgow. Nowt for hours then everything all at once. Known problems? Been like this for over a week now! #pissedoff

  • peter

    cant log into my emails it keep saying cant log to saver

  • Patricia L. Logan

    I have had this problem for over 2 months, and it seems that neither Microsoft nor At&T (my service provider will help me in this situation. I am so over reading my emails from Yahoo (AT&T’s choosen provider for all things email access) and I hate Yahoo to pieces. I did nothing for me to stop getting a connection to my computer from AT&T. I have everything as of late, and I want to read my emails in Outlook. It is bad enough that I cannot download my gmail emails, so I had divert them to my AT&T account. Now I cannot connect to the internet to download my emails.

  • Rich

    Please help. Account saying mail box when it is not,
    , keeping having to log into anti spam, and entering a code. And then e mail gets stuck in draft which you cannot then retrieve and have to type again. Nightmare and ongoing fir a week now.

  • Melissa Bridge

    I’ve tried to log in to both my hotmail accounts and neither are letting me, one is linked to get new password to that email, tried that and couldn’t get into that, then received text messages to get code,changed it and still couldn’t log in. So now it appears I am blocked into getting into both my hotmail accounts. Have tried to request via a work one, awaiting that, but concerned as to why it wouldn’t recognise a brand new password straight away. Very frustrating!

  • AHP

    Hi – is anyone else having issued accessing their accounts today? It’s telling me that they will send an email to my other account with a verification code, but tried that a couple of times and no code has appeared yet?? Cheers!

  • Mickal Jackson


  • Nikki Young

    I cannot get any new emails since tues 9tb May …. how do i get them as im waiting to hear about a job

  • Annette Winkelman

    No access to email, continuous error message password or login is incorrect. Reset password several times, recovered account twice all within the last three days. No luck. All my email is hijacked! This sucks MS. I’m switching to a more reliable service ASAP.

    Just before I posted this I tried one more time to change my password and it worked! I was able to login.

  • Bob Cee

    I’m getting a blue screen with text. Only 1 button works. The 1 tagged Premium. All others just refresh the screen. It looks “HACKED”.

  • Polly Pegg

    no email access since over two hrs, again!

  • disqus_hzbSFJbA3V

    Two days now and no email!!

  • Tony McDermott

    Just rang Microsoft “helpline” absolute joke. Put me through to “technical” helpline, auto message office closed. Rang back, same idiot, said open 24/7, ring back on Friday!!! Denied any problems with Microsoft. Total waste, anyone else with problem. All I am getting is cannot connect, taking too long etc.

  • Orange

    weird thing is turning vpn on to usa seems to work..??

  • Victoria Lewis

    Hello there, can anyone please advise….?
    Hotmail somehow moved all messages to junk. I manually put them back in my inbox.
    Now, it says my password is wrong when I use my phone after I changed it when abroad as a report said someone had used it. However the new password works on a laptop. I have lots of unsent messages and have checked the new password is correct on my phone but to no avail. Any advice appreciated, thank you.

  • Alizechamp

    Hi, You can contact here >>

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  • Jeremy Saunders

    3 days for me. Can’t get into Facebook either bc it uses hotmail to log in,

  • Jeremy Saunders

    And you have to pay to have them fix it.

  • Tony McDermott

    Totally fed up with this. Tried to open outlook on home computer and got the focus message. email only loaded up to 27/04 Sorry opened it up as cannot access anything using Google, Firefox Bing etc. Message is always “taking too long to connect. Luckily my kindle allows me to access most of what I need. Microsoft get you finger out and fix. Do not impose changes I do not need or want. I am rational, cognizant human being.

  • Kennetator

    Same here. Last e-mails received via Outlook Email on 28/04/2017. Windows 10 Mail app working OK, though.

  • ElizaReaver

    Hi, You can contact here >>

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  • Dave

    Hello, You should contact here >>

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  • barry

    Change from inbox
    to any other folder such as items sent or pending. This will give you more time.

    click on the
    settings button (top right of the page its the round cog one, next to the ?),

    click on options,

    click on focussed
    inbox on the left side towards the bottom of page.

    click don’t sort
    my inbox and save.

  • Barry

    This worked for me:
    Change from inbox
    to any other folder such as items sent or pending. This will give you more time.

    click on the
    settings button (top right of the page its the round cog one, next to the ?),

    click on options,

    click on focussed
    inbox on the left side towards the bottom of page it says focussed inbox,

    click don’t sort
    my inbox and save.

  • Seasalt

    Mine was locking up in Firefox and I didn’t have enough time to get to “cog wheel” > Options > Layout > Focused Inbox > Don’t sort messages – so opened it in Chrome, which didn’t lock up, and allowed me to get to change it. Even so, the next couple of times I opened Hotmail in Firefox, it still locked up on this stupid Focused screen popup, but then stopped and resumed normal operation.

  • Julie Rossington

    haven’t been about to get mail for a week

  • Mosche Irom

    thanks for the tip. it worked

  • Jim W Gash

    open up your email. quickly click on the icon with 9 tiny square dots on the left in the blue square. when the drop down happens select mail, then open settings, click on display settings. click the “focused box”. then select “Dont sort Messages. Then select ok. That should be it. best of luck.

  • simone amselli

    My mail is in French…so I don’t know where to click…

  • Rick

    Try clicking on the Junk mail folder first – then go to settings and follow the steps given.
    Working from the Junk mail folder slows the dreaded flashing focus box so you can get the job done.

  • simone amselli

    Sophie, I have the same problem since this morning 5am and it is 3pm now in DC. . I cannot access the mail or write any mail.

  • Richard

    Hi, You should contact here >>

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  • Jim W Gash

    open up your email. quickly click on the icon with 9 tiny square dots on the left in the blue square. when the drop down happens select mail, then open settings, click on display settings. click the “focused box”. then select “Dont sort Messages. Then select ok. That should be it. best of luck.

  • Jim W Gash

    Sarah, open up your email. quickly click on the icon with 9 tiny square dots on the left in the blue square. when the drop down happens select mail, then open settings, click on display settings. click the “focused box”. then select “Dont sort Messages. Then select ok. That should be it. best of luck.

  • http://flattiresandslowboats.com/aboutme/ Tim

    I was able to get to the Settings > Options but you have to do it really quickly. Open the application and immediately click Settings > Options. Once in you should not be bothered by the stupid flashing blue ring that will not stop.

  • Chandra Sekhar

    The fix worked. But you have to be quick with clicking on the Settings icon and then Options. Once past these (click fast before the deadly popup appears and locks you out) follow the instructions and Save the changes. Thanks, John.

  • Sarah

    I have read other people’s issues, and mine are the same. However, I don’t have time to get into my settings page, because the inbox starts flashing again the focus box. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

  • Sophie Hawkins

    I must be the only one who isn’t able to get to my settings before the focussed inbox message pops up! I have a really important email to open and it’s doing my head in!!!

  • Barry

    You can get more time by quickly switching away from the inbox to a different file such as items sent or pending.

  • Huckybuck

    Exactly the same . Focussed has blocked access.

  • fran

    thank you John!!!! I have now stoped them sorting out my emails .. what on earth where they thinking…

  • Gwenda McKaig

    I’ve been having problems accessing my mail. Also a flashing “Focused” box. I did what you suggested and it fixed the problem. Thanks so very much. Very Grateful!!! . Anyone else experiencing this problem – you must do this. Terrific.

  • roger osborne

    Thank you Grahame, it works, even I, as a silver surfer did it. Brilliant.

  • Mosche Irom

    i cant do anything with my email. what do i do? there is this new stupid function? thanks whoever can help.

  • John L. Whittaker

    if anyone is having issues with outlook/hotmail go to settings > options> scroll down on the left to layout > go to focused inbox > click the “dont sort messages out” click save refresh job done

  • Suzanne Center

    What is up with the Focused folder? Cant open anything!!! My internet is fast so I dont have time to get into the settings before the FOCUSED box comes up!! OMG!!!!

  • Lorraine Tomlinson

    It worked!! Thank you :)

  • H. Waitere

    Graeme’s fix worked for me as well !!! thank you

  • Tina Jones

    Thank you, Graeme. Now we know who to come to next time! You should charge, y’know!

  • t

    what button do i hit after the button on left side of page

  • Tina Jones

    Thank you. It worked finally. I kept clicking on the settings button really quickly and clicking on options but it wasn’t giving me any options screen. I then switched the pc off at the wall after my last post here and made a cup of tea to stop me throwing it through the window. Came back, switched everything back on again and hey presto, it let me change it! So guys, there may be something in that old chestnut after all! LOL!

  • Jim

    Graeme’s fix just worked for me, too. Need to be quick to open the “settings”, but once in there is no further rush! Fantastic. So glad I found this page!!!

  • Clara Szabo

    When you get in the options menu scroll down to the category for Layout, you will find Focused Inbox there. Click on it and then click don’t sort my inbox and save. If you have to just keep reloading the page until you have time to click on the settings button.

  • Darlene Roberts

    thanks so much! that worked for me

  • Ally

    Do exactly what Graeme says to do. It works!!! THANK YOU, GRAEME!!!!!

  • Barry Simpson

    I agree

  • Tina Jones

    have tried again but no luck, when i go to settings and click on something in the menu, the menu disappears. i literally can’t do anything at all on my email account

  • Tina Jones

    I’ve clicked on settings but when i try options or refresh there’s nothing appearing in the bottom left corner to do with focused inbox. where do i go from here?

  • Mandi Quigley

    Thank you… sorted, what a life saver

  • Jasmine Zhu

    whats wrong with hotmail today!!!!/??? I will stop using this rubbish!


    Try going back to your mailbox from calendar, then selecting the options from there. Worked for me.

  • Frustrated

    Phew! Managed to do it by some fast switching, starting with Calendar – I think I went Calendar, Inbox, Settings … but it might have been Calendar, Settings, Inbox, Settings …