Outlook and Hotmail problems?

If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues with their log-in box other than password errors.


You might know Microsoft’s free e-mail service as Windows Live, or Hotmail, and your problems could be far from simple with more complicated issues in regard to receiving or sending messages.

Whatever your issue, take a look below to see the latest status reports that would reveal if the Outlook / Hotmail email service is totally down today, or having minor problems. Those of you with problems might want to leave feedback for others.


Outlook Status insight for Thursday 30th of March 2017

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Outlook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Laura Wisinger

    It been driving me mad both my hotmail account have been acting strange with pass words now i have a random note to myself i never did. Email wouldnt sent yesterday

  • Philip Stubbs

    my outlook just continues to show ‘installing’ continuously for the last 2 days! any ideas how to reboot?

  • Timothy

    My outlook is not loading

  • Jeniffer

    You may contact here>>

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494 ToII Free
    Online Care Representative for OutIook

  • Lvlh

    Haven’t been able to log into hot mail for 3 days. Waiting on important emails. Any idea when can be fixed. Today is 29/3/2017

  • Corinne bain

    Unable to move emails to folders for a few days now

  • anon

    usless fk’s bring back the Hotmail platform… outlook has and allways was GARBAGE

  • Felma

    OutIook Supports +1-8OO-585-2494
    Online Care Unit 4 Outlook

  • Nileema Scot

    OutIook Support *** +1-8OO-585-2494***
    Online Care Unit for OutIook

  • Robert DeBellis

    I can’t login to my outlook/hotmail from Safari since yesterday 3/23/17. I get message:


    Something went wrong

    An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn’t be handled.

    X-ClientId: 00085C021D0144DB8486B6A6D0BE2A9B

    request-id: 6e66f157-057d-42a5-84fb-3d866b88e03d

    X-OWA-Error: System.NullReferenceException

    X-OWA-Version: 15.1.977.23

    X-FEServer: BN4PR15CA0001

    X-BEServer: BN4PR12MB0769

    Date: 3/24/2017 1:08:37 PM
    Anyone have any ideas?


  • Noir RedRose

    WARNING: Potentially fake email being sent to Outlook customers, with links to click; it could be a phishing email by the possible hackers who caused the technical breach that affect our accounts the other day. This email (which claims to be from Microsoft support) went into my junk; Microsoft being a trusted sender would not consign their own email to junk; it does not have a Microsoft email address. I believe it be and attempt to exploit the event which caused the issues with our accounts and I would advise you to not click the links, but to go to the Microsoft website if you require the support services offered. I will call Microsoft tomorrow and post an update.

  • tamara

    I still cant log on to my Hotmail been 3 days now

  • NeeliSingh

    OutIook Support *** +1-8OO-585-2494***
    Online Care Unit

  • Kahira

    Outlook Care 1-8OO-585-2494 ToII free

  • SandraBeth

    Outlook Care >> 1-800-585-2494 << Toll Free.

  • Sharon

    I’m in Cambridge can’t send or receive on Outlook since 1pm Wednesday. My hotmail is working

  • Kerrie

    Don’t no if this will help anyone, but I’m in Essex and have hotmail, I’ve just deleted my account and then reopened it, and it has worked so please try

  • Angelique Pascaud

    Not working all day in Papua New Guinea!

  • Barry Durdant-Hollamby

    down again in east sussex – third time this week?

  • Valerie Dunbar

    Still not working in New Zealand

  • Noir RedRose

    Sorry, I didn’t see your question until just now. I’m glad your email is now working.

  • Milo

    FYI I’ve all my contacts intact at hotmail.

  • Milo

    This is what I did exactly.
    1. Deleted hotmail.
    2. Installed Outlook
    3. Used for two days
    4. Reinstalled hotmail

    And I got back all my hotmail emails. Every folder!!!! I wouldn’t want to give suggestion if I had not done it myself.

  • Milo

    I did that! I’ve got no problem. I got all my hotmail emails back. Not even one folder got missing. So what are you talking about? Did you do it? If no just stop talking nonsense.

  • Ludan Sharief

    All my emails have been deleted ? How can I get them back. Please help

  • CairaWats

    Outlook Care >> 1-800-585-2494 << Toll Free

  • Stephen

    OutIook Support >> +1-8OO-585-2494 <<

  • Tammy

    Works on my cell and desktop but not working on my ipad

  • Juliet redding

    At last working in warwickshire

  • Kimlisa

    Hurrray back on everything there I guess it’s just a waiting game

  • GR

    Its back working, from London, UK.

  • George Hovorka

    Have 2 accounts, one works the other won’t open on any device. Not on phone, laptop or desktop since this morning……WTF

  • StephLee Taylor

    When’s it gunna get resolved as I need access to my emails.

  • Shahana

    Hotmail is not working still this issue needs to get fixed asap as my contacts are saved on my hotmail!

  • Kimlisa

    Have had this problem since yesterday can’t get into hotmail on iPad but can on iPhone I have contacted support team and was told to reset account and this did nothing this is in Essex uk what a joke

  • Lisa Fitton

    Same for me :(

  • James Butler

    I keep getting Hotmail account settings out of date, have pressed fix option but keeps coming back, have lost all my contact to.

  • Ray Rodden

    The start page when opening Edge just goes into a loop instead of signing in to Outlook account and displaying news aggregation page – Corby, Northamptonshire. Same problem as yesterday so not fixed yet. Happened after doing an update to Win10 build …/969

  • Christopher Paul Ruffell

    In Mallorca hotmail works on phone but not laptop. Keep on getting a ‘settings out of date’ message on the laptop and will not sync from about 16 hours ago. What’s going on??

  • Marilyn Errington

    Anyone know who we contact about this

  • Marilyn Errington

    Down in Welwyn Garden City, Herts.

  • Kerrie

    I’m in Essex using iPad, when pressing icon for emails it just throws me straight out well not load at all argggg

  • Bob Dawkins

    Show some respect keyboard warrior… So brave throwing insults out hiding behind your PC aye… The world would be a better place without your school-ground insults… Move along now.

  • maria

    I keep getting password has expired and error code 85050003 is anyone else getting the same message?

  • old_nic

    Everything working normally after outage 07.30 UTC SE UK

  • Caroline Byrne

    Still not working in Preston UK. Glad to see I’m not the only one with problems

  • sheila angeloff

    I am finding e-mail in wrong folders, even some duplicate & not allowing me to delete them. Phone & iPad both affected but not same folders & e-mails.
    Also emails showing up randomly with no content dated 1970!
    Anyone getting these problems?

  • Sharron

    I’m in cambridge uk and I can’t send or receive any emails from my hotmail account does anyone know why??

  • Mike

    Still not working in Manchester UK for 18hrs

  • Sharon Rose

    Is it still down, Swindon wilts uk still down.

  • Emma

    Still not working in Surrey after 16 hours. I had a brief interlude where I received emails but couldn’t send, then nothing but the password issue and it’s still not up and running this morning.
    Really annoying.

  • Dawn Jones

    OK now! UK

  • Sheila Hughes

    You probably just haven’t noticed it before, it happened a few weeks back all over the world…

  • Cleanthis Constantinou

    It has nothing to do with the region you are living in; they have started fixing each email address individually


    Back up here in Oakville after several hours downtime

  • Michelle Spry

    Im in uk northeast and its still not working

  • Anthony

    Up again in Surrey

  • Florence Johnny

    I cleared my cache and cookies then it let me log in

  • Sufia Khanam

    Was logged in every 30sec i got notification saying log in with new password.I had not changed password. this was so annoying, started about 5pm
    ut wouldnt stop sending notification. i tried putting in password while logged in already. said username or password incorrect.
    I had no choice to remove account and notifications stopped.
    I switched off phone then switched it back on and then tried adding account back on.
    Now i cant log back into my hotmail account. i called network provider who gave me a number to contact. but no one picks up.
    This is causing so much stress and inconveinence. i have important emails that i am waiting for and need to send.
    Plz confirm when this will be fixed. Im hopinf this will be sorted by the morning.
    Please give information as to what has happened.

  • steven squires

    trying to purchase goods on Wilko website, will not accept my valid Hotmail email address

  • Juliet redding

    Still not working uk

  • Alan Wright

    back up here in Sussex UK after several hours downtime

  • Sara Al-Ali

    I’m back up now and receiving mail ok but every time I try and send mail it says unable to send incorrect password. What the hell????

  • Sara Al-Ali

    Back up but can’t send mail. Says incirrrct password even though I’m in my inbox and receiving mail????

  • Sudeep shenoy

    all working now

  • Noir RedRose

    Not quite, but nearly.

  • Diane Dowling

    working on iPhone but not on laptop

  • Noir RedRose

    Lols. Epic!

  • Victoria Hughes

    is this working yet??

  • gareth

    same here not working on laptop but ok on phone UK

  • Notorious_bob

    Hotmail tanked on me around 3 today. lost all my contacts. had to restore manually from memory.

  • rob m j

    what`s going on can get Hotmail on my phone but not on my laptop

  • altfactor@hotmail.com

    4:20 P.M. EDT (2020 hours GMT/UTC): Having no problems. Everything with Hotmail seems to be working okay.

    Also, no problems with other websites, as I had experienced a couple of hours ago.

  • Peter Branney

    That’s not quite correct. I pay for my version of msn – in order to get unlimited storage and no advertising. But it still went down for a few hours today.

  • Dafana McCord Ebner

    Finally back up and working!!!

  • Davey

    back up here, London UK

  • Dafana McCord Ebner

    I have a small business it has worked perfectly for years for me this way.

  • dervbas

    Back working in UK now I’ve checked again.

  • Striker

    blame it on Rio

  • Samantha

    Up and running finally. Uk

  • Striker

    i’m sorry , but you are

  • Aline Cristina

    Working in Brazil

  • Mark Williams

    Rather harsh to call me an idiot. But you are of course entitled to your opinion. As I am to mine.

  • Juliet redding

    Been playing up for weeks what a load of crap

  • Striker

    if you pay for eMail then you sir are the idiot

  • altfactor@hotmail.com

    Usually, Hotmail is very reliable and very good.

  • Mark Williams

    For those complaining about their business being disrupted by these outages – remember you get what you pay for (or not). If you really will try and run your business with a freebie email account, that’s your lookout.

  • Striker


  • Striker

    they blame everything on Russia now LOL

  • JasonEnzoD

    Have they said what happened? I mean it would be nice to know.

  • trevon james

    kool big up

  • Striker

    i like Grenades

  • trevon james

    yh are you from Grenada as well

  • Striker


  • trevon james

    back up in grenada

  • Striker

    everyone calm the fk down , Al Sharpton is working on it , he is on his way to calm sht down

  • Striker


  • Striker

    thats nice

  • Tracey

    I’ve finally got signed in now. Berkshire England

  • Alegre

    not working yet, Houston, TX, USA.

  • colin

    why cant they be open and honest and explain to us what has happened

  • Unknown

    This is an absolute disaster !!!!

  • Robert Knowles

    I’ll give it a go! Yeah it’s back!!!

  • Casper

    Ok I don’t get this I can’t access mine via IPhone but Hubby can on Samsung?????? WTF

  • Dom

    Still cant access in London on my iOS

  • https://didoscreations.wordpress.com/ MorganCourtenay

    I used it on Chrome a moment ago and it worked fine.

  • Linda Huson

    Yes! You are – LOL! Well, except now I can get into my emails too – so maybe I am in charge – ha!

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    Does anyone know whats caused this? was it hacked?

  • Jay


  • Richard Bull

    Still down in essex Microsoft are

  • M G

    back up in California

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    It keeps asking me and I dont answer it

  • Robert Knowles

    You can login to outlook and hotmail
    using microsoft edge, still down on google and internet explorer

  • Veronica Zumarraga

    Back in Quito, Ecuador

  • Richard Bull

    W a n k e r s

  • Sirrena Morris

    so it came back on, but I ran out of friggin ink grrrrr

  • Karen Lichfield

    It’s back!

  • topo

    Now i understand … I had entered my pw so many times had to reset the whole thing because of this …

  • amisfit

    Same problem and tried resetting password and when I type the code in I am sent it is not accepted and just offers to send me a another code. I am think I stuck halfway through a process and not like I can call anyone as no phone for microsoft.

  • JasonEnzoD

    I did try resetting but then it asked for verification and now its down again.

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    Back in London, UK :))

  • Ram

    Finally back up in Michigan, US

  • Vânia

    Down in Portugal :( wtf

  • Little brother

    Multiple times in the last few weeks I have had to “re-enter password”

  • Emily Morgan


  • JasonEnzoD

    On and off here!

  • Alison

    Back up in Rugby UK

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    I was wondering about that too

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    not in London , UK

  • JasonEnzoD

    Yeah that happened to me.

  • Little brother

    Is this why my iPhone has been dropping my password multiple times in the last few weeks?

  • Anabel Delgado

    It’s working in California now

  • https://didoscreations.wordpress.com/ MorganCourtenay

    Back online in Britain

  • mizfiesta

    ….and back online in Scotland, UK :-)

  • Brandi Kay Sailer

    Mine is not working in NV. It let me change my password but then gets stuck.


    Back working at Sunshine State!

  • JasonEnzoD

    Well I logged in finally then after five minutes a box came up and asked for password. I couldn’t remember it and it started sending me through hoops to reset it, and halfway through all this it went down again so I don’t wtf is gonna happen!!!!

  • Kris BjjTerrorist Watson

    still cant login – useless twats

  • mazin mart

    Up again at mars.

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    Has Hotmail been hacked?

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    I wouldnt change anything, I think its a hack


    yup, in Dudley

  • e martinz

    Fix the bloody problem.

  • mizfiesta

    I can’t access hotmail account on mobile or laptop….(Scotland, UK)

  • Popette

    email is now accessible!

  • topo

    try in a min or 2

  • Asghar Ali

    I’ve reset my account and nothing happening. Plz help ?

  • Kewbie Lau

    Down in California too

  • Asghar Ali

    Hi anyone else having problems signing in hotmail in Scotland?

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    Still not working in London UK

  • e martinz

    Still not working for me :/

  • devonal

    it seems to be gradually coming back up.. i was able to get in.. IL, USA

  • Henry

    My hotmail is down ( Toronto, Canada ). A while ago, it prompted me to change password. Now I have 2 passwords, don’t know which one is right!

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    >>>> XBOX LIVE IS UP AGAIN <<<<<

  • http://www.thefemalewitness.wordpress.org D Osborne

    Didnt work for me


    Still no Hotmail in Miami

  • Oliver

    Not working AGHGH

  • Martin Dings

    just got back in

  • Dee Ly

    Still down in Toronto . . . Grrrrr

  • Little brother

    This is news to me…lol

  • Shayconna Miller


  • k

    mine is down too

  • Alex

    That’s what she said

  • floatyb

    back up in Swad xxxx

  • George Buschbeck

    mine is down also

  • Popette

    I am getting the following error message:

    ‘There was an issue with looking up your account. Tap Next to try again.’

  • http://iphonealbania.net Jakea Hacks


  • Enji

    It worked here too .. Think it was just a glitch

  • http://iphonealbania.net Jakea Hacks

    Actually not

  • Popette

    How come yours is working please?

  • Jay

    Northampton uk, can’t play gta

  • rachel

    :-) I think theyy may be working alphabetically – I can get in with one of my accounts tht beings with ‘a’ but not the one beginning with ‘r’ lol

  • JasonEnzoD

    Yeah it was fun.

  • Little brother

    Probably just me

  • topo

    mine is working now i just refreshed the page 10 times..

  • Little brother

    My hotmail is down…..is anyone else here experiencing issues?…….

  • Donald Trump

    It’s down in Trump Tower.. god sake.. its annoying, it really is..

  • Mike

    Just got back in, can Xmt & rcv.

  • Sirrena Morris

    i’m back on in Flintshire woohoo xx

  • JasonEnzoD

    It went up, then it went down again

  • Kevin Smyth

    It will work in a bit bud

  • Little brother

    Indiana back up…..for now

  • Striker

    clear your history , it will work now

  • Tanya Johnson

    San Diego back up!

  • Oliver

    Not yet

  • Samantha Strzala

    Back oldham

  • finbar finnegan

    down here in N. Ireland

  • Rachelle Haber


  • topo

    its back up!! LOL

  • JasonEnzoD

    Mine’s up again, but my password has gone. It says I need to verify and all that crap, and it won’t let me log in.

  • The Donald

    shut up putin, your drunk.

  • Viking Mana

    Well, definitely not in Denmark.

  • Striker

    Back up in the Bay area , bye everybody

  • http://iphonealbania.net Jakea Hacks

    It gets up for 10 seconds and then back down

  • MacREP

    Back in Ireland

  • Vladimr

    Your passwords have all been reset to Password1

  • Donna

    Mines back Leeds England


    No Hotmail in Miami, Florida!

  • JasonEnzoD

    Everything is down again! It was down then it went up, and now it’s down again! When will it be fixed?

  • Little brother

    If everyone tries at the same time on every device they have….maybe….just maybe…….it will work….

  • Chesh N Smiler

    Still not working here!

  • Jay

    My account is back but can’t find my password

  • SI

    Maybe its best we dont attempt to sign in? We dont know what is going on and after what happened with Yahoo maybe its best we just let it ride until we know that the system is up and running again…. Just a suggestion!

  • Keith Bright

    Your lucky

  • Oliver


  • Vladimr

    Down for Trump

  • topo

    mine still down Montreal Canada i get this :

    There was an issue looking up your account. Tap Next to try again.

  • Marc

    Xbox Live & Skype are down too.. Annoying