Outlook and Hotmail problems?

If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues with their log-in box other than password errors.


You might know Microsoft’s free e-mail service as Windows Live, or Hotmail, and your problems could be far from simple with more complicated issues in regard to receiving or sending messages.

Whatever your issue, take a look below to see the latest status reports that would reveal if the Outlook / Hotmail email service is totally down today, or having minor problems. Those of you with problems might want to leave feedback for others.


Outlook Status insight for Thursday 19th of January 2017

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Outlook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Paul

    Unable to log-in to Hotmail / Outlook since yesterday. Come on Microsoft….loads of people are relying on you. Tell us when we will be able to get to our folders again.

  • Derek Jones

    Since yesterday both outlook com and mac outlook is just freezing after a few seconds. This being in the mail, calendar etc. In other words it’s just not working why ? When will this be fixed ?

  • Wrangler

    Report your outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494.

  • Ross

    Suddenly unable to access Hotmail on any device irrespective of whether I’m using either Firefox or Safari. Immediately prior to this all archived items disappeared, all folders seemingly emptied. If this is not some kind of temporary glitch then I’m in big trouble!

  • Di Parker

    Mail outlook. Message every time I open to see comes up with message. We are having trouble accessing your account please log in again .EVEN when I have just signed in.

  • Nicole

    Can’t get into my hotmail since jan1st 2017won’t log in. Keeps saying site not secure but we aren’t even logged in.

  • Carter Samoyed Lawrie

    I am in Western Australia and have not been able to get my email since December, am not able to get help. Do not know what to do now. So damn frustrating, this is not the first time it has happened here either!

  • Maxx Payne

    hotmail is down sinc yesterday night what is going on i cant check my emails and messages

  • Peter Baris

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494.

  • John Nickson

    Have been trying all day to access Hotmail account but without any luck. Can’t even find out on-line what the problem is..CHRISSY RAWLINGS.. What area are you in? I’m Preston, Lancashire

  • Chrissy Rawlings

    I was on outlook all morning and now for the last 2 hours I cannot get into it…. I was in the middle of sending an email and it just went off to the pager Server not found and is that way now……. I cannot find if its gone down in my area today or what its nearly 5pm 9.1.17 this is so infuriating !!!

  • Will Giffoni

    Hello, I´m a hotmail user from Brazil and since beginning of December 2016, I´ve been facing issues to log in my account. Fortunately I have also a Gmail account connected to my hotmail which I use as a backup for situations like that. So I have been used Gmail since then. Until today my hotmail still not working properly and I´m seriously thinking to delete this account to avoid more unexpected problems… I have this hotmail since 1995… But I do not trust to have all my private info controlled by microsoft.

  • Alex Clan

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494.

  • Jenni

    It’s so mince and totally frustrating… again I cannot access either of my accounts. Just says server is down or that there is unusual activity and I have to play the password game.

  • Kayleigh

    I have not been able to get on to my emails on my laptop since the beginning of December it just keeps saying there was an issue looking up my account yet on my phone I can log in straight away. Its really frustrating as it is much easier to send documents from the laptop than from my phone

  • Anna

    I really hate hotmail. I can’t open it in google chrome – before I could. I see that in 2017 google is an enemy. I can open in internet explorer without any problem (and Internet Explorer is the worst browser in the world, and I used it only once: to install chrome).

  • PenyPoe

    I contacted various microsoft/office help links – not a word.
    Come on, at least lie that all will be well!
    I cannot access outlook since Dec 28.
    I had to reset my password!
    And even after that (I haven’t messed with the password at all)
    “We’re unable to locate your account”.
    Seriously? And I can use Skype with this address, but not e-mail?

  • Tyler Adams

    I can log in, but once I try and access my email it says there was an error trying to create my mailbox and I can’t get to anything.

  • PenyPoe

    People do you intend to respond (at least to lie) that there is a glitch, so we don’t panic.
    This frustration in unbearable, lot of us depend on our e-mail client

  • Karen

    I’d have 93 emails then 20 minutes later I’d have 72 what’s going on?

  • David Powell

    Haven’t been able to get any email since 5th December. Keeps showing ‘connection problems’. Tried getting new password etc from Microsoft but keep going round in circles. No proper support or advice. Think I’ll give up any go on gmail.

  • Darek Tover

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494.

  • Jo-Ann

    I’m unable to get into either hotmail or yahoo e-mail….never had this problem before. Any know why???

  • intuitionist

    same. have remote assistant trying to fix for the past hr…

  • Phil Powell

    Just had a message saying I need to change my password which I did
    No I cannot send or receive e mails.
    Anyone any idea??

  • Kirbuno

    My android email service has completely stopped and it shows zero emails, old or new. I get the error message: “Unfortunately Exchange Services has stopped”

    I can get email via the web, just can’t get the service on my app anymore. Anybody know what’s up?

  • Stelma

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494.

  • Lisa Collins

    Getting the pop up in the middle of reading or responding to my emails on hotmail “we are unable to access your account. Please login ” then it bounces me out to put in my password again. It does this every few minutes! Any one else with the same problem?

  • Amy

    Tells me I’m offline. I’m really not…

  • Holly Archer

    Comes up with ‘site cannot be reached’ but internet working fine and works on my iphone. Is the site down?

  • S. Mary Doran


  • S. Mary Doran

    Error message for 2-3 days trying to log in

  • B. Wright

    I also am unable to print emails

  • mr patel

    cannot print any e-mails yesterday and today is there a printing issue on hotmail-outlook

  • Dave Strickson

    Cannot print any emails

  • John

    Can not get my email

  • Von

    Having exact same problem for past 24 hours and still the same

  • Steve Tovar

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494

  • david

    Mine is the same but not tech enough to be able to sort it.

  • bendigaidvran

    I can’t log into Hotmail on my laptop but no problem on my old Kindle Fire!

  • Andrew Timon

    can’t login to hotmail, says wrong password.

    tried to reset password but website does not follow thru the entire process.

    tried on chrome and edge and both browser does not follow thru dispite multiple attempts. Anyone having the same problem??

  • Pam Gooding

    Cant open emails in Outlook. Outlook is useless since it was changed, never had so many problems. You should leave well alone.

  • anthony

    cant log in to hotmail
    tried many times / whats the problem

  • Claudia

    The same thing is happening to me ffs

  • Claudia

    I’ve been trying to log in into my account today and it wont work

  • https://friendsambulancethephd.wordpress.com/ Evelyn Price

    Hi David, on my Macbook Air I just left click on the apple icon furthest left top of the page – a menu drops down with system preferences at the top. Good luck.

  • David Ribano

    Hi Evelyn. Sorry, daft question…….. but where do I find “System Preference” ?

  • David Ribano

    Is that 0800 ? Phone number ?

  • David Ribano

    I havent been able to login for two days, tried changing passwords etc, but even that doesnt follow right through to completion. Looked on the Microsoft website, and it says that all of their systems are up and running ??? How does onedd contact Hotmail to get assistance ?

  • Ed Solomon

    During the past 24 hours, I have not received any e-mails. I had someone send a test e-mail and nothing showed up in the In Box. I can move older e-mails around the site but can’t access the Help feature. Obviously there is no connection with Microsoft. Anyone having the same problems? I know it is a free service but should be more reliable. I was able to get my e-mails (private) on another site with no problem.

  • Thelma Jordan

    Report for outIook problem at 18OO 585 2494

  • https://friendsambulancethephd.wordpress.com/ Evelyn Price

    I’ve been having problems with my Outlook email in Macbook for weeks. I can log in ok, but the emails are not updating as they should and once they do after many, many reloads, I still have problems opening them … until I spotted this tip in another forum. “Go to system preferences, Network, advanced settings, DNS, and then on mine I had one DNS server already starting 192. Write that whole number somewhere and then add these two new numbers: and also: as two entries. (if your existing number (mine starting 192.) has disappeared by adding these two numbers then find the original number and add that in too). Select one of the new number entries apply changes. Effectively what I think has been done is the DNS server changed. YOU SHOULD NOW BE ABLE TO LOG INTO HOTMAIL “. It has worked for me!

  • maria furtaDo

    cant log in for the last 3 days

  • Leon Phsyx

    not receiving any emails as of today sat 10th dec 2016 via outllook office 365 mail

  • christine timchek

    Mine is weird. On my pc, an old company (unrelated ISP) email shows up. Even if I log out with that and back in, it says my actual account does not exist. However, if try and create an account, it tells me the name is already taken. The problem is on all Android devices, plus Chrome. Only

  • Stanley

    No delivery!!!!

  • Oleck

    I lost all my mail in inbox… what happened?

  • Mand

    Trying to log in on my laptop but keep getting the message ‘There was an issue with looking up your account. Tap next to try again’, any ideas how to fix this?
    The Outlook app on my phone is working fine. Thanks

  • T

    Hello AlanSugar100, sounds like you fixed the bug :)

    I understand pretty much what your instructions are except “write that whole number somewhere”…in the browser? or in the DNS section of Network?

  • T

    I’ve had this problem on my Mac for about a week now. Was lucky to gain entry for a few hours over the weekend but now its back to the previous loading bar telling me “opening your mailbox”. Nothing “opens” at all.

    Extremely annoying. Is it just networks on EE? There must be some way or refreshing/resetting browsers??

  • Rack Martin

    Report for outlook problem at 1800 585 2494

  • Greg de Melo

    You my friend are a genius lol…well done!

  • AlanSugar100

    Can only advise for Mac as thats what im using, my problem was logging onto hotmail, it would spend ages thinking about it and then display a page saying something like DNS server incorrect.

    Go to system preferences, Network, advanced settings, DNS, and then on mine i had one DNS server already starting 192. write that whole number somewhere and then add these two new numbers: and also: as two entries. (if your existing number (mine starting 192.) has disappeared by adding these two numbers then find the original number and add that in too). Select one of the new number entries apply changes. Effectively what i think has been done is the DNS server changed. YOU SHOULD NOW BE ABLE TO LOG INTO HOTMAIL

  • Lisa Jordan

    Need assistance you may caII now outIook (18OO) 585 2494.

  • Attila

    I’m in Hungary. This is most irritating. My business doesn’t depend on it, but still..

  • E Christina Dabis-Appleby

    I cannot access Hotmail via browser, but I can access it with my iPad. Give that a try,

  • Babs

    I’m only able to sign in intermittently today. I’ve had my Hotmail for 18 years and use it to manage my online accounts so my gmail can remain professional. That means I cannot reset passwords or verify accounts. >:[

  • E Christina Dabis-Appleby

    Jennifer, I have the same problem too, cannot access bills without email. I did find a work-around. Using my iPod, I can get into my Hotmail account. It’s not as easy to read or navigate, BUT, at least I can get into the account. Give that a try.3

  • WhatsMyName

    Whenever I sign in I get an unable to resolve DNS problem not just on my Pc but also my mobile phone ,it has been going on since 3 days and I really need to access my email,what is this bull***t microsoft?

  • http://www.greenlightgarage.net MrBadWr3nch

    The “1-800-585-2494” support number is a scam.

  • Leo Fetch

    Need assistance you may caII now outIook 18OO 585 2494.

  • Jennifer Hayes

    2 days and counting in Den Haag, no email which means I can’t pay bills to certain companies, can’t cancel or make appointments and no-one seems to know why.

  • Jack Shaw

    glad to see I am not the only one having issues. Half the time it won’t open, can’t access emails, can’t send them etc etc. Does anyone know what’s going on?????

  • steven

    Unable to receive or send emails on my mac through outlook, password will not work. Apple support have tried to help without any success, how much longer will i have to wait before a fix is achieved

  • SteIla

    Need assistance you may caII now outIook 18OO 585 2494.

  • Mark

    I got the same message when I tried to login. I just spoke with someone representing microsoft and apparently there was a problem with outlook’s connection to the server. I was informed that it should be fixed in 2-3 hours.

  • Heidi

    I am having password issues I enter the correct password that was working fine yesterday and it says unable to verify password and account! It did this last week also and I could only connect remotely for 3 days. I tried deleting and uploading the account and changing the password 4 times and checked my MS settings and other settings but nothing worked until suddenly 3 days ago it just accepted the same password and was working until… today. It is a pain as I like my hotmail email address but I may have to seriously think of just using Gmail from now on! I can’t mess about like this all the time

  • Leigh V

    I am still having issues with emails on my s6. i have deleted my account 5 days ago and when i try and add it again i get stuck on ‘checking incoming server settings’ – is there any idea of an eta on a fix?

  • Dave Smith

    Can’t log on this morning it’s decided that my email address and password don’t match

  • Alexander Morris

    the problem was resolved…but seems to have failed again today :–((

  • Rosanna

    Exactly the same here. Checking incoming service settings message and that’s it any advice would be great

  • Claire

    Need assistance you may caII now outIook 18OO 585 2494.

  • Diego Ponte-Lira

    I’ve bin having the same problem sins the 21st (in Curacao) and still noting from Microsoft

  • Tim-D

    I have had the issue since 22-11 I removed my Hotmail account and now it’s stuck when I try to re-add it. I just get a screen with a message saying “checking incoming server settings” and this just spins & spins. I have been in touch with Microsoft and waiting for them to get back in touch with me. Is anyone else experiencing this??

  • Tim-D

    I have exactly the same issue with my Galaxy S6 It’s getting really frustrating now!! Have you been able to fix it??

  • Huseyin Basbay

    The problem seems to have been resolved (in istanbul). Thank’s Microsoft.

  • beneyw

    cannot send hotmail as it states i reached daily limit….after 7 emails sent??/

  • Ray

    @hotmail.com is now working on my iPhone! Thanks Microsoft for the fix!

  • Andy

    Since update on Friday 18th my hotmail accounts haven’t updated any new emails. I have since removed the account and tried to re-add.. will not add now, and just has the continuous “checking incoming server settings” This goes on and on. Does anybody have an update?

  • jim

    cant log in now for 5 days any chance

  • gxmccull

    Wonder of wonders it started working again earlier today………………….. I wonder if we will ever hear what really went wrong

  • mike w

    Unable to log in in 2 x Macs for 3 days. What’s weird id that iPhone and iPads are ok!

  • claire tilling

    It’s now been 5 days , any chance of getting it sorted out soon !

  • Roberto Santiago

    Unable to logon today, requesting password.

  • samm

    unable to log in, any suggestions. It just comes up with “There was an issue with looking up your account. Tap Next to try again.

  • Richard Latimer

    not fixed for me cannot connect my hotmail account to outlook 2016

  • Scott Mitchell

    Mine seems to be working as of 11:00am this morning 23/11/16. Hope yours is all sorted now to Gus. Frustrating not knowing what the problem was but glad it seems to be resolved.

  • Kim James

    Fixed NOW! Thank you Microsoft

  • Mdf

    Follow up to my previous post, woke up this morning and my hotmail account is now working again on my iPhone/pad
    I guess I’m one of the lucky ones, as my problems only lasted 24hrs
    So it looks like patience is the keyword here
    ( not easy I know) as there nothing you can do to get round the problem yourself

  • Rebekah

    Yeah but it won’t work with my calendar app :-(

  • Rebekah

    Mine has been the same for 5 days now. Support from mobile device manufacturer and Microsoft has been atrocious.

  • Whitts

    My apple products have not been outlook syncing for about a month, Apple told me to uninstall, then re install, helped for bout 3 days. This really is getting annoying now. Why has it gone on so long. Like other people, this is my only email account and I am losing out by missing very important messages.

  • NG

    Hi everyone,
    I have a Samsung S7 and late last night got a pop up to say enter my Hotmail password, when I did it wouldn’t work. Then deleted my profile and re-install and came up with an error ‘POP3/IMAP access not enabled’
    For those in the UK, EE (mobile) are aware of the problem and there is nothing they can do.

  • Jennifer

    I’m experiencing the same issue. My Hotmail account was not syncing with my phone so I deleted the account and tried to re-add it but now it’s stating that it’s unable to reach the server. How long will this problem be an issue for?

  • Dawbes

    I can log in via the outlook app & mobile browsers but items are not downloading / synching to my iPhone mail app for ONE of my hotmail accounts. The others are working fine. Obviously the one that won’t work is the main account!

  • Jeff Manser

    I’ve also got the same problem with my Hotmail account. Since the being of Nov 16, all PCs with outlook 2016 cannot send and receive emails. I deleted and recreated the account on Outlook 2016, and it will not auto detect the account. My IPhone is still working which is a blessing!! Any resolutions would be appreciated.

  • Tim Gadia

    Having issues too, can’t add my Hotmail account on my phone and can’t access it on my laptop either. Although I was able to log on briefly on my laptop, then went offline again :(

  • Nicholas

    God I’m having problems with my mail I deleted it and now tell me when setting up Hotmail that my email or password is wrong but you’s working fine yesterday morning why is this is it cause site is down and anyone having same problems??

  • IanW

    Unfortunately, unless I know exactly which email client you are using, I cannot provide step-by-step instructions.
    All I can advise is that you find your IMAP server settings for @hotmail.com account
    and try changing the “@hotmail.com” to “@outlook.com”
    And note that this change is *only* in the IMAP authentication username and not elsewhere in your email client config.

  • Barbara L. Sully

    Is there an estimated date/time for a fix?

  • Vanessa

    I can access my hotmail/outlook account via my PC but not my iPad or android phone – unable to connect with server….

  • sam

    download the outlook app to get ur emails, i just did that and can confirm it works

  • Todd

    Same here. Error message says incorrect password

  • Cathy

    Can’t send or receive emails for almost 24 hours using Android tablet.

  • Julie

    Cant access emails on mobile at all just says cant authenticate cant authenticate. I use this email to recieve hours for work need it sorted ASAP.

  • Kim James

    Same here cannot get emails through office outlook on PC or Mobile Android, just downloaded outlook app so have something now on my phone rather than a web page but I need my calendar & contacts

  • Nicola crossland

    This is not good enough, I use my .com email for business, I can’t afford to not see my emails. Get it fixed

  • Zianra

    Microsoft is still working on the issue. Hopefully they could find a fix for this.

  • Simon

    Same as LJG. No hotmails coming through to phone (Blackberry 10). Have deleted and re-added account but to no avail. Says it cant authenthise my account to my account provider. I’m in England

  • Dianne Ackert

    Awesome, thank you! This worked for me also. No hotmail emails have come through to my phone since Nov 20th evening. For those of you non-techies out there (like me) that manage to find this forum for help and need clear instruction on how to do it, login to your Microsoft Account, click on Your Account, then on Manage How You Sign in to Microsoft, click on Add Email, create a new Outlook email address, click on Add Alias, then click on Make Primary. I then added the new Outlook account to my mobile (Blackberry Z30) and voila, all my Hotmail emails came through to my phone.

  • Mike

    I too have the same problems – access via web on both Mac and iPhone 5 – but consistently getting message password incorrect on both of these devices.
    Just not acceptable

  • Carwyn J Provis

    So I’m still having issues with outlook/hotmail!, so I went to my Yahoo account! Only thing is it keeps making me re-log in every time I change between pages, inbox, write email, search or go to other folders such as junk or emptying my trash!!! I just think all sites are probably being hacked at the moment and the company’s are trying to fight them off!!!

  • Buzz Turner

    Outlook 2016 has refused to connect to my 15-year old Hotmail account since Friday. It connects to my Gmail account fine and the web-based version of Hotmail works fine.

  • Tony

    The way round it is Google your account i.e. Sign in to hotmail it will let you in

  • LJG

    Having the same problem can’t get my hotmail account on my iPhone, it’s been two days now and have tried everything :-(

  • EAL

    My main Hotmail email still doesn’t work with Outlook 2010 and 2007 using imap or eas. The web interface works, My other Hotmail email accounts work using Outlook both imap and eas. It’s individual accounts that are screwed up. They changed the encryption method for those accounts and the user can’t fix it.

  • Susie O

    After an hour on the phone with Ms they could not help. Elevated me to someone who said since Saturday there is an Outlook issue with MSM accounts. It has to do with Outlook Connector. And the bad news is that they have no fix for it now. Told me to hope it is fixed in a future update and tonjsd the web based portal. That is no help when all of my business groups are in my Outlook configuration!

  • Linda

    My hotmail account will not update on my iPhone 6 or my Ipad

  • El

    Can you provide step by step instructions on how to do this please for those of us who don’t know?

  • Miranda

    I have the same issue. Cant send emails from my two iMacs as hotmail say password incorrect. I can access all my emails via browser but not through email. Whats going on??? My iPhone 6 emails are fine.

  • Steve

    I have two identical Hotmail accounts. One is fine on my laptop and iPhone but the other one cannot be accessed from either laptop via MS Outlook – just the message ‘Trying to Connect’ or via my iPhone. Yet both are fine if I go on to on-line Outlook / Hotmail.
    Been like this for 12 hours – any ideas? Loathe to delete accounts and having to set up mail, calendars and contacts again from scratch. Is there an Outlook problem and is it worth waiting for the fix!!??

  • Vee

    If only I had found this website earlier … terrible problems with hotmail; changed the password and could log in and read/receive emails this morning but this afternoon it wouldn’t authenticate my password on my phone or ipod but does regognise it through an App. Could read emails on iMac if I logged in via the Web but couldn’t print anything, just a blank page, and now it’s all disappeared with an error message, saying ‘try later’. Frustrating is not the word for it.

  • gxmccull

    Hotmail addresses installed in Outlook 365 on laptop not working at all. Whereas Outlook online is, however its not linked obviously to my personal contacts held on laptop. Tried all known workarounds and then noticed everyone having hotmail related issues today……………

  • nick

    We have the same problem on the ipad and iphone but not android nor windows10.

  • Margaret Stokes Reeve

    We have had the same problem for over a week now OK on laptop but can’t get them on phone x

  • joe

    Yes. Having similar problems. Cannot access hotmail from my ASUS tablet but can from my la
    ptop and curiously from my blackberry phone. I share everyone’s frustration!

  • Mark

    My hotmail was working fine last night but this morning says ” username or password is incorrect ” I know it isn’t.
    Finally got through to “hotmail/outlook ” help line, they said I had a security breach and would have to pay £100 for them to secure my email account and get it working again.
    So glad I read the comments on here, now I know it’s a worldwide problem and nothing to do with my email being breached
    Totally disgusted that “hotmail/outlook” know this and still said it was my problem and refused to do anything unless I paid them

  • Julz

    Stumbled on this website and glad i did, have been having same problems as most others, using an iphone and trying to access my hotmail account, have tried everything, first got messages saying my password was incorrect then that it could not connect to the pop3 server, glad its not just me! Very frustrating! It does work on a desktop pc or logging in via safari so not sure what the actual problem is, just hope they hurry up and fix it, my phone did a software update the other morning, wonder if that has had anything to do with it………….

  • Susan Eichler

    I have the same problem. Not on my MAC, iPhone, iPad or PC! Help! I can access vi awebmail but that doesn’t help with my email groups!

  • Wendy

    I know …. I ordered an upsize but it appears to be smaller. Can anyone help ?

  • Mac

    Whats going on ? ! …. I ordered large French Fries and Onion Rings ?

  • Russell

    I haven’t received any emails on my iPhone from my hotmail account for over 24 hours.
    I can’t send from the phone either.
    But hotmail works if I access via a desktop computer !
    Anyone know what’s going wrong ?

  • Clive p

    I have exactly the same problem despite checking that details re my account are ok. My wife also experienced this for a couple of days before it repaired itself !?

  • Claire

    I seem to receiving emails (not sure if I am receiving all my e-mails though) but I am unable to send any. This is seriously affecting my work as I run an internet fulfilment business and each client has its own e-mail. Any help…….

  • MelisaFilm

    definitely it works with changing alias. thanks

  • IanW

    I am getting the same problem which, for me, was due to the “@hotmail.com” +
    no-longer being accepted as vaild IMAP server authentication credentials.

    Instead I change the credentials to: “@outlook.com” +
    and I am now successfully able to collect my incoming @hotmail.com email messages.

    I wonder if Microsoft has been doing a login credentials clean-up and somehow lost or otherwise invalidated the @hotmail.com login credentials?

  • Sydneyspurs

    I dont understand why there is no comment from Microsft explaining what is going on and how long this will be before its fixed…or will it…if not I will get rid of every microsoft product

  • Paul

    Keep getting “cannot connect to server” have reloaded my account on my iphone, still not working, been down since 1.35pm yesterday.
    any ideas?

  • Marilyn

    yes, I am having the same problem, keeps telling me my password is wrong, which it isn’t, most annoying, can’t access emails, help

  • kate

    My iPad & macbook keep giving me the message “Mail password required. Enter your password in internet accounts”
    I managed to add an outlook account to my iPhone, which fixed the problem there, but i can’t find a way to do that on my macbook.
    Any advice would be gratefully received

  • hope this helps

    Temporary download the Microsoft outlook app to use for email for your device.

  • Sydneyspurs

    has anyone got a solution to this problem. I continually get incorrect password when trying to log in to my hotmail acct on my android phone

  • Elaine

    iPad says Cannot get mail, password or username incorrect !!

  • carnival73

    I’m probably going to have to just let my Outlook account die and switch to Gmail – everything has a Gmail focus nowadays.

  • Ann Smith

    Me too -hotmail now uses outlook to sign in- so go to apps store download free app for outlook mail and that will work- take off in settings focuses inbox otherwise it chooses what you receive- damn nuisance tho – my next phone won’t be iPhone/Apple -had nothing but probs with their damn iOS updates

  • Kelly Golby

    can’t receive email from hotmail to outlook. says server can’t connect

  • carnival73

    I appear to be sending mail but not receiving through emClient. Have removed and installed emClient fresh and now it won’t even sync
    to Outlook….

  • Jaysuper

    Same problem cannot send or receive started today.
    Thanku sixstorm2 but for those like me ( !!) I do not understand!
    Does anyone know when or if this will be fixed?

  • Maxine Glanville

    Im having problems with my hotmail on my samsung s4 mini. I keep getting a notification saying sign in failed. I can get it on imac though, so changed password on there & i still cant get on phone emails. Tried to delete the app but as it came with this phone, it wont delete! Nothing works

  • sixstorm2

    Just ended chat with Microsoft customer support, the engineering team is aware of the problem and working on it. You can use the following workaround till the issue is resolved: Create a new alias in your account (or use an existing one) and make it primary. Then log in with that alias. That fixed the syncing/connection issue I had since Friday 18th with Outlook 2016 and my Android device.

  • Zeon

    Ppl, check your pop&imap setting in your mail account (via webmail).

    If it has STARTTLS set for SMTP, then that is your issue. Cannot be changed by end-user. One of my three hotmail accounts has smtp set as ‘STARTTLS’ protocol, and low and behold, that is the only hotmail account I have that doesn’t work. The issue is identified, yet MS won’t admit it. They changed the TLS protocol for SMTP into STARTTLS protocol, which isn’t supported in any app yet.

    Above post was quoted from other website by Andy Pedrosa.

  • Paul O’Sullivan

    Identical problem here. Mac and PC Outlook apps won’t connect but iPhone, iPad & webmail fine. Come on Microsoft, sort it out.

  • http://clickmarlow.co.uk tibbz

    You can’t delete as it probably cam on the Android ROM but remove the faulty account from email and remove the icon form the front pages. Outlook should now be on the startup screen. :-( not ideal but it’s a fix and hard to support in the future.

  • j

    Hotmail 4 days now I haven’t been able to upload and send mp3 files as I have done for years with no problem. 11/21/16

  • iris

    I did the same. Downloaded a new mail service app. and it finally worked, which also gave me access to several other email accounts. Now, if only I can find a way to delete the default mail app. on my Android device, which is useless now.

  • bonesgirl

    Mine stopped working for three days. IT IS NOW WORKING. I deleted the exchange account and re-added as an OUTLOOK account and it is now working fine. You may want to try this if you are having problems.

  • Outlocked

    Every time I log on and try to open an email, I am sent to the blue “ORGANIZE YOUR WORLD” page asking me to sign up and sign in (?!).
    I click on “Sign in” at top right of page and eventually get to Inbox. I try to “ORGANIZE MY WORLD” and read an email but – guess what – it freezes and reloading takes me back to the blue screen again. This is very trying, to say the least. Is it me, or is this technical glitch widespread?

  • Gus

    I have exactly the same issue. Need guidance.

  • http://clickmarlow.co.uk tibbz

    Not receiving or sending emails on Android devices. Able to delete the account but setup again fails on authentication. Downloaded Outlook App and works fine now. Ugh! What a waste of time and effort.

  • Gwen Maynard

    I’m having the same problem. Tried all the fixes but nothing’s happening.

  • Arman Oza

    I am also facing the same problem

  • primrose

    So glad it’s not just me….For the last 3 days my email account has logged me out overnight. Managed to get in on Sat/Sun but no luck today…

  • Will

    Been unable to receive hotmail emails on my iPhone and MacBook mail for the last week! Any idea how to fix this?

  • Jamilah Rahman

    No access to emails for 3 days on my Samsung. Tried rebooting… deleting email and re-adding… only it won’t allow me to re-add as getting ‘unable to connect to the server’. Help.

  • Mike Diack

    Does anyone have a clue how we can reach Microsoft to ask for help/make them aware of the problem? I can’t find anything on the hotmail web page that seems to point to something like this?

  • Tim Towers

    I have been unable to access my Hotmail account from my iphone for three days now. I get the ‘unable to connect to the server’ message every time. I have removed and re-set the account several times, re-booted my phone, but to nao avail. I can get the emails on my desk-top computer with no problem, but not while out and about and this is very frustrating.

  • Scott Mitchell

    Can’t access my Hotmail email account on my iPhone or ipad since Friday 18th Nov. I keep getting the message “The connection to the server failed” every time I go to my email. I tried deleting the account from both devices and re-added them and have encountered the same error message over and over again. I have a second Hotmail email address that this had been happening to also but when I deleted and re-added this email address it works with no issues. Why is it that to the problem exists for one email address but not the other. (both Hotmail addresses?!)

  • John Harrington

    Why does graph not represent the 1580 comments? Unless there are afew people posting incessantly, the graph is way under representative.

  • Chiun Bin Ng

    I unable to assess to my hotmail on Microsoft outlook and phone apps since last saturday. Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue ?

  • Lokomot1on

    My account went off the grid and can not connect to the server I tried everything and gotten nothing but headaches I thought I was the only one… Now what!!!!!

  • Joan

    First my outlook account went down on Friday 18/11/2016 both on my Samsung and iPad saying Sign-in-Failed, I went through the process of signing in again a few times but no joy. Now since yesterday my hotmail account has gone down with the same problem.
    I can’t see any media reports from Microsoft apologising and explaining what’s going.

  • Abbe

    It is so frustrating, my hotmail account is down ! haven’t been able to send emails and stopped receiving emails since Friday 18th!!
    What do I need to do to fix it? PLEASE.

  • Ellen

    Unable to send or receive through hotmail since 9:30 pm EST Nov. 19, either via android or my PC.

  • Alex

    Havnt been able to connect to hotmail since Friday November 18 on iphone or ipad. Cant seem to get any info as to why. Very frustrating!!

  • Eric

    Not been able to access Hotmail on iPad since Friday – just keeps
    saying cannot connect to server. When will this stop?!?!

  • Lynne

    My hotmail .com has been Down since Saturday on phone and iPad. Does anyone know how to complain or when the server will be bck again. Disgraceful no info put out

  • Rose

    I’m having problems too. Didn’t notice it didn’t send thru email yesterday until this morning. It says my username or password are incorrect.

  • Wendy

    I have been unable to send or receive emails from my hotmail account on my Apple iPad all day today and don’t know how to complain about it.

  • Jackie

    Having problems all day today received no mail and unable to send mail.

  • jane

    just checked and microsoft say their service is running ok with no problems!!! Cannot find anyway of contacting to tell them over 1500 people cannot connect to hotmail. Can anyone else contact them in any way to make sure they know

  • Dave Simpson

    i am unable to sign into my Hotmail account on phone as it keeps saying server password has expired. Any ideas

  • B17G

    Is this affecting only iphone Hotmail? I can get in Hotmail via a browser but iphone says bad username or password

  • Ironside

    I havent been able to open my hotmail account using Thunderbird for two days now what the hell is going on geeeeez?
    Any answers would be good to hear or are they ignoring us????

  • Kelly

    Same problem. Won’t sync on phone. Completely deleted it’s self. Can’t re-sync it. Please sort it out!!!

  • Kayla Langley

    This is ridiculous!!! I haven’t been able to get my email to sync to my phone since thursday!! And I can’t post unless I do guest bc they need me to confirm my email and can’t do that if it won’t sync!!

  • claire tilling

    Still no connection after 2 days, how much longer ???

  • jane

    No connection to server notice for 2 dats now – is anything being done to solve this problem? Relieved its not only me though. Surely it cannot continue with no connection!

  • kim

    I’m having the same issue with my phone and Ipad. Won’t connect or update

  • Mike Diack

    I thought I was the only one. Haven’t been able to connect via Mailwise (my android phone app) or eM Client on any of my Windows PCs all day…. Any clues whats going on?

  • Brian

    -ClientId: 953ED19D51C44A24A9B5E4FEC43978CB
    request-id: 20353060-3795-4d5a-96e8-3a5440bcb193
    X-OWA-Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConnectionFailedTransientException
    X-OWA-Version: 15.1.734.12
    X-FEServer: DB5PR0301CA0033
    X-BEServer: DB6PR1001MB1382
    Date: 20/11/2016 13:33:14
    InnerException: Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionLogonFailed … can anyone help me ??

  • Alexander Morris

    outlook on any of my devices wont connect to my hotmail account since this morning.. other accounts are ok…..seems they have an outage ?? many people cant connect.

  • Steve

    I can access my hotmail account online but not through POP server!

  • Steve

    Sorry all but glad it’s not just me!

  • Etain Veronique

    I have had issues with this for months now…page has to load 4-5 times before I can access my email. I’ve also had major issues with Skype as they have locked me out of my account for over a week now. I really hate Microsoft. Time to migrate over to Gmail, I think.

  • Rebekah

    I have this exactly although other hotmail accounts work on my phone (Samsung)..

  • Anthony

    Can’t sign into hotmail account on Mac or PC. Only tablets and phone work. Website works. Super frustrating, get yourself sorted Microsoft.

  • Sawsan

    My iPhone won’t download mail from
    Hotmail, deleted account setup an outlook account as suggested by a comment below but still says server not responding – so infuriating!

  • http://tinyurl.com/badzi0r badzi0r

    I can’t fetch emails from hotmail on my PC’s and android phones today. It’s says that server could be down.

  • Rebekah

    It worked for me but won’t synch my calendar app – the outlook calendar is difficult to access, and difficult to use. When it synced with my Android app it went straight through to the inbuilt phone calendar.

  • Perk

    Outlook will not open my email on my Mac. It has been a ongoing problem but sometimes
    by rebooting I have been able to access my hotmail. Now nothing I do works.

  • Sheila Trout

    I cannot receive hotmail emails onto my outlook on my mac – this has been going on for days and Microsoft seem to be doing absolutely zero – they have no customer care at all

  • Claire Carroll

    I can’t send emails from my hotmail accounts on my iPhone 6. Problems just started today. Can anyone help?

  • Geoffrey Ice

    I had this problem on my IPhone. I went in and set up a new “account” under Settings>Mail>Accounts>Add Account, chose the Outlook option, and entered my Hotmail credentials. This account seems to be working properly, but the old one I had entered under “Hotmail” still won’t work. Fairly simple workaround, since Outlook and Hotmail have essentially become one entity. Maybe it will work for others?

  • claire tilling

    Can’t login to hotmail please fix

  • Frustrated876

    Unable to access hotmail since Thursday 17-11-2016. HELP please!

  • Shockme58

    I haven’t been able to access Hotmail from my PC (Outlook), or my Android devices, since late Tuesday. I am able to log directly on to the Website.

    Anyone know what MS might have changed?

  • Rebekah

    can’t sync or access one of my hotmail accounts to devices today, can access my other hotmail account on same devices, can access hotmail by pc.

  • info only

    Fake Tech Support Phone Number. This phone number is not for Hotmail, it is not Microsoft or Outlook. It is a company that spams forums trying to get people to call so they can attempt to charge them money. They cannot fix this problem. Don’t provide them with any of your email credentials, especially not your password if you use it for multiple services (a bit no no in itself).

  • info only

    No need to call this phone number. They are not Outlook. They are not Microsoft. They cannot help you. They will try to charge you money though. Fake Tech Support phone number Alert activated.

  • info only

    If you own your domain, you can use a dedicated email service that is much more professional than trying to send email from a hotmail account. Email headers provide a lot more information than you would think about where email is actually coming from. you are better off using a dedicated email provider for your purchased domain. There are even free ones available out there. Zoho is one that I use for their free email package for my domain name I own and have had no major issues with them. You setup your domain DNS with MX records of whatever new email host you choose, instructions are typically available and not too technical. Protecting your email from spoofing by setting up SPF/DKIM records can be a little more technical, but help documents are typically available at most email hosts as well. At least it’s an alternative to trying to use a public free email service to send business email. Not trying to advertise or spam anything, but there are options available to you.

  • info only

    Really? Is that the official Outlook Helpline and their direct number in your username? Wow, who would have thought. Nice try with the fake post and the sly way of attempting to sneak that in without being too obvious… wait… never mind. Yet Another Fake Tech Support Post [YAFTSP] with a phone number to avoid ever calling for anything.

  • info only

    They really should go through comments and delete ones spamming fake Tech Support phone numbers that try to charge for fixing things they are unable to fix. Calling this number will not help you, your email, or your sanity.

  • info only

    Spamming more rubbish fake support phone numbers in an attempt to get people to call and pay money for something that no one other than Microsoft can fix is rather silly. Don’t bother calling any spammed “we can help” phone number in comments.

  • info only

    Fake Tech Support Number. This is complete rubbish. No need to call them. They do not represent Outlook, they do not represent Microsoft, and they cannot help you. They will be happy to try to charge you money, though.

  • info only

    Fake Tech Support Number. They do not represent Outlook and cannot provide you any real support.

  • info only

    Fake Tech Support Number. They do not represent Outlook and they do not represent Microsoft.

  • info only

    Fake Tech Support Number, they do not represent Outlook and they do not represent Microsoft.

  • Damion

    I use outlook on my desktop to download my hotmail but today it’s asking for a password. Checked settings online and it’s set to allow pop3. All configurations match. Anyone encountering the same issues?

  • B055

    i have deleted the account but my account still wants my outlook password even though it is deleted and has saved the password when i try to log into it to remove it says it doesnt exist

  • andrea

    Please help after trying to log in and entering its doing nothing

  • Jeffry

    Need assistance caII now outIook 18OO 585 2494.

  • Gaz Burt

    Cannot connect on iPad it states connection to server failed, but only affects my account, works fine on other accounts. On android phone will not update. However can can access if I open through webpage.

  • Peter

    Same problem from 8am Thursday 17-11-16. Still can’t login – won’t allow password to be entered

  • pan

    Cannot login…..after clicking next button …nothing…..please fix this

  • Paul Motion

    exactly the same problem

    Unable to sign in to Hotmail account this morning. At sign-in screen I enter e-mail address, click next…then it just sits there trying to load. Come

  • PWD

    Can not log in to outlook mail since 11.45pm. Yesterday.
    Still no joy at 1.50 pm today. Good job the world is not run by computers. Although its getting that way.
    I have this as a back up account to talktalk, which has somehow got better.
    But outlook have got worse.

  • Ruth

    me too!

  • Janine Edwards

    Still cant login in to email since 8am in morning

  • Bernard Briggs

    Unable to sign in to Hotmail account this morning. At sign-in screen I enter e-mail address, click next…then it just sits there trying to load. Come on Hotmail sort it out!

  • Bob

    Am unable to access my e-mails (Hotmail) via the mail app on my PC. Also cannot send e-mails. I can see all my mail on my iPad. can anyone shed any light on what is happening?

  • subsist

    I am unable to open my hotmail from morning. is there is any problem? when it will be normal?

  • Mark O’Brien

    I haven’t been able to log in since 6pm yesterday.

    Will someone please fix the issue.
    Un installed then installed ap on all devices.
    Can’t access via laptop or tablet – phone.

    South London

  • Ruth

    I can’t log in at all today!

  • Sam

    I can’t access my hotmail account since yesterday,there is clearly a big problem .Can you please let us know what is going on.
    Thank you

  • cphipps540

    Hello. I am having the same problem. I can receive email via hotmail but when I reply or attempt to send email, it goes into my Outbox and does not send. I can send and receive email via Outlook. I have tried this on multiple computers with the same result. The outbound message goes into the Outbox but does not go out. Any ideas

  • Kimberly O’Hara

    Can’t get my email from my IPhone

  • Rozeritta

    Need assistance caII now outIook 18OO 585 2494.

  • Thurston Howell the Third

    I can very rarely access my account now, although my phone always work with outlook. Neither of my Macs work with Outlook anymore. Always get cannot connect server message. Are Microsoft so arrogant that the can’t be bothered to fix the problem? Just fix it you dickheads.

  • Ashoka

    cannot access from desktop, but can be accessed via android phone. this is happening since this morning
    does anyone have an idea what is going on?

  • OlgaNM

    It worked Ok for about a day and now not able to access from desktop again

  • Nadia

    I cannot access it on either desktop on mobile device.

  • OlgaNM

    I can access on the phone but not on desktop, although I was able to earlier on.

  • Mark Cervantes

    I can’t access my hotmail account on web and even through Outlook desktop. However, I am receiving emails just fine from outlook in my Android phone.

  • Teresa

    I have the latest version on my new laptop n I’m having troubles logging onto the web today is this a problem n other places

  • Anna Marti

    Having problems for two days accessing hotmail from my IPhone 6. Keeps telling me to change passwords.

  • Rose Williams

    I’ve had problems with hotmail/outlook for over a month now. I can’t log again this evening. I get the impression that Microsoft don’t want to run this service anymore. Maybe they think everyone will leave if they make it bad enough. Well they have succeeded with me – I have set up a gmail.

  • Alexendar

    Complaint now on outlook at 18OO(585)2494 ToII free

  • http://www.MRCAS.co.uk Murray Ambler-Shattock

    Hotmail has been problematic recently, ‘too busy’ ‘can’t connect right now’ etc. after 9pm in UK for week or so, but noticeably bad this last few days during the working day. As a paying customer NOT impressed!

  • Jaime Beltran

    Been trying to setup my Hotmail account to my phone but won’t connect. tried on my desktop but still the same. Hotmail servers are probably down. Dam,… need my e-mail.

  • MB

    Taking ages to open main outlook page later blue bar filling and filling and nothing. No access to my hotmail mail:'(

  • Mel Smith

    I am getting access to my hotmail via the mail app in iPhone but when I try to log in on the desktop its not happening. And I need the desktop view to see certain folders :(

  • Bob Simms

    Changed password, now it won’t accept it on any service. Changed again, same thing.

  • william Phillips

    wont let me into hotmail to check my emails, keeps switching to outlook and telling me to sign in …which I cant!

  • Chris Born

    Are the Russians behind this? Or maybe ISIS is offended by the name “Hotmail”? I keep getting prompted to change my password. I change it and I get prompted to change my password.. I change it and I get prompted to change my password.. Am I insane?

  • Jessica Hindle

    Who did you contact? I’ll contact them about mine. Thanks

  • ian franklin

    Yes, mine is fixed. All down to the DNS server as this happened after I changed internet provider. Interestingly, my notepad has the same problem, but the Mac is fixed. This was done by theirproduct service people.

  • SS

    It worked for a period but doesn’t help any longer. So forget adblock.

  • SS