Outlook and Hotmail problems?

If you are running into Outlook or Hotmail problems, then you might find the service totally down today via their website, Android and iOS apps, or through other services. If Outlook.com isn’t experiencing an outage, you could be having sign-in related issues with their log-in box other than password errors.


You might know Microsoft’s free e-mail service as Windows Live, or Hotmail, and your problems could be far from simple with more complicated issues in regard to receiving or sending messages.

Whatever your issue, take a look below to see the latest status reports that would reveal if the Outlook / Hotmail email service is totally down today, or having minor problems. Those of you with problems might want to leave feedback for others.


Outlook Status insight for Tuesday 21st of February 2017

If Outlook is down today, then reports will be found below.

Outlook Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jyotsna

    Outlook Helpline l800-585-2494

  • Alan Jones

    Tried Logging into outlook through google I had no problems

  • Ann Smith

    same has happened to me today now my account has been blocked, everything goes to that email so gutted

  • Ann Smith

    tried my Hotmail today and I kept putting my password in…it kept saying wrong password. went through all the rigmarole of identifying myself and now my account has been blocked. Not happy

  • Ted Lessler

    Cannot log into server on all 3 of my computer….maybe more. Been down most of the day.

  • Heidi Gedanitz

    i called tech support they wanted to charge me 50 bucks to regain acess to my account for hotmail when asked to speak to this oersons supervisor was put on hold for thirty minutes and eventually disconected … had acess to my hotmail 2 days ago now i cant do anything plz help as my life is locked into my account important docs , photos etc…

  • …and I saved the day.

    cannot send/receive emails in hotmail account. outlook and msn accounts work fine. this is not a computer related issue as that has been checked. also cannot send/receive on iphone.

  • Christina L. Arends Gaskill

    I cannot access my email. Saying wrong password. So I goto reset password and it freezes. What is going on?????

  • petroldiesel

    I cant access my hotmail email. Everytime i sign in, it shows up someone might using my hotmail account, then i change the pass, and u know its been 6 times i changed my pass and never worked out…is there someone having trouble like me?

  • John

    I cannot access the lottery, they say I am not in the UK. I amm a computer numpty. Is there an easy solution

  • Peter.Baris

    Outlook Helpline l800-585-2494

  • Viola

    Why has got mail stoped.Cannot access my emails.

  • Colin

    I’m showing up to 80 emails in both the ‘junk’ and ‘trash’ folders, but have no emails when opening the folder.
    When I receive 3 or 4 emails they’re added to the count until deleted but then the count rises for no apparent reason.
    I’ve deleted the account from both iPad and iPhone which clears the problem, but it starts to return shortly after reinstalling the account.

    Any ideas?

  • Ute Mack

    I deleted the bookmark and it worked. Thanks so much for your help everyone!!

  • Akamplished

    I still can’t log in. I’ve tried the suggestions in the comment but still have had no success

  • suze

    OMG! BRILLIANT! Thank you!

  • Freefall

    SO glad this has helped others .. After a LOT of brain twisting I realized that this possibly wasn’t a technical issue after all but a brain issue .. We were all in the right neighborhood but just knocking on the wrong door ..
    Of course !! .. If the book mark was taking us to a particular door but the lock had been changed then no one was going to get in .. Change the key .. bookmark !!!! .. Once you have done this the new book mark WILL hold and access will resume normal .. Please let me know if this has worked for you .. I ONLY joined this forum to execute the solution and share with others .. I too get a LOT of emails .. Cheers !! (now we can ALL get on with our lives)

  • flossy @ home

    Works brilliantly! Thank you so much – I would never have worked this out on my own:)

  • Freefall

    Ok .. after spending 5 hours trying to sort this out .. I finally got it .. If you have bookmarked your current email address and are clicking on this to access your Hotmail account this appears to be the problem .. Because this is a reset configuration issue .. you have to do this .. Delete your bookmark .. Go into Google .. type in Hotmail sign in .. type in your details and it should get you there .. I had no trouble ONCE I had figured it out .. Thinking logically .. if Hotmail has reset the configuration details .. then of course your book mark is not going to get you there .. Its a new setting .. So .. good luck folks .. it worked for me .. Ps .. THEN bookmark the NEW site .. Cheers ..

  • Israel Solis

    I got a “Your connection is not private” error when attempting to open Hotmail today. I have the extensions HTTPS Everywhere to force secure connections, as well as uBlock Origin. Disabling those extensions did not help the issue. I was able to use my email via my Google Pixel which had my gmail (back up) and my hotmail merged into one inbox, letting me see past emails, but not new ones (I may have not received emails today, but I usually find around 20 emails from various sources in my inbox on any given day).

  • sue

    I keep getting “your connection is not private”. I was checking my Hotmail email, went to another site then came back a few minutes later and got this not private message. Now I can’t get to my email at all. What is wrong and don’t give me a lot of things to do to fix it.

  • topgun

    will not open says there is a problem with this websites security certificate. so if it does open how do I now it will be https ? maybe some one can email me @ my Hotmail acc.!!!!!!

  • Lawrie

    I can’t get logged in to my hotmail account, am waiting for job reply! This is very annoying( and costly if I can’t respond! Help!

  • AMA

    can bring hotmail up on screen (mac) but cannot open any mail -also cannot log out …. any ideas?

  • Ильхам Бинт Сирин

    hotmail is not working while all other internet pages load; this has been going on for a few days at least.

  • MW

    outlook is a nightmare and I wish I had never started using it. my Hotmail information via outlook has changed today for no apparent reason and I cannot see my inbox or sent box. Problems with my work email says there is a problem and to fix it I need to confirm my password … I have been doing this daily for the past week! I will never use outlook again and will only use apple products!

  • TP

    I have been experiencing many problems with my hotmail email for the last week!
    It started duplicating emails.
    Not allowing me to delete certain email in my inbox.
    Have this message keep coming up..
    No Sender with the date as 01/01/1970 or 01/01/2001!
    When I am able to delete an email the No Sender message comes up. WTH is going on ??

  • jwc

    not able to send emails ,says i am not connected,rubbish working fine with gmail,7th feb

  • Maxx Payne

    finally came back but still glitchy

  • Wilson

    Outlook Helpline l800-585-2494

  • Nancy Andrews

    Problem using valid password in tbh desktop and tablet.

  • Nick

    No sync to my hotmail account from 2 different computers ruing Windows 10/Office 365. Unable to add hotmail account to 3rd computer – keeps rejecting valid password.

  • hell

    problem login. what hapenned?