Origin and EA status for servers

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games. Thanks to the reach EA has with both sports games and other titles, if the servers are not working it will hit franchises like FIFA, Madden, NHL, and many more.


If EA servers are down again, then you will see status reports below and of course add yours with the game name that’s not working along with your region. This will reveal a pattern in some cases, or at the very least show what games are impacted by the latest outage.

One of EA’s biggest first person shooter games is Battlefield and as such, any major downtime with EA servers and Origin can certainly impact this title as well. Official status updates for Xbox and PlayStation can be access via this page, so leave yours and connect with others through official channels.


Origin and EA Status insight for Tuesday 25th of October 2016

If Origin and EA is down today, then reports will be found below.

Origin and EA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • parabola6966

    PSN down aswell WOW………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  • parabola6966

    Lol servers down Batt 1 launch day. Remind me again why I buy EA games??? You need to pull your finger out you useless twats…….

  • Diablo666

    Still no further forward with any real answers as to why the PS4 bf1 servers are. PT working

  • Frustrated PS4 user

    EA, you are epic FAIL!!

  • chand

    does anyone know when they will be back up??

  • chand

    does anyone know when servers will come back up??

  • chand

    Stupidd serverss downnn why do they have to do this on a weekend wth man

  • Liam

    Says you will be unable to access any online features until you sign in to ea servers again but won’t let me sign in

  • Liam

    Same happening to me

  • Luis

    Is EA servers down for ps4? Because i can’t even connect says “you have lost connection to the EA servers… etc”

  • TheUnconnectables

    Down for a reason or down due to a ddos?


    No i managed to log in back to Origin,but the battlelog still is down !


    I can’t sign in on origin and battlelog just gives me log out and says to come back later so anyone knows what is going on here

  • Simon

    Well that is just fantastic, I wanted to play for a couple of hours thats all I ask for and you go and decide to take EA servers down. Knuckleheads.

  • Maxine

    EA servers are down, is this because Battlefield 1 and FIFA are undergoing maintenance right now?

  • Paul

    2 days now and i have not been able to play FIFA 17, thanks EA servers thanks.

  • Joao Miguel Anjos

    Haven’t been able to log into Dragon Age Inquisition servers for nearly 5 days now…

  • Robin Simmons

    Yes, Simpsons Tapped out. Unable to login for 2 days now. Please help ….!!! I have been a player since the game began and spend real monies. Message: my password is incorrect, and today something about credentials.

  • gabriel

    still down? i tried to start need for speed yesterday and when i go online and i got a message it`s say “connection to origin.Applicatio will shut down”

  • Robert Prisc

    Where are my statistics Battlefield Hardline

  • James O Driscoll

    fifa 16 sever down neatly 15 days wtf like rep ireland here

  • Terry

    Nhl 17 wong load profile anyone else have this issue

  • Chasbo1

    EA Scrabble down all day. Can’t log on.

  • Stacy Herbert

    My son is trying to access fifa 17 ea access trial and it’s not working any ideas why it just says something had happened at our end error 1?

  • Eazel

    Bf4 no servers on browser screen, tried all filters. Xbox one

  • hiredranger2014

    Down again for many people. You can log in but you do not see your library and all of your games have vanished. Partial connectivity during the day but basically unusually for many since 17:00 or so CET. Spoke to friends, none of us can log into BF4 or see any other games. No idea what is going on.

  • Joflex2009

    Anyone knows what’s going on with origin

  • Joflex2009

    I can’t connect to origin to link me ea account to Xbox live

  • Cleve Vernard Wilmot

    Still no star wars galaxy of heroes nor Simpson’s, and my PC origin looks to be dead. No no era games at all. Their severs are not online at all from what I can see. I’m in Nashua new Hampshire u.s. east coast.

  • EmilRutkowski

    DAI, PC, Western Europe. Can’t even play SP because it won’t load my DLC due to the origin issues.

  • Noneof yourbuisness

    People of the land…here my battlecry….we must stand together and demand a free game…we are paying a subscription to go online for servers and they can’t even give us play time…let’s start a vote.

  • Noneof yourbuisness

    Pisses me off…they charge to go online…they charge over the odds for games…always going off line….I should of bought an Xbox one.

  • kieran hewitt

    uk is down :(

  • JaviWan

    I supposse it must be down because Battlefront is unable to connect and even the origin app

  • Matt

    Yeap Me to BF4 Bad update to origin i suspect

  • abdul hakim

    I cant play bf4 right now , is the server down again ?

  • NeoBeDouiN

    BF3 is down in Portugal.

  • Dean

    I’m also dealing with this. I’m west coast, USA.

  • Jade

    exact same thing for me right now…i’m on the east coast

  • Razer61

    EA servers for Mass Effect 3 are down atm. Whats even sucky that I can’t even play sp cause it needs to “authorize” my dlcs.

  • Martyn Crowley

    battlefield 1 will not connect again

  • Andre Imonone Williams

    i play fight night champion and ea wont even connect to THAT game !! :(

  • Ben Wright

    I cant even get the reset password email as that what was wrong at first taking for ever to fix it can you get in yet?

  • Bill

    Last night (Aug 31) I could at least load Origin but of course could not load any Battlefield games. This morning (Sept 1) I can’t even get Origin to load

  • Liz

    Can’t connect to ea server for garden warfare 1 or 2 but can for fifa16. Is this something I can fix or a problem with the server?

  • Martyn Crowley

    come on ea sort this problem out they should extend the battlefield 1 game for a extra day

  • Simon Grefbäck

    all got the same problem

  • Simon Grefbäck

    read under

  • Martyn Crowley

    cant log in to origin or go online to play battlefield any one got the same problem

  • Ben Wright


  • Simon Grefbäck

    Yes they are ddos by Poodle corps as Egil Gavelin Perker said

  • Simon Grefbäck

    yes the are ddos by Poodle corps as they said #Ben wright

  • Ben Wright

    Is origin down my password dont work nor does change password

  • Egil Gavelin Parker

    hopefully tomorrow, sorry for caps :)

  • Egil Gavelin Parker

    i have no idea

  • Simon Grefbäck

    When dose they fix it?

  • Egil Gavelin Parker


  • Egil Gavelin Parker


  • Simon Grefbäck

    is the servers down or is it just me?

  • Egil Gavelin Parker


  • Egil Gavelin Parker

    Its a ddos attack

  • Jeff Boyington

    EA! I could KILL you! I don’t want the BETA ! But now I can’t play BF4 ! Why? Servers are overloaded trying to DL a beta? Geesh! Really!?

  • Egil Gavelin Parker

    Its a group called Poodle corps who has done a ddos to all of EA and Blizzard servers

  • Zenon

    Can’t login in on an origin account platform, i guess too many players played the Beta.

  • vlad

    help help help i get this mesage …..you will not be able to use the online features in fifa 16 inless you create an EA account .Got to any online area of the titile to try again

  • Lol Lol


  • William David Barrios-Lee

    Idk whats wrong with my madden 17 but every time i try to play the game it gets stuck in the loading screen & i literly bought madden 17 last night ! – Lake Tahoe,ca

  • Jacob

    We have the same problem, does anyone know how to solve this?

  • Darius

    I have the same problem “Could not connect to the server, please try again in a few minutes.” wtf??????

  • Bob

    When I try to log into my Origin account it says “Could not connect to the server, please try again in a few minutes.”

  • MJ

    I haven’t been able to get onto The Sims 4 gallery

  • Toni

    Yes! Thought it was just me.

  • Tammy Jephcote

    anyone else the sims 4 gallery down?

  • CEC84

    Fix it Swedish muslim cocksuckers

  • Ouroboros_1977

    I’m back on now

  • ben

    Even fifa??

  • Nick Chanas

    That’s when you know you’re becoming an old fart :)

  • James Bland

    Yes 2d games playing on your own on a shitty TV was great!

  • LifeOfWorld

    you welcome, good game)

  • LifeOfWorld

    man, I appreciated if you provide a link) thank you mate

  • Ayan Mondal

    yeah now i can………thanxx mate for the info

  • LifeOfWorld

    and now?

  • SpX

    obviously they are aware, check their twitter support page

  • Ayan Mondal

    nope cant login to origin

  • LifeOfWorld

    back online! you can try

  • ben

    Cheers lifeofworld

  • Ryan Hooley

    No mate about an hour for me now.

  • LifeOfWorld

    ben, my all games in origin is not available. Origin went to offline mode and that’s it. Unfortunately the guys might be know about the problem, because we are not able to tell them about it.. It’s ridiculous

  • LifeOfWorld

    Guys, why I cannot reach to support team? My request is loading and stuck, it’s not good at all!! I think, it’s a good idea to send an email to users when the server will be live. Or the functionality to allow players wait the email for letting know the the server back online. And I am not happy that the support just anavailable. In my way of thinking the origin is down actually. Anyway what I should do? I don’t want to check that out trying to login every 10 minutes. Please make note and do something in this case, thanks, and battlefield 4 is the best anyway 😉

  • ben

    Can anyone get on FIFA 16

  • Ayan Mondal

    its showing technical difficulties

  • M Richardson

    I managed to get into origin and no still cannot play SWB

  • Ayan Mondal

    can you guys login in origin or battlelog??

  • Ouroboros_1977

    Offline UK as well

  • Ayan Mondal

    down here in india also……………cant even login origin, nor bf4 battlelog

  • Demilobstar

    still cant go online in origins

  • Jeebes

    Down in the netherlands

  • Demilobstar

    well it randomly just logged in now

  • Demilobstar

    Down in canada

  • Nick Chanas

    I miss the old day where you could just stick a cartridge in a machine and play…

  • waluigi7

    Here in Spain servers are down, too

  • John

    down in the UK too, website says everything is online though

  • Fresz

    Poland servers are down.

  • jarhead-cod2

    I can’t connect to Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 4 as well as to origine from Germany. What happened?

  • someone

    Same on israel

  • Simon Robinson

    Cannot even play battlefield campaign FFS!!!

  • ben

    Yh same here in uk,not letting me on any online game

  • Nuria

    Spain down too it seems, come on…

  • CM3

    Can’t log in FFS

  • Joe Byrne

    Can’t use online features unless I create an ea account!! I’ve got one I was on Fifa 16 two hours ago!!!!

  • tiffany_marie

    I can’t log in! All I wanna do is play sims, I have it downloaded onto my mac not on a disk, I can’t play without origin :(

  • ElColonel

    *not even in offline mode

  • ElColonel

    NYC down – can’t login at all it does the “server down” report

  • Marcel OLI (Marwopl)

    In poland the same

  • Mind Stroke

    Cannot get on the need for speed servers either been about 1 hour for me in the uk

  • iSoClose

    in Germany down can’t login

  • rico

    same here in south africa cant login to bf4 or origin

  • GuitaristGriff

    yup, this!

  • Rory Keogh

    Starwars Battlefront – Can’t connect to EA servers – xbox Victoria BC – – GEt on with it EA.

  • down

    Is down*

  • down

    BF4 Server Ps4 is the at the moment. “Connection to EA Online was lost” Spam

  • Andrew Richard Sauve

    the downs ? for bf4

  • Matthew

    Can’t load BF4 on my PS4, gets stuck on the opening rain screen with the loading bar at the top right

  • aapaap

    BF4 down??

    when trying to get in a game, it said the game didn’t boot up properly, and after that message I wasn’t able to get in the Origin servers anymore….

    its 21:45 here, someone else having this problem?? ( I’m in Europe, Holland)

  • Welshmun

    Garden warfare 2

  • Duane Mcl

    Well this sucks any idea when this will be back up

  • Klay Thompson

    Star Wars battlefront and BF4 are both down. Haven’t tried 2K or FIFA yet

  • supernathanho Jonathans

    fifa 14 ea server down in kenya, cant login nor connect playstore for purchase for this android phone of mine

  • BFFs Engineer

    Yeah on ps3 too

  • Amnaya Paudel

    ea server down in Thailand

  • XxredspydaxX

    FIFA 16 says EA Servers are currently down. This blows!..

  • Lewis

    Battlefield 4 servers down on ps4

  • Bevan Mudge

    Can not play plants vs zombies garden warfare on Xbox 360 all I can play is garden ops nothing else it really disappointing is it a ruse to make everyone play gw2 will we be waiting for a couple of months for them to fix it who knows I live in Australia and a lot of people are getting very disappointed as the multiplier for Xbox 360 plants vs zombies garden warfare is not working been about a week or two so far,please fix it.

  • sobuj6

    i can’t connect with ea server in my game . i don’t know how it works , what do i do ? plz help . ohh i am in asia .plz help. thanks

  • Dicehunter

    I know like 20+ muhammed ahmeds just in my town, I’m just curious but do muslim parents have no imagination with names ?

  • Dan

    Same here BF4 stuck on load screen says Lost connection to EA servers

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    And many players Facing
    Same problem Servers are Down?

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Battlefield servers down cant join game in BF3 says no contact from EA online

  • Douglas walker

    Wont allow me to log in for fifa 15 or 16 online

  • Aczec

    Can’t log in to origin fifa 15 and its asking me to update my email account of which the same suggested email is also very wrong n not mine. What the hell man….. The only reason I play this game is the online part of seasons. Fix this you guys.

  • Adam

    can’t sing in to my dragon age EA account

  • Kale

    There is a maintenance yet I am still bidding, how come this is happening then?

  • Peter

    5 long hours for the fifa maintenance, this better be some great update that’s all i can say.

  • Kieron

    FIFA 16 Ultimate maintenance is underway, it started at 6am UK time and is expected to last until 11am. This is for all platforms.

  • Chris Borg

    I have just got the UFC 2 game on the ps4. I am trying to download my gamerface but it keeps saying i need to be connected to both ea servers and ps network. Which i am :S Can anyone help?

  • Chris BrightRaven

    It took me 10 seconds after typing my first report to figure it out. *sigh* I’m an idiot.

  • Chris BrightRaven

    Okay I got it to work. Instead of clicking the yellow log in link, I had to press the log in link in the top right corner and then I was able to log in.

  • Chris BrightRaven

    Can’t sign into Battlelog. Origin is working but I just can’t access Battlefield 3, 4, or Hardline through Battlelog because when I try to sign into Battlelog from the choose game page, it will have ” Problem contacting EA Login, please try again in a while
    ” in a red notification box directly over the sign in and game links. Ugh, just let me play the damn game EA!!! I payed good money for it!!!

  • Andrew

    Are UK servers down? I can’t connect to my battlefield for ages now

  • Rreelentless

    can’t connect to my account on dragon age inquisition

  • Barry Dillard

    Battlefield games will not connect to servers in West USA

  • http://missneekole.wordpress.com Nicole Danley

    Dragon age isn’t connecting today

  • KG

    Keep getting kicked off after match ends on Star Wars Battlefront online

  • Brown Person

    I haven’t been able to play any UFC online against ANYBODY…My Xbox just tells me the session failed to load…IT’S BEEN 2 MONTHS…PLEASE HELP ME PLAY THIS UFC 2

  • Azas

    Star wars battlefield and fifa 16 are down due to ea servers.UK

  • Justin Caldwell

    – Dragon age Inquisition
    – madden 16
    – rory mcilroy pga tour
    – NHL 15
    – nba live 15
    – fifa 15
    – need for speed
    – EA UFC 2
    EA servers are not working for any of these games. I am paying for EA access, yet I cant play online at all. I just bought EA UFC 2 and I can’t even play the ultimate team mode. Most of these games are of sports that I grew up as a fan of. Most of these sports have given EA exclusive deals, so I can’t go anywhere else. EA needs to fix this situation before all sports fans just give up all together.

  • Rob Deaville

    can’t join any EA server, why do I pay for EA access when I can’t play any of my EA games??

  • arendjan

    havin trouble joining game with friends
    and battle log

  • Fience

    can’t even access battlelog

  • Chris

    NHL 15 down in Toronto ON, Canada since bloody Friday Feb 26th!!


  • roscoross1990

    Dragon age inquisition- servers seem to be all over the place today can’t connect to any games

  • MaHDi QtR

    FIFA 15 down in Qatar

  • J

    If you get the message you cannot use the EA features until you have an account and you already have one. Sign out of your Xbox live account then load Fifa 16 while signed out then Fifa asks you to sign in do this and it will resync your Fifa 16 and should work it did for me.

  • J

    Found a easy solution

  • Nim

    i cant even log into my account


    Is anyone else unable to log into the servers of the Steam Version of Spore?

  • Rósa Edmond Gunnarsdóttir Ande

    Many problems in Norway tre past weeks :(
    To day is not working

  • Jmac Natural

    Nhl15 Xbox 360 can’t connect to eat servers in Cali, USA. My cousin is online playing OTP as we speak. So he has access. We live in the same city why cant I get in?

  • Luke Smith

    have you found a fix yet?

  • Canadianhockey17

    Nhl 14 ps3 down alllll day. Kickedout in the middle of 6 NHL HUT season games lost many contract
    games attempting to play throughout the day.

  • bmendy

    NHL 16 down xbox one columbus ohio. this is some BSSSSSS

  • Noyan Slamiya

    Fifa 16, Astana, Kazakhstan, unable to connect the ea servers 3rd day in a row! So upset ( do something, EA!

  • Didi

    Diditrek–My computer shut down and I was not able to get back online today. This happened to me yesterday but I thought that I fixed it. I guess the server just came up. Restarting and shutting down did not help today. Playing with the online is chopping when giving commands in sims 4 and is irritating me greatly. Wisconsin, USA

  • Digital Alchemy

    PC – bf4 , I thought I just been suspended for swearing at a hacker ,but I’m assuming it’s down ? England

  • lewis

    Fifa 16 xbox 360 Wales

  • Corey

    Servers still down. I called customer service and he had clue what so ever. I told him its been a week and he said restart your system. Did that and it worked for 2 mins then kicked me off while I was still on the phone with these people. He still had clue. Come on people get it together. How hard is it to do your job? I mean it is your JOB right?

  • ianclevettdesigns

    Cant connect to EA Servers Fifa 16

  • beth

    it has been two weeks, seriously? i just want to play Sims 4
    rip world

  • Sebbi

    Star wars battlefront! i cant connect to ea servers

  • Adam

    FIFA still down in England. Not working for few days now

  • sam-wise

    Dragon Age Inquesition multiplayer and login server is down for me

  • jesper

    Battlefield hardline
    the Netherlands
    i can’t connect to the EA servers

  • rikardo

    dragon age inquisition

  • Niall

    Fifa 16, Ireland Still down

  • Devon

    Are you sure? I’m out at the moment.

  • Legit gaming

    There back on

  • Legit gaming

    There back up guys!!!!

  • Devon

    how when servers are down? your properly just trolling.

  • Devon

    I doubt it is Christmas hackers, just servers

  • Jack

    Guys i’m connected now to Fifa 16

  • jase237t

    Looks like the Christmas Hackers are back in! Same thing happened last Christmas too. EA, you need to use better firewalling. The extortionate amount of money you make from us & you leave us hanging. Sort your act out!

  • UrMom

    UGGGG I want to play MUT

  • Legit gaming

    EA servers are down and probably will be for a while

  • Clive E. Hart

    I’m in London and attempted to play need for speed but no luck, hoping the servers arendown too long

  • Devon

    tom ea servers are down and will be running in 6 hours

  • Devon

    just got of the phone to ea adviser and he said the servers will be up and running in 6 hours

  • DJ Marz

    Madden is down also in the Cleveland area.

  • Devon

    are EA servers down or something? because every time I try to go on bfh multiplayer it saids – you have lost your connection to PSN and thus lost your connection to the EA servers. please check your Ethernet cable. you will be unable to acces any online features until you sign in to psn and ea severs again. and then it saids that I must be signed in when I am. is the servers down or has my account been hacked please help!

  • Jack

    Nice.. i just bought it…..

  • Legit gaming

    Read down dude

  • Jack

    Am i the only one who can’t connect to the account in fifa 16 on ps4?

  • Legit gaming

    Mostly all EA big hitting games are gonna be down, more than likely till 12:00 or 1:00 eastern time

  • Ben Timan

    When will ea servers for star wars be back up?

  • Jason Hurt

    Star Wars battlefront and bf4 down can’t connect

  • Craig

    Just bought Need for Speed and now I after wait even longer for EA not HAPPY!

  • Nick Lumley

    battlefield as well. you’d think they would give you some sort of warning before pulling this crap.

  • kasemackie@gmail.com


  • Xbox is for fags

    Stop playing 360 then lol

  • Nick Lumley

    all i’m getting is that i’m offline and need to log in to access on line play but it won’t let me. i’m running at 37 meg and connected but still won’t let me connect to server. what console are you on?

  • Tom

    Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 UK: your connection to ea online has been lost :(

  • That one guy

    I can’t play battlefront or battlefeuld

  • FubyHD

    No ETA as of this moment. Source: EA Twitter page.

  • Not Ea

    It’s ridiculous if u can’t maintain your servers then you shouldn’t make your games such as nfs online only this is why WA has the worst reputation in history for a gaming company. If this isn’t fixed by 25th Dec 2015 the you should sort yourselves out and make games that you can actually maintain

  • Mike

    Down in the Netherlands

  • Gerry

    Fifa 16 ps4 cant login..:/

  • Nick Lumley

    any body having problems with signing in on Battlefront?

  • Socrati Dinho

    Need for speed is down, commin EA i want to go fast!! :(

  • Nathan Paul


  • Red_chant

    Same issue

  • Martin

    Still cnt sign in EA sort this out

  • Rich

    Same here. Will this fix itself at some point?

  • FubyHD

    Online services are back.. At least for me.
    For only a second..

  • Kieron

    I’ve got exactly the same problem mate went downstairs for something to eat left my FIFA on the UT screen came back up and it says I need a EA account to use any online features!

  • Sebastian

    I have the same problem in Fifa 16, how can i solve it?

  • Martin

    Is any one having problem signing in to need for speed today I can’t play says error code 00000065

  • dan

    because of online features? Or is that just my problem >:(

  • dan

    Does anyone else have problem on StarWars saying I can’t join?

  • Nathan Paul


  • Emmetjohnjamesmichael Murray

    no connection to bf4,hardline and i didnt try battlefront but i assume its the same

  • FubyHD

    Damn it… On the day I decided to play Battlefield 4 in the first time in forever.

  • Nathan Paul

    Ea telling me to create account when already got one what the hell is happening any one else getting this problem

  • Nathan Paul

    Same here doing my head in man

  • MrWhisper 93

    any1 found out how to fix it i got bored of gta tried to go on bf4 and its saying somat bout my bandwidth but my internet is perfect and fast as hell

  • horst

    probably just a ddos attack by some buthurt kiddos just wait it out. nothing you can do

  • perry

    Getting message on ps4 saying
    You will not be able to use the online features in fifa 16 ps4 unless you create an ea account
    Now I have had an ea origin account for many years who is this happening and how do I use online features ea is shocking and a let down even though we pay to play online we still have rubbish like this happening

  • Kiya Romanek

    I just want to play Dragon Age Inqusition, I downloaded it sometime in early December and the first
    time i logged into the server it was fine now…. It keeps saying Cannot
    connect to Dragon age Server (connection has been lost) . And my internet is fine i can go to the
    play station store no problem. I want to import my dragon age keep save
    and i can’t because of that, it’s so frustrating. And due to the fact that this issue is effecting so many people is just plain out not called for.

  • Gavin

    I have had an ea account for 5 yrs I meant lol.

  • Gavin

    Anyone else having issues with ra servers. I get a message saying cannot connect to the online features of Fifa 16. Please create an account(I have had an ea account for 5 hrs) to play online features. Does anyone have a solution for this problem??

  • Walter Wyrostek

    WTF 12/12/15 NBA16 not connecting……again……..sick of it. Forced to play 2k 16 but Spiked Lee screwed up my career mode. Can’t spend any money if I can’t connect.

  • GCA

    Can’t connect to the Dragon Age Keep/Online servers while playing Inquisition today and yesterday, December 10th / 11th. Playstation 4 version and set up. No internet connectivity issues with other games or applications

  • Darth KM

    Singapore: Yeap! I updated my PS4 and now having the NAT problems. Unable to connect. DAMN YOU! I WANT TO PLAY SW BATTLEFRONT!

  • Feanora

    Still cant go online for any of my EA games but my friends could. From Singapore

  • Pet lover

    29th November 2015, still down.

  • Dharmaninja

    I am experiencing issues with Battlefront on PS4 and also the Battlefront companion app.

  • Colin Skewes

    I still can’t access fifa 15 fut and fifa 16 fut .. What a joke

  • Ethan

    Ea *

  • Ethan

    Anyone know what’s going on with the wa servers ATM?

  • Gary

    Every time I log in and play seasons in FIFA 15 it won’t connect saying NAT issue. This has never been a problem before. It’s open but 4-5 days not online.

  • Lolzzzer

    Cannot login. Nothing but Offline mode. Server status all green on Origin website. Favorite part is the web contact link requires you to login to speed things up which isn’t possible lol.

  • Camille

    Can only go into offline mode as well.

  • ayye

    Can only be in offline mode and I can’t log into ea or origin websites.

  • Roman

    cant log in, offline only and server status says ok on their website. cant log in to to get help either. no access to the account, the login box comes up with operation timed out. tried uninstalling and installing again “no dice” lol

  • Placido Neko

    I’m having issues connecting with the DA:I server… wth EA? I can connect in my Xbox360 and not in my PS4?!

  • Jesper Rex Andersen

    I also can’t login to Origin
    I have tried battlelog(BF4 and HL), Origin Client(PC) and Origin/EA Webshop

  • KGB ElPhoenix

    Why is it that EA always has some sort of issue prior to a major launch. I’ve been on vacation for the past week away from my system but not from my email in which they send me an email stating that Pre Download is not available for Battlefront, which actually came through on Friday. Guess what, I get home and try to log into Origin and cannot, I can only go into offline mode. Why is it that EA always has some sort of issue prior to a major launch, and especially with Battlefront just a day away. I mean, per their own statements, Battlefront Beta was the largest Beta launch in EA’s history and here we sit waiting to just get into our accounts if even to play another title and WE CANNOT. Its always something, and apparently this has been going on for a couple days now, but today being the worst. Great Game Guarantee? How about a great overall experience. Their tech support is for CRAP. I have not been able to get back into Battlefield 4 ever since the night maps were released. Origin updated as it usually does when new content gets released and since that update I cannot connect to server. It says its connecting but just stays there. I uninstalled Origin and reinstalled it again. I uninstalled Punk Buster and reinstalled it. I removed all of the web updates and reinstalled them. I completely uninstalled the game TWICE and reinstalled it. I removed Sonar per their own advice. I was verbally on the phone with someone from somewhere in this world other than America who could just manage English who sent me instructions via a link relating to BF3, which was actually working for me, despite my telling him that my issue was with BF4. Usually in this world, the use of paraphrasing back what the caller is telling you is a great tool for the two of you to be on the same page. Apparently that does not work either. Then we got disconnected by no means or error on my part and guess what. They cannot call you back so you, the consumer/gamer has to go through the process of beginning a new call, and if the technician fails to log proper notes regarding the issue your experiencing from the call you were just disconnected from then you have to explain the whole issue all over again to someone else who is verbally challenged by the English language.

    But this issue just gets better and better. I actually had a technician on my third or fourth call into their queue, which by the way actually is nothing more than you inputting your number into the dialogue box for a callback. Now this is the only part of their tech support process that actually works and it does so in a timely manner, because I usually got the call within two minutes or less. That is the only thing that EA actually gets a decent mark for because at least they did so in a timely manner. However once the conversation starts your right back to explaining what the problem is because the previous three technicians failed correctly log many of the things you have tried thus far, both on your own or with them online. Back to square one yet again. But on the third call, this technician told me to do the following and I quote. ” Please go into your “C” drive through my computer and at the top of the bar click on the View menu and open up files and folders and click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders”. (Please note that I explained to him and the previous techs that I was running Windows 7 Pro) Now, does anyone reading this see where the problem is with his instructions thus far??? Anyone? Buehler?

    You cannot enable that option using the steps he provided in the manner he suggested. You have to go into control panel and click on Folder Options, then click on the View Tab where you can now click on the radio button enabling Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives. Of course at this point it was POINTLESS TO DEAL with this guy because it was obvious that his sole goal was to suck the life out of me by wasting my time. Anyhow, problem still exists so I decide to give another call to the queue of the damned and I end of up speaking with a young lady who apparently still did not have complete notes. So now I am directed to turn off my Anti Virus and Fire Wall. Oh, BTW, not new changes to that software, all my other games, except for Battlefield 4 are working fine. This young lady spends at least 5-10 minutes talking with someone in Level II or Level III support and that person directs her to tell me that I now must do Ping Tests and Trace route tests, copy the results and then send them in. All of my pings, TTL’s and File Downloads were fine. Where is this going??? I’ll tell you where! NOWHERE! So I have just given up the idea of playing BF4 anytime soon. So why have I gone into this long drawn out rant of EA/Origin and their next Big Thing. Well, I was able to play the BF Beta with no issues, and was glad to know that none of it seemed to be tied directly with their client side log in and the issues I was having the BF4, so far so good. But here I sit, unable to actually log into Origin at all now, which means I cannot obviously pre download the game which I ordered months ago, but will not be officially billed until the game actually launches on Tuesday. Ok, so I am not officially out of any money at the moment but I am out of patience with this company.

    Where is the good experience in all of this, Nowhere to be found at least in my book but I know that I am not the only one who has had horrible experiences with this company. I really wish their actions actually fell in line with their own words. Sorry if I bored some of you to death with this rant, I just think its time for EA/Origin to actually put up or Shudder Up and go away.

  • davidrudd1955@yahoo.com

    cant get on bf4 was up?

  • Kaxh

    Having similar issues I think. I try to log into Origin and it will not let me go online for the game. It keeps saying a critical update is needed, but my version is already up to date.

  • Angus Bull (RazorActual)

    been trying for over an hour, I keep getting Online login is currently unavailable … what’s up with that ? Started out with “Login credentials are out of date”

  • smh

    battlelog sign in page down

  • St. Louis, USA

    same here “Problem contacting EA Login, please try again in a while”

  • earth

    i can’t connect to fifa 16 anyone got the same problem as mine?

  • Popeye Ciryk


  • Alexandr Gembarovsky

    BF4 down…..

  • http://bilal2005.com bilal2005

    BF4 is down too

  • Hunter

    Mines doing that with Dragon Age Inquisition

  • Toriahemm

    mine is saying the the sims 4 isn’t running correctly and it keeps crashing out is this a different issue??

  • Jamie Coulam

    So 12 today lunch time

  • Savanna

    same i wanted to play sims 4

  • Anonymous

    Who else has a server error? I opened the app and it said, “EA Servers are currently unavailable, please try again later.” And when I press RETRY it never worked.

  • Madden King

    Madden nfl servers are down….

  • I3I4cK0uT

    me neither

  • Esk

    Can Anbody Confirm that Origin/EA is down? cant seem to get online on Client & Website.

  • Ian Knight

    12pm ? Today ? I can’t log in for FUT. I restarted ps and restarted wifi. Even deleted fifa settings via saved data utility and still not working

  • Adam Khan

    in uk the ea servers come back at 12:00 { not midnight }

  • Bo-jangles

    Try restarting your Xbox.I tried it two times and it worked all of a sudden.


    BF:BC2, BF3, BF4 all down on Xbox 360 10/19/15 22:42 EST…all for shitty FIFA

  • Randy

    Been having trouble getting on EA server for Hardline. Anyone else having issues? Also, can’t tell if the servers are down for maintenance.

  • James brooks

    We have to xbox360’s in the same room one connects to ea servers one doesn’t? Been like this on Fifa for 3 weeks tried clearing cache etc nothing works!

  • Paolo Hasseloo

    I’ve also problems with Battlefielf 4 on xbox360 anyone got solution?

  • Naraic Nitram

    Fifa 16 on PS4 not working in dublin ireland, very frustrating after paying 80 euro for this stupid game!!

  • Super Crazy Girl

    Servers have been down for 3 days and am unable to play starwars battlefront beta :( is there any reason for the servers being down this long ????

  • ryan

    Yer checked my ea acount and it hasnt been blocked. But ive been waiting a week dont know what to do

  • ThaC0ntr0ll3r

    I also can’t play battlefield 4, it says “you need to log in to origin”
    Sorry for bed english, am dutch.

  • Scott

    Yeah I have been getting this all night on my zone

  • Chaz

    You will not be able too use online features in Fifa 16 unless I create an ea account ..ay?? Any getting this

  • battlefield 4 gamer

    i really want to play battlefield 4 i’ve been waiting all day

  • Georgi

    I have the same problem.

  • Swaggy Joe

    i can’t update my fifa 16

  • Desert_Lion

    Fifa 16

  • Desert_Lion

    UAE – Mine says unable to connect to the EA servers at this time. its been like this for week now. i have full internet connection and can connect to PSN, anyone else had this issues?

  • Pappa G

    my son can , my kids upstairs can I cant ????????????????????
    season gamer and pc builder, not my end

  • Pappa G

    cant access fifa 15, fifa 16. battlefield 4, though my kids xbox 360 upstairs does, mines been fine for years ???????

  • Reece Oldfield

    FIFA 16 won’t let me on ultimate team keep saying squad update needed even though it’s done update

  • FIFA16


  • Shane Middleton

    i cant play fifa 16 that i bought 4 days ago and still cant play!!!

  • dee

    Orgin. You suck.

  • dee

    Lame…..sims4 on PC. cannot play. Just dropped 60 bucks on a game i cannot play because of orgin log in troubles. Im so mad right now. I remember when sims was not connected to orgin was a lot easier. I hate orgin…..i hate it.