Origin and EA status for servers

When there’s Origin login problems, or the EA servers are not available and go down then you can be sure this status will hit many games. Thanks to the reach EA has with both sports games and other titles, if the servers are not working it will hit franchises like FIFA, Madden, NHL, and many more.


If EA servers are down again, then you will see status reports below and of course add yours with the game name that’s not working along with your region. This will reveal a pattern in some cases, or at the very least show what games are impacted by the latest outage.

One of EA’s biggest first person shooter games is Battlefield and as such, any major downtime with EA servers and Origin can certainly impact this title as well. Official status updates for Xbox and PlayStation can be access via this page, so leave yours and connect with others through official channels.


Origin and EA Status insight for Thursday 21st of September 2017

If Origin and EA is down today, then reports will be found below.

Origin and EA Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Owen Marcus Vaughan Graham

    Are the server’s down on fifa?

  • Blake Adams

    same for me as of 2:10pm 8th sept

  • FRAN

    what ever wrong have they got rid of the origan or ea or both
    I play sins 4 and i cant get on game but at least i have a back up using my ipad and i tried differen ways
    what you doing to sites or have you stoped the websites working for good
    because it been updated aswell
    and game isnt working

  • FRAN

    what wrong with sims 4 not working
    itried booting game up not coming up on screen
    it not working and it not been working for a month
    what do i do

  • billie

    i got error code 20:2 btw

  • billie

    i keep installing the latsest version, wait half an hour and it says its crahsed. im trying the third time now, anoyone else????

  • Darren

    I’m done with EA, unless I hear something positive in the future. I’m definitely avoiding Battlefront 2. Destiny 2 will keep me happy.

  • KC Wy

    Need for speed down more than 12hours already. South East Asia region. Plz fix it asap

  • Haikal Lan

    why i cant do payment to purchase game ?? its still error ,, is server down or something ? someone answer me !!1

  • Anumaru

    My games are gone…..why…bf3 Deadspace2-3 Mass effect 3 all gone

  • Soh Angry

    Battlefield 4 hasn’t been working for me. I hope one day EA goes bust. I’m a fool for spending £60+ for a game and expecting decent support from EA.

  • Candie

    Origin stopped working. Tried to reinstall now have error codes 9.0
    Anything I try doesn’t help at all!!

  • Charaka Bandara

    i tried playing both battlefield 1 & 4 but it says “online features will be unavailable” any idea why this is happening?

  • Jade Beames

    having major problems with origin, its telling me I have no internet to install when I evidently do.

  • Natasha

    Some reason tried clicking Origin client today, got “this item has been removed or changed” so I uninstalled and reinstalled, now it keeps coming up with client error and won’t even been let me get to the log in page? Any ideas or is it just Origin that’s down?

  • Emma

    Its saying my origin access has expired I only renewed it two weeks ago

  • Ivan Solis

    When I open Origin, what I get is a blank page with the loading icon, and it never finishes loading.
    This started when I updated my client. I bought Bf1 and I have not had a chance to try it out because of this problem.

  • Rebecca

    Ok Having problem with login is Origin servers down? It’s showing a blank page everytime I try to open it but it was working earlier today.btw from Clarksville, Ar in the united states

  • fiiiapiiia

    can´t buy anything on origin. I have try buy sims 4 games on summer deal but I only get error messenger. And the summer deal ending in Sweden today :(

  • Andraiz Jones

    I can not sign into my ea account for my dragon age origins it says to try again.

  • guest

    Can’t get past log in screen. I’m definitely putting in the right password and username but it won’t let me go onto my games or my account.

  • Carlene Tucker

    Can’t use origin saying I’ve no internet when I have spent over 1hour on phone pissing me off now kmt

  • Martyn Hunt

    Mass effect andromeda still getting network connection error I’ve never been able to connect since the day I brought it ps4

  • Fiona Craig

    Cannot get past login screen. When I put a wrong password in, that’s recognised but just going around in circles -.-

  • RadioactiveJc

    Getting seriously pissed off with EA services on fifa 2017 this is making me not wanting the new fifa 18 cause you can’t sort out your stupid services……. What point bringing out games just when they keep bloody lagging sort it out or you will lose so many customers….

  • Emily

    My origin keeps telling me at login that online login is unavailable right now. It’s really making me angry and annoyed. Any help??

  • Mary Mathisen

    This is why I don’t lile playing the sims online connected I like it better when not connected to the internet !! Now I cant play the sims 4 cause a server is down why cant they make it so its not hitched to a internet to play the game!

  • Mona

    Origin log in is down and I can not log in online it is affecting The sims 4 games also other games awell such as Mirrors edge, simcity, this is rediculous why this is happening, steam never has this problem so why is orgin always having technical issues, if this is going to keep happening I will no longer purchase anymore games from origin ever again! Seriously not happy at all!

  • Sara

    They’re down in America btw

  • Sara

    The servers are down unless its just my home wifi. The login is currently offline and so are the servers to my understanding. It’s not like origin has made a mark to fix them though, they’ve been down since 2:40 pm here and now its 7:48 pm.

  • Sal

    What’s everything we can try?

  • Jason Wu

    cant install origins due to apparent no internet connection is that due to the servers?

  • Michael jenkinson

    Fifa 17 servers are down in England

  • Kittiey13x

    I thought I was the only one having this issue! I was here thinking it was my computer acting up so I went to the trouble of trying all these methods to fix it & it just occurred to me it could actually be the server! Ugh

  • GreyHavens

    That’s my problem too :/

  • .sims.

    I have the same issue

  • Santeri Johannes Shemeikka

    My Origin says that ”Online login is currently disabled.”. So are the servers down or what??!

  • Marty J Sharkfins

    I bought an origin access subscription last week and it says it has expired! WTF!!!

  • Dooski

    I just bought battlefield 4 for xbox 360 and I played a couple of games that day then today I played like 5 games and shut off my xbox cause I had to go to work but when I came back to play it won’t let me play multiplayer and I get this message you have lost the connection to the EA Servers. Online features will be unavailable like wtf

  • Kirsty Rose

    It wont even let me onto the website without crashing…



  • Andrius Liahovic

    this Unable to verify my creditcard problem is kinda get on my nerves fix it soon please

  • Jerónimo Ramos Prince

    Down in Caracas Venezuela

  • Stitchy

    I’ve just brought the dragon age today, I was told by the people I brought it from that it is still online but I’m unable to get online, keeps saying my password is invalid even though I’m creating an account

  • George Campbell

    I get that when servers are buggy, don’t try reset your password, it’s not you. It’s them.

  • Michael Pustylnikov

    can’t go online (germany)

  • Patrizio Jiráckson

    I cant get log in for 2 days, says my credentials are incorrect or have expired, when i wanna change my pasword nothing come in to my mail box, are servers still offline or am I hacked?

  • Michael Doherty

    servers down for andromeda wtf…..

  • Kayami

    for the Sims 4 Game.. Origin is down in The Netherlands

  • Alex Cosima

    Just got down, probably some issues again

  • The Neko Mafia

    Down in Maryland, for the past 4 days

  • Jonathan Cox

    God EA you are total S**T…..sort your servers out! #WEAK!

  • Mojo

    i cant play BF 4 when i click play button it doesnt do anything. is this because the server down?

  • chief_ruffenbed

    Same for me smh

  • DynasTii

    yup, been like this after i updated BF1..

  • Gazza Harris

    my origin isn’t going online, server issue poss, anyone else having this?

  • Josh Danger Hansen

    Origin servers have been down on Vancouver Island for as long as I’ve known Origin existed. which is 4 days

  • Eddie McKenna

    Seem to be down in U.K. For fifa

  • Kelvin Sach

    Are the servers for battlefield 4 down in the UK ?8/3/2017

  • Bojan Blažek

    down in Croatia

  • Nick Chanas

    Servers still out. I’m London based.

  • Jewelz

    Very upset.
    My boyfriend tried to be sweet and surprise me by purchasing a The Sims 4.
    He just shelled out money to a company for a product even use or play, for reasons I cannot comprehend.
    No luck getting anything more than a white screen over here in the New England corner of the U.S.
    Currently highly dissatisfied with Origin.
    If the issue is not rectified promptly I fully intend to file a formal complaint.
    The persistent complaints coming in from across the globe hopefully serve as a warning to be heeded, or they are likely to lose business.


    Still down in Perth, Western Australia. No games in library.


    I’ve lost all my games in my library as well. Perth, Western Australia


    I do. No Origin points either. Perth, Western Australia


    Me too. Perth


    I’ve lost all my games in my library as well. Perth

  • Kelsey

    Down in Texas :( I can’t even play sims >.<

  • Reuben Kortekaas

    Same here, always something with the Origin servers.. arghh

  • faze baran

    down in sweden

  • faze baran

    can someone reply me fast my games are removed plz reply fast

  • faze baran

    i think is a ddos again of the last time

  • Ross Beale

    Can login but no games in Library :( QLD Australia

  • Ross Beale

    Yes, reporting server error.

  • TheGuyWhoCares

    What a PITA

  • Oana Ionescu

    still down in Romania

  • Isobel Kingsbury

    On the day I finally buy Mass Effect 3 as well…

  • Scott Mcinerney

    Yeah down for me in Aus too.

  • Karanpreet Singh

    hahaha me 2 mate ,, with 36 gb download to go

  • Karanpreet Singh

    hahahah ,,me 2 mate ,,with 36gb download to go

  • Sarah Torio

    down in canada

  • Balmung

    currently down in Germany

  • Isobel Kingsbury

    Anyone in Australia got it back? im freaking out because I just cleared my game cache and thinking maybe i did something wrong??

  • doomed_by_god

    with all the money ea makes … maybe upgrade their servers
    this is pathetic

  • Gmegan

    Back up for me.

  • ty

    me too. like right now. no idea if it worked tho lol

  • Ragav

    phew thanks buddy i thought i was hacked lol

  • Matt

    Yes…there are currently some problems with EA Servers, they said on Twitter that they are working on it.

  • Ragav

    omg pls reply does anyone get their game library empty?

  • Ragav

    i have jus bought bf1 and titanfall 2 and this orgin is fustrating

  • Don Jose Febueno Abrantes

    in PH too… wew i cant login..

  • despo

    Fine. Enjoy

  • Ragav

    i cant get my library of games

  • Ragav

    can u guys can login?

  • Ragav

    server down in india

  • despo

    down with following error
    {“error”:”500 Internal Server Error”}

  • Dario Deket

    back online austria

  • Garry Bourne

    Every things gone down except my girlfriend ……

  • Joseph Garcia

    madden 16

  • Jash Jani

    Origin shows offline
    (Region – Middle East)

  • Tempeliers zwaard

    I need to play BF4 …NOW!! :s

  • Adrian Mandache

    down in Romania

  • Thomas Green

    Down Is WA Aus

  • Dario Deket

    Down in Austria

  • Fredrik Davidsen

    Down in norway

  • hzd

    Down in the UK also,

  • Saurabh Singh

    down in india

  • ShabiWangZhi

    down in Malaysia

  • Terris Tse

    Down in HK

  • UDK

    Down in TR

  • ma niggah

    Down in Estonia.

  • ma man

    down in Aus

  • Martin Makelov

    Down in Bulgaria

  • Jason Works

    Down here in S.Korea as well. Had some medals to finish up tonight in BF1!! lol~ Hoping they took it down to fix the stuttering issues the last patch has been causing.

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    yeah id have to update for a few hours to play LOL, EA servers would probbs be up before finishing LOL update

  • Ryan Hurrell

    UK Down

  • Dajarn Wavey Tyreck


  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    it went down about 2 weeks ago. idk the timeframe of when it did and when i checked, but i think it took an hour or 2

  • http://www.bakkiesbotha.co.za Oom Frik

    Down in South Africa as well. Cmon wanna play BF1

  • Hanzai

    down in NL

  • despo

    yess its confirmed its down.

  • http://nightvyxen.com Nightvyxen

    Down in New Zealand

  • http://investigazioniletterarie.blogspot.it/ Tommaso Tafani

    down in Italy

  • despo

    down in india

  • Michael Parker

    Can’t get bf1 to match make. Last night was able to connect but game play on screen was black.. yes black, but you could see the flag. Really strange. Let’s get it together ppl

  • Jonathan Cox

    Still Down! :( #Fail

  • Luca Averam

    romania – can’t sync, no servers… games won’t show up in store… what the hell??

  • margaret

    are systems down? i can’t see any other games only my downloaded

  • Redemer

    Me too. Glad i’m not the only one. Thought I was hacked or something…

  • jayson


  • jayson

    im in Holland right now and origin says i never have played before

  • Mauricio Orozco

    Down, cant sync FIFA

  • Xavier Pitz

    Also here. BF1 cloud sync not available. Could not connect to BF1 game server & join friends.

  • Okumma

    Down, BF1 its not available i My Library, Cloud down – SWE

  • butts

    down, no titanfall

  • Jonathan Cox

    Servers, Cloud down as wont sync – UK

  • COOLj0on

    origin down : France

  • Tickle me

    Origin Isn’t working for me either, I live in the Netherlands (Holland)

  • Enrico

    Origin is not working, online games don’t work

  • Steven Z

    bf1 is not showing up in my library

  • Brando

    Battlefield 4 servers are down for xbox 360. I had a friend get online too to test it.

  • Ms.MathisIsBless

    It has been two days in Atlanta, Ga (Dekalb) Origin is still down and saying online is currently unavailabe. I have uninstall and reinstall and even then a update. What is going on ? Do anybody know? #HugeFanOfSimsGames#IWannaPlayMyGamesASAP

  • sieben de laet

    its saying i need to do an critical update but if i wanne do that its just keep asking it again

  • analia

    for some reason i can’t even get origin to send the code to my email

  • Louise Stuart

    Down here, Scotland – mass effect 3 multi-player

  • Marty Balliente

    down again!

  • Hoover1979

    Could not connect to Battlefield 3 and 4 or log into the Star Wars Battlefront forum, all ea games and Origin use the same freaking servers, so if Origin goes down it takes the games down with it. What a joke! :(

  • Cain

    It’s up in England

  • anh34ro

    England here – Can log in still laggy though. Before I found this site I uninstalled fifa stupidly and now i cant seem to re install as theres no option in origin anywhere i can see 😕

  • https://www.facebook.com/Archon1702 TheArchon2807

    Reporting from Hungary. For me it is working again.

  • Sevrian

    Just tried logging in again. Working. (I’m from Brazil)

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    damn i waited a whole 5 mins to play a game…. shame on me

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    no mi gusta

  • Andre Alexander Jackson

    Back up in South Texas, U.S.A.

  • KnotlockedGaming

    (East U.S.)

  • Matej Krampl

    It’s Working (SLOVAKIA)

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    i need a haircut sooon T^T

  • KnotlockedGaming

    its back up

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    is it maintenance?

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    expect it to happen every once in a while… nothing is perfect and they might be getting DDOS and stealing your CC info

  • Alyssa C.

    I’m in South Korea btw.

  • Alyssa C.

    Down, want to reinstall but it’s…..NOT WORKING

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    im up by dallas. it seems like its down everywhere…
    i just wanna play titan fall 2 D;

  • Fred Fred

    And Origin is down

  • Phúc Nguyễn

    I cant login to BF1 ==

  • occupant

    origin down. cant log in :C

  • Matej Krampl

    but people like me want to play online with origin

  • EmiilianaDarling

    Cannot connect to dragon age server either

  • Connor Lang

    Cannot connect to Dragon Age server through DA:I

  • Hasan Ismayil

    Not working in Azerbaijan. Annoys me so freaking much, i pay for games and cannot play them?

  • Zigga Too

    If you want to play your games off-line just unplug your computer’s Ethernet cable/disable lan connection/disconnect from wifi and reopen origin. It will launch in offline mode and your local games should be playable.

  • xtc_rush

    ridiculous we pay for a game and many times cant be played

  • RP

    Yep. Cant login to Battlefront or even login to EA website

  • Marty Balliente

    maintenance occured!

  • WeepLittleLionMan

    Origin kicked me offline while i was in DAO right as I started a broadcast, wouldn’t let me go back online, and so I signed out and tried to sign back in but it’s been loading for the last ten minutes.

  • Bruce b

    killing me Down……..

  • Crickett Elizabeth Edwards

    Can not access origin client or website I noticed the US.

  • Matej Krampl

    can’t load in Slovakia

  • Chris Valentine

    cannot access origin client or website

  • tiggerlator

    same in the UK

  • Edje

    Down in The Netherlands too, prolly some ff-ed up clusterupdate since it’s global…clusterfuck

  • Christopher Moody

    Can’t open app and can’t fully access website. Live on West Coast U.S. <<>>

  • Marty Balliente

    it will resume maybe in the other day wed or thur…lols

  • menetekel

    down in germany

  • Marty Balliente

    down in philippines

  • Andre Alexander Jackson

    Down in South Texas, U.S.A.

  • Vladimir

    down in russia

  • Alexander Coleman Tzivelekas

    Cant log in france

  • JerryD Slime

    Anyone here knows when would it be up again?

  • Lorenzo Lore

    down pc originand ps4 to

  • Jen

    Down in Sweden :/

  • Johnnie Charles

    some people are gonna be fired

  • Jimmy Hustler

    Down in AUS come on..

  • Tim

    yeah cant log in again

  • avi raj rk

    yeah its frustrating hope they fix it soon.

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    id join ya but i havent updated LOL in a year XD it would take me forever. if you wanna add me on steam lovethetie or sweetnessek, either will work play cs go, titan quest, warframe, war thunder, terreria, tribes : ascend, civ 5, secrets of grindea

  • adal

    yea I cant log in, bit of a joke like…

  • Pseudo Edj

    Down for me. I’m in Melbourne. I hope when ME4 comes out this crap doesn’t happen

  • avi raj rk

    They will do it i guess since this not a normal glitch of bug but rather a big one like the whole server down.Now all i can do is log into LOL and kill some or feed some :P.

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    i havent ever had down time personally but EA has been a joke for like 10 years… i thought some of the games had their own servers so we wouldnt need to rely on origin

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    i was wondering if they had place that posts a public service announcement stating what the hell is going on

  • avi raj rk

    I think we are stuck like this for the moment as this is a global E.A problem we just have to wait i guess, sorry bro reporting wont do much help at this point unless they fix it.

  • Hoover1979

    Down in Adelaide, South Australia AGAIN!

    More often than not I can’t connect to the Origin client and the Origin Website is a white space with side tabs. EA must employ brain damaged monkeys to maintain and operate their servers.

    Steam and Uplay don’t have the plethora of outages that Origin always has.

    Hell, Origin has more outages then bloody Telstra and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING. Unprofessional and unacceptable.

    EA is a joke and we, the customers are the punchline.

  • http://batman-news.com Jacob

    i also cant log in. its rather frustrating using titanfall2 as a crutch to unwind from my day and cant “self medicate”. is there a place where they post crash logs or server updates?

  • Sushant Verma

    down for me too

  • Margaret Lee

    I am getting no origin login or other wise, at moment. Seems they are down or something. Its frustrating, since all my games are thru origin, meaning I can’t play any of them.

  • avi raj rk

    Cant log into origin i was downloading games now i am starring at the loading screen and in vain as I cant get in and stuck. E.A fix this.

  • Scott

    I’ve been trying to get the demo and/or trial for Sims 4 for the past week. I don’t have an Origin account, but I can’t make one, and every time I try to click “register” a message saying “Sign in failure – Sign in is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” pops up.

  • Amy Chesterfield

    Can not log into Origin.. Following error message “Origin servers temporarily unavailable. Apologies for the inconvenience, we’re currently unable to retrieve your list of games. Please reload and try again” Then it keeps me in offline mode, all my games are gone.. Was trying to login to play Sims 4. For me this has started since yesterday when I logged onto my computer and had an automatic update from Origin.

  • Undia Turner


  • Undia Turner


  • Undia Turner

    I have been trying to launch my sims 3 game for DAYS. I have sent many messages regarding this issue with yet to get anything in return. I really hate how entwined EA is with Origin. It sucks that in order to play your game online or off you have to download orgin and sign in. what was the point of all that? The sims was great without it. definitely much less of a hassle.

  • Lauren

    Bought Sims 4 today and because of Origin saying I’m offline I can’t play on it, does anyone know when this will be fixed? It’s a joke that you can’t purchase a game without going through all this hassle, please someone reply, is it likely to come back on soon? If not I will most likely return the game as I don’t want to wait forever

  • niko

    its for madden 17

  • niko

    can some one help me i got a liittle problem so i made a google account on my 360 for ea now i dont have the password to it cause it automatically sighns u kno an know on the 1 it tells me to put password stuff i dont remember the password to the gmail or the password cause i changed phones so wat do i do
    can u call me 253 292 1339 thanks

  • John Dingman

    Same here.

  • Ann Marie Putnam

    Origin isn’t loading so I can’t install my Sims game I’ve tried uninstalling origin 6 times and it’s still not working.

  • Abri

    Cant update the sims still…..I wish theyd take this more serious and at least tell us whats goin on

  • mackenzie

    im stuck in offline mode

  • Angelito Gjoshaj

    I cant load into Battlefield 1 Properly without the menu Lagging out for some weird reason.

  • Holly Bolinger

    Not this bad. Its never really affected me until today. Origin is a great application. It just has some problems sometimes. Just like everything else

  • Karuto

    You lucky guy. Wanted to gift a game for friend’s birthday but wouldn’t allow me

  • Karuto

    Your name states who i am. I also realised he put 19:00 so i went to look for the comment on my computer but i couldn’t find it so i gave up. So my bad.

  • Holly Bolinger

    i cant play sims. Whats going on? I have been waiting all day for the problem to be solved. status update of whats going on please?

  • candesco

    I know this post was made 2 years ago, but wanted to clarify that Steam does have problems as well. Also, Ubisoft has it’s own platform too. Unfortunately today the day games are played either through steam, origin or uplay. Yes, origin ain’t the most stable application around, but it’s not that horrible like games for windows live from microsoft. That one was really the worst application around. I have GTA IV on disc and that dreaded gfwl is shipped with it. Fallout 3 has it too. Couldn’t even get the dlc’s for fallout 3, because my language wasn’t supported.

  • candesco

    AM. And at this moment the sale has ended. Was just be able to buy C&C RA3 Uprising and need for speed 2015 before it ended.

  • Jessica

    haven’t been able to log in for two days now! keeps saying your credentials are incorrect or have expired! uninstalled an reinstalled it, but hasn’t worked!

  • what a tard lol

    Dude…. wtf? He says 10:00 then 19:00 so this obviously concludes a 24 hour format…

  • Cecile Lewis

    I cant log on :( :(

  • Rasto Janotka

    I can sign in via origin client and also i can login in EA webpage but i cant browse servers ( battlefield 3 )

  • Cerberus Shepard

    still down its a P.I.T.A as i was going to finish My ME 3 vanguard and then do a run as an adept or sentinel….

  • lolbattlefieldisdownagain

    I can’t sign in the website and application? lol help

  • Shaqq

    Still can’t log in man, does the application “origin” do this often?

  • Karuto

    how are you still able to use the sale? i cant seem to login at all

  • Karuto

    10:00 AM or PM?

  • Helpplease

    Hey man, just wanted to ask. Is origin down? Like I can’t sign online, I can sign in but can’t go online

  • candesco

    The sale will end today at 10:00 PST (19:00 CET), unless EA decide to extend it. Though it already was extended by one day, as it was first at January 11.
    I’m also hoping that the stuff will be fixed soon and i’m still able to use the sale.

  • Rasto Janotka

    origin client logged but BTF3 —– > Sorry, found no servers
    Change your filter and try again

  • Karuto

    ughhhhhhhh this is so annoying. i hope the sale doesnt end, was gonna gift a game for a friend :( pls no sale end

  • David Foster

    Bf1 down

  • akiraheart

    yeah its completely down still -_-

  • Fruity1989

    Yeah… Same for me.

  • GuiD

    yep,same problem :(

  • Daniel Peixoto

    Same here… Can’t log into origin

  • ron price

    Trying to log in for over an hour now 12 of Jan

  • AllThings_April_Mendez

    HI, I just had some login problems with Origin. I fixed it by turning off my VPN client and restarting the VPN once I was logged in. Strange that it never happened before.

  • ämändä


  • ämändä

    anyone else’s not working jan 8th??

  • Eden Chisnall

    I play plants vs zombies garden ware fare 2 and it says that the severs are down I cant play multiplayer or occasionally cant even get on the game I hope they fix it soon :)

  • Mark Newell

    Boy I miss the days when you could by a game and actually own the disks and not have to rely on someone else to keep servers up. I hate this SAS model like steam and origin use. Why can’t we just go back the way it was, especially for computer gamers.

  • Ghost Girl

    Hi I tried to visit Origins page to see if I could access my Sims from there and it told me to download Origin again and now it works.
    I’m sorry if my spelling is bad I’m from Denmark :)

  • Samantha Avey

    Dragon Age Inquisition is down in Canada. Ontario.

  • Misfitstein

    Dragon Age: Inquisition servers are down in Canada Southern Alberta Region Why?

  • Егор Гуськов

    Hi. When i open Fifa, BF and Origin it opens and immediately closes

  • Krauzer-san

    Down in NY WTF

  • Alex

    Ea server down In Balloch been a couple of weeks

  • Amadeo

    Same here .

  • Moff117

    anyone unable to get onto battlefield one multiplayer today…? I started the game and all my progress in multiplayer is gone and I cant join the server…

  • Meow

    Same! This sucks… :( :(

  • Jhnae Breedlove

    sims 4 and origin itself is both not working on me AND my friend’s computer. This is bull.

  • Mercedes

    Dragon Age Inquisition has been on and off with me for a few days.. Now when I press the options button the screen goes black and won’t do anything else, I’ve tried everything I can think of to restart it but it won’t work today.. :/

  • Quiet Lesbian

    Its still down in Michigan, like it won’t let me login :(

  • Stephanie Hall

    I can log in but will say offline and when I click go online it never does

  • jedi woman

    Can’t get into DA:I for XBox One. I just get left in a black hole when I attempt to connect. WTH?

  • Steven Geary

    problem after problem not happy reinstalled bf4 6times thinking it was my pc, now we know ea again GB

  • Sydney Olivia Hoover

    I haven’t been able to login into origin now for two whole weeks, says credentials are expired. I even made a new account and it now says the same thing, Am i gonna get my money back??? Ive spent A LOT on sims games and i cant even access them? this is ludicrous.

  • Matilda May

    can’t play dragon age QAQ when do the serves go back up?

  • santaster

    Is the EA servers being down causing not being able to start Origin? For me, when I open it its just a loading window that never seems to finish.

  • Eskimo

    seems to be back up for me

  • Otávio Caldini

    Down in Brazil as well. I can’t log to Origin “unvailable to log in” Can’t play any game. Funny EA.

  • lumen001

    Origin is the only steam rival and competition is good for the costumers.
    Don’t forget that free games, Trials, Access, Refund all this started with Origin!

  • Not Chinese

    been over 2 hours and nothing yet…

  • Not Chinese

    EVERYONE, every single PC player EVER wishes All EA games would be on steam. Origin should just shut down and bite the bullet.

  • Monty

    This shiet always happen whenever I want to play a game. It’s like if I’m bad luck, but dang man.. I can’t play madden17, nor battlefield4 online in Southern California. Always lacking on me. Gets me frustrating. No wonder why in first person shooting games EA is last to pick against all others smh. Connectivity.

  • http://batman-news.com/ Nicholas Wilson

    Can’t connect to ea server for Mass Effect 3

  • evilED

    Down in Australia too. Can’t login to Origin. Some people on Twitch are saying there may be another DDoS attack. Great. Just bought Battlefield 1 yesterday, and can’t play it. Awesome!

  • Brasilian American

    no, every origin game/service is down. including single player games, i was playing mass effect 3 and it kicked me out due to origin services being offline

  • Mutware Maurice

    after 2 rounds of rush BF4 it’s down again.

  • Chuey1981

    I wish Steam could/would buy them out….

  • nope

    who knows the servers got ddos’d

  • Dave

    How long is it going to be fown for

  • Not Chinese

    Great, my sunday afternoon plan of Battlefield is gone. Origin is such garbage. This is by far not the first issue i’ve had with origin, and sadly I know it won’t be the last.

  • Andrew n/a

    hey i bet wolfenstein enemy territory is still up.. lol.. ea games greatest achievement..

  • Andrew n/a

    typical thought id have an hour playing battlefield.. well there goes that idea.. 3rd party login is a poor idea.
    like gamespy its just another cog in the machine to break.. and if origin decides to quit.. thats the end of all your online games.. just like gamespy.. this may take weeks to fix lol.. nice job guys….

  • M

    Time Origin just gives up.. hopeless client (can’t even do a basic lock to screen) just submit and move to Steam.

  • the-tiger

    there is a problem with origin not the games so please wait

  • Tyler Richardson

    Yup same here somethins up

  • Demon1337

    EA Support Twitter tells me its not

  • Eskimo

    probs maintenance

  • Tyler Richardson

    Not working still for xbox!

  • auston

    I’m on pc cant log online

  • hellhoof

    I’m on a PC and I can’t log into the app or the website.