O2 network problems

Are you having O2 network problems today? Telefónica UK Limited known simply as O2, invest millions of pounds into making its service a lot better. Just behind EE as the largest mobile telecommunications provider in the UK customers do experience issues, and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here.

O2 network problems

Areas of concern include no O2 signal or dropped calls, when there is a total O2 outage customers’ are unable to make or receive phone calls or texts. It has happened in the past where users cannot log in to their accounts to check their bills, data etc.

Networking problems, O2 website going down, mobile phones not working, Internet issues, these are all common areas where customers have been inconvenienced in the past and no doubt will be in the future.

Other Down Today readers will be providing their status updates below, if you have any O2 network problems or anything else leave your own status report.


O2 Status insight for Monday 20th of November 2017

If O2 is down today, then reports will be found below.

O2 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lyn Padley

    No mobile signal this morning in EX17 area. Last time it took over a week before I could connect and nothing heard from O2 despite them saying they would keep me updated.

  • BackOTown

    Been having problems with o2/Tesco for months reporting No signal many times on all four mobile phones indoors & outdoor all mobiles are upto date Samsung /iphones but each time they say yes you do have a problem but no matter how much we call nothing gets done? Why… Last reported 3days ago again No network everything dead emergency service only, were on monthly contracts o2/Tesco customers service said two mast are down in our area? Can anyone look into this postcode CW8.

  • Sławek

    It is not a company, o2 is a disaster…

  • Michael Ogden

    I extended my data to 12gb from 8gb as I go to France a lot and now that roaming is now FREE in Europe. However, I discovered that in my village, it’s difficult to get a 3 or 4g signal and have to rely on my Orange Dongle which comes with my French telephone.

  • Michael Ogden

    When I don’t have a 3 or 4g signal , I get G or H+-. What do these mean and which is the stronger?

  • Michael Ogden

    Fortunately, if you are a BT broadband client, one can piggy back onto Wifi hotspots anywhere for Free because BT routers provide password protected wifi to 3rd parties. You can even purchase the service for a fee, if you are not with BT. There are over 5 million of them. Unfortunately, it didn’t help in Suffolk as there were few houses around where we were staying.

  • Michael Ogden

    In May Last year, I was in Indonesia for a train trip across Java, starting in Jakarta , then to Bandung, and then onto Surabaya and then the Banuwhangi, to cross to Bali. We were never without a data or mobile phone signal anywhere in Java, in what is part of a so-called 3rd world country. In 2010, I was in Capetown and never without a data signal. This was another 3rd world country. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that all telecom operators should be forced by law to provide broadband everywhere. But sadly, they seem to be interested only in profit, including o2.

  • Michael Ogden

    I’ve just been on holiday on the Suffolk coast at Cliff House near Dunwich and the data signal was non existent. I could just get a phone signal to send and receive texts. Apparently, this is common in Norfolk, particularly on the Broads and in Suffolk. They had very patchy wifi in the 12 Lost Churches restaurant there.

  • Carol cory

    I have had trouble for a long time now. I live in the Rhondda. And I can be half way through a conversation and off it goes, (when I can find signal) It’s ridiculous. For over a year now I’ve been told there’s no problem in my area. Obviously there is. I’m not the only one to say it. I’m seriously thinking about changing networks. This day an age it should be getting better not worse. Im always apologising to people for having no signal. I’m fed up with it all the time.

  • Lisa Child

    I am not able to send any texts or make any calls. One minute I have wifi the next minute I don’t. Oh and what’s with the Wifi call icon, what does this mean as I’ve never seen it on my phone before until yesterday

  • Georgina

    I have no network coverage today in RH14 0EU

  • Collette

    I have 3 phones which all say no service wat is going on

  • Michael

    Phone service dropped in France on 26 July, and nothing now available in UK – either Dover or London. Anyone else had similar issues?

  • Denise Wheeler

    no service in hp16 0er, cant make a call or txt day or night, absolutely disgusted, did the live chat which was a waste of time, they will not state when the service will be up & running!. I will defo be changing provider asap.