O2 network problems

Are you having O2 network problems today? Telefónica UK Limited known simply as O2, invest millions of pounds into making its service a lot better. Just behind EE as the largest mobile telecommunications provider in the UK customers do experience issues, and Down Today is your perfect stop for service status updates, from either yourself or others that visit here.

O2 network problems

Areas of concern include no O2 signal or dropped calls, when there is a total O2 outage customers’ are unable to make or receive phone calls or texts. It has happened in the past where users cannot log in to their accounts to check their bills, data etc.

Networking problems, O2 website going down, mobile phones not working, Internet issues, these are all common areas where customers have been inconvenienced in the past and no doubt will be in the future.

Other Down Today readers will be providing their status updates below, if you have any O2 network problems or anything else leave your own status report.


O2 Status insight for Thursday 29th of June 2017

If O2 is down today, then reports will be found below.

O2 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Laura

    I have no Internet connection.. I have phone signal but it’s struggling to connect to 4g

  • Tricia Christmas

    Well, kinda solved – Apparently I am told at O2 shop, there is a rogue mast that O2 knows nothing about in my area, and it is attempting to supply 4g which I know I cannot receive locally!!! Their solution, to restrict my ‘phone to 2g and it sort of works!!! So, am I entitled to a refund plus drop in my monthly amount!!

  • Me

    No service in Stranraer for me yet my wife as reception. Same model of mobile same accout.
    Weird eh!

  • Tricia Christmas

    Still no service on o2 or Tesco so they each owe me at least 7 days with no service

  • Jacqueline coker

    I in streatham south London SW 16 for the past 3 weeks my signal keeps dropping why is anyone else having trouble

  • Tricia Christmas

    Hi PO38 3JH Isle of Wight – O2 and Tesco very intermittent for the past 2 weeks or so, today service/not service on and off every few seconds. Visitors to my home also could not get service last Monday (network unknown)

  • Tammy Elmore

    No signal since yesterday abergavenny np76aj South wales

  • Nicola

    No service at all in gosport

  • Shaun David Begley

    No service at all in Newport and Caerphilly south Wales

  • Sinders

    Lost pretty much all connection during few days at Broadstairs this last week. Plus phone began behaving badly, such as incorrect time display.Ok now back home.

  • Jean James

    No service for the last 3 days in North Weald Essex. So fed up with it and I don’t suppose O2 will compensate us for the lack of service

  • ken preece

    have had issues not being able to make or receive calls or normal texts for last 5 days – get a 4g signal when about 500m away from transmitter but still no joy. only way I can call or send Imessages is connecting to WiFi. When Im away from a transmitter I get nothing – no signal. Im not sure if is coincidence but this has only happened since I applied IOS 10.3.2 which then prompted for a provider update which I did. Has anyone else had this issue? Have spoken to o2 numerous times and no help at all except saying to speak to apple

  • User

    No service in the New Kyo area of Stanley, Co.Durham. Been like this for two weeks. I’ve been told they don’t know when the situation will be remedied. Shocking!

  • o2user

    is it me or is the network having issues today? had no signal for past hour or so

  • Carley

    No service in Croyde, Devon. No service appeared about 4pm, nothing since. Infuriating. O2 website says should be fine…its most definitely not.

  • Diane Fraser

    No internet connection most of the day. Status says working on mast YET AGAIN in Irvine, Scotland and will notify me in 5 days or less if fixed. COME ON! We pay for a service-after 24 hours you should be paying us! Can understand if weather was horrendous gales but weather lovely. Happening too often.

  • Sandra Simmons

    Been nothing for over a week cant text or make calls.
    mast down and first said 48 hrs then 5 days now 7 days making me so angry.

  • Andy Stevens

    Have o2 and Network 3 ,Network 3 seem to be more reliable and if they have a cell down its fixed quite quickly ,but o2 still have better service in fringe areas

  • Chris “Tipcom” Tipping

    LeedsLS8 intermitant service for at least 2 days!

  • Dean Griffiths

    02. You joke. Been with you for over 20 years . Your a joke would be better off with Vodafone. .when I upgrade you won’t be in it !

  • Klea

    Been on no service for about 2 hours now in Montgomery. Been here for 3 days and it’s been fine. It came up with no service about 2 hours ago and still hasn’t come back

  • Les Halden

    No or low power at TF10 Newport

  • ashers

    O2 been down near Ledbury for 2 days and they are still waiting on their third party contractor.

  • noO2

    O2 been down in Newmarket, Suffolk all this week

  • Chris from UK

    I’m traveling all around the country because of my job, Wales is particularly poor to nil reception on the west of the country. 4 bars + 4G, talking away then all of a sudden, nothing. Call back, ok for a bit then nothing again. This is happening everywhere, not just in certain areas, very inconvenient for running a business. SORT IT OUT O2 NOW.

  • chas whitehead

    Hi in Bexley area have had no service for 5 weeks. Seems to be a massive problem in and around London they obviously didn’t spend their money wisely but still continuing to take mine!

  • Steve

    Hi in Cardiff [Llandaff] got no signal in the house, don’t know foe how long, had signal last night, only found no signal when I wanted to make a call

  • Mandy

    I have had no o2 signal since Monday I have even changed my SIM card to a new o2 but I’ve still got no signal please can you sort this out as I head my phone

  • William McGill

    02 working on masts 4 days this week, had 4g for a few hours on Tuesday but nothing since, how long does it take,

  • EMC

    Low signal or none in YO30 for over a week. Service status says a mast problem.

  • jules

    jat.ihave had trouble with the deteriation of their services and for the last 3 days i have had no service at all from any device. Not even getting any incoming stuff.
    This seems to be an ever deteriourating service altogether!!!!

  • PJ

    Problems for us at YO7 4 today with low to no signal. Anyone else aware of problems?

  • Maureen King

    3 mobile or bt wouldn’t touch 02 with a barge pole…

  • Caz Brady

    Issues with my network today in HG1 2DX … Wifi connecteping but can’t send texts or make calls or accept calls or texts either… For a few days now

  • Gordon Hamilton

    We’ve had issues with data connection, here in IP13, for few days but today very bad. Anyone else?

  • Philippa McGuire

    I have had no service all today since 7.15am this morning yet the Internet says nothing.

  • Margaret Pollock

    No phone signal since I got home at 7pm. Milton of Campsie bear Glasgow. Is there problem.

  • Gill

    Had emergency calls only message and reported issue with signal as this started on 8th January. It is affecting all of GL13 9TP due to a mast having work done to it. Signed up for messages (only receive them when out of my area),or by email. After about messages either by phone or text I then got a final message saying everything was working fine. IT IS NOT. Trying to actually speak to someone at 02 is a nightmare. . The issue has been like this since 8th January 2017. Have reported it again and have received emails but obviously not a lot of point in giving my mobile number as I cannot receive or make calls in my own home.

  • Paul Saxton

    I am getting so fed up of the O2 service being down! This is happening so often! Can any one recomend a Phone network that works so I can have a phone instead of a paper weight?

  • Brett

    Was in peckham last week. Nearly the centre of London and had zero signal for part of the day and no internet all day. 02 are the worse company I’ve ever had the miss fortune to deal with. Needless to say when this contract is up that problem will be no more. New customers avoid at all costs

  • Peter Martin

    Joined O2 recently ,now experiencing drop outs when ringing relatives in Stranraer Scotland, any comments please. All other calls are clear

  • Vic

    Down for 3 weeks… what’s up with that…in bexley

  • Dianatierney@msn.com

    Been down in Rainhill Prescot Merseyside for at least 6hours. It’s getting beyond a joke especially when trying to arrange pick up from the school.

  • brian

    still no signal in Leiston Suffolk 6days now think time to change networks

  • brian

    No signal in leiston Suffolk for 3 days 02 at its best no notificatons

  • Margaret

    02 down in Belfast bt12

  • Thomas Jackson

    02 down again today in S25 2TA its being like this for over a week now

  • Justyna Sz.

    Yesterday centre of the town Rugby Warwickshire signal was down for o2.

  • Mel

    So last night I noticed I couldn’t send or receive text messages as well as calls
    And I no I haven’t been cut of because my bill is not due until the 24th
    Could I get help with this ? I’m

  • steffilmelly

    Do you think if I change supplier my number and pay as you go credit would be transferred too?

  • steffilmelly

    Yeah I’m sick of this

  • bob easton

    Three days no signal now north Norfolk, no warning and no workers at local mast. No answers either just heads in sand.

  • Malcolm Brown

    We have had no coverage now for 12 days ! All i get when i ring is, we are working on it, or we are waiting for a third party. Totally unacceptable !

  • Shaishannah

    When is the mast that went down in the storm in CT21 5TJ recently going to be fixed? I still have no signal at my house, 4 odd days now..I’m with giffgaff but it’s owned by o2….C’Mon!

  • Geoff

    23/11/2016, been to Derby & Grantham today no service in either location, anyone else got issues with o2 today.

  • Linda Caswell

    L39 phone signal been dreadful for months. Dropped out several times today :-(

  • Bigee

    When are we going to get coverage back in TN22 4LU?



  • Tony Cave

    Hardly any signal in Camden NW1 9HE and unable to make or receive phone calls or texts for over a week.
    Reference to O2 website informs me that there is a problem with local mast and that they are working to solve the fault
    Last night I caught a bus into Camden Town to get a signal and make a call.
    Why does o2 take so long to cure faults ?

  • Ru

    Having signal issues with 02 for days. Have inserted a new sim tonight. See if that helps!? The annoying thing is I have full bars..but no network!

  • Julie Muller

    unable to send texts when at home for past 6 days.

  • michelle

    no phone signal in ne65 0xs. Has been poor for weeks. Unable to make or receive calls

  • bernadette

    Haven’t been able to open my emails for two days.☹

  • William Cooke

    Mast in the CT9 4DD area has been out of action for the past 36 hours. Latest update (12.30) states that O2 are still waiting for a third party to repair it.

  • ben

    been haveing no network

  • Diane Ovett

    Been having trouble with voice calls for weeks. All of us on o2 have no voiuce calling eg I can hear them but called can’t hear me and vice versa. This is happening in NN7 and OX area. o2 tell me network OK itscmy phone faulty so are all my friends phone faulty as they all have same problem!

  • Teresa

    Is o2 down today?

  • teresa

    I am at present in Spain and l cannot even send a text. What’s going on?

  • Chris

    My wife and I are both on O2 and in Mid Suffolk the network has been going on and off for the last three weeks. We are told that there is a problem with a nearby mast. But it is still not fixed. I am logged on to receive updates but have only received 1 update in that time. Pretty awful. Have had no problems until now. This is all about communication or lack of it .

  • Paul

    O2 can’t call/text data fine

  • Ozone

    Same problem here (O2/Tesco Mobile). Can’t make outgoing calls. Don’t know if I can receive incoming calls.

  • Borris

    Hi there, exactly the same problem we are having

  • cheryl

    Is something wrong with 02 today as mine and husbands phones won’t phone out but will let someone call us?

  • Peter

    O2 has weak signal in N14 for a month and O2 said there is a problem with a mast nearby. But why it takes so long to repair?

  • Liz Billington

    We have been having problems in the PR3 area for 7 weeks yet o2 say there isn’t a problem! Have spent hours on phone and on line chats to customer service who say there is no problem. I have cancelled one phone but the other is in contract for 10 months and they want to charge me £160 to cancel early. We have been in contract with o2 for 15 or more years and cannot believe their attitude. We aren’t the only ones having problems but no one will listen. Any ideas anyone?

  • bob

    bad reception for over two months now. keep saying only “problem with mast” “we’re working on it” etc. I will be leaving O2 soon after about 10 years as a customer due to this and the fact that they’re customer service was excellent when I started and now is fairly bad (e.g. they wrote me under the keep updated about this problem section to say the problem has been resolved but even that message was delayed due to the problem still existing!)

  • Pmch2

    September rings in the end of summer, and apparently the end of my relationship with 02. Two days, zero network in Northern Ireland…unacceptable. (the freedom of “pay as you go” is so worth it, as you can move as soon as the network inevitably fails….going to Vodafone now)

  • Mike

    What refund for poor service and no service is available ? Recently after one hour on line for help was instructed to go elsewhere

    Now for three days minimum no signal

    Second time of this “mast” problem. Is there and guarantee for future service up time

  • David

    For the third time this year O2 has no signal in Alnmouth because ” a mast is not working and they are waiting for a 3rd party supplier”
    This has lasted for 5 days and is absolutely useless. Do not use O2 in Northumberland !!

  • Emma

    I have just started getting problems here in Exeter Devon. So have some of my work colleagues and friends. Losing calls, txts not appearing. Very frustrating indeed.

  • Magda Skrabalak

    I’m in London having issues with 3 & 4G coverage as well as reception in general. I recently changed my SIM and I have a new phone, still getting ‘no service’ around London Eye, Green Park or Westminister area? This is central London we are talking about. Also, customer service is absolutely terrible, messed up my orders 3 times over the last few years, trying to resolve an isue with them atm – ridiculous. Their staff is just incompetent.

  • Margaret Robertson

    I’m in Edinburgh. This is the second time in a matter of weeks that the network has gone down. I thought going with O2 would be a good – how wrong was I. Cannot communicate with my family as they too are on O2. Think we will all be considering another network.

  • Don Kirby

    I am in Stevenage & when I make voice calls they just drop out with the person on the other end getting me sounding as though I am submerged in water plus I cant hear them.
    O2 said it was my sim so changed it but problem remained. Tried another iphone still the same so purchased another phone so I could at least take work related calls lo & behold that doesn’t work either.
    Going to cancel contract tomorrow & will demand they waive 30 days notice period due to them being in breach of contract !!!

  • Poppy

    Appalling connection services from o2 and disgusting customer service – lack of more precisely. Complete shambles, making sure I get compensation for no service, we should make a claim against o2 as a group to Ofcom about o2, the crooks.

  • Keith Chorlton

    I live in Oswestry Shropshire and the signal here has been pathetic for the 6 weeks and the only information I get is “it’s an ongoing problem and our engineers are working on it”. If 02’s engineer’s cannot fix the problem in 6 weeks then they need replacing! A bunch of primary school kids could do better!

  • MR

    I live in Dolgellau. About 3 weeks ago and for several days I was unable to make phone calls, as there were problems with the O2 Mast in my area. Although it appeared that the problem had been sorted, it has not. Since then, there has been an increasing number of days where the signal is lost. Tonight I checked the Service and yes the Mast has problems and again I cannot make calls. My family use mobiles to contact me, as none of them have landlines. My contract is with Tesco, but they have been of little assistance.

  • Christine Miller

    O2 have data only issues as of yesterday so if you have mobile broadband dongle like myself you may not be able to access the Internet. O2 are not sure when this will be resolved

  • Jan

    I’m right bang in the centre of London yet am receiving very poor signal, been like this for the last week. Not good at all o2 you need to resolve ASAP. I will definitely be seeking compensation for the massive inconvenience this has caused to me both in my work and personally.
    Ive been a loyal customer for approx. 10 years, but I am gradually losing patience…..

  • Suzy

    I live in Leek Staffordshire . I have experience of No Signal for 2 weeks , 02 keeps saying the mast issues and waiting permission . Not good enough . I would bet that 02 won’t compensate anyone for lost signal ,missed calls ,lost wi-fi ,no texts sent or received

    I been with 02 for the last 10yrs plus . Unless this sorted ,looks like I will change .So frustrating

  • Ange

    My whole family have been using the O2 network for some time with no problems, but the past couple of months the signal keeps dropping out completely at home (Dorking, Surrey), leading to missed or curtailed calls etc. NOT GOOD when trying to run a business! According to the coverage map, we should have a full signal, but things have now deteriorated to the point we’re lucky to get one bar and calls are repeatedly cut off mud-flow. Unless this improves soon, we will have to find an alternative supplier – which will mean all of us leaving en mass and very unlikely to ever return. Sort it out O2!!!

  • Sandra.d

    I’m on pay as u go and can’t phone or text.. Might b time for a change…

  • daviddasilva

    I live in Westcliff and noticed that the O2 signal here deteriorated significantly about 2 weeks ago. What has been perfectly fine for 10 years is now unusable. Goes totally off (no service) to 3 bars max. We have 5 O2 sims here and it is happening on all the phones.

  • Angela Turley

    Been having problems with my iPhone 6 can’t make or receive calls. Bloody o2???? Been like this for ages why am I paying for a contract??

  • Josh

    I thought that my phone is broken but now looks like o2 fault.Dropping signal or no signal at all.Nottingham

  • Leigh

    I have had nothing but problems this week it’s taking on average 15 calls just to get through on both my 02 mobiles , this is a joke I’m paying £75 per month on 2 contracts ???????

  • Heather jordan

    Highcliffe Dorset. I have no signal from my house and cannot phone or text.

  • Paul

    There is a mast on our site of units Hednesford road and according to technicians it’s been totally taken over by EE and went live today. This would explain why there is no signal for us o2 users as the signal was fine until they started messing with it and replaced the old mast with a new one and now it’s EEs mast

  • Paul

    Can’t make calls text and no signal,can’t even call on WhatsApp with someone else’s WiFi.This is in the heath hayes area of cannock staffs ws10 3hl .All day.We are now in 2016 and you can’t believe this service.Will terminate my contract.Trying to run a business it’s ridiculous

  • Linda

    Can’t make calls, incoming calls going straight to voicemail. Been like this on and off since Friday. What’s ‘appending?

  • julie walker

    Recieved update now stating 5 more days of no 02 in cannock.

  • julie walker

    no 02 network since beginning of week registered for updates on progress only sent one message stating an update in 48 hours time still not recoeved one. im paying for something i cant use yet again. no calls no text messages no data etc outside of house. 02 are more than happy to constantly ring you etc if you dont pay bill on time though. will i be getting a refund from 02 for the amount of time i cant use my phone.
    Area Cannock Staffs.

  • Belfasto2user

    O2 sya their network is working fine. They lie. They breaking contract by not providing service primised in contract. Take screenshots of signal and updates for proof. We can all leave and claim of o2 for inconvienience.

  • Carole Longmore

    Im with o2 and 4g has not been operating for two days roughky, texts wont go either now
    Albeit reluctantly if at all. It would be good to know more about the exact problem ie more jnfo since i am layi g for a service i am not getting ? If you have a power cut your told the reason and how lkng realistically it will take to fix it.

  • cdp

    Hi, I’m in Poole Dorset, had no broadband for Ipad, unable to buy more data time for the last FOUR DAYS. Have emailed CEO ronan.dune@o2.com and the ceo office : ceo’s_office@O2.com …….no reaponse as to why no server service. Not good no text tp warm of service failure.

  • Darren

    Randomly got no signal today?????

  • Robert Etheridgr

    No signal at all in Woodbridge Suffolk since last night 19/04/16 and still no signal today

  • marilyn

    Can’t recieve or make calls or message…dh7 why is this

  • Mary

    No network coverage since last night????

  • Drago 11

    4G on this network is FAR behind any other in the UK. They are mis selling there 4g network.

  • Jenny Mccabe

    I have had no signal since Sat morning 7am. Whilst there was a mast down later that day which came back on late Sat night, nothing since. Telford 02 changed sim twice but still nothing, status checked states all up and working fine.

  • kawasakiman

    Emergency calls only…?

  • susan rowley

    Unable to txt or phone anyone.Emergency calls only.WHY?????

  • tracey

    unable to ring anyone on other networks except o2 since 6pm last night.Anyone else having this problem?

  • Helen

    Problems in Flintshire CH4 0EY area?? Had a message off 02 a few weeks ago saying there was a problem with a nearby mast, hence phone showing E. Then had a message saying the mast problem has been fixed- phone still showing E. Have reset network settings, turned off/on etc, been in to 02 shop-no help. What’s going on?!

  • shaun hart

    No network in pwllheli for 3 days come on 02 Whot am I paying for

  • DJ

    Cannot make or receive calls to any network. can on text iPhone o2 users – since 9:15 today Edinburgh

  • Med Jumper

    No signal in Wickford SS12 9PU

  • sue mcg

    I can seem up download the latest updat- says no internet connection when there is, also husband getting same message when trying to update what’s app on his phone?

  • David Wright

    DN15 9EH no network available since yesterday. O2 customer service says it should have been fixed by 09:45 today. They can give no further updates as yet (15:45)

  • M James

    High Wycombe ,handy cross .cant use my mobile to connect to anybody Until third or fourth try . Or texts beening sent out and not connecting.feel this has been going on for several months .whats happened

  • Mike0902

    If you haven’t got a SIM card symbol then it’s either a phone fault or a SIM card fault, it’s impossible it could be a network fault if you haven’t got a working SIM. First step is change the SIM card and seeing how things stand after that.

  • Faruq Mia

    9 months!!! and still waiting!!! phone mast has been removed due to 02 were asked to re-negotiate lease on roof tower. Therefore no signal/service for Finchley Central London N3 1QW. Been fobbed of by 02 advisers restart your phone,walk 500 metres to the nearest mast to receive signal can’t help wont help not their fault will not assist.Trying their best find another location don’t know when normal service will be restored.In the meantime religiously taking £21 pound every month for no service,Unbelievable for a corporation as big as 02 dirty tricks award of the year goes to? you guessed it 02!!!

  • Claire Wilson

    Same here. Snookered as o2 was the only one that had a chance of receiving a signal where I live just outside tunbridge wells. Fine till about 3 months ago and now seriously dodgy. Very rare to get any signal whatsoever! Naffed off!

  • Michelle

    No network in reading since Tuesday so emergency calls only. Drove to Wiltshire and back today and got network briefly around Hungerford in both directions. Can’t call or text and tugo is hardly much use keeps dropping calls if it even allows me to make them in the first place. Phone has been turned off/on so many times I have lost count. BATTERY draining really quick due to constant searching for network.
    Shoddy service from O2. status check says may experience some difficulties as mast is down but shows green for 2g 3g and 4G.

  • bill

    My CCTV app has stopped working on 3 or 4 g but works on WiFi, ee, orange, etc, what’s going on ? Spoke to 02 got absolutely no ware !

  • Kay

    My phone says ‘ no service’ and I’ve not bin able to get any signal what so ever I’ve turned turning my phone off and on again resetting my network setting but not to sure what to do now?

  • Jhon mckay

    I have a signal but “no sim card, emergency calls only” shows up on my front page screen. Its a samsung s6 which is on 02 and i dont know if it’s a problem with the phone mast towers, all my mates phones are working fine. Anyone know what could be the problem ?

  • Erin

    My signal is working fine however myself and several others have not been able to make outgoing calls to other O2 users. It just cuts off or you can’t hear each other so something is clearly not working properly and I would like to know why this is happening and not fixed by now! As it has been an ongoing issue for over 4 weeks now. Really not the service I expect to recieve from a company like O2. Who i have used and praised for a many number of years now. Please fix this problem ASAP or i will be moving to another network. Thank you.

    Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Will Pembery

    Iffy service near, Grantham lincs

  • John U

    no phone or text available Edinburgh red circle on phone icon on IPhone since last night

  • Jamal

    No service at all in se12 area haven’t had proper service in 8 weeks have complained numerous times but they keep saying they need to phone me at home knowing that I can’t take a call at home because of no network!

  • louise finch

    no signal Corley, near Coventry can’t make calls or send texts !!! keeps saying Not registered on network

  • Wibbles

    No sim card symbol. No calls or text. Blooming hell. Not amused. Im on contract. Im sure as hell will not be paying my bill. Northen Ireland. Co Antrim.

  • Raj

    No signal in Up Nately, Near Basingstoke, down for days now.

  • Karen Blower

    No signal in Earl Shilton for 4 days – ridiculous!

  • Hannah

    Phone has had no signal all day at work in Coventry and Kenilworth and home in Dunchurch. Phone been turned on and off a lot but still no better!

  • Angeonthemoon

    No signal here in Southampton all evening but according to O2 service it’s all fine! Quite obviously it’s not. This isn’t the first time. Maybe time to change provider.

  • welshpoolie

    texts are working but can’t use internet with my phone today-can phone out but signal is bad at times-dreadful service

  • Sue, Watford

    Dreadful signal for approx last 2/3 weeks with calls dropping off, distorted sound- TO GO no improvement either. Complained and told no problems in my area! Watford

  • Sydney Parker

    I have not had any signal for a week now can’t get any incoming calls any texts or make outgoing calls when will O2 be back up

  • Elizabeth

    Im still cant make outgoing calls it says call ended doesnt even ring.. My incoming calls are fine and i can send text every now and them not reliable… .
    I live in Knaresborough ,North Yorkshire

  • sheffield sharer

    Unable to make outgoing calls. Can’t tell if incoming is affected. O2 Guru has told me they are on the case & it is a network issue, not phone. Hope this helps? 11/01/16 17:25

  • Sue. Kent

    Can’t get any incoming calls no ring tone

  • BCL

    No service in Highcliffe now for several days! Very frustrated as run my business from home. Was told there is a problem with local mast and it would be fixed by 6pm yesterday but still not working now! Very poor O2

  • Bella

    No service now for 5 days unable to use to make or receive calls on my iPhone 5c initially as I was away I thought it was due to poor coverage in the area but now back home and still ‘ no sevice’

  • Esmie

    Have had no or little (1bar) O2 coverage since Thursday. Have been trying to send image by text – on 3rd go – tried for several hours yesterday before giving up. Ordinary texts and phone calls very intermittent. According to their status checker, service is normal – God help us if this is normal.

  • ste benny

    Not had a signal for five days in Leyland, Lancashire. Keep checking the updates it just says ” Sorry there is a mast near you that is not working we are waiting for our third party supplier to visit the site and fix the problem”

  • Sarah Elizabeth Carter

    Inconsistent internet when roaming local area, drops off when in a room with more than one other person who’s also surfing the net. I pay over the odds with a works bolt on added, and get no signal pretty much most of the day. Not happy, as this is a O2 issue not Internet explorer. Also, poor signal in some places in the High Peak, come on O2 we’re not in the dark ages now, but in 2015, you should have covered all these areas by now!

  • Heather Soper

    No Service for 4 MONTHS. Case with Ombudsman.

  • Alex

    Phone not dialing out o2 is really amazing

  • rusty

    phone not working for six days now

  • Kezza777

    Maggie, I haven’t had access to webmail since 6am this morning. Screen
    just times out. Chatted with moderators on o2 community and they reckon
    our accounts have been shut down by Sky!

  • Maggie

    Is anyone having issues trying to access their O2 online account?

  • Cal

    No signal since Monday last week. Aprt from intermitant, and when I say intermitamt I mean a whatsapp message comes once every hour. Can’t text or call.

    They say its to do with uograding the system. Which was un-needed as we already had a good 4g network.
    Its a joke.

  • dave

    My phone has been dead all day but my girlfriends is working fine from the same location !!

  • Akel Jounes

    Facing problem to call or even received phone calls Firday 13 november! Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated! Thanks a lots!

  • Peter

    I phoned 02 cust serv and simply said I’d had enough of their non-existent service. I got the contract cancelled in 20 minutes. As you say, the mast never works. So there was no defence.
    Now 3 months with EE and enjoying 4G in the High St.
    I think there is something seriously wrong with 02

  • Emma

    Sort Chatteris out with signal please it never works

  • Phil

    Any one else having problems with no service today in Cardiff regarding o2

  • Linda

    Poole Dorset ..we have two phones with this network and have been having problems for 2 days?..man on end of chat line said No problems….I think he was wrong…we cannot make or receive calls…

  • John Bushell

    John – Widnes. Calls and messages in and out – NOT working all day today (29th Oct) – my phone has a FULL SIGNAL – but it states mobile network not available? Checking on O2 status all day – it states everything is working FINE. From my first complaint earlier today (I have complained several times on the status site – in the disagree section – my last complaint ref No. being:- 20237834 – where there have been over 500 complaints/disagreements since I lodged my first this morning – AND STILL WHEN YOU CHECK THE STATUS – IT SAYS EVERYTHING IS WORKING FINE??????????????????????????

  • Anil

    I’m having problems with O2 network from last 2 months. I have 3 phones on O2 contract and all of them either show “No service” or single bar signal. Customer service guys try to give various reasons, asked me to try various reset options, but nothing seem to fix the O2 network issues.

  • Gillian Parker

    Having problems sending texts is network down

  • Paula frost

    Not able txt or ring out and not been getting txts or calls all off today pain in arse as bf bday and needed txt etc as couldn’t see him today

  • Clare Thomas

    My husband and I are having problems with signal, they’ve changed our sims and want me to try using another phone, I just want out of o2 but stuck in till October 2016. I’m in Cardiff. Something needs doing

  • Craig Bray

    I am unable to send texts, phone calls are possible but texts are queuing for an eternity before they finally send. I’m in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

  • susan

    I also have had an issue for the last 4 days, I’m severely disabled and need my phone in case I need to ring an ambulance, it’s a matter of life or death for me, but all they say is it’s being sorted out..now it’s going to be another 5 days , I can’t see it happening myself

  • Ivan Smith

    Mine and my partners phones cut out when someone calls, they can hear us but we cannot here them, been 3 days plus now ????.. milton keynes

  • Jennifer Holden

    Not able to make or recieve any calls today and yesterday in ME13 and CT 1 areas. Says O2 network not available.

  • ray

    i hav,nt been able to send txts for last 4 days,,in cv area (coventry),,i visited devizes on friday (18/09/15) i had the same problem there too,,im lucky to get one bar signal strength,,getting a tad fed up,,,

  • T

    A week already of no singal in kt24 6DT area :(

  • nicola dominey

    For over a week, not getting texts , calls and not being able to send out. Changed my sim card, then got another sim card with new number, oh and I got a new phone, still problems. Took the phone back, its been swapped twice still problems, get it sorted O2. Thinking of changing network. Really sick of it now

  • April

    I think the O2 website will go down at 8am when the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus preorder goes live, if you already look the Apple Store is already offline asking us to wait.

  • jackie

    Hi my 02 has been giving me trouble for over a month ..this morning l have sent a letter to the company demanding a refund .l have little signal cant send text one of my text reach a friends fone 7 hours later .if you call customer service waiting time is one hour l will not be upgrading with 02 in December .

  • Jacki Stephen

    My o2 has been playing up for a month or so, but since Saturday Ive had terrible problems. I need my phone for business and have had customers trying to contact me via texts etc, but Im unaware that they are sending me messages. Im losing so much money. Help

  • Neena

    My 02 has been out of service for the last five days. They are aware of the problem, but nothing is getting done. If I travel half a mile to the village I can pick up there. But at home I cannot txt or receive calls unless it’s on what’s app.

  • Kate McKechnie

    My iPhone won’t turn on, was ok earlier, anyone help?

  • robred

    last 3 days o2 network comes and go’s missed important phone calls, my Internet comes on and then off, phone says no service,

  • ang mcintyre

    7 days and counting no o2 signal in the dg99as area .Im locked in a contract for another 14 months .Same thing happened last year . They say its a problem with a mast but ive been told o2 transfers our signal to help any problems in Manchester as we are a rural community and therefore we are of less importance . Ive spoken to o2 about this but they did not respond .

  • amy

    Second day of no signal in the st10 area

  • ang mcintyre

    Second day of no o2 signal unable to text or make calls in the dg9 9as area

  • deano

    Double payments of bills and phone cut off yesterday saying I having paid anything

  • Heather

    I have spent hours today trying to get our O2 phones at home fixed – no signal here since last night – have to go up the road to get a signal!!!!

  • karen

    Very little signal in ex2 this morning can’t make or receive calls or txt not happy service is awful these days

  • charlene

    My phone is saying emergency calls only i can not send txts or ring out which is annoying o2 is the worst network to be on i never had anyproblems when i was on 3network for 2 years

  • Angie Coope

    I’ve had issues for the past month. If 4g is on then I have little to no signal

  • Rachel Gerred Hart

    Went off last night about 9.30….still not back ! Need to be in touch with my daughter today so she doesn’t get stranded for a lift home grrrr

  • Matt

    No signal all day in Colwyn Bay

  • Tim

    Not had any signal all day! Paying off my contact and moving to EE!

  • karen

    I’ve not been able to send or receive calls all day and still can’t.! .! !

  • michael

    Should be up and running again, I had same problems but I just checked mine and its working now

  • michael

    Should be up and running again, just checked mine and its working now

  • michael

    It should be up and running again now as i just checked mine and its working

  • julie

    my phone sayin emermency calls only since last nite any one else havin this phoned o2 said get new sim card from store

  • Kev

    Same here, no O2 emails since yesterday on laptop and phone. Twitter is showing large numbers affected with little or no explanation from o2.

  • gill

    any advice how to resolve as im having same issues

  • gill

    hi, im having exactly same issues ……any advice how to resolve???

  • MICK

    Unable to use email on PC,Laptop or two mobiles since yesterday morning.cant get on-line chat with O2

  • michael

    I am having issues accessing me emails either on my mobile or on my computer, this has been going on for 24hours, anyone tell me when this is going to be sorted as that is my main email address

  • Ed

    Last night I couldn’t receive or send emails on my phone and log in to webmail showed a problem. My wife has exactly the same problem. I transferred to sky broadband last year and it all worked well until yesterday.

    Has anybody else had this?

  • James

    I’ve been a 02 customer for years and it’s never been this bad before with little or no signal 📶 Problems started last year

  • nick

    Can’t connect to google or send emails with wifi switched ON.same thing happened last week for four days.It’s not my phone coz my mates are having the same trouble.

  • Matt Gilmartin

    Worthing, Sussex, me and gf both can’t call each other, missed call texts with no ring from each other constantly for past 4 days, missed call texts from other numbers too, o2, customer services won’t answer any idea, what’s going on???

  • junk.missdawnporter@gmail.com

    Well, I’d say that if you after not getting what you are paying for then there must be a way to get out of the contract. Still, today my reception is bad but it’s improved a lot. Apparently there is a phone mast down somewhere lol!

  • Kayleigh

    Hi, I live in London England.
    I haven’t been able to receive calls for 2 days now.
    I can call out but people cannot call me.
    Automated message states that the call is unable to connect.
    I use my phone for work and so have been missing calls. Was unaware of this until today when clients and colleagues expressed their concerns in not being able to reach me at all yesterday or today.
    What’s going on!!??????

  • Lynda

    Been bad on and off for the past 3 weeks – really fed up now – i am paying good money for the service but i have had almost none over the past few days! They refer you to TU-Go but that costs money! – why should i use that and have to pay when i already pay for a service I’m not even getting!! Hastings area, East Sussex

  • Sonia

    During calls its breaking up all the time husbands phone has the same problem and quite a few other people a know. Been like that since Monday. Seaham area

  • Mark

    Hi dawn, same for me, live in kent and I have had terrible reception and phone and service not working, shocking service, I have just recently singled a two. Year contract, any way I can cancel if?

  • Nikki

    Haven’t been able to receive texts for a week now and when I am called, it goes straight through to my voicemail so I am missing phonecalls now. I’m based in Weymouth, Dorset.

  • Mark

    My signal is so bad its unreal, I left EE for O2 and really wished I didnt. No matter where I go i always have 1 or no signal bars, do nto even get me started on the fact i never have 3G let alone 4G.

  • junk.missdawnporter@gmail.com

    Can’t make or receive calls of texts since Friday. Service did resume briefly on Sunday but is of again now. Im in KENT UK.

  • pmekmit

    No HSPDA service Framfield Rd Hanwell. Ongoing problem

  • Sophie

    o2 3G has not been working in EX2 7HR exeter for a week now and it needs to be sorted out as I can’t use my phone all day therefore there is no point paying for data if I can’t even use it!

  • Kaiser Sarfraz

    O2 mast down in high Wycombe cressex area no network signal for the last five days.O2 still sitting on their a@#$ not sorting it out.

  • Janet bassett

    O2disgruntled customer still no phone signal in bognor regis this has been going on for day’s

  • Don

    Same problem here. O2 are blaming it on a decommissioned mast! Strange as it seems to cover such a vast area from Kent to Ireland …

  • Philip smith

    no signal since Saturday what’s going on ?

  • Saritz

    No signal for 2 days! This is ridiculous as I’m moving house in 2 days and this is goin. To cause a lot of problems

  • Santachuff

    I don’t think O2 website will ever work again as BT isn’t paying out the money it owes other companies!!

  • Bob

    Have’nt had a signal for over 24 hours. Signal has been lousy for weeks now. Customers can’t contact me. Coppull seems to have been forgotten by O2. If this persists any longer I’ll have to change. Have been on contract with O2 for over 8 years. Bob Coppull

  • Michelle

    When is the network O2 going to sort their network out as I can’t get signal in my area? You expect us to pay for our bills but your network is playing up and I prefer it when there’s a full signal on my phone in my area

  • david

    I’ve had no service since Saturday 13th.june, any reasons for this

  • Gertie

    O2 is the best service in the UK, if you do not live near the sea. If you are like me near Minnis bay in Kent, you will know that getting any kind of signal is limited.

  • Mags Carr

    No O2 website either!

  • Laura

    Still no signal

  • Sarah

    A possible fix: I tried switching the automatic carrier off and selecting another network e.g. Vodafone. Then after about a minute I reselected the O2 network and switched the automatic slider back on. After about a minute I had signal, albeit only 2 or 3 bars but calls and messages are currently working. Might be worth a try. Fingers crossed the signals stays and normal service resumes ASAP.

  • Joanne

    No phone signal since mid afternoon. From Barrow-Furness. Also my partner has no signal in London.

  • Michaela

    The service has now returned in Sheffield… Let’s see how long this lasts!

  • Gill

    Sorry NOT working!!!!

  • Gill

    In Northern Ireland my iPhone 5 now working

  • lin

    Off again grrrr

  • lin

    Turned all the normal things on and off 3G ,airplane mode and its on again here in perth

  • Terry

    Just thought iPhone might work as we have 3 working In our house

  • Annette Faulkner Was Dyer

    I’m near Worcester and my IPhone 6 not working

  • Paul Look Out Evans

    maybe Terry maybe…….

  • Annette Faulkner Was Dyer

    Do we presume it’s a nationwide problem?

  • Annette Faulkner Was Dyer

    No signal since 5pm – and still nothing now…..getting frustrated now

  • Terry

    That’s that theory out the window then

  • Laurence Harvey

    Yet another f**k up of o2`s joke of a network provider ! Pathetic simply pathetic .

  • Paul Look Out Evans

    nope my iphone didnt work but my wife’s Blackberry did…

  • Terry

    Could be android phones
    3 iPhone in house working mine android not working
    In redditch

  • Paul Look Out Evans

    noticed about an hour agao no signal. Tried all the normal stuff, switch off and on tried airplane mode, swithcing off 3G, nothing, nout nadda. Then it just popos back on again!!! WTF

  • Ella

    No O2 signal in London/Stanford..

  • robert

    contacted o2 at 3 and they didnt know most of the uk network is down im in southampton. and also suffering. good luck to all.

  • Michaela

    No service since approx. 5pm in Sheffield…

  • fay

    No signal in Nottingham :(

  • Sam

    No signal since five, travelled from Castleford to Liverpool and things ain’t changed.

  • Charles

    Thts in Bham

  • Charles

    I think it’s the contracts my bros pay as u go is working fine and mine isn’t and it’s contract

  • Charles

    No signal in Bham

  • Karen

    Husband has no signal but daughter has! We’re in Belfast!

  • Joe Mc Court

    Keeps saying not registered on network so no calls, text messages or data (apart from WiFi useage) been like this since 2:30. Tho my girlfriend is o2 & no problems with her phone. Typical o2. I’m in derry

  • Matt

    Down in margate too

  • lin

    No service since 5:15, furious!!! Perth

  • Dan

    No service in leeds since 5pm…..

  • Ravi

    Thank you Sarah

  • Ravi

    No service In Birmingham since 5:00pm …. When do you think it will be back on

  • Sarah

    Lots of people complaining on the O2 Twitter page. Their customer service reps keep replying with the standard message ‘We’ve received reports from a few people regarding signal issues. Have you tried turning your phone off/on?’ A ‘few’ people is a complete understatement when they are being inundated with complaints from people across the country. It is obviously a problem with their network! I hope it gets resolved quickly. I can only send texts via iMessage through wifi.

  • sarah

    yes they said its all over the uk

  • Alan Torrance

    Been in Milton Keynes most of the day. Signal was fine til about 5:15 then nothing at all. Back in Hitchin now and no signal at all (7:30pm)

  • Leanne

    No signal here in halifax West Yorkshire, been down about an hour

  • Jaye

    No service in Surrey since 17:00 25th May 2015

  • Donna Neale

    No signal since 4pm today in southend spoke to advisor who said we had a good network coverage

  • Ed

    No service in south Edinburgh since about 17.00 25 May

  • vectra fun

    Suffolk here loads on twitter complaining to

  • Sarah

    I just went online to log onto chat and it said it was closed and to come back at 7am. Is this a widespread problem then? I Live near Cardiff.

  • Sarah

    I haven’t had signal for about an hour. I’m based near Cardiff. Typical on a bank hol when you can’t contact them.

  • Amie

    No signal. From 7pm today 25th may 2015

  • sarah

    I have had no signal since 5pm too, and neither has my husband

  • sarah

    spoke to a chat advisor there is a issue for signal and theres no timescale. chat team are open until 11pm

  • vectra fun

    Me to and can’t contact them as they closed

  • Rhyanna

    No signal today 25th may from 17:00 hrs to 18:27hrs and still continue to not have signal… :(

  • Olly

    I pay £38 a month for my contract, which they split in two parts really one for the calls, data, texts etc and the other part for the phone as i want a new one every two years. But seeing as i have O2 network is always down with no service they should pay me back some money, compensation is really good i think.

  • Links

    can make any phone calls again. is there any problem with O2???

  • Miles

    O2 signal reception seems to have got worse as the years pass, in my office i always got signal about 2 years ago. But since the last two year signal has been sporadic.

  • Kevin

    O2 signal seems to be very week every time i am near the coast. Yet my friend who in on Three gets great signal near the sea.

  • Christine

    Network down for 2 days loughton essex

  • Mark

    O2 phone signal is totally useless if you are near the sea. Always seems to be when I am visiting family in Kent. Maybe I will start using Three as everyone is saying they are very good, EE are ut of the question as not good signal.

  • Stu

    O2 internet went down in Torquay, Devon, still having slight issues with speed as very slow indeed.

  • precise pvcu

    My husband and I have gad problems since last week telling us we are not registered on a network can not make calls or send text messages every now and then it would work again but today we were given new sim cards and that has made no difference at all I wrote a text at 4pm today from great horwood then drove to mk planet ice drove home and still the text was sending it is now.15 and it is still trying to send had enough now

  • Neil

    My O2 service is dire today, i got no 3G in Kettering NN15 area. Not really worth paying someone money for nothing is it?

  • Dan

    called 02 on three occasions and nothing has been done about it. Been with 02 for more than five years. I realise now that they do not care about their customers at all.

  • Dan

    haven’t had any 02 signal in south london for the past 3 weeks

  • Rob

    Keep having only one of five dots filled on my iPhone 6 plus signal, no idea why this is when my wife has an iPhone 5 with O2 as well, but her signal isn’t weak at all. We are in Broadstairs, Kent.

  • Benn

    Is EE better than O2, because right now my signal is very bad on O2’s network. Living near the sea in Portsmouth is not good for signal.

  • Jacob

    Not getting any O2 network in Ramsgate, Kent CT11 area.

  • Lee

    My O2 is working very well indeed, the only time I lose signal is when I am near Margate beach.

  • Morgan

    No O2 signal in Milton Keynes, wouldn’t be too bad if i wasn’t on contract as would save me money but I am on contract with unlimited text and calls. Paying for a service I cannot at this given time use.

  • Chantel

    I am in Salford, England and my O2 Internet is a little slow, with now and then not working at all.