MeetMe Chat app problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?


MeetMe Status insight for Wednesday 18th of September 2019

If MeetMe is down today, then reports will be found below.

MeetMe Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Angela Roberts

    I even uninstalled and still nothing

  • Angela Roberts

    Not loading my chats says I have some coming in but won’t load says try again but still does not work

  • tanitaO

    Why does my meetme app say I am online when I’m off the app and not using it… logged off as well.

  • Scott

    Mine is down too and it says invalid password when I know its correct please help

  • Fabian Fragoso

    Hi where are you from?

  • Timmy Connett

    It won’t let me get back on

  • Abigail hassan

    I have send my details to support MeetMe but I can’t still log in please help me.

  • Katie

    Meet me won’t let me login

  • Katie

    Mine is down as well it kicked me off in middle of convo and is now doing the same as yours

  • Krizzy

    Anything work?

  • Chino

    When will meet me be working back I cant log in my account it saids wtong email and password and I know I put In the right email and password cuz I got it written down

  • Jennifer

    I got logged out of meetme and can’t get back in, anything I do, it says invalid

  • Escthectrl

    Chat loading

  • Josh Hayze Poulton

    I keep getting the blank page on my chats that says we were unable to load your chats please try again. How do I fix this

  • susi senta

    See -the curse of la lloronaa- only on this site.

  • Jessica

    It keeps logging me out & wont let me back in

  • Christopher Shea Deloach

    Why on my new phone I go live and it kicks me off before I even hit a minute in to it

  • Choosen Israel

    Yup me to an they never respond to email they need new people for customer service

  • Choosen Israel
  • Tina

    This happened to me today, I’ve reported the problem to MeetMe, I haven’t received any reply, I was in a message and went to send a picture and it logged me out, I tried logging back in and it says invalid, I even tried signing up for a new account using the email, it says based on the information provided it can’t be processed. Did you fix your problem?

  • shh.its.a.secret

    I did that too! The meetme support finally responded back and said that I violated their terms, which I did not. And so they won’t let me create a new account :(.

  • Jamie Michels

    It was working fine all day yesterday then last night I was on it kicked me off I try to log back in with my Facebook and now its asking of a Verification code that I cant get because I no longer have access to rgar number and it my only option how so I get into my acount now

  • Albert

    Was working fine till 6 pm went to log back on with fb now all I get is it needs to be Re Authentication


    Meetme logged me out 5 minutes ago when my brand new Galaxy Note 9 hopped onto my wifi. I was in the middle of a conversation and it logged me out. The app says it can’t reach the internet. The rest of my network features on the phone are active and work perfectly. This is solely the meetme app. please fix this!

  • Aly

    every time that I’ve tried to login to my account, The page crashes and won’t allow me to login. The times that I’ve tried to create a new account, it says that I am not eligible at the time based on the information I provided, when I know for a matter fact that it is. I’ve been trying to get into my account for over two weeks and I’ve been having trouble.

  • Emily Duarte

    It doesnt even let me log in, when i try to log in with facebook it just loads and goes back to the log in page

  • Joseph Santana

    Can someone please explain why when I stream the app stops me from broadcasting. Like how am I supposed to meet and interact with people. This issue need to be fix asap.

  • Yisell Saavedra

    Meetme logged me out. Ive set my password 5 times, wont even let me in with Facebook

  • jack

    meet me won’t let me log in! >:( when i press “forgot password?” it doesn’t send me an email for my confirmation code or anything

  • Ally Hill

    Wont let me start matching or match with anyone

  • Destiny Rose

    It won’t let me match with anyone

  • Dadrian

    I bought the subscription and it’s not working this fraud ….

  • Dadrian

    I bought the plus and None of the subscription service working

  • Jessica Schaefer

    I got that message too did we find out why that happens , does that mean that maybe we were blocked ?

  • Brit

    I was randomly logged out of meet me last night. Went to reopen i was at the main screen to create an account. So, I did as I did before and tried logging in with FB. That would not work. It kept saying unable to verify somerhing went awary. Ok. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, powered off and reatarted my phone. Nothing is working. Tried forgot password. Did not ever receive an email for that. I was redirected automatically to a change password screen. I put in old password, new password confirmed. Then it says old password is incorrect. Tried forgot password again. Still no email. Went into my FB settings found a saved password for FB that i have never made nor used. Ended up changing my FB password and logging my account out of all devices. Went back to meetme. I used the weird password I had never seen as my previous password, put in new password and confirmed. Well that ols password worked, but no matter what combo I put in for the new password. I get the same error. Password must be between 3-12 characters long. Every combo i attempted was within that requirement.


    PS. I have sent an email to meetme support, but still waiting .

  • Shelly Walters

    The app won’t let me do anything it says my request rate is too high so I deleted a bunch of people.

  • Yenifer Boed

    why i cannot see people display picture

  • Mercy

    Mine does the same thing I am randomly in the app and it logs out and it won’t send a new email to reset my password it’s annoying

  • Luis

    Sameeee omg

  • sb

    So I was logged in to my account when i was in the middle of a message and logged out . tried to relog in but nothing. reset my password got a message in yahoo stating that my profile was on lock because of something suspiciouse and take some steps to reset password . did it still couldnt log in. reset it again with a new password and still cant log on. on my phone it says wrong login. on the computer it doesnt say anything i enter it in and it just goes to main login page wth!

  • Brianna Luza

    Same. It won’t let me log in because of error #2 and I have no idea what that means

  • Dime

    I am going tho the same thing. What should I do?

  • Christian Estill

    That happened to me too! We was really connecting and then bam their profile is gone like it never existed and it said this profile is not working right now which is some bull*@#$!

  • Christian Bernard Gauci

    No one is receiving my gifts for some reason. I keep sending and my credit goes down but no one gets anything.

  • Steve

    Can’t see messages on live stream

  • Steve

    Text not showing on Live. How do i fix this

  • Amanda W.

    was having a really good conversation with someone but when I got back into the app, my messages with this person had disappeared out of my inbox. Couldn’t find them in my viewed section but found their profile on the “my views” section. I clicked on it to see if the person had blocked me, but it said, “something has gone afloat. We will fix this issue soon”. After clicking A couple more times, it said, “we are sorry, but this profile isn’t working right now”. Kinda sucks and makes me A little sad lol I was looking forward to talking with them more.

  • Gwen Edwards

    I just got a new phone. android. I downloaded the app and tried multiple times to log in. I even tried to send a link to reset my password and I don’t even get the email. help?

  • Robert James

    Having login issues with no connection. My Wi-Fi is working fine, so I kno that it isn’t that!! Anyways i have data too. I have no idea why i cant log in! Please somebody help!!! This is the 2nd day in a row now that this has repeatedly gone on!

  • Jenn

    Got kicked out in the middle of a convo and when I tried To log back in it gave me an error#2? This was after I kept Getting repeated pop ups of the server going down. Anyone else?

  • Andrea Dunster

    Having trouble uploading pictures to meet me

  • peter james

    Having problems with meetme?

  • Courtney Moore

    I push the live button and it keeps saying upload a photo and i do and it still doesnt allow me to go live

  • Sam

    It keeps saying I have no chats, but I have notifications for chat. The match page says “Something floated away. We’ll have this fixed shortly.” It has for the past few day

  • Jane Diane Welch

    meet me keeps crashing on my laptop and saying my request rate is too high when all I’m doing is chatting with 2 people

  • Zoejata

    Meetme live is down since the last update

  • Dream

    Happened to me. Have you been able to sign in yet?

  • Kelly

    mine is doing that too

  • Mill

    Have youglt back in it keeps doing it to me, I keep making new accounts done it the second time tonight

  • Milly

    It keeps logging me out I make a new account it does the same thing I can’t log back in

  • Julia Clines

    Hi everyone. I had me account today and randomly logged me out. I thought maybe it was frozed. So, I uninstall the app, I also cleared out my data history, and tried logging back in and it wouldn’t let me. It said my email was wrong or my password combination. I created another account and tried to sign in then it also wouldn’t let me. It told me my rate was too high. I need help trying to get back into my account. Or at least creating a new account! Thank you in advance.

  • Karen


  • Daniel

    Not receiving pictures that are sent to me in chat

  • Hannah

    My MeetMe just logged me out and I’ve been resetting my password it won’t let me back in… it sucks because I was in the middle of a really good conversation and I don’t want them to think I ghosted them and get blocked

  • Toni Lee

    Got logged out now can’t get back on

  • tyler

    I can’t see chat in live streams as a watcher or streamer

  • Wagee Junior Nanta Aree

    Me too

  • Wagee Junior Nanta Aree

    Meet me logged me out and I can’t log in with my facebook like before it say something went awry when I try to login

  • Wagee

    Me too!

  • Jim

    Add me in Skype

  • Jim

    Add hardenoughforu2000 in Skype

  • Jim

    What wrong did u do in bathroom? Lol

  • Jim

    Use skype. Add me in Skype

  • Jim

    Use Skype. Add me in skype hardenoughforu2000

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    Same happened to my on Monday. I downloaded the app that AM and by noon I was kicked off and have yet to be able to get back on. I have emailed, feedback with no reply. I even tried making a new email address and it still won’t work. I really liked the app and it disappoints me that this has happened.

  • India

    I can’t upload any picture
    Something about my iCloud account

  • Olivia

    This happened to me last night. App kicked me off and won’t let me back in no matter which way I try. I’ve requested forgot password at least 5 times, used the contact us option and emailed support direct. I’ve received no response from any of those. I haven’t even had the app one full day! In fact, it was less than 12 hours since I signed up that I got kicked off. So frustrating. If anyone figures this out, I would like to know.

  • Melissa

    I was 3 hours into live stream, meetme closed it, flashed a message about cleaning up streams, logged me out of my account, wouldn’t let me in, I changed my password 3 times and still couldn’t get in. Then it says I need to wait cause I’m trying to log in too fast. I opened a new account, within 5 minutes that account was closed also., and I’m getting no response from the feedback I left. I have no idea if my account is ok, or if I lost all my contacts and diamonds

  • Ashlynn Lynae Prater

    Same! It’s very irritating honestly.

  • Ashlynn Lynae Prater

    Meetme logged me out and won’t let
    me log in with my Facebook like I normally do!

  • Marinetruth

    Does anyone know when they should be back up??? Very important cuz that’s how my girl finds clients for her business!!! Also if not do you know of another identical app? The other ones suck

  • RfTlT

    Same issue I went to the bathroom and came back it logged me out and now keeps saying invalid password but won’t sent the link to my email to reset

  • Hannah

    I tryed my number that I have on text now to verify my account but it says my number is invalid

  • KÄ™stutis

    Few times that was for me, chatting with person and ban it’s gone entirely from meetme.

  • Ashlynn

    Won’t let me see who is live or go live

  • Anderson Clerveaux

    It would seem that i cant upload any picture it keep saying this “Your photo could not be uploaded!” Yet in the past it used to always work i dont know what happend now

  • Lynda Bland

    Been having problems 4 days now. Got verified, dont get that anyway. Been a member a year now!!!!!!!!!!. Then it says change password, but it wont let me.

  • Rhianne

    I know the feeling did same to me

  • Rhianne

    Well I don’t know why bother at the moment yesterday my meetme app log me out by itself I can’t sign back in I tried all day, I have tried reset my password no email all day come into my email account and I have email them no reply back

  • Teel Meghan

    This just happened to me… Did you figure out how to fix it?????

  • Boi

    Basically whenever I go to watch this person stream is say error loading but why tho

  • Luda Kachalova

    Another person profile completely disappear during my texting ..what happen?

  • Logged me out can’t log in

    It logged me out can’t log back in been going in for 2 days now. Says the password is wrong despite I just created the account and can’t get a verification code to my email . I click my inbox and no verification code and I checked all the folders

  • Milly

    It’s doing the same to me have you log in yet it’s logged me out sense Thursday

  • Ameli

    It happened to me the other day to dunno for someone has reported me or anything

  • Ameli

    It’s logged me out

  • Ethan

    Chats won’t load just the circle keeps going and waiting and will not show my my texts

  • Kat

    The app will load everything but the chat conversations and when I try to use the web browser on my phone it bring up “ERROR: your request is too high. Please try again later.” It’s been doing this for over an hour

  • Jan Papp

    I’m having the exact same issue!!!

  • Sey

    I have the same Problem i even have 400k diamonds to cashout

  • Sey

    Why i cant log in on meetme it says invalid meetme fix this i havent cash out my 200k diamonds

  • Geneva

    My Meetme login doesnt work

  • Samantha

    It kicked me out of the site and I log in with Facebook.and it keeps saying invalid user .please sort this out

  • Hannah A

    Won’t let me send pictures on email, not sure what to do. Help?

  • Hannah Altena


  • Wanda Pagan

    same problem for about a month-and-a-half and they still haven’t help me I gave up how come we enjoy something that they don’t fix it sucks

  • Wanda Pagan

    Im hsving the same problems i gave up they dont help

  • Wanda Pagan

    Its a fun site but it ask for verified have trouble doing that once I did that it kept kicking me out now it’s kicking me out and I cannot get back in it sucks it’s telling me is invalid how is it invalid when I use my Facebook account to log in I did not break any terms I did not do nothing wrong for no reason at all it has kicked me out and I can’t get back in so I uninstalled it and I am bothering to install it back because I can’t get in y’all need to do something with it I have tried to do different accounts and it kicks me out to I cannot get back in at all please do something so we can all get back on I have tried to get in contact with you guys and I never get a respond how do you guys want us to enjoy your app if it doesn’t even work right

  • Jeremi

    lorsque je veut me connecter sur meetme, ça n’arrête pas de me ramener a la même page d’accueil d’inscription. j’ai essayer de me refaire un nouveau conte mais sa me fais la même chose, ça me ramène toujours a la page d’accueil. Et quand j’essaye de récupérer mon mot passe, je ne reçois rien du tout.

  • Krystal

    It had kicked me out when I tried to log back in it said wrong password then when I clicked forgot password it told me I had to put a phone number in I made the account two days they never asked for a number why is this happening to everyone it’s so annoying

  • Shazzy

    Meetme app keeps crashing a second after clicking in any menus

  • salem corral

    im having the same issue, this is very annoying

  • Cheryl stirzaker

    Hi, I’m having problems with messages.. they won’t load so i can’t read them or reply to anyone

  • Taylor

    did yall ever figure it out

  • Hannah Flory

    I was just browsing on my meetme app when it randomly logged me out and said my info was invalid so I put my password in and said it wasn’t right which I know it was. And when I tried to reset it the email never came!

  • Kaylee Christenson

    I’m having the same problem it said I have 5 messages but I cant answer them and I deleted it and re downloaded it and it’s still doing it

  • Mari Mariam

    this is happening to me right now what can i doo

  • Garry James Hannento

    Well I meetme app is not giving me to click on forget password it’s straight to add your old password then add new but I don’t remember my old password at all..??

  • Jessica Pehrson

    I was in the middle of typing a reply about 2 hrs ago when meet me kicked me off the app and when i tried to log in it keeps saying login invalid if you forgot your password please click below. Ive uninstalled app, I’ve tried desktop version, I tried forgot my password… Nothing is working.

  • Hadley Burton


  • Hadley Burton

    I’m going through the same thing

  • Kevin Williams

    I can’t do anything cuz it says my request rate is too high

  • Chad

    I am not receiving any password reset emails. Any word on what is going on?

  • Ashley Strain

    I am having the same issue. Reset my password four times and it doesn’t help.

  • James

    Did it ever end up working? That problem just happened to me.

  • Red

    I was on my meetme account when suddenly the page had logged me out of both my PC and my mobile app, when I try to re loggin it says invalid information even though the info I’m putting in is correct?
    This is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened within the last few days does anyone know what the issue is

  • Matthew Bradley

    what is up with meet me right now

  • Anna M. Janiszewska

    I had message from support. They said my profile was delate. So if you have the same your profile is delate also….

  • XHeatherO

    If you are trying to reset your password and don’t get the email check your spam folder. They are always in there. Also, the site is down at the moment. They might be doing an update because no matter how many times you reset your password nothing helps. Eventually it will ask you to verify your account and when you enter in your cell number it will say your number is invalid. Shitty protocol on meetme’s part. If they’re doing an update just say so so we don’t waste our time trying to reset crap. Hope this helps!!

  • Amanda

    I got that but then it texted me now its asking for my old password i made it through facebook so i never had a password….idk what to do

  • Breanna Rohde

    I’m having the same issue. No matter how many times I reset it, it won’t let me log in.

  • Ashley Strain

    Having the same issue in regards to not receiving the password resent email and not getting a response from support.

  • Ashley Strain

    I can’t log in because it says my password is wrong. When I type in my email to receive a reset password link, it doesn’t arrive at my email. I sent a message to support and haven’t recived a reply. Is there a number I can call?

  • john l

    any update?

  • Sean Haynes

    Me too, have figured out a solution?

  • Chelsea

    It keeps telling me my request rate is to high please try again later

  • Dakota Brooks

    it says i have 3 messages but when i tap on chat icon it says we were unable to load your chats. please try again and i tapped on it 20 times and deleted it and redownload it but that didnt work

  • Marianne Hancox

    I’m getting the same problem it won’t log in with Facebook either it was fine @3 hrs ago

  • Arthur

    It said unexpected server error wouldn’t let me log in said account does not exist try to sign up and it says this account already exists

  • Kimberly Edwards

    Me to I done try to log in meetme and even us my number and still wouldn’t let me on it

  • Kimberly Edwards

    I have the same problem

  • Tion Sharp

    I am not sure if this a issue of the app or my phone. Don’t know if anyone else has experienced this. I tried to send a message several times and keeps telling me send failed. Not sure what’s going on. Hopefully can get some advice from someone

  • Fiona Brookes

    i cant log in to my meetme account says account locked for suspicious activity. says i have to my change password. still cant log it. Have changed twice. my husband has a similar issue and can not log in to his account using Facebook it comes up password needs to be changed or password in correct. Website checkers say that meetme is up and running and working. However, most people are complaining that they are not able to log in to it.

  • tyler

    i got the same thing

  • Alan

    I was on my account and everything was fine but now when I go on my account it says request rate too high, I cleared the cache and the data but still nothing changed I even uninstalled the app and installed it

  • Betty Bunch White

    That’s what I’m dealing with right now. I can’t even get meetme to respond.

  • Greg Brady

    I have same issue all the time

  • Joleen Punches

    I was just in the middle of talking and it signed me out and can’t get back. I’m saying invalid password invalid login. No answer from support tried reinstalling nothing

  • Corbin Clark

    Every so often I’ll be talking to someone and their chat will just disappear. Then when I go and look at their profile it doesn’t load and then eventually it disappears as well. What is this? It’s aggravating.

  • Shannon Smith

    Cant. Connect to tbe server wat does that even mean

  • Selina

    Meet me is not letting me sign in I tried over 30/ times keeps saying invalid and I just created the account it logged me out as soon as I completed it

  • Ty

    I’m not able login in my account always showing invalid login and account since Monday try forget password no link was sent what kind of website is meetme running it was better when it was called my yearbook

  • K

    I forgot my password and i still didn’t get any recovery link since Friday the 6th of October. Isn’t it automatic ?

  • Michael

    has this happened to you before

  • Michael

    when will meet me be back up, available for us

  • A Tiwari

    I’m not able login in my account always showing invalid login and account is temporarily disabled twice in a day once it started again it blocked why I have done nothing. Please start my account my friends are there

  • A Tiwari

    It’s a second time in a day I’m facing same issue as your account is suspended temporarily and try to change passwords but unable to do it.. I have done nothing from till I last login but my account get suspended.. I’m irritated with this.

  • A Tiwari

    It’s always saying that your password is updated but I’m not able to get login

  • A Tiwari

    My meet account stops and when I try to log in it’s saying that invalid login and there is mail that it is suspended temporarily due to unwanted issues and right now I’m changing password for log in but still can’t why

  • Nathan Sayre

    Won’t let my chat part load up and won’t acknowledge that I have sent a message deleted app reinstalled and still same issue

  • Samoontha Justine Connor

    Yes mine has been deleted I’m so angry they are a joke and j find anyone can report you for nothing at all and you get banned sort it out meetme and they never respond to your emails it’s the worst sight I’ve used I’m on several others and have no issues at all.

  • Aaron O (Coffeevamp8)

    Same here keeps saying invalid password

  • Joel Starink

    I have the same problem.. wanna snapchat? :rverhuls is my snap

  • Katie Brooks

    My server isn’t connecting for some dumb reason… like it just suddenly happened out of nowhere

  • Jasmine Allen

    did u ever get answers?

  • Nancy Dougherty

    Meet me logged me out and says invalid password. I tried to reset password but meet me hasn’t sent email. This is complete BS!!!! I have friends on there and can’t even talk to them now.

  • becky gr

    kicked off. says account locked for suspicious activity. had to change password. still cant log it. Have changed twice. Another person similar issue and can not log it using Facebook. Website checkers say that meetme is up. However, most are not able to log in to it.

  • Patricia Schneider

    I have the same. Damn problem I can’t log. On it. Says my password is incorrect I got an email. From. Them saying my account was considered pishing and they made a provisionary block until I change my password I changed it and I still can’t. Log. On

  • Dave

    Haha did everyone just get hacked? This happened before on meetme to me. Account was hacked. Got banned..never got it back.

  • Michele

    Glad to see I’m not the only one having issues. I created an account today it logged me out and I haven’t been able to get back on. Keeps telling me my password is invalid so when I request for a verification so I can change my email I get nothing

  • Arianna

    Non riesco a fare log in, ne dall’app ne da web.

  • Chels

    I got logged out and it won’t let me log back in to my account it keeps telling me I forgot my password I tried changing it and it won’t let me in that way it still keeps telling me I forgot my password

  • Teresa

    I am having all the problems you guys are having after only being on for 24 hrs. Saying incorrect password. Won’t let let me create a new account or login through facebook. Won’t send me email to change password…now I I have no way to contact the person I I was chatting with!

  • Fire

    I’m so frustrated this is happening to me I’ve sent all my details to support@meetme but no luck

  • Annelyce Yawingu Thomas

    Same, Thank God i thought something was wrong with my phone..Well that’s no good!

  • Vinay Mago

    It’s funny
    My correct tel nos are being shown as wrong and unable to verify ,. Tried past 7 days .. how can I log in pls ???

  • Giuly

    I cannot ever do a new registration with a new email. I have to uninstall the app and say goodbye to MeetMe

  • meo

    Same here

  • Zach Harms

    Hi so i was talking to someone. I logged in with facebook. Now it logged me out and said “based on the information provided you may not register at this time.” Its so dumb.

  • Giuly

    The same for me since more than week

  • Megan

    It just logged me out and won’t let me login it’s telling me incorrect password, so I changed it. It still won’t log me back in. I’m becoming very irritated.

  • Katelyn Elizabeth Woolbright

    I was logged out about a week ago and haven’t been able to log back in. My profile is linked with my Facebook and it keeps saying that an error has occurred. I can’t do anything and it’s really starting to piss me off.

  • Bree

    No matter how many times I request and change my password I am unable to log in successfully. “Based on the information you provided, you may not register at this time”

  • Trey M

    So how long until I can log back in with my og acct?

  • Takoda

    same here

  • Alexis

    It’s not letting me log back in it says error#2 like can you fix this error

  • bryan carbajal

    its same to me

  • jessica

    whats error#2? i was cjatting and now i cant log in

  • Skycrawler85

    Couldn’t log back in earlier tonight. Correct email and password too. Won’t be the first time this happened either. Pathetic if you ask me!

  • Patrick

    Logged me out as well and asking for a password, then it says it is incorrect although it is linked to FB anyway.

  • Giuly

    Not working

  • D

    Logged me out and can’t get back in. I am not getting a confirmation code to reset password either if that is even the problem.

  • Jordon

    Logged me out randomly whilst i was talking to someone and now it wont let me log back in eventhough my email and password are both right. I then tried to request for the link to a new password and i still havent recieved it?

  • David

    Hi I am not receiving text from my friend but they are receiving mine I can see them typing but no words appear can you help

  • xcution

    Why cant login with my email and updated password. It keep saying invalid login. It happens when my account automatically logout and when i try signing in keep saying above error

  • makayla

    I’m using the app on my phone and it keeps says “Your internet connection has gone missing.” which isn’t true because my internet connection is working perfectly fine and I’m still getting notifications from them but when I open the app none off the tabs will load and I get same internet connection message.

  • Sha’Angelisa Murray

    When I try to send a message it says, Oops! Something went awry!
    What does that mean?

  • Me

    Won’t let me in. Says invalid password. It logged me out in the middle of typing a response.

  • Nadia Alysha Simon

    I try to login with Facebook and it tells me my post code is invalid ? What to do???

  • lasondra graham

    Live isn’t working

  • Nick

    Mine just went down after trying a live show

  • Hannah Tobin

    Mine isn’t working either.

  • Rachel

    Seriously? Wtf is going on with meetme? I’m getting really annoyed. 🙁

  • That Girl Bella

    Mine isn’t working

  • Donna Rainsburg

    It’s back up on my end…check yours#!!!

  • Kulthum Cameron

    Yup working for me the app

  • missfancy

    Great news it’s finally working

  • Ashley Ann

    Is it working now I just checked 10 mins ago and it wasn’t ??

  • katelyn

    both the app and the website should be all working now 🙂

  • Kulthum Cameron

    Its working now

  • Kulthum Cameron

    Anyone know when this will be fixed

  • Autumn Dawn Fyfe

    Ah true this is redicules

  • Brian T

    I didn’t click the follow button on her so idk when is the next time she’ll be on

  • Autumn Dawn Fyfe

    It’s in matainence at the moment is what it said

  • katelyn

    meet me website for is back up but they are currently still working on the app

  • Kaylea Daigle

    It might not get fixed until tomorrow, since it’s not a business week day.

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez

    Starting to think they aren’t going to fix the problem.

  • Amber


  • missfancy

    That’s good 🙂

  • Larry Norvick

    Nope, but ironically I exchanged #s with the one ive been talking to just yesterday. Just in time it seems 🙂

  • Psychosoulmate

    Until meetme is back up try Paltalk.They have live chatrooms also.

  • Kaylea Daigle

    Same. I was going to make plans with people for today, but um that got ruined. In a new area where you don’t know many people, guess it’s a sign. Lol

  • Autumn Dawn Fyfe

    Same here

  • missfancy

    Nah lol

  • missfancy

    Same 🙁

  • Nathan B

    Mine isn’t working at all today

  • Steve

    tells me this feature is undergoing maintenance. try again later.

  • Psychosoulmate

    Wow people really? Umm how about actually going out and doing something? Or picking up a book or spend time with someone that is actually in your life. On a side note good to find it’s down for everyone,thought I got blocked lol

  • missfancy

    Is anyone’s meetme working?

  • Julia Hernandez

    Meet me needs to hurry BC someone wants to meet today

  • missfancy

    Lol I’ve lost hope that it’s going to work now

  • Kaylea Daigle

    Can finally log into the desktop version… gives me a maintenance log after I log in though. Still can’t log in on my phone app though.

  • Donna Rainsburg home nothing to do lame!!!

  • Kulthum Cameron

    My day too

  • sofrito

    Meet me really needs to cut the sh*t lol…down all day and become more garbage everyday.. I miss the old meet me.

  • Julia Hernandez


  • Donna Rainsburg

    Well I think we deserve something from this..Some of us could have gotten a date for today lol. ..messed my day up Meetme

  • Kulthum Cameron

    Theres someone ive been talk to weeks and we always talk at this time

  • Amber


  • LiLuka

    Ugh MeetMe has been down most of the day. I thought it was my phone so i uninstalled then reinstalled it and still it says there’s a log in error. And when it was down before it’d say something about a connection error then kick me off the log in page. Hope this gets fixed soon

  • Kaylea Daigle

    Same though…

  • Julia Hernandez

    This needs to hurry

  • Julia Hernandez

    I was talking to someone and we wanna talk again

  • Kaylea Daigle


  • Griselda Briseno

    Is it still down ? Lol

  • Heather Hiett

    Meetme is loading but not saying anything

  • Alexander

    Can login on Internet but just the loading circle keep searching it up and says it was just me experiencing these problems

  • Šætåñäś

    My meetme says We’re currently performing maintenance for this section will be back shortly… I thought I was the only one who’s meetme was down

  • missfancy

    Yeah I see girls doing a lot of weird stuff on live 🙁

  • missfancy


  • Jonhua Gibson

    Lol same!

  • Dave

    Theyre crazy for doing that. Only a matter of time until meetme is shut down because minors are getting naked.

  • missfancy

    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one too lol

  • Jonhua Gibson

    Okay thank god I thought it was me that why I got on and started looking up things haha

  • missfancy

    It’s not working for anyone

  • Jonhua Gibson

    Damn! Yea mines wouldn’t let me in! I mean I thought it was my wifi or att service!

  • Kasmier kisses

    Yup lol

  • Jonhua Gibson

    Mines stop working around 1pm and in from Michigan

  • missfancy

    No idea it’s been down for almost 9 hrs now

  • missfancy

    All the attention seeking girls who go on live streaming must be going crazy

  • Jonhua Gibson

    I wish my meet me will work again what happen? What caused it to go down?

  • missfancy

    All the attention seeking girls who go on live must be going crazy without the app working 😛

  • Dave

    Did they finally shut down this cesspool? Lol

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez

    It’s been down all day for everyone .

  • Ya boi

    Hopefully it gets working soon ;-;

  • Hellen

    Any idea how long MM will be down? Its been down all day long here in Minnesota.

  • Kasmier kisses

    Well I never thought the server would go down lol he has my addy so

  • Ya boi

    When you login to the online website it just has the black loading circle and nothing else smh

  • missfancy

    Yup it stopped working around 12 pm Canada time and hasn’t been up since then

  • Bellabluedream

    Hasn’t been working all day, I’m in the USA, still gives me either an ‘you’re not connected to the Internet’ or ‘network can’t be found. Oh well, time to light up

  • We will see, when the Server is online again, but in this time, you can use Lovoo^^

  • Ya boi

    Maybe if you wouldve exchanged phone numbers or something you wouldnt have missed your date

  • Kerrigan

    Now the app loads a page about building improvements

  • Kasmier kisses

    Yes I know it sucks

  • missfancy

    A lot of ppl missed dates cos of this

  • missfancy

    Nope not since a few hours

  • missfancy

    Aww I’m sorry that sucks

  • missfancy

    No ☹️

  • missfancy

    I’m just kinda relieved to see I’m not the only one having problems with Meetme

  • missfancy

    This really sucks I’ve been trying to get on meetme all day

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez

    Servers went back down again. This is getting annoying .

  • Heather Hiett

    Its still not letting me

  • Adrie Vermeer

    Is Meetme not giving any information or reaction or update on this page?

  • Casal_Lisboa Amiga Noite a 3

    Thru the app MM – free u can acess in html base view … its not the same but it allows u to send and check msg

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez

    Was able to log in online, but all it says is they are working on maintenance and it’ll be up soon.

  • Kasmier kisses

    And I missed my flippin date

  • Kasmier kisses

    I thought it was my phone too …… I hope it’s up soon !!

  • Megan

    MeetMe is still down I’ve reinstalled the app and it still says the same thing

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez

    Does anyone know what’s going on or if they’re even trying to fix it ? Lowkey annoyed with meetme.

  • Jessicaa Ann Cortez


  • Lily

    Anyone’s messages from the day before get deleted, too?

  • Heather Hiett

    When will it be fixed

  • Heather Hiett

    I wish it would hurry up

  • Heather Hiett

    Same I’m reinstalling it

  • Heather Hiett


  • Paul Ed

    Hahahaha. No mine was low already

  • Ethan Mccampbell

    i missed my date because of this :,(

  • Paul Ed


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