MeetMe Chat app problems

MeetMe was first known as ‘MyYearbook’ when it all started in 2005, but it was in 3 years ago in 2012 when creators decided to call it by the name we all know today. But from time-to-time users will be met with MeetMe Chat app problems, it particularly becomes evidently clear when the servers go down, and when they do online updates are needed.

MeetMe Chat app problems

There are many apps on the market offering its users the ability to meet people, and MeetMe is one of these with a slight difference. This one allows its users to meet others who have the same interests, and then chatting can commence. MeetMe has over 100 million people chatting via the app, which is for all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Other than MeetMe server issues there have been cases of problems when trying to login with Facebook, a few new users have had occurrences with mobile registration and downloading the app. What MeetMe Chat app problems are you having?


MeetMe Status insight for Thursday 29th of June 2017

If MeetMe is down today, then reports will be found below.

MeetMe Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Winningkhunt

    I have uploaded about 8 pictures but every time I try to send a friend request or post a status it tells me I need to upload a pic. Has anyone ran into this issue?

  • Ashley Manners

    I signed up using my Facebook and I need to now verify my account and make a new password but how do I do that if I logged in using fb

  • Sunghee Monreal Kim

    Im using meetme mobile app and can’t log in to meetme app today, it says Error 2 :( How should I fix this friends? Thank you.

  • Angie Adkins

    The people who are hot are paid for the new live feature they can masterbate live all day nothing is done about it.if one unattractive person flashes a little skin they shut down their profile for violating terms of service policy.the clearly are doing this to get more members

  • blayden sterling

    cnt get into meet me it says the site can’t be found

  • Cheyenne

    Same!! Its ridiculousi hope its fixed soon

  • Rierie Hollingshed

    I cant log into my account it say its the wrong password or email in its not i use tge same email in password for everything plz fix it

  • quenshella murphy

    Is a friend that has a MeetMe account and want to come visit me he said that his meetme will send me a code to approve his travel and told me to give him that code they sent to me is that what I suppose to do cause when the code came through my phone is said never give my code to anyone but do I suppose to give to the person that trying to come visit me suggestions please thanks.

  • veronica randle

    i was using the app a couple of hours ago then all of a sudden i was logged out of it and now its saying i have to verify my account and i always log in with my facebook account and now i can’t.

  • Bethie Harrell

    It keeps locking me out of my account and won’t send me a password reset code :-/

  • Richard Brashears

    I was live and all off sudden it log me out I tried to log back in using my fb it says you my not register at this time what’s wrong with meetme

  • Angie Adkins

    im locked out they wont sent me an password reset code

  • Jay parihar

    Hi m jay even i am facing the same problem

  • Jay parihar

    While chatting on meet me app today i was suddenly loged out and when i tried to log in using Facebook it shows an error “your login was invalid. If you forget your password click on forgot password below” i even tried doing that but the problem occurs again….. Please do something

  • Timothy McCoy

    I log in with fb and it logged me out but when I try to log in it says error #2

  • yane

    i get the same error. my net is stable as far as I know. :-(

  • Luna

    The little camera that pops up where the send button is don’t pop up for me. It’s like it’s not there anymore.

  • Daniel raise

    I keep getting this problem with meet me app when I do go on it it says “unable to load page” its keep happening and it says that my wifi ain’t connected some bullshi

  • Syphon Filter

    My friend’s meetme account is the same thing too, he filed a complaint against them just now about his account, he said that he put his phone number in the verification code and meetme STILL signed him out and once he signed back in, he can’t get in. Meetme’s security is UNSTABLE.

  • Ammy

    Plz help me also .. I also face this problem

  • Akshish Ish

    My chat list not loading it is nt show any people who I hav texted

  • Burgerine Belinda Visser

    I cant get into meet me please help

  • Allison sparks

    My meetme live accidently got suspended. How long does it last??

  • Cathy

    I have a 1 new chat that won’t go away!!!! FRUSTRATING

  • Mark Gray

    we got banned

  • Sam Riley

    Same With Me!

  • Mark Gray

    we got kicked the suport team emailed me saying my account is permantly deleted. but
    email me at lets chat some more

  • Nikki Lee

    Did you get a solution? I can’t log back in my account it kicked me out during a live stream and then all the sudden I can’t get back in and it says my password is wrong so I reset it and still won’t let me in

  • Nikki Lee

    Did you find a solution?

  • Johan Fourie

    Encounter the same problem for the past week now, namely account verification with a valid number does not work.

    Stop accepting this bullsh.., go to App Store and give the app a terrible rating and review!

  • Mark Gray

    it wont send me a confirmation code over email what the hell

  • Skyler

    My account Wont load my messages on meetme

  • Jesus Rosas

    I put my old password to reset it and then make a new password but it keeps saying password must be 3-12 characters and I already tried so many passwords

  • Marcos Rodrigo Codicetti

    Yes… -.-“

  • Sahil khan

    I’m not able to get some messg from last night which is too important to me piz how to get tht back help me in tht ASAP PIZZZZZ

  • Chance Brown

    i try to log on bc of suspicious activity and reseted my pw then asks to put in my phone number and says its invalid . i know its valid stupid meetme wont let me do anything. !!!!

  • Jade Buns

    My old account I can’t log into I can’t make any new accounts on the app but I can on the website but then it automatically logs me out before I even put a profile picture and asks me to log in again and when I try to it tells me invalid password or that my email doesn’t match yet that’s the information for the account this has been going on for some time now and it’s really starting to irritate me the fact that almost every month or 2 I have to make a new account just to stay in contact with my friends I’ve met outside of the country is stupid. this needs to get fixed and soon cause this isn’t a recent problem I’ve had this problem for about a year or 2 now and I keep on messaging and nothing happens but an update and things are okay again for a month get your app together find all the glitches and fix it already instead of saying you will and then do nothing if the issues are the model and platform then get a new one as it is the format is getting old anyhow. Would be great if you guys could actually fix this situation rather than sweeping it under the rug or doing the bare minimals to get your app by

  • Leonor Gates

    try a different email that you never used to create an account that should work. meet me always has some crazy type of problems. they really need to fix it!

  • Keelie Goodman

    Just kicked me out and wont let me back in say ‘my account is invalid’ what do i do

  • Carlos Ramos Toledo

    The same thing is happening to me, what u do?

  • Richard

    I keep trying to send a message to someone but it keeps saying send failed

  • Matt Mukkala

    Why do all the profiles have the same last active time?

  • agron gashi

    I am trying to login to my meetme account i created yesterday but when i write my credentials it does not login, it appears some rolling dots and nothing else happens… even I have been using it a little bit early with the same credentials.
    Somebody tell me what it means and how to solve my problem?

  • Marouane

    the same i ask for password but nothing send

  • Azman Eshan

    Sameeee..any solution yet?

  • Michael Clayton

    I have the same problem it’s been liked that for 3 days now am answer would be nice

  • Kimberly Turner

    What does it mean when it says based on the information you provided you may not registered at this time? I’ve always yours my Facebook and I tried to make a different one but still won’t work what’s going on

  • Jordan Myers

    Trying to open my temporarily closed account

  • Andrea Maria Sanders

    That’s my problem right now. What did you do

  • Freddie Junior

    Still having problems signing in via the app!

  • Freddie Junior

    Still won’t let me sign in at all via the app

  • Bijay Gupta

    meet me not login do to verify password but my old password missing what i do

  • James

    Do you have to pay to see messages?

  • Johnny

    Can someone pls help me! I’m unable to use the app because the ‘servers’ are down and i’ve tried making 2 accounts and it doesn’t work! Tried facebook but didn’t work! I can’t use anything, i can only match and thats it

  • shesh

    i am unable to send message to specific friends (already accepts my frienship) but able view thier messages for me. the text box to enter the message will not appear for these profiles.

  • Bethany Wilkinson

    Trying to login using my Facebook, cause that’s what I log in with. Sends me to Google chrome and tells me that I need to verify account. Asks me for an old password and idk what to use since I log in with Facebook

  • Lee Baggio

    Why can’t I log in to meet me with my Facebook.?

  • Kitty

    This is hapening to me right now! I’m so aggravated.

  • Caroline Cole

    I still can’t log in. I’ve given up. “Support” doesn’t do squat.

  • Lisa

    The same thing is happening to me now. It’s extremely annoying!!

  • Sam Stout

    Why won’t MeetMe let me go into? It has a page that says something floated away. We’ll have this fixed shortly while I was texting someone on it. What does his mean?

  • no you

    chat always messes up. It’s funny cause they are always in beta.

  • Tony

    Meetme keeps on changing my password or locking it for no real reason. I go onto the app then out of no where “email not correct” yea it is cause it’s the same one you just emailed the password fix info
    All I know is this doesn’t happen on Facebook

  • Eli

    Did u figure out what happened?

  • Eli

    I was talking to someone and I went to go see there message and the conversation was gone and I couldn’t find them unless I went to profile I have viewed and when I clicked on there profile it said “this profile isn’t working right now. Why don’t u try another one”? What does this mean?

  • john

    If I want to open the chat of Meetme, it start loading but it will keep loading. So I can not open it. How can I solve this?

  • Tony

    Meetme has sent me emails to change my password then it says “email or password invalid”. When I just changed the password. But I think something is wrong with the site cause I haven’t gotten an email recent saying someone has commented on this or that. Makes me think a site issue…. the day before Valentine’s Day

  • Caroline Cole

    Had the phone number verification the 1st time. entered the confirmation code. Logged in fine. Now every time I try to get on, it wants me to enter in my number (says ********32 entered x days ago) but it won’t ever go through. This has been going on since Monday and I haven’t heard from support since Wednesday. Tried to make a new account…didn’t even get it fully made and it started doing the same thing.

  • Jennifer Amador

    Im having the same issue. Did anyone get thiers fixed?

  • Deandre Solomon

    I can’t log in and the confirmation code isn’t sending

  • Jessica

    Have you gotten fixed and what did you do to fix

  • Simply Beautiful

    My app runs terrible, wont let me sign in. I tried to create a new account says its blocked, incorrect password. Not true, what the heck is going on. No type of customer service or anyone that can assist you. I tried to reset my password, nothing ever came to my email. I called customer service and there is no customer service only an email that takes 24 hours to receive assistance. So sad, they need to fix this or shut down there website. horrible


    It says I have to verify my password but I use my Facebook in to log in and any time I try to verify it the password I use on Facebook and add a new password it says my password is incorrect help I think the system is down.


    Same here

  • Americanxtie

    Same here. Could you finally get in?

  • Melissa Bennett Yarbrough

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? I can’t get anyone to respond to me.

  • Melissa Bennett Yarbrough

    Did you ever figure out how to fix this? I can’t get anyone to respond at meet me.

  • Dinasaurus Wohlffe

    All I’m getting (trying to use it on a computer), is the URL bounces back and forth, and never actually logs in.

  • Cat

    I cant delete my messages and theyre piling up.

  • b

    same thing happened to me, let em know if you find a fix!

  • BIGJ

    not allowing me to log in? Was logged in, it logged me out and not even the password reset code is coming through?

  • Kendall Levesque

    I have been getting the same

  • Samantha Paige

    Same ugh

  • Darius Parker

    Yeah same here

  • Musty Savage

    My stupid chats won’t load it just buffers the whole time

  • Shanice

    People are threatening me and loging in without my conxent

  • Crystal Pistol Metcalf

    For the past few months my app has asked me to put in my number, which i did. (Correctly) and it doesn’t even recognize that I put a number in. It’s really annoying because I love this app

  • shamus

    i still can’t log in to my meetme account. ive emailed the support team and not got my account back. i met friends

  • Shamus

    Is MeetMe down because I can’t login in on my account

  • Haylee

    Since 10:30 this morning in the app all I’ve been getting it “Something floated away. We’ll have this fixed shortly”. Usually if it doesn’t fix itself within a couple of minutes I close then reopen the app, restart my phone or delete then redownload the app and it works perfectly fine. Today I even logged out and logged back in to my account, but it still is not working, I don’t know how many other people are having this problem but it’s pretty annoying. I went to the meetme website and it works perfectly fine from there, but the website is slow and frustrating. I’ve contacted support but have heard nothing back. I hope this can get fixed soon because I really enjoy the app and have met some cool people on it so far.

  • Blake Adkins

    My issue just started today! I’m having an issue where I cannot type it’ll bring up the keyboard and everything but it won’t let me type. Its frustrating cuz i have conversations going and i cant respond at all…please help!!!

  • Melanie Clark

    I’m having the exact same problem. Only I have been having this problem for a few months.

  • Mohit

    I have chatted with someone but next morning I found that there is no conversation in my mobile and unable to search again.
    How to recover that chat?

  • Young jae

    Based on the information you provided you may not register at the time, what do I do can someone help me

  • Kathiravan

    Meet me not working . it’s apps not open.

  • John

    I log in into meetme with my facebook account. and anything time i long into meetme, they don’t ask me of password. now they are asking me to change password, i have done using my facebook password but still nothing could be done. Please what should i do.?


    Find a fix yet? I’m having the same problem

  • CK

    Nope, never did :/

  • Aj

    Everytime I go to answer a “question” than someone asks the app kicks me off

  • Lynsi Albright

    Did you ever get this figured out

  • Lynsi Albright

    Have you been able to get back on this started for me like 3 days ago

  • Lynsi Albright

    I’ve changed my pasword 20 times and it says inn correct.. I’ve also made two new emails and two new accounts and those are incorrect too.. I’ve deleted the app, tried doin it on the computer.. everything! This has happened multiple timea and I get emails saying there is suspicious activity on my account? Like what? I don’t post anything inappropriate. It’s ridiculious. They wanna start charging you to use there app but my god if it acts like this… who would pay for it? Very irritating.

  • Lynsi Albright

    Did you figure anything

  • Tacos

    I was using meetme and now randomly poof messages notifications and friend requests I can log in and see messages through peoples pros but other than that everything is stuck on loading…. x.x wtf

  • Kving

    This is crazy cause I was just on it yesterday now I cant log back in can’t sign in using Facebook cant change passwords or anything I cant do nothing with this on the app nor my computer

  • anon

    i’m having the same problem, i got signed out about an hour ago and it won’t let me back in

  • Inga x

    For me same.they asking me change password but I was log in from my facebook and I’m trying and it is not impossible to do something I was try million times and I use just some passwords but nothing doesn’t help.
    Plz bring my account

  • Jon

    Nope, nothing I do works

  • Autumn Hatch

    I’m having this same issue, have you found a solution?

  • Jon

    Meetme signed me out, now won’t let me sign in, saying I have a wrong password which I don’t. Also won’t let me create a new account. Won’t send me a code to change my password. This is a joke. TERRIBLE SERVICE

  • Jon

    Exactly the same for me

  • Kumar Jitesh

    when i login through facebook account it is asking reset password with old password. My question is where is old password when we login through facebook account ?

  • Sumit

    Even I face a same problem…. It’s show me something went awry..!! When I m trying to login in my meet me account

  • Kiki

    My messages keep resending multiple times ):

  • grace

    this is the problem im having right now……can you fixed urs?

  • person

    can’t sign in using facebook? click the button but nothing actually happens

  • Zack

    Meet me app says performing maintenance and hasn’t came back yet how long does this normally take

  • Melanie Clements

    Same here

  • Sam

    I have the same problem. Cant get into my account, wont get the email to change my password and i get ‘error2’ when i try to log in

  • Lauren

    For the last week I haven’t been able to get into my meetme account. I even created a new one that worked for an hour or two then it kicked me out and I can’t log in again. What the hell is going on?

  • Lauren Graves

    I’m having the exact same issue right now.

  • Stefanie

    The last 3 days I have noticed that I can’t get new messages and when I get a friend who has messaged me before this, I do get theirs but they can’t get my messages I send back. HELP!.

  • CK

    I can’t log in, it keeps telling me I have the incorrect password when it’s not. I even created a new acount and it would tell it’s wrong…

  • G2

    omg my just did the same thing now and i still cant log in even after changing my password

  • James

    Seriously I’ve changed my password probably 30 times and still keeps telling me it’s incorrect and I cannot log in… I go through the entire process Idk what to do??

  • Bruce

    Newsfeed location service not working. Can’t narrow it down to see what people are posting near me

  • Casey

    My email and password are correct but it’s telling me it’s invalid.

  • help

    same for me too :/

  • help

    anyone else having issues logging in tonight?

  • Attn

    Error #2??? I cant log in via fb, email or username

  • Grant

    Wut is error #2 cuz it says that i am unnable to login at this time then error # next to it idont understand

  • David R

    I’m having the same problem. if you get a solution please share

  • Justin

    When I am sending messages most take 10-15 minutes to reach their destination, but some still haven’t after 5 days. I have deleted and downloaded the app multiple times, but nothing has changed. Does anybody know a fix?

  • Michelle

    I am unable to log in. I received a message from Meet me that there was suspicious activity on my account so it was temporarily suspended. The email told me to change my password but every time I try to change it, I get an email saying it is changed but then it won’t let me log in with the new password.

  • beri

    I got banned that sucks sorry pls give me back my account dont wanna waste my time making a new one

  • anon

    I’m receiving notifications of messages but when I go to read them they aren’t there?

  • Ross

    Can’t login at all today since about 10 AM.

  • Megan wall

    Nicole I’ve had that done with my account try putting in your number without any spaces an see if it works but be warned cause once I verified my account I lost all of my friends now I’m having to re add them

  • Megan wall

    Can’t see all of my notifications I can only see a few of my nonifactions plus I lost all of my friends when I had to verify my account now I’m having to re add all of my friends meet me should have it so people won’t lose their friends when they have to verify their account plus meet me should automatically put every ones friends back on their friends list that every one has lost when they verified their accounts

  • Jay

    Photos expire right there when they are sent in messages. Help?

  • Amanda

    My meet me says I haven’t been logged on for over a month. Its actually been more like 2 years. Does anyone know if it usually just says over a month

  • Sophii

    Did this get fixed? It’s happening to me

  • Louise

    Is MeetMe down? I have tried to login last night and it was not working for me. But now I can login but not able to chat.

  • Averie Turbyn

    same here.

  • Anon

    Tried chatting but said they were updating this feature… I logged out and tried logging back in and all it says is “Sorry…” It’s almost as though they are mocking me…

  • Anon

    It means they banned your account for breaking the terms of service…

  • Lee Williams

    Was online chatting when I was disconnected, now saying invalid password. Tried to change password but not receiving reset code…..done it four times now…. Anyone know what to do please

  • Nicole

    It asks to put my phone number, and I did, and it says “Invalid number” even thought thats the one I put the first time, I am very pissed off.

  • Angel

    It will not let me login at all. I just made it and it was fine yesterday but now it logged me out automatically and will not let me log back in.

  • Leann

    It won’t let me upload a picture from my library. Only gives me the camera icon.

  • Ryan

    Literally won’t let me do anything at all. Says “Something floated away, we’ll have this fixed shortly’

  • Zetea

    It kept saying it’s not connected to Internet WTF when it fully is

  • Aspen Dorociak-Briggs

    I’m having the same problem right now! Is there an update going on our something?

  • Layla

    Please fix I kept. Changing the password and still nothing

  • Tom

    When i try to add a photo my meet me freezes what do i does

  • robert spencer

    I tried to sign up it needs my cellphone number when I put it on it says invalid

  • Jake

    Mine keeps saying “based on the info you gave us you cannot register at this time (error #2)” and I tried loging in wth fb and a email account.

  • Matthew Nordeen

    Always freezes for me

  • Armondo Proctor

    Same here with me today. Did any of you get logged back on?

  • jay

    Cant log on

  • Colette

    Cannot log on today. Is there a problem

  • Nique Domingo

    Can’t log in i already chaned password for three times still cant log in

  • Lien

    Same here too. Been waiting for 3 hrs to receive new code but I didn’t get it on my email.

  • Michelle H

    Going through the exact same thing

  • Adam Bryant

    I actually think I figured out why it keeps crashing, because its doing the same for me. EVERYTIME the app crashes and I reload it, I get a bunch of bots as matches, typically about four to five at a time. I think the multitude of the bots could be causing the crashes, I don’t know. It’s definitely not a coincidence. I really don’t know their reason behind keeping the bots.

  • Chris

    Yes, did you find a solution

  • Maria Ramirez

    Logged me off yesterday and now I can’t log in at all. It says invalid email or password. I tried resetting my password but i don’t even receive the confirmation code. Tried so much times someone please help.

  • jtd229

    Keeps saying something about I’m not connected to the internet but all I’m other apps are working fine.

  • kaitlyn

    same here i just hope its something with the servers

  • Tony

    My app won’t even let my phone pop up the login screen it goes straight to a pop up message that says error as occurred

  • Connor

    Cant log in with facebook or even sign in with any account, anyone else have this problem or are their servers just down?

  • will sp (willsp282012)

    On the web it works fine, bit on the app it doesnt load any pics, and mm on the web sucks, the app is way easier to use, so in the feed, on profiles, the match, and quick pics doesnt load any photos, also on the meetme section that shows users based on distance, only a few photos show up there, also in the match game, i had a seceret admirer, so i waited 10 minutes to see if they would load, after 5 minutes they changed to queston marks then to meetme icons, but never actually displayed the photos, anyone else with this problem, or any suggestions

  • louisa

    Doesn’t let me get into my meet me why? When is meet me back up?

  • Bobby

    Meetme confirmation code has not arrive yet, I wanted to reset my password yesterday and i am still waiting for my code to do so. How long do you normally have to wait for it?

  • Joey

    OH MY GOD I’M HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM! I need help someone help me! My phone is an LG Optimus.

  • Cyril

    App keeps crashing on me, even when i do get in it freezes on a page. Even resetting a password seems to be a little problematic.

  • Franco Rinaldi

    Hi, I had same problem. Go into mm settings and tic the emails. Probably it”s off. Hope this helps. 

  • Franco Rinaldi

    Hi, I had same problem. Go into mm settings and tic the emails. Probably it”s off. Hope this helps. ☺

  • Franco Rinaldi

    Please help! apart all the usual issues of Meet Me I really can’t understand the following:
    I am on Meet Me on my desktop pc using win 7 and up to date so
    chatting with girls ok but cannot visualize pics on chats. No problems on feed or looking at photo’s on profiles etc it’s just chats. No problem uploading to chats etc. When trying to view a photo in a chat it says VIEW THIS PICTURE ON THE MOBILE APP… WHY?? I’m on line…
    ok so try see the pic on the app…. no way… I have tried everything I could think of. Same problem on IE, Opera and Firefox.
    downloaded the app many times and deleted and made new profiles but still same problem. Also same problem on my tablet.
    Could someone please help?

  • Brook

    How come MeetMe is not sending me my confirmation code to reset my password. I am trying to do this on my Android phone. HTC One.

  • Mark

    MeetMe is rather stupid when it comes to logging in, is this there way of getting more users by not allowing them to sign into previous accounts.

  • China

    I now have three MeetMe accounts because the first two will not log me in. The first i signed up with Facebook, the second i created using password etc, which i can no longer access and now on my third.

  • Sabrina

    I can no longer access my meetme account, i logged out yesterday and by today i cannot get in. I tried my normal password and nothing, so i changed password etc and still cannot get in.

  • Wise

    I created a MeetMe account and when I tried to login today it is saying password is invalid. I only created last week.