Matalan Website Down? and Problems

Matalan is very well known throughout the UK for selling good quality clothing, footwear and also accessories at brilliant prices. With well over 200 shops spread across the country, you can imagine how busy they can get, let alone the customers who want to to browse and do internet shopping.

Most reported Matalan website problems today: There are various of issues that can be related, such as trying to access the website, login into your account or even trying to pay for your new stylish items at the checkout.

So therefore, if you’re having any of these problems we’ve just mentioned, or are having difficulties with something else, then let us know in the comment section below and by doing so, this allows our readers and writers to gain some insight and to keep you update on the current situation.


Matalan Status insight for Sunday 5th of April 2020

If Matalan is down today, then reports will be found below.

Matalan Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Rosie

    It’s been down for a few hours, i thought it was my laptop at first however i tried on my mobile and couldn’t load Matalan’s website on that either.

Matalan Reports

So @ASOS, @Matalan and @JDOfficial online shops considering themselves "essential" can get in the fucking bin. Shut down your operations, pay your staff and stop putting people's lives at risk.

Glad to see @boohoo @ASOS @JDSports @Matalan being called out on the news. No one needs a new items of clothing right now, apart from @NHSuk PPE. Shut the warehouses down & people stop the demand. Don't order anything, they are putting profit over people.

@Matalan your shocking behaviour will NEVER be forgotten and neither will those who made the decisions, disgusting company. Putting profit before lives!!!! Close down now!!!!!

So it’s coming to Monday. Trying to keep my family safe but I’m not getting any money in because @Matalan refuse to close its warehouse down, which will then entitle me to 80% of my wage. After 100’s of complaints, management refuse to listen