ITV Player loading problems

The ITV Player allows for on demand streaming for those in the UK, but when the service isn’t working it is normally loading problems that top the list of complaints. Channels available to watch through ITV Player include ITV2 to ITV4 along with CITV and the new ITVBe channel.


You will find imported programmes and original TV show broadcasting, although things won’t always work how you want them to and this could be issues with selected channels, or a total outage for online streaming. The platform has apps on various platforms that include iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, and much more.


ITV Player Status insight for Sunday 23rd of July 2017

If ITV Player is down today, then reports will be found below.

ITV Player Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lianne

    About 4 days ago my computer did a big windows update. Since then itv player is not working correctly. It loads if its on small screen, but struggles when i go full screen.

    It will play the first part of something, but then an advert starts and finishes and the next part of the programme wont play. It just continuously loads.

    I can get it to work if i F5 but its annoying having to do that after every advert.

    Tried restarting a few times but no difference. Any ideas? (Seems to only happen with itv)

  • Saxi

    Thought the problem had been sorted but, after a couple of days where it was working again, today cannot stream from ITV website! Been like this for weeks and its really annoying. Can stream from any other site just not ITV.

  • Meg

    Latest episode of Love Island still not online. How long till it is available?

  • jarun

    ITV 2 isnt working at all, the episode wasnt uploaded and is pissing me off. NOone has responded

  • Suzanne Fishlock

    Will not play the ITV4 channel, keep getting the message it looks like there was a problem playing your video…..Have sent email to the help email provided.

  • Pk

    London pausing, pixelating and sound cutting out every 2 mins if not more. 5 out of 6 nights. Very poor.

  • Evon

    Please sort your sound out. I have had to watch many episodes of love island with dodgey sound. Where the music is loud but the talking you can hardly hear.

  • Jade Friend

    I can’t load anything on the itv hub was working fine yesterday but today it’s stopped hopefully it will be working soon so I can catch up on love island lol

  • Kate Bull

    I live in Llanishen cardiff & haven’t been able to download itv iPlayer since yesterday, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Meg

    Two days on and still cannot watch itv on tv player keeps saying failed to stream, user not authorised to watch this content. Only wanted to watch, This Morning. Anyone else had this problem. Can watch all the other channels

  • Sallie Robson

    We have same problem. Really irritating. Given up and moved on to Channel 4

  • Tocxica

    Keep getting a “this video isn’t available right now” meesage on Every. Single. Show. I. Try. To. Play. The only official information I can find online is “licensing” issues. But…on every show?

  • Donna ross

    Keeps asking for postcode and looping