ITV Player loading problems

The ITV Player allows for on demand streaming for those in the UK, but when the service isn’t working it is normally loading problems that top the list of complaints. Channels available to watch through ITV Player include ITV2 to ITV4 along with CITV and the new ITVBe channel.


You will find imported programmes and original TV show broadcasting, although things won’t always work how you want them to and this could be issues with selected channels, or a total outage for online streaming. The platform has apps on various platforms that include iPhone and iPad, Android devices, Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, and much more.


ITV Player Status insight for Wednesday 28th of June 2017

If ITV Player is down today, then reports will be found below.

ITV Player Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Linda

    Stopped working all day today when will the its hub be back on my kindle fire he?

  • Marianne

    Programmes not loading, getting stuck on the pre-prog advert/sponsor.

  • Becki

    Watching using the firestick app, absolutely rubbish! The picture keeps cutting out, coming back on, then I’m losing the sound! Grr

  • Malaikah K

    same here!

  • Jane Bates

    Trying to watch love island on catch up on the hub just won’t play?!

  • Natasha patel

    Mine will not load the program but it will play the adverts. Hatfield

  • Sophie Whiffin

    ITV player massive issues today, won’t load and then even when it does FINALLY keeps failing and bouncing me out with error message grrrr so annoying!!! Come on ITV sort these issues out please once and for all

  • Zai

    Trying to watch love Island on my mac – it keeps restarting out of absolutely nowhere. Doing my head in!

  • Bradley Rothenburg

    I need my love island and itv hub on my xbox won’t even load it just comes up with error codes

  • holly

    same here but mine goes onto an advert then restarts the whole episode again its very frustrating

  • gerda

    love island keeps freezing half way through for last couple of day..the adverts come on then the logo for love island comes up and its completely frozen, can’t get past about 30minutes in

  • Jen

    All yesterday and same today, constant buffering every few seconds and then when it does decide to play j get audio description for sight impairment, very frustrating. Come on ITV I want to watch Coronation Street please

  • Debs

    On laptop it plays but keeps stopping and starting. On iPad only sound no picture. I’ve tried several different programs but all are the same..

  • Jess

    why is itv2 not working when love island comes on

  • Alison Richards

    Itv hub buffering every other minute! Very frustrating. Given up!

  • Charlotte

    I can watch itv but not itv 2 :(

  • Debbie Brannon

    I am having the same problem too Mary .

  • Debbie Brannon

    I cannot watch anything from my laptop with ITV iplayer, it loads up the video but when I click on the play button it does not work, anyone else having the same problems?

  • Annette price

    Won’t accept my email or password so can’t sign in not good

  • Una McGarvie

    Same issue on kindle fire. Used to work fine but in recent weeks it starts loading then stalls at the start of a program. Really frustrating.

  • Mary-Anne Parsons

    1 June 2017 6pm onwards – cannot get itv hub to load at all. BBC i player fine – anyone had same problem or is it my laptop

  • Gwen Court

    Keep getting Whoops what’s wrong. Hasn’t recorded my programmes and those it has won’t play. Could get iPlayer for Eastenders but not itv hub. Why?

  • Lesley White

    Does anyone know how to stop the programmes from repeating straight away after playing to the end? It is as if it is on a loop. I have reset, reinstalled the app. I am watching using Chromecast but it also does it on my phone. Thank you

  • Frances Grimes

    I cannot download episode 5 of Grant Chester. What is the problem please?

  • Louise Mitchell

    Granchester Episode 5 not on ITV hub. Why?

  • Horace Chan

    Keeps crashing when I try to play anything!

  • Anthony Booth

    Mine is the same just keeps freezing

  • Alison fairbrother

    Saying itv channels are not available because you can’t locate my region, have put my location in but no joy, if just seems not to be updating

  • Friday’sChild

    Trying to watch itv player. The programme comes up ready to play then just takes itself back to the live programme on the tv. Haven’t been able to watch anything since that ‘brilliant’ new update on youview that nobody asked for or wanted!

  • Ann Lacey

    Catchup on itv hub has ben working ok until today, 20 minutes into last episode of Little Boy Blue it just cut out. Tried many times to resume but all I get is Whoops!!! Please sort this out.

  • Triple T

    When will Coro work? Keep getting This video isn’t available right now.

  • Tiger Eyes

    On my smart tv all I get is the usual WHOOPS message. I was getting these even a month ago. Its not good enough and about time that it was fixed

  • Danny White

    all i keep getting a WHOOPS message this is since the poxy update

  • Susan Ellins

    Struggles to get going, but when it does it is like watching a slide show with no sound.

  • Pam Cowin

    mine has been down for the past 3 days,keeps coming up as sorry cant load this video .its a nightmare and about time it was sorted!!

  • Gary Woods

    I’m getting the same problem as Linzi King, I use the Google browser. I get “Welcome to the ITV hub” and those bl00dy annoying click noises, then some adverts but then the programmes refuse to load. The Hub works if I use IExplorer but I don’t want to have to keep swapping browsers just to watch a tv programme. Come on ITV, sort it out for Chris’s sake.

  • Lorraine Randall

    Trying to load programmes to watch but getting a blue flickering on the right side of the screen making watching unbearable, can anyone help

  • Lesley Harper

    I have problems watching anything from Tuesday evening onwards. The programme comes on and sticks on the picture but I still get the talking in the background.

  • Linzi King

    Is anyone from ITV doing anything about these problems?!!
    I can load the Hub, find the programme I want to watch but when I press play all that happens is “Welcome to the ITV Hub, come on in”. It then stops and does NOTHING!

    I have installed & uninstalled the App several times always with the same result. I get v. annoyed every time it’s mentioned on TV. DON’T THEY KNOW THERE’RE SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH THE APP??! PLEASE FIX IT!

  • joanna

    I cant get itv app to work at all on my tablet. Laptop bust so really annoying cannot catchup.

  • Margaret Thomas


  • Dan W

    Kindle fire itv app not loading catchup shows. Tries to load but freezes.

  • Margaret Thomas

    But are they doing anything about it? :(

  • Sally Shanly

    Freezes catchup programs all the time, yet manages to keep repeating the adverts. Absolute time wasting and frustrating experience.

  • Aimie Buck

    Since upgrade to App 2 days ago it doesn’t work anymore more on kindle fire

  • Lisa Charlesworth

    I’m trying to watch it now but it won’t work x

  • Margaret Thomas

    It’s rubbish :(

  • Kirsty Forster

    It won’t play last night’s hells kitchen!!

  • Jenny Gooner Radley-Phillips

    Since the so called update,the player doesn’t work at all.

  • Margaret Thomas

    Still can’t watch Corrie :(

  • Margaret Thomas

    Today and yesterday can’t get Coronation Street on Kindle. Very frustrated!

  • Carole Fowler

    Glad it’s just not me who’s not able to view coronation street on itv hub!
    Never had a problem on kindle fire before now.

  • Katherine Dawn Vincent

    I hear u….still the same today. So she annoying

  • Kath Vincent

    This is get to getting ridiculous does anyone know what’s going on and if they are trying even to fix this problem?

  • Karen Ridgway

    Snap, it’s a bloody pain

  • Lesley lloyd

    Tonights soaps are not on itv hub ????

  • Mark Rutherford

    ITV player fine until adverts then it crashes.
    BBC iplayer works fine.

  • Sarb

    For God sake. What is going on??

  • Fliss

    Been trying monday (27th) and again today (29th) itv hub not working on kindle fire. So disappointing and frustrating!!!

  • Julia Flowers

    just managed to play catch up on IE it wont play on google chrome

  • Julia Flowers

    cant watch anything on catch up after the ad

  • nakita

    hi can anyone help…live tv is ok,but i can’t seem to watch anything on the catch-up.

  • sabete

    Tried over several days. Unimpressed is putting it mildly

  • Jonno

    20th March and now had problems with itv hub for a week. Some programmes play OK but Broadchurch ep 3 will not load. Using a Samsung Smart tv. Even progs that work experience lots of buffering. Not the fault of the TV, internet speeds or set up as BBC iPlayer plays faultlessly.

  • James

    Can’t watch anything not working again

  • Jo

    Unable to watch broadchurch ep 3 and this msg coming up is driving me nuts!!!!!
    How can you watch the next one coming on when you can’t watch the previous one!!!!
    Please sort it out……

  • Mrs Linda C Costin

    We are unable to luad Broadchurch episode three. Sometimes it plays the first advert and then won’t load. Is it likely to be fixed before episode 4?

  • James Avery

    ITV hub won’t play, today sat 18th Oxfor area, will it get fixed ??

  • Frederick Serjeant

    Can’t use ITV Hub – not loading .

  • Sharon Hamilton

    I cant watch itvbe on my tablet or phone any reason why.the only way is essex i want to watch

  • Jonah

    Like others right now, some (but not all) ITV programmes crash immediately after the first advertisement — after which I also get the ‘Return to home’ message. (Samsung KS8000 TV)

    For example, I cannot access Broadchurch episode 3, but I can watch episodes 1 and 2 perfectly.
    Same with Coronation Street.

    However, if I watch via the smart hubs on my Samsung BluRay player or my old Samsung H5600 TV, all episodes work perfectly.

    So could this be a software version issue?

  • ash1001

    Trying to watch todays ‘Coronation Street via ITV Hub, keep getting message ‘return to home’

  • Janet Templeton

    I get exactly the same!!

  • Jo


  • Zoey Bennett

    Itv player is not working. Trying to watch a programme and it’s constantly buffering and then saying there’s a problem wait or retry! This is on my box, fire stick and phone app…

  • Mariposa FireSnake

    cant watch Broadchurch. keeps getting stuck at after the advert, on the adverts and loops…

  • Jeanette

    I also can’t get the sound on my I I’ve been trying to catch up with Coronation Stree for days now. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE.

  • Sheila Clarke

    Why can’t I watch programmes on itv hub on my iPad. Ads start then it fails, have been trying for two days to catch up on the soaps.

  • Robin Harding

    …having read the posts below i’m beginning to think that i’m really lucky in that i don’t have half the trouble that everyone else is having…i don’t live in the uk, maybe the solution, in part, is the ip address – try changing it perhaps…i also found that the browser seems to have an effect, too..i agree with everyone that the itv hub is rubbish, tho’…


    The hub keeps locking up and says return to programs every time it goes to the second advert on my Samsung smart TV on program recorded on Saturday and tried to watch on Sunday Feb 26th 2017

  • Lyn

    Keep getting same message ‘not available to viewers outside the U.K. ‘ I am in the U.K. — To view – ITV hub–BBC iPlayer not working

  • P.j.snape

    Itv hub not working trying to to watch Sunday’s the halcyon without success.,

  • Rachel Miller

    Itv hub not working again! !! Just get the dots and then “whoops” itv hub experiencing problems! Sort them out then…….

  • Corrina Rothwell

    Do you just get the dots going over and over? It’s driving me nuts!

  • Lystriacheese

    same here.. been like it for over a week.. so annoyed!

  • Helen McCartan

    Yes, trying to catch up on one of the regular soaps on my laptop and whilst it will play the adverts, it stops once the programme starts it becomes static. Very annoying. I can watch however on my smart TV, but there is high competition for this device!

  • Eimeo

    I get the same message as Cheryl – no luck watching any shows for a week now. There has been no advice forthcoming on this page and I can’t find any help on the ITV website or anywhere else. Frustrating.

  • Cheryl ‘Chiz’ Dootson

    I keep getting this message
    “We’re sorry. This video isn’t available right now. Check out our Shows section for more great programmes.”
    But it is doing this for every show, i have tried about 10 different shows to check but same every time?
    Any advice?

  • carl perkins

    The ITV hub on my 32 in. Samsung smart tv plays adds in full screen then goes to 3:4 small display .Samsung phone support says software fix is ongoing and could take a month! Just bought this tv mainly to catch up on ITV a point I stressed before my purchase.This sort of problem with tv and other technology is all to frequent.

  • Mrs D Lowey

    i agree with comments which question why, when BBC and Chanel 5 can provide a decent service, can itv not do the same? Problems do seem to revolve around making the viewer watch more adverts in order to see a program through so maybe they don’t want to fix it? Don’t itv and advertisers realize that this is counter-productive? It only makes the viewer frustrated and annoyed by whatever is being advertised.

  • Mrs Ann Saxton

    Unable to watch ITVHUB in full screen, why is this?

  • Caz MacClancy

    I have had the same – on ALL TVs .. real pain
    I fixed it with a software update on one however the most recently purchased stiil reverts to the ‘menu’ on the LHS which does noting :(

  • richard gambie

    No play button on itvhub on panasonic 40ds400b..any ideas

  • Jackie

    Plays first section of program then blank what’s going on peeps

  • BladeRunner

    Goes right to beginning of the programme if it buffers more than once or twice. ITV player belongs on the fire. If Channel 5 can get bloody decent online player than why can’t a much more richer TV channel?

  • sandra

    It plays the ads twice. Refuses to play after 1st time when I come out & go back it will play after showing ads again

  • Angela Charleston

    a week of cornation st missing on itv hub on my sky box. this isnt the first time every so often theres episodes missing its a joke getting sick of this

  • Lesley

    Why does ITV Hub keep skipping back and repeating itself? It is so annoying

  • D Morris

    Trying to play Coronation Street, just black screen with itv logo.

  • Louise Wagstaff

    There are the final 2 Housewives Of OC itvbe missing from from my TV???

  • Tim Mappin

    I can’t find out how to play shows on my smart TVs internet


    Grant Chester is not showing on the hub, is there a reason for this?

  • Sally

    I can’t find Granchester on the ITV hub on my TV. Why is this?

  • Christine

    Same as below, hope it is working over Christmas period, does anyone know how to and who to report this problem

  • Neets

    Same here, it’s driving me mad, can watch all the other apps but not ITV hub, checked all settings and still there is nothing happening!

  • Elaine Hobart

    I have itv app on our t.v. We have been unable to watch any catch up for the last 2 days, the message it displays. An error has occurred. Please try again later.
    This is so annoying can watch BBC Iplayer and or the other channels just not ITV.

  • JonR

    No catch up on iphone says video not available for all programmes. Live tv ok???

  • Chrissy

    working fine on Iphone, but not on Ipad!

  • domi

    Not working at the moment, more than annoying

  • Kully Sandhu

    Not playing any programme on my phone been one week tomorrow get it sorted to annoying

  • Laura Sharpe

    Constantly jumping back and repeating on nowtv.. unplugging and plugging back in not working.. very annoying!

  • lee

    trying to load ivp player got ?loading but wont load tried unpluging it it works then goes back tried clearing everything of and reloading it but that dosent work either any ideas

  • Vikki

    Trying 2 watch Friday’s I’m a celebrity, but keeps saying oops were having problems, really annoying as I’ve just watch Thursday’s with no problems at all.

  • paula

    Realy annoyed can’t watch last nites coronation Street or emmedale

  • Beverley Gibson

    Trying to watch last night’s Corrie and emmerdale it says video not available ????

  • PaulaF

    Trying to view last night’s final I’m a celebrity on ITV app and prompt keeps coming up “video not available at the moment” so frustrating – wanted to see who won rather than find out in the news this morning.

  • Shaun

    Just bought a new Samsung smart tv. Itv hub worked fine for first couple of days then it’s started to overlap programs and now seems really glitchy just met with a blank screen. Pressing a few different buttons it will start playing but cannot access menus to change program

  • gerda

    logged in to itv hub/player, wa asked for post code but can’t watch anything it just keeps going back to log in and postcode…

  • Neil Scott

    I can watch a programme from itv hub on an iPad, but if the iPad is plugged into the TVs, only the adverts can be viewed. The programme has sound only and a black screen. Why is this? It used to work ok.

  • Louise Wagstaff

    Unwatchable! Buffering every few seconds… very irritating!

  • Mary

    I subscribe to black vpn and cannot get itv player

  • Steve Cook

    Our Panasonic smart tv will not play the last 10 minutes of any program on itv channel all other channels ok including BBC itv4 & 5:
    Anyone with any help ?

  • Vicky Issott

    Hi. We are having the same problem with ITV player. We have a DNS link and it worked fine thru the tv until a few weeks ago. Now all we see is the ITV symbol in the top left hand corner of the screen and we can hear but not see the program. We pay for the ITV ad blocker, but when I loaded itv player on my phone without the ad blocker, it played all the ads fine then blanked on the program. Works fine when not linked to tv. So frustrating.

  • Tina Adams

    Watch first 10 to 15 mins of catch-up on ITV but then adverts set in and then the interactive and cannot move forward!
    21st century my arse.
    My father worked for ATV and when it was disbanded to become owned by banks, insurance companies etc etc my dad said the quality and know how would go down hill, and by Christ it has!!!!

  • Ambrose

    I usually watch using a VPN has worked fine up until today :(

  • Rosie


    Is anyone else having issues where the itv channel within the hub is greyed out, but itv2, itv3 , itvbe etc are available to click on and watch?

    Please help!

  • Gazelle

    I have had the same issue. I also watch via a VPN. I emailed ITV Hub (didn’t tell them about the VPN) and they said they don’t support watching it via a cable linked to a TV and that it was luck that it worked up until now. Told me to uninstall and reinstall and see what happens. I had already done that with no luck. It isn’t the VPN as I can watch the programmes without any issues on the IPad.

  • laura

    me too! ive emailed and rung and no one can help! argghhh

  • John chadwick

    I use a VPN as I’m based in Cyprus when I watch ITV player all the time, but now the last 2/3 programmes only have sound and the itv emblem in the top left of the screen, it will still let me watch on the iPad itself but it won’t transmit through the lightening connection I have hard wired with a 10m HDMI Cable round the lounge carpet, gutted. I hope a work around will happen soon.

  • rach

    It wont let me get past the log in stage so can’t watch anything! The confirm button is unresponsive.

  • Malcolm

    Itv seems down on Samsung. Can play everything else and can see itv catch up, but won’t play . Others with same problem ?

  • Jason Prew

    We have a Panasonic CR852B smart TV with FreeView Play.. and ITV stopped working a while back, it gets stuck on the loading screen for the app.. with a brief hint of sound…
    Clearly an ITV issue me thinks… as everything else works fine..
    ITV hub = Garbage..

  • Lorraine Halstead

    Since changing the layout… Not as user friendly and can never find what I want. Really disappointed tonight as cannot watch any of my programmes…. Why us this??

  • Lorraine Halstead

    Can’t get corrie or real housewives
    …..gutted can’t sleep and no itv
    hub to watch…not impressed!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Leopold

    Itv hub is just pants. Menu’s appear on Samsung TV and you can select a program but it just won’t play. Gave up and watched BBC instead.

  • Carol

    Can’t download Sunday’s episode of Victoria. Says error is 006 —-

  • joan

    I have never been able to view a whole programme on demand on ITV. What is the problem and why is no one explaining why it is happening?
    If you offer this service then you owe the public using it an explanation.
    I sent an email to customers complaints 3 months again and had a reply back to say it was being looked into but still no joy!
    I’ll boycott itv from now on!

  • Lynn Wilson

    Tried watching both Cold Feet and Paranoid and on both occasions stopped before the end of the program. Tried rerunning the whole program again and same thing happened. Absolute rubbish, what is the problem??

  • Emmerdalefan1

    İtvplayer is absolutely pants today. Keep getting a Message saying the Page isn’t working. Pathetic really!

  • Louise

    Been trying to watch joanna lumley’s japan from friday. Its not appeared on itv hub until today. Go to watch it and it says its not available. Funny how it plays adverts before its due to start though. Good old itv, make sure u get the adverts in! Absolutely pathetic. Whats the point in having a ‘on demand’ option rather than recording, if you cant even watch the stupid thing!

  • Carol New

    Absolutely hopeless- it never works, just the little circle going round & round! Iplayer on the other hand us consistently very good.

  • Patricia

    Keeps freezing and then when i try to resume It just keeps playing the same piece over and over again. Waste of time.

  • graham Robertson

    I have Tried to watch the first episode of”Victoria”on the hub it is advertised ,but when you try to watch it .they say it is not available. This is very annoying as I missed the first episode, and would like to view it prior to episode two being shown. Any ideas ?

  • Deborah Ward

    When I try to watch coronation Street on the ITV hub it loads up the page where there is no sound and then it fails to play I have turned the tablet off and turned it on again and tried again I have done this after many hours and it still not works it did work last night for 20 mins then it just stopped went to reload but never loaded what can I do

  • Diane

    I have the same problem

  • Tori

    I can’t see emmerdale or Carrie from 17th or 18th August on my sky catch up but theyre there on my iPhone. Other programmes from the last 2 days are on the sky catch up. Is this itv, sky or me!?

  • Marion

    Itv hub app is a waste of time on a smartphone. Why won’t they admit there are problems. Why can’t they fix them? I player works every time. Obviously something to do with the ads. Blady frustrating!

  • RD

    Can’t use ITV player, the ads will play then just says loading problem. BBC works fine. What’s the problem?!

  • Listening Odin

    Real progress…but in the wrong direction…ITV Hub just gets worse and worse.

    All other TV services – BBC iPlayer etc. working beautifully – ITV service is simply the worst. Intermittently works, more often than not it fails.


  • M

    I’m sick of ITV Hub not working. Plays the adverts then just goes to a loading problem, with repetitive dots and never to the programme. BBC I player works, why not ITV!!

  • Karen Jefferson

    My app just says waiting!!!! Can’t even get into it!!!!! Not happy!!!!!!!!

  • Hari Kurup

    logged into to website to watch Long Lost Family and page loads but the program doesn’t run. BBC iPlayer programmes are working fine. ITV this is rubbish service

  • Janet

    Sat 23rd July- app runs but pause, return and exit functions won’t work. Works fine on BBC player. Is there a fault with the recent upgrade?

  • Annie

    Itv player loads ok but will not run any programmes at all…BBC and Facebook ok so its not me…any was playing ok yesterday then just stopped…

  • Kate

    Takes ages to load. Buffers. Sometimes stuck with adverts sometimes none?! Hate itv hub puts me off catching up on itv programmes.

  • Oliver

    Itv hub not working for love island SORT OUT

  • Julie Paton

    Same problem here too

  • jo

    love island not loading saying ‘audio play only’ when my internet is fine

  • Rach

    Me too can’t watch last nights love island have turnt iPad on and off still not working going to tryin un installing the itv app and re downloading to see if that works

  • Lisa

    Mine is doing exactly the same!! Like you say I can watch anything else except last nights love island.

  • Olivia

    I’m trying to watch love island but it keeps saying my internet is down when I have full wifi and every other programme is working ? I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and turning my phone on and off. Still not working though anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it ???

  • techno destructo

    Same thing is happening to me have you fixed the problem

  • maison olivier

    I have the hub on my now box, whwn i select to view it constantly has the …… going on and on. it cannot be the internet as all other channels are working?

  • pennygarlick

    I can`t get to the end of You saw them here First . Every time it gets to the bit where the guest was on a Victoria Wood show , it cuts out!

  • zordana9

    I keep getting that and it drives me mad…I’ve searched everywhere to find a solution, I shouldn’t be having problems as I’m on BT Infinity.

  • Miss M

    me too – is there an answer/recommended remedy?

  • Jill Ellerton

    Itv hub down again today. Works ok in the morning only to fail again in the afternoon and evening. What can I do? Tried deleting it and reinstalling it only to crash again.

  • Jill Ellerton

    I can’t use itv hub today at all(5th May)

  • Tom D

    Same here! So annoying

  • Girlongirl Toys

    Problems downloading today. Both computer and ipad. Download starts, starts “prepar
    ing” and then reverts back to the download button. Have tried re-starting device, resetting wifi but both machines experiencing same issues?


    yes also same problem last few days, has anyone found cure or reason yet?

  • TheElfin24 .

    same here and nobody seems to be fixing it!!

  • TheElfin24 .

    yest me too – been happening for over a wk for me!!

  • Isabel Carr Smart

    Cannot get it on BT box either. We have tried several ways in and not got past the second adverts: most times not even past the first. So frustrating!

  • patrick

    yes i have had the same problem too in about last 3 or 4 days just on live

  • John Oneill

    Catchup from Wednesday’s Scott & Bailey not happening, why is this. I am using smart tv

  • Kit

    I’ve tried to watch a couple of things ‘live’ online on ITVBe in the last couple of days and the programmes keep skipping back a few seconds then repeating what was just said. Is anyone else having this trouble?

  • Martha

    Stuck in a loop asking for my postcode. I’m in England so there shouldn’t be any problem. Seems to just be a looping issue. Tried signing out and in again to no avail.

  • Chris

    Are other people having problems viewing ITV1 live on the hub on a PC (windows 7)? ITV helpdesk say there is not a problem. I can view the other ITV channels and also ITV catchup.

  • Andy

    no fridays soaps and no britains got talent

  • papa

    blank screen, they dont care

  • Newt

    Absolute waste of time and energy. Just constantly re-starts. Back to i player.

  • Ted Avery

    There is an answer to this mess but it’s fiddly.
    When the ads finish and hang the screen, drop back to search box in the programme schedule and type in grantchester or what ever other programme is hanging and a double decision box appears “resume” or “play from beginning” hit resume and it should carry on (sounds like a film eh)
    it works for me but it shouldn’t be allowed to be like this for such an organisation.

  • Steve Holt

    Same here – Grantchester won’t play beyond first add break. If you let all the following ads play it thinks you have finished watching the whole thing.

  • Marlon Richards

    I have the same issue with Grantchester playing too, only gets 20 minutes into it, then just cuts out and plays all the adverts.

  • Felicity Harding

    Trying to watch yesterdays Granchester and all we get after the first section are dozens of adverts and no further story line.

  • Susan

    What’s going on with itv player buffers and does not want to load

  • P7

    My Panasonic TV is brand new and am having problems with the hub. Can get catchup on certain programmes sometimes but not others. Have contacted ITV Hub help direct and am told they are “aware” and trying to rectify it …. yes, but when?!!

  • Pet50

    I have a new Panasonic smart tv and am finding the same problem persists. Get to the ads and then the itv hub dots …….. and nothing! Tried the update. All up to date according to that. What next? Back to the laptop? Call this progress??

  • kelly

    im trying to sign up to the itv hub and it keeps telling me ive entered my d.o.b incorrectly and wont allow me past that screen. ive entered it in the correct format but still nothing? anyone else have this problem or know what to do? thanks kelly.

  • Robert Reed

    ITV Catch-up

  • Christine jones

    I have now tv box, monday worked fine. From tuesday onwards awful have tried everything what can I do?

  • lorrainep194

    Hi there go onto the Samsung hub down today page and you will see your not on your own with thus problem , hundreds of Samsung owners that have done the latest software update cannot get itv hub , apparently Samsung are working on this problem but God knows when !

  • Doug Reed

    Likewise, same problem as below. Very frustrating… Once ITV Player has fouled up I then lose access to other apps!

  • Caroline

    Same thing happening to us. Have tried going through set up process, turning power off and on. Can get as far as adverts and then the screen goes blank and the message wait or retry from this point? Anyone have any other ideas?

  • Alan

    Only ITV player not working and hasn’t been for over a week on my Samsung TV. All other on demand apps working fine though. Adverts load, but then when programme comes on I get a message saying “whoops, something went wrong”. Have looked for updates, but there are none – also tried going through the setup process, this also did nothing. When I try bringing up ITV player after the first time it’s failed it just thinks about it for a bit then reverts back to the last channel it was on. Not sure what to do now?

  • Chelsea Leanne

    Hello! I had this problem, If u click the menu button on the controller, go down to system and then click on setup, go through it and there will be an update! Do the update and it will solve the itv player for u! Your welcome!!!!!

  • Chelsea Leanne

    Hello! I had this problem, If u click the menu button on the controller, go down to system and then click on setup, go through it and there will be an update! Do the update and it will solve the itv player for u! Your welcome!!!!

  • Chelsea Leanne

    Hello! I had this problem, If u click the menu button on the controller, go down to system and then click on setup, go through it and there will be an update! Do the update and it will solve the itv player for u! Your welcome!!!

  • Chelsea Leanne

    Hello! I had this problem, If u click the menu button on the controller, go down to system and then click on setup, go through it and there will be an update! Do the update and it will solve the itv player for u! Your welcome!!

  • Chelsea Leanne

    Hello! I had this problem, If u click the menu button on the controller, go down to system and then click on setup, go through it and there will be an update! Do the update and it will solve the itv player for u! Your welcome!

  • Dean

    So peed off itv player not playing on Samsung tv why all other I players workin help

  • Charlotte

    Trying to watch ITV Player Live and it keeps jumping back a few seconds, then missing the next few! Also crashed a few times meaning I’ve missed chunks of the programme. What’s going on?

  • Guest

    ITV Player constantly not working for last few days. All other ondemand channels work on Samsung Smart TV. ITV app appears to be rubbish or Samsung Smart servers are useless. Eitherway not a good advert for Samsung or ITV. No wonder people are ditching both products. Sort it out ITV and Samsung. We pay more than enough to expect a better service than this rubbish.

  • David

    Itv player on Samsung Smart TV will play the adverts at the start of the programme but then gives an error saying it cannot load the content “wait” or “retry from this point”. After this it won’t work and stops other apps such as BBC iPlayer from working until I turn the power off to the TV completely. BBC iPlayer then works. This has now happened twice in a week but last time the power off on fixed ITV too. Please sort this out whomever – ITV or Samsung.

  • Frustrated Rog

    No ITV hub programmes on Samsung smart TV. I can get programme menu but cannot get any programme to watch after I select anything. When is ITV going to fix this. I’m so frustrated with it watch BBC or channel four in future.
    Will ITV loose lots of advertising revenue?

  • Boztheblogger

    itv player is total rubbish – it doesn’t work

  • eve

    How come I can get it on my laptop but not my Smart TV?

  • eve

    I am unable to watch any itv hub programs as from today?? just tells me to connect to the Apps & download, but nothing is working!! can get all other channels as normal, what’s
    going on??

  • David

    Still got same issue as of 826 monday 4th jan plays ads but only audio for programme requested.. this is rubbish ..why would a large corporate organisation like iTV not get their developers to check theif app before releasing it. Also remember the rigorous tests that the apple and android stores go through before release apps …how did it get through these tests ?

  • Marva

    I am so disgusted that ITV keeps advertising to watch catch up programmes on ITV Hub over and over again, but no programmes can be seen. There is sound, but a blank screen. I am 3 weeks behind a favourite soap and realise I may not be able to “CATCH UP” if this problem is not sorted out quickly. I did email ITV Hub helpline for answers, they said they would look into this and respond within 24 hours, but they are. STILL WAITING as of 2nd Jan. TOTALLY USELESS. Not thinking about the huge amount of customers they have let down. The previous app was fine. Yet you upgrade and this does not work. What total mess.

  • wendy

    Averts shiwn fine, as soon as programme starts screen bkank and sound only.used to work fine up until new itv hub app

  • Ben

    ITV hub still not working as of today, is it because they are wanting to start charging for this service? FFS ITV sort it out or don’t bother with an app!

  • Maggs

    ITV lets you watch the adverts but not the chosen program.
    The message on the screen reads.
    This program is not supported on this platform.
    What the he’ll is going on ITV ??????

  • Maggs

    I can’t believe this is an Internet problem I think it is a problem with the new ITV HUB.
    On Christmas Eve morning the hub went down and you can not watch ITV 1 or ITV 4 sort it out ITV you are upsetting thousands of you avid vewers
    Get your act together it Christmas and nobody can watch your channel.
    Very very annoyed.
    Yours Maggs if B.O.A. Wilts …..

  • Lynn kirkham

    I’m having the same problem!

  • Valerie Shore

    when programme reaches adverts it restarts from beginning of programme again

  • Julie Marley

    It wasn’t working last night, or today. Adverts play fine, but not the programme :(

  • Kelly

    I can’t get it to work either

  • kirstyn alton

    anyone having problems with it today? trying to watch im a celeb! tried my laptop and my phone and still cant get it to work?

  • sarah woodward

    Anyone having problems with the jk show usa?
    all the people are enlarged and can’t watch the show. is not funny :(

  • BB Spicer

    I’M having the very same issue since Thursday 19.11.15

  • Rav

    Itv player not been working for last 2 days???? Black screen only???? Once I tap into show I want to watch it brings up a black screen?? Everything else working on my kindle. What is the problem?

  • donna

    itv player still not working its saying only available in the uk and i live in the uk

  • barbara sexton

    ITV player still not working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Page opens but nothing else happens!!!! It worked before so what have itv done to screw it up???????

  • Itvblows

    world final is on and I CAN’T STREAM. Yes ITV I am watching an illegal streaming service … thanks for nothing !

  • not of interest

    ITV player not working AGAIN!!! Sort yourselves out! We pay money for this!

  • ihateitv

    ITV = awful coverage. A ton of adverts that make me feel like I’m watching American football. Streaming service keeps cocking up and can’t even watch the ITV stream. I’m totally disgusted with ITV’s service during this world cup. Let someone else do a better job !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    My itv player has stopped loading it has an error message cannot load please try again .. This is on my iPad and iPhone ??

  • Lesley Maley

    Is Itv4 down right now?

  • Anders Wennerwik

    Can’t watch the rugby today. Keep getting a “oops, it looks like there’s a problem”. You just can’t trust these clowns with anything!

  • Babz Loy

    How many times have I tried itv player today? A trillion I think. Can’t watch anything on iPad or phone. Not a happy bunny

  • Bitza

    Now fed up with ITV Player, all others work fine on my Mac Mini, Tried multiple times to watch various programs but so far no success what soever with ITV Player.
    It works however on my Humax freesat, both harwired to the router. Mini has all relevant update/plugins etc, go figure! Not going to bother trying any more!!

  • Becky K

    Keeps skipping back to the begnning after about 2 mins playback, Restarted and has just played a run of ads, then skipped back to start of ads twice. Giving up!

  • Terry

    Itv player not working on any level today, trying to watch World Cup rugby, but frustrated as uses yesterday , and no problem , but today not working at all

  • Heidi

    Itv player not working this morning, ref :002 and it’s saying there’s something wrong can’t get it on my now TV box or on my phone

  • Heather Thomas

    Trying to watch hells kitchen from Thursday. It lets me select the program, goes to the page then turns itself off and goes back to normal tv viewing. Can anyone please suggest what I can do to try and fix it

  • Stacey

    The rest of the Love island episodes will not load

  • Debdoo

    I cannot get itv player for catch up he won’t load up at all !!!!

  • Dave Ch

    unable to connect to itvplayer on ie, moilla,opera,chrome.
    but k-meleon yes. no prob . how come ?

  • Carson

    Is anyone having issues trying to watch anything, when i try to watch it is either really slow or will not play at all?

  • MARK


  • Mike

    Tried 4 days running to watch Vera (on itv iplayer on my tv). Each time it runs ads then first minute, then freezes and says I have a slow connection !! Just watched D I Banks and other programmes with NO difficulty. Is it a faulty ITV upload ?

  • Joseph

    Viewing seems rather blurry.

  • Elliot

    ITV Player is rather glitchy lately, basically keeps freezing on me.

  • ben

    The channels aren’t loading for me in Broadstairs, Kent with the on demand app on my Samsung TV.

  • Darren

    itv player doesn’t work today on my samsung tv, or my wifes iPad.

  • Anthony

    I’m having trouble watching itv player and it keeps skipping.

  • Christine

    ITV not working in cornwall.

  • Rob

    The video quality is really bad, I am wondering if it’s my BT broadband speed or an issue with the ITV player.

  • Rebecca

    Keep losing ITV frequently.

  • Dan

    I keep getting a message saying itv player is unavailable at this time, is it down for anyone else?

  • Jess

    The ITV player keeps cutting out, what’s going on?