Problems with iTunes

When problems with iTunes and its store take the service down, it’s obviously going to upset and the popularity of apps along with software updates can only mean millions will be troubled. The most common issues will be related to the iTunes store and sometimes it won’t open or load, although downloading apps and the sign-in can be equally as troublesome.

Major software updates also bring downtime and this the likes of iOS 8 with create download problems within iTunes. Apple iPhone and iPad users will likely meet over-the-air update problems with iOS 8 as well, although this again is due to demand crushing what Apple servers can handle and stop them working.

Share you status reports below for iTunes, especially if it’s not working when wanting to download an iOS update, or apps.


iTunes Status insight for Sunday 5th of April 2020

If iTunes is down today, then reports will be found below.

iTunes Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

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  • Bennett

    For some reason podcasts are not available, they are not downloading.

  • Carly

    Phone Apple iTunes customer service and guess what? Too long winded, might as well just sit there and pull my hair out and wait until things fix itself.

  • Marissa

    ITunes is down for me on my Apple TV, it will not play my movies I have already purchased – I am in the UK by the way.

  • Ray Howlett

    when i try to load music into iTunes it crashes, is anyone else having the same problem?

  • Vinny T

    I imported 2 cd’s into Itunes and haven’t been able to use Itunes since. What can I do about that ?

  • Melissa

    I have tried searching for movies on iTunes and its not working. I am also having issues trying to download songs, might as well find alternative places to buy.

  • Jay

    I am having issues with getting Nintendo Unleashed on iTunes, has it been released yet?

  • Dave scour

    I am unable to access iTunes Store today are there any other reports of trouble

  • gem clancy

    I can’t get iTunes to respond on my PC either. Frustrating when you need to get music for a MP3 to give as a Christmas present.

  • Alan Potter

    Unable to get any response from iTunes on PC or iPad

  • Digger

    Trying to watch Apple TV but cannot connect to iTunes.

  • DJ

    Trying to watch Apple TV .. Neither the movies nor the tv programs I have purchased will load. It just says can’t connect.

  • Jason Nicolais

    can’t login to Apple TV.. sux. 🙁

  • AC

    I can play on my desk top computer, but on my I Pad it won’t advance. I’m on 512 and the screen keeps stopping on 510, I’ve closed it out and reinstalled. Still doesn’t help.

  • Jermaine

    I cannot seem to download this album from iTunes, I can get a movie but not this particular album.

  • Barry

    A friend asked me if iTunes Connect is back online and i said yes. But for some reason he said he could not get online, but after i said just clear your browsers history he was back on again.

  • Bob

    iTunes Connect was down for hours, but it is now back online at last.

  • Rachel Stephens

    Is anyone else having issues with purchasing on iTunes I can get into iTunes but not purchase anything and it’s deleted all my music

  • Garry

    iTunes seems to be impregnated with a slew pf problems, movies taking forever to load being one of them. Login being a second.

  • Billy

    I can access iTunes but just cannot purchase anything.

  • Byron

    Cannot access the iTunes store in Ireland.

  • Keely

    Itunes is not working for me, tried access it and nothing.

  • Peter Campbell

    My account has reduced by the purchase amount but the series I want has not downloaded. Do I have to risk purchasing it again as iTunes says ‘all downloads for this account are completed.” Now I’m worried!

  • Maxx

    iTunes is not loading the films section properly, seems to take ages for all to load up showing whats available.

  • zeroandme

    itunes app on iphone 6 plus .. albums have broken apart, songs in incoreect order and listed under other artists,,,, not matching with whats in main itunes on my desktop (which looks fine)

  • Mike

    When I click on ‘Get from the App Store’ i starts to go to the app but then doesn’t show up. So then i have to actually search for the app in the store or search Google.

  • Lee

    Hi Connor, this happened to me yesterday. Just be patient it does correct itself.

  • Connor

    The App Store is freezing on me, when i click on update all apps it just keeps locking so i shut phone down and try again and its still happening.

  • heather

    Is iTunes down as I tried to update my daughters iPad mini yesterday and all I am getting is connect to iTunes and still getting it.

  • POM

    Seems that iTunes may have gone down sgain..can get into App Store & iTunes store on my iPad & iPod Touch but cannot search for or download stuff I looked at less than two hours ago…

  • Luke

    Hope iTunes is up and running soon.

  • dave

    any idea when itunes will be back up running trying to set up new phone so frustrating

  • Bob

    Its down in UK, March 11. I also see iTunes connect is down.

  • Shannon

    itunes not working or responding, is there an outage today?

  • Nick

    My mac won’t let me sign into iTunes.

  • Bill

    iTunes down march 10.

  • ron

    iTunes not connecting in NY, got up early to do something and it looks like it’s down right now. Anyone know how long?

  • Nath

    Not working for me, looks like iTunes is down in the UK.

  • Rob

    iTunes Store is down

  • Dave

    I have just updated to iOS 8.1.3 but now can’t seem to get into iTunes – why do iOS updates always seem to come with snags?

  • Catherine

    Is iTunes still not working I keep getting a message saying can not conect to iTunes

  • Tony

    Is iTunes Direct working for anyone else, it seems to be down for me today?

  • Rob

    I can’t connect to iTunes, the online store.

  • Dan

    I’m not looking forward to the iOS 8 download rush later today, every year the Apple servers stop working and I expect the same in 2014. They just say come back later, but I like to be one of the first when the iOS 8 public release time arrives. This should be fun today, NOT.

  • Barry

    I’ve been having issues trying to connect for a few days now and can’t connect on my phone or computer.

iTunes Reports

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