iTunes Connect unavailable

The worst nightmare for users is when iTunes Connect is unavailable, and in this we mean when the official website is offline with service down completely. Millions of customers would not be able to access their account that connects them with the iTunes / App / iBooks stores.

iTunes Connect is there in place to allow customers’ the ability to manage multiple things such as content, availability, contracts and pricing. It also allows people to download iTunes Producer to make books and music deliver in a seamless manner.

Are you a Mac or iOS developer having issues with iTunes Connect? If you are please do comment below and join the Down Today community.

Is iTunes Connect down, are you have issues with login etc? So many questions.


iTunes Connect Status insight for Saturday 22nd of September 2018

If iTunes Connect is down today, then reports will be found below.

iTunes Connect Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Martha

    Can anyone connect to their iTunes account? I am not able to right now.

  • Belinda

    My Canadian iTunes account is not letting me login, when i go back home to Canada i log into my iTunes account and it keeps saying wrong password when i know it is right.

  • Levi

    There was a new iTunes update so i decided to install it, once i did so i have had a few problems where one i keep getting an error saying re-install iTunes and I have no idea why.

  • Ursula

    I have had issues today trying to connect to iTunes, doesn’t matter if i use mobile phone, laptop, tablet or pc its all not working for me. Yes i have tried both WiFi and data etc.

  • Augus

    I have the moto E and cannot save any music to SD Card. It has like for the apps2GB but then there is no room left for anything else, please sort this out.

  • Tommy

    I was not aware of any iTunes Connect maintenance today. Was it scheduled? Because if it was I missed that one.

  • Julie

    Why is this still unavailable? Its been hours now and i need to send an update.

  • Malcom

    iTunes Connect is still down and its most annoying now.