Problems with Instagram

When Instagram is down it becomes clear very quickly on social networks and any official channels, so finding out the server status might not need an servers uptime page on Problems with Instagram can range from website outages, to issues with Android and iOS apps that could be independent from site crashing or downtime.


You can find out the current Instagram server status and details about where the servers are down by reading and sharing reports below on this page, or by visiting official support channels listed on the right of this page. You can complain about problems on the Instagram Facebook, Twitter, and help section of the main website when your issue is unrelated to site downtime.

The Instagram online photo-sharing and social service has been extremely with both celebrities and general public, so much so that mainstream media have sourced pictures from Instagram on thousands of occasions. Instagram’s integration into Facebook also makes the service very attractive to users.

Common problems with Instagram normally involve a log-in issue, the newsfeed not working, or as mentioned above the website or apps down.


Instagram Status insight for Thursday 8th of December 2016

If Instagram is down today, then reports will be found below.

Instagram Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Kulikova Nataly

    I cannot log in, system is pushing me do the authorization via Facebook, but I don’t want to. :((((

  • Sahreair Hussain

    I can’t login it says “sorry there was a problem with your request” when is instagram going to fix this!! I have been waiting a while!! They obviously don’t care about their community!!

  • Brit

    It has been a freaking WEEK Instagram needs to freaking fix this

  • Alal


  • ……

    Instagram works but crashes when I try to post a pic. I’ve tried everything: deleted the app and restarted my phone. Whys there so many issues lmao

  • Steve Barone

    Login with facebook option worked for me. That’s about it.

  • Sean

    It has happened to me for about a week. When is Instagram fixing this???

  • Sam

    My Instagram is saying “sorry there is a problem with ur request” THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED RIGHT NOW OR INSTAGRAM WILL LOSE PPL HELP PLEASE

  • Felix

    Got the update today and still not getting into wtf

  • Monae

    Omg I been trying to look for answers on this. I thought I was the only one with this error message it won’t even let me uninstall the app

  • adham

    not working

  • adham

    same goes to me

  • kat

    the “help logging i buton didnt help me either… bever got the email.. any solution yet??

  • ahmed

    yeah same here what to do?

  • ahmed

    i can login through web browsers but not the app whats the problem

  • ahmed

    yeah same problem with me what to do now?

  • Sannity

    This message “sorry there is a problem with your request” is so frustrating! I swear I’m never loggin out of Instagram again. Does anyone have a solution

  • adenuga mayowa

    How did u did it …I av tried it not working

  • kiley

    Guys I figured it out!!! Underneath the login screen click “help logging in” and send a link to your email. When you click on it, make sure it directs you to the app NOT the website.

  • omggggggg

    Same…. I cant login with my Android device and Iphone so its not only Android users!

  • omggggggggggggggg

    Its been now 2 weeks that I cant login to any of my instagram accounts on my Iphone and Android device. I can only login in the computer version. FIX THIS!!!!!!

  • nala

    when i try to log on its says theres a problem with your request. PLEASE FIX THIS! its so annoying

  • Shariell Graham

    I had this problem since yesterday

  • Shariell Graham

    I have an i phone and I’m having the same log in issue with Instagram I’m getting sorry there was a problem with your request what is going on? Did something happen with Instagram? Fix this!!! I can’t login I have to keep having a link send to me everytime I try to login.

  • Hannah Holcomb

    got the new instagram update and it still doesnt work! i’m so frustrated rn.

  • lilly

    It’s taking Instagram so long to fix this log in problem I’m so annoyed.

  • Hannah Holcomb

    i have an iphone 5s and it hasnt let me log in for a week now. It keeps saying “the request timed out.” glad to know i’m not the only one whos expierencing these issues though. i also tried to log in on my brothers phone and it said the same thing. instagram please fix this!

  • Sasha

    Instagram won’t let me log in on the app. Keeps saying “sorry there was a problem with your request”. But I can log in online. I have reset my phone and uninstalled the app but nothing.

  • bangbee

    Im cant log in to my instagram with my iphone 5s but i hv try with another phone that he using iphone 6, i sucsess to log in. What happen?

  • Aebriane

    Same! Please help :(((

  • Indirah

    Instagram won’t let me log in on the app. Keeps saying “sorry there was a problem with your request”. But I can log in online. I have reset my phone and uninstalled the app but nothing. Others have repptwd this too I just want my accounts back. This started Friday.

  • Kirsty

    Same here!

  • Kirsty

    Everyone is say their problem started on Friday? Mine started on the eleventh of November. None of my friends seem to have this issue, so I feel like instagram is attacking all android users. Ive been patient for eight days and I can officially say no website is going to help us. Why arent they fixing the bug? They’re just letting their ratings drop and the creators wont give any explanation. Im actually getting sick of waiting.

  • ben hartley

    Why is it saying theres a problem woth my request???

  • Kenzie

    Instagram please fix yourself or else your losing an instagrammer, I’m so p***ed off with Instagram right now!

  • Kenzie

    It’s been telling me that since Monday, I’ve tried EVERYTHING but still nothing worked, it’s now Friday and I can’t log on again

  • Cassandra Moore

    Can’t log on. It’s been a couple of days. So frustrating! Uninstalled and reinstalled even. I hit the log in with facebook button and nothing.

  • RandomHannah

    im on instagram on my laptop and it is rly slow every time I go to open my notifications it doesn’t come up then after a while when I try clicking on other things it comes up with: `5xx error` WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!!?? plz fix it quick!

  • Fabz

    OK so since Instagram didn’t do anything about this if u want to login you to link it to Facebook and login threw there
    Login fast

  • Fabby

    Has anyone found a solution?? I tried contacting Instagram but there so unaware of what’s going on … ugh so annoying

  • Radom1037

    Chill down guys, all of us have this problem, just wait it out till Instagram fixes the bug, i had it since last Friday Morning

  • Corn Bread

    Omfg Instagram please fix this it’s so annoying

  • Fabby

    It’s been like that since Friday :(

  • Felix

    I cannot log in it says there’s a problem with my request wtf is going on!

  • H

    Is there anyway to contact them?

  • H

    Same what do I do

  • Omfclifford !!

    I cant login it says there is a problem with my request. I didnt do anything!!

  • Radom1037

    Sameee we all have the same problem :/

  • Turnip7slayer

    I can log in anywhere except for on the app. Laptop fine, even using google/safari on my phone it’ll work fine. But i get that same error when i try and log in via the app

  • Mmarie

    I cant login everytime i try it keeps saying sorry there was a problem with your request”. But when i login on someone elses phone i can get it. PLEASE FIX!!

  • Radom1037

    We all have it man, it really does annoys us badly :(

  • Radom1037

    Well i’m using the Iphone7 ((Got it 5 or 6 weeks ago)) and i tried deleting, reinstalling the app, turning off and on my phone but it doesn’t work sadly :(

  • Radom1037

    Mhmm yeah dont stress to much about it, many other like myself have the same problem too :( it’s most likely the new update that probably have a bug

  • Juliann

    Same. I keep getting “Sorry, the request timed out” I deleted the app and reinstalled. I’m restarted my phone and nothing worked.

  • John Bryan

    I’ve been been getting error “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.”
    The only thing I can do is whenever I want to login, click “forgot your login details” in the app then “Use Username or Email” and entering either to access my account which is a pain because I have multiple.
    Hope this is fixed VERY soon.

  • mae

    I’m sad I hope it stops doing this soon.

  • mae

    I just reinstalled it from the Google play store. And I tried again. And its still saying the same thing. Ugh I’m sad

  • Radom1037

    You guys arent the only ones who have this problem cause i have it too :(

  • Turnip7slayer

    im getting this problem too. i tried deleting app aswel but didnt work

  • mae

    instagram says sorry there was a problem with your request when i try to log in. I have tried 1) deleting app data 2) updating instagram 3) restarting my phone. But it still says the same message, even when I try to log in with other accounts (so it isn’t just my account). I can log in on the browser but when I try with the app it says “sorry there was a problem with your request”. I’m scared what do I do

  • Shawarma Girl

    Hi, has your issue been resolved?

  • Rajkanwar Singh Bhangoo

    has your problem been solved

  • Rajkanwar Singh Bhangoo

    has your problem been solved?

  • Rajkanwar Singh Bhangoo

    i got the code once in my email and after that nothing tried like 100 times

  • Rajkanwar Singh Bhangoo

    buddy i am facing the same issues has your problem been resolved

  • Ana

    I get notifications of DM but i don’t see the messages.

  • Katarina Christin

    I can’t upload any post and it has been 7 days. All posts gone. Report so many time but no response from instagram. Did uninstall and reinstall app but still the sam

  • Billie

    It won’t let me click sign in like my phone has only just been fixed come on don’t bring more problems

  • Karla

    Instagram is down and will not log me back in. Is anyone having the same issues right now? Bet the servers and being maintained or hacked.

  • Glen

    The Instagram website is down showing 5xx Server Error, and the app is not working either.

  • Mina Helena Hormez

    i have had the same problem for 2 weeks. when i upload a picture it only shows three of them.when i upload my 4th one of the pictures disapears also like all the other ones

  • Jovi the

    Hi guys, I was using Instagram normally but then when I reset my phone I deleted it.then downloaded it back and also got one of the followers app from App Store.When I went back on Instagram it logge me out saying ‘To secure your account, we have reset ur password’and it said like follow the instructions.When I followed the instructions it told me to enter my username/email to reset password but when I did that it keeps saying ‘we’re sorry but something has gone wrong.Please try again later’. Can someone figure out the problem and help me out ASAP.

  • Betty

    That happend to me all day ask me for verification code thst never come to my sms. Cant open instagram app st all

  • Emma Mouat

    Has yours fixed? Mines hasn’t yet been 2 weeks:(

  • Emma Mouat

    Mine has been like that for 2 weeks! :( xxx

  • Emma Mouat

    I’ve done Instagram update and still the same:( has yours fixed yet or anyone’s ???

  • Sarah

    Has any of y’alls fixed?? I’m still not able to see anything.

  • Sami

    Got locked out of my Instagram account today right after I changed my username, then all of a sudden I get a message saying send in a verification code to verify if this account is yours. Which it is mine the verification code didn’t even work, i had to try my number again I did it 3xs and 3different codes. And it still didn’t work and i still didn’t get back into my account. 2 days ago the same thing happened when I tried to delete my account but, I was let back into it seconds after the verification code. This time nothing.! Wth I haven’t broke any Instagram rules.! Im like a nun on Instagram

  • Sarah

    Same here! 2 days now can’t post photos or see them in my profile. It says 0 posts. But at the top it shows my real number of 215 posts. IG hasn’t messaged me back and I still can’t post or see my posts unless someone else notifies me

  • Lorna

    Can someone help me. Instagram logged me out of my account and is now saying my password is incorrect when I know it is correct. And will not let me change it via email. ????

  • Chaterine

    Hi, I’m still got this problem issue, my instagram account can’t upload any new post/photos. Please kindly share how your account has been fixed and how long your account has been error in uploading photo?

  • Frank Bushido

    Hello everyone !

    I need some help please ,
    My girlfriend gave me the password of her Instagram but because we live in different countries they asked me for email verification .The problem is that she doesn’t remember with which email she created it and her Insta got bloked on this email verification so we can’t access not by me or by her .

    What can we do ?

  • Emma Mouat

    Hello, can anyone help me when I click on my profile on Instagram app it keeps coming up no posts yet and I can’t see my posts only on the home page and notifications I can see my posts can anyone help please?

  • Melissa

    I have a problem. When I tag someone in a photo and then post the photo,the tag is automatically removed. Anyone else with the same problem?

  • christopher simon

    me too. My account has beed logged out and need me to verify mw account.

  • christopher simon

    Me too. logged out, and then asking for verify

  • Rosita

    Anytime I will see someone else feed it’s note ” Unfortunally Instagram Stopped”
    Please settle this problem soon

  • gary macleod

    Anytime I try and see someone else’s feed it crashes … frustrating…please fix

  • Michele Castagnozzi

    My hashtags are not working anymore since the 3 of September and nobody in Instagram answer to my messages. As me there are many with the same problem.

  • Carlos Hughes

    Please help…. My insta has logged out twice during September, has anyone else experienced this…. Has my account been hacked?

  • Jass Kally

    how can I do for nobody sees my Instagram followers, for privicy….Thx

  • Alvin Kageche

    When I followed I cant follow back anyone experiencing tha same error

  • AJ

    My instagram keeps telling me my password is wrong when i have resetted it about 4 times now and always put the correct password back in…….. anyone know what the problem is?

  • eva

    me too, reset my password few times and still can’t log in in the Instagram, anyone can help, please?

  • Kayla

    I can’t login anyone else?

  • Elke Renroscheb

    Have the same problem as many ppl here for abt 1 month now … after I log in, the app keeps kicking me out after a couple of seconds. Are there any fixes yet?

  • Angela Bugler

    Instagram has deleted all my photos and who is following me from my account. I have managed to reupload some photos but trying to get instagram to restore the rest is a nightmare. They keep emailing me asking me to send a photo of myself holding up a code but I have refused. Their help centre is totally useless and very rude. Why the hell have they done this and why won’t they restore my photos? Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know how to get instagram to restore their photos. I am furious.

  • Helen

    I’ve the same problem

  • Jennifer

    When I try to open the app, it opens for like two seconds and takes me back to the home page. D:

  • Michelle Flynn

    I’m having the same problem, getting notifications but every time I try to go into the app it just kicks me straight back out!

  • tim

    yap it happens to me as well, every time when i get into the app it takes me back out from it. Argghh so fustrated.

  • alicia

    if I delete the app and re-download, will all my photos and videos previously uploaded be gone??

  • Mia

    Everytime I go to open it it glitches and goes to my homepage omg this is so annoying

  • Angie


  • Ayshaaa

    Me as well

  • Rocco

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elise

    I’m getting angry with it haha

  • Elise

    It’s happening to me too!

  • Elise

    That’s happening to me too

  • Aly

    Me too what the heck

  • Mackenzie

    I open the app and it kept crashing with both of my accounts. I’ve deleted it twice and it still does that.

  • Jason

    everytime i click on my app it shows up for like a second then takes me back out of the app. but i have two accounts and when im only logged into my one it wont do that. answers???

  • Abby addo-boateng

    This is happening to me too

  • Abby addo-boateng

    Me too!! And idk how to fix it

  • Helina

    Same thing happen to me!

  • Emily Cree

    I go to open my direct messages but then it glitches straight away and exits to my home screen, since I have an iPhone 6s I can access direct messages through the 3D icon on the homescreen but not through the app. I have also deleted the app multiple times but that does nothing.

  • Julius Quinn Arthur

    Yeah same its so annoying

  • Thayana Molinaro

    Any photo that I post does not receive more like… since yesterday… what is that? Tags no longer work , the photos are not in the niche… what’s up?

  • Luna

    I log in to my account on the app, then before anything pops up on my timeline, it logs me out! I tried going on though my browser (I own a fire phone) and it works. I tried changing my password, closing the app, restarting my phone but nothing works! I just keep getting logged out. :/

  • Louise

    My Instagram will not show my pictures on the news feed where everyone who uploads there pics appear. They do appear on my profile not on timeline. What can a I do?

  • Tim Akhmedov

    did you manage to sort the problem out? If yes, can you please tell me how?

  • Sam

    Can’t log in on the app. It says, “sorry, there was a problem with your request” it is the right password/username.
    I’ve tried deleting the app and redox loading… Same problem.
    I’ve tried changing the password…. Same problem.
    However, it will log in on the Safari… Just not the app.

  • helpme

    Help me…why can’t i log into my instagram acc? it keep telling me that my username is incorrect…when i send a reset password…insta send it to a wrong email acc?? wth

  • Jules

    Update the latest version of the app and now I can’t get into my Instagram account. Is something wrong with the app??? #help

  • Trina

    Direct message requests are not showing. How do i get to see them again because its been like this for over a week now?

  • Brean

    What is this all about? IGFoundationNetworkingErrorDomain error -1011. This is what showed when i got logged out and then tried to sign back in.

  • Zain

    How did you get it to work ???

  • Diogo Rafael

    No, im really angry about this, i dont see anyone that can solve this and Instagram doesnt give a damn about it, im tired of sending messages to them and no one answer!!

  • elleca

    someone help!! it keeps saying there is a problem with my request to log in and I know my password and my account is still searchable for ppl to follow me

  • cas

    Instagram logged me out and won’t let me log back in but when I do it says wrong password. I know my password and username
    so wtf is going on with IG

  • Shen Sim

    Nope, still the old blue version :( :( no idea how to fix it!!!!!?

  • Diogo Rafael

    Hey im having the same problem, is your instagram already ok or not?

  • Diogo Rafael

    Hey im having the same problem as you, yours is fixed already or not? I also need help

  • FreeUlsterman Antrim

    Dear Instagramers, There seems to be no “account recovery” procedure to inform instagram of an e-mail address change – at least I can’t find the answer. I forgot my password, but when I tried to change/update it, instagram sent an e-mail to my old address which was with a service provider who closed my account because I hadn’t used it in so many months. How do I change password AND e-mail address so-as to get access to my account again? Any thoughts? Thanks all.

  • Georgia

    Mine did this too, and they still haven’t came back. Only my most recent photo disappeared but I still want it back

  • Georgia

    Same thing has happened to me, and they are still not back :'(

  • Rachel Hoyt

    Mine won’t log me in, it keeps saying that the request timed out, doesn’t matter what internet I’m on!!

  • Stacey

    Same thing has been happening to me

  • Megan

    Have they come back yet? I have the same problem

  • Megan

    This happened to me yesterday, have your photos come back?