Hulu down? Current problems

Hulu is a well known video streaming service that offers lots of quality broadcasting to users across the US, also an on demand service that’s available on Smart TVs, computers, via apps, consoles, TiVo and more.

Common Hulu problems impact video streaming mostly, but also issues with their login and the website. The most complained about tends to be buffering issues, mostly of an evening.


Hulu Status insight for Thursday 2nd of April 2020

If Hulu is down today, then reports will be found below.

Hulu Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Jon

    It seems like I need to restart my TV or router after every show, having buffering issues and freezing issues again. Is Hulu down, problems every day.

  • Kat

    Non stop buffering issues with Hulu, mostly seems to be at night. I’m in New York.

  • Max

    Is anyone having Hulu freezing problems today?

  • Devon

    Hulu is not working in Ohio, its down yet again for the 4th time in 3 days. I am so considering going somewhere else because this service has been really bad. Other apps are working just fine, just seems to be this one.

  • Marjie

    Hulu is not working too well for me today, I use on my Samsung TV and nothing is loading, all I can see is a message saying, “Theres Nothing To Watch Here Now.”

  • Bill

    Video sound is going on and off all the time, and the excessive buffering is ridiculous.

  • Simon

    What is happening with customer services! I have tried calling the official number and it just keeps getting cut off.

  • Kate

    I click on the HUlu activate tab and nothing is happening. I am a new customer and ned to activate my account.

  • Valerie

    Hulu Live TV is not so live because its not working and when it is i have missed the important things.

  • Irwin

    I keep getting a hulu authentication error on my ps4, is anyone else?

  • Jessica

    Not able to login to my Hulu account on my PlayStation 3 console.

  • Don

    Users are having issues with their Hulu login as well as myself, i thought it was just me but its not. On the official Hulu Twitter account they report there are issues of users getting logged out of their accounts on multiple devices.

  • Toby

    Hulu is not working for me, not really over the moon i can tell you as was ready to watch a cool movie.

  • Mary

    I have tried to open my Hulu app on my smartphone and n my PS4 and nothing is showing, servers got to be down.

  • Larry

    Hulu is down for me on all devices, whats wrong now?

  • Nigel

    I cannot see Doctor Who on Hulu anymore, i am so upset. Please bring it back, pretty please.

  • Kathy

    I try to go onto Hulu but my Samsung Smart TV is apparently not connected when it is. Three days this has been happening for now.

  • Nicole

    I have tried to watch Dr Phil on Hulu and cannot, how come? So not happy.

  • Cindy

    I cannot watch anything on Hulu because it has frozen on me, has this happened to anyone else?

  • Jennifer

    This morning i got a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT message on my screen, what is this?

  • Alice

    The screen just go stuck on me on my PS4, why does it buffer all the time then freeze?

  • Damiel

    Mu listing preview is not showing up when i want it to. I do not want to list with seeing the overall page first that would be crazy if i had made a mistake.

  • Karen

    Hulu is down for me, cannot access anything. All I get is a black screen.

  • Karla

    Hulu on PS3 is not playing ball at the moment.

  • Sybil

    HULU just won’t stream for me on my iPad, wanting to catch up on Kanye at the Grammys too.

  • Jeni

    I keep getting an error box on my screen when trying to stream Scandal on HULU.

Hulu Reports

#huludown Ok, @hulu you've been down on my TV for about 24 hours now. Get it together now!! I'm on #lockdown & although I have #netflix #philo #tubi & #crackle, it just isn't the same! 😩 @hulu_support do ya THANG!! I need my live TV.

If you’re thinking about #HuluLive look elsewhere!!!! I recorded #TheMaskedSinger but it just gives me an error crap!!! I’m really disappointed and sick of the many problems with Hulu. Sadly, they thought it was a good idea to raise prices. When I’m watching a show the stupid

Hulu is having issues since 11:33 PM EDT. RT if it's down for you as well #Huludown

Vizio and Hulu better count their days when this quarantine is over cause I should not be having these problems 😒

Seriously @hulu ?!?! Will the errors ever stop? We already down graded service and got rid of live streaming. Now this with your regular service? #huludown

Wait so @hulu would rather an Internet forum solve the problems of customers? Why can't you pay people to do instant message and email customer service from home? You are a part of the problem #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

Why do I always have problems with Hulu but never Netflix?!??

Hulu always gives me problems

BBC Pride and Prejudice on Hulu! all of my problems solved!

Working from home? Having buffering issues while you're binging Netflix and Hulu? Call us at 419-626-4838 and find out if AT&T internet is available at your address! Ask us how you can get a $50 gift card sent to you too!

Anyone having problems with @netflix or @hulu lately? For the past two days I have been getting an error message when I try playing something on @netflix, and on @hulu I get sound but no picture. Is this just everyone trying to log in at once because of #covid19 ?

Has anyone else's @hulu service been absolute crap the past few weeks? What gives? No problems w/other platforms. #streaming

anyone else been having problems with @hulu and it's live tv freezing sporadically throughout today?

#hulu #Siren So today is the last day of Hulu. According to Hulu I still have until April 2nd 2020. I do not want to be charged another month so I've decided to just end it after this season 2 finale. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problems with the #Freeform app?

Incidentally, one of the many problems with Silverman's Hulu political talk show was her tendency to present herself as a spokesperson for the gay community, so much so that she was willing to rhetorically barter away gay rights in debates with conservatives. Not sad it's gone!…

It’s funny how I’m literally forced to be surrounded by all my problems rn and yet here I am flipping between Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, Cartoon Network & Snapchat stories.

Has anyone else been having problems using Hulu on the AppleTV? It has been crashing on me a lot lately.

Here are the only problems I have with the switch 1. Joycon drift 2. Nintendo Switch Online 3. Lack of other things from the WiiU (ex: Netflix, internet browsers, other streaming services other than Hulu 4. Nintendo Switch Online isn't a good replacement for Virtual Console

Omg is Hulu gunna get fixed or what.. #HuluDown

Anyone else’s #Hulu not loading??? 😫😫😫

Is anyone else having issues with Netflix today? I can sign in and start a show but in less than 2min the screen goes blank. I've been able to watch stuff on hulu and prime without any issues, so I know it's not our TV. Just curious if anyone else is having problems???

Our house subscribes to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, and my mom keeps claiming there is nothing to watch on television. Yet, I’m the one with the problems.

Watch little fires everywhere on Hulu if you want to be reminded of other problems in our society. But also it’s f*cking amazing

Is anyone having issues streaming #DisneyPlus? We can watch @netflix, @PrimeVideo, and @hulu with no issues but the minute we turn on Boy Meets World it’s constantly buffering and telling me there’s no internet connection... #halp

Anybody having problems with @hulu_support I press * to speak to a live agent and I get hung up on #HuluDown ?

Great now. @hulu is down! my first world problems are real today! #hulu #Isolation #bored #nohobbies

hulu isnt working because my internet is having connectivity issues but they sure do manage to play those ads in full with little to no buffering? 🥴

Anyone else having problems with their @netflix @hulu @disneyplus accounts. Mine seem to be running slower or not working at all. And yes I have disconnected and reconnected my internet and it still doesnt work.

Is hulu not working rn?? Mine isn’t loading ...

Is anyone else having major problems with @hulu? On my t.v. all other apps, @netflix @disneyplus @PrimeVideo etc all are working great. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and still nothing. It is on for less than 15 seconds than shuts off, if it even loads up. Been this way for days.

#HuluDown what’s up all streaming entertainment is down it looks like ☹️🤷🏽‍♀️ #CoronaLockdown

Anyone I was having issues watching on Hulu right now? #HuluDown

Anybody else having trouble getting on hulu? I’m going to lose my mind... #huludown

I have Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV, and paid YouTube. I have no problems in this quarantine

my schedule goes like , shower sleep , Netflix and tik tok , shower tik tok and hulu , 2 problems from my HW , (eat is everywhere in this ) repeat

Is anyone else having problems with Hulu? I’ve been getting this error msg all week 😫 Fucking with my “quarantine & chill” vibes

So I’m stuck at home and decided to try out @CBSAllAccess for some of its exclusives. This... is a terrible service, right? Like the shows are good, but it streams like it’s 1997. No problems with Hulu, Netflix, Prime, or Disney+. But constant stuttering and pixilation on CBS.