Problems with Hay Day

One of the worst problems that can happen with the free mobile game ‘Hay Day’ is when the servers have an outage. Other issues can include connecting to Facebook, the Supercell app not opening up, as well as not being able to install the latest update.

Problems with Hay Day

If you are having problems with Hay Day and do not mention this online you will never get the problem sorted, but if we all stick together and post all the issues that occur with this game then maybe just maybe these can all be ironed out.

Hay Day is a game for both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users, and has generated a lot of money thanks to in-app purchases. This is a farming game at its best when running smoothly, all you need to do is look after your crops and trade in products with friends and neighbours.

Add or read about all problems with Hay Day below. Have you got anything to share with Down Today?


Hay Day Status insight for Monday 25th of September 2017

If Hay Day is down today, then reports will be found below.

Hay Day Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Alastair Cook

    Hi just updated heyday it is now slow to open, opens in very large format so I can only see small part of a message and locks programme and phone all I can do is turn phone off.

  • Marcus Reynolds

    My hay day has not been working for about a month now it was fine before now as soon as the game loads it shuts down and say it’s stopped working please fix because I have been play the game on this device for some time and never had any problems all my other games work which are way bigger than hay day

  • Any nur ekawati

    I can’t sign in to hay day this morning. my connection good but can not connect the server? Why? I am trying for last 3 hours but it didn’t work yet. Can somebody help me?

  • marta

    hello my in app purchases are cancelled (no credit card on file) i use the same card for a LONG TIME
    I AM NOT too good with these apps but i would like to get back to buy more dimonds and little frustrated
    please help

  • Marlene

    My keyboard doesn’t pop out in the chat room I’ve turned my phone on and off , logged out , and turned the chat settings off and on but I get the same results.

  • AnLo

    My game is frozen.

  • Tammy

    I’m having the same problem.. mine has been down for 2 days.. Also not having any luck reporting it..

  • John Edwards

    My hayday will not load on my tablet everything else connect to the internet just fine. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it several times

  • Kathleen Larsen

    I only get a gray screen when I try to get on hay day.7/13/17 at 7:15 pm edt

  • Su Erdem

    where I get the food from to feed my hippo..

  • Randy Weaver

    My Hay Day hasn’t connected today but I believe you make the Hippo feed in the feed maker with wheat.

  • Janet potter

    Can anyone please tell me where I get the food from to feed my hippo…..Hes starving

  • Miriam Rashid

    Hayday! Help I haven’t been able to connect to my game for 4 days now! Why is it getting stuck on connecting? Anyone have any suggestions? I play on my iPhone 7

  • Esther Botelho

    For the past few days I can’t get hay Day to load. It connects then goes to load and freezes. Then I can,t even close the game or shut off my machine it just sits frozen for along time if I do get into the game it will okay for a few minutes and then stop and disappear or freeze again. Once before I had a similar problem and uninstalled and then reinstalled which means you start at the beginning again. I will try a few mire days and then if problem persists then bye bye Hay Day for good If everyone did the same then maybe something might get done about it. BUT!!!!!! It is just s game

  • Edna Jordan

    My farm is froze and can’ move on it.

  • Bob

    I’ll open the app and it load but then once I press another person Farm or newspaper it won’t. Am connected to wifi and it still won’t load

  • Janet Potter

    Eureka, I got in. After all my trials and moaning I completely switched off my IPad and bingo when I switched it back on I was immediately able to install new update

  • Janet potter

    Still can’t get in. Why are they not trying to help us by advising us what to do. Can’t disinstall can’t install. I have tried everything same as you all. Surely they should be posting something to help us. They don’t deserve our patronage.

  • La Fortuna 15

    Still the same, there is no update, only open when you go to AppStore

  • La Fortuna 15

    Last update i lost 2 days while updating

  • La Fortuna 15

    I can’t update. It says to download and I go to AppStore and it says open and the circle starts again

  • Rodica

    Works now !!

  • Jacqui Fiorletta

    Mine appears to have updated but I now can’t open the game !!!!!

  • Farming stacey

    Same here, I try to open, it says download, I go to App Store, it says open, and then it takes me back to download. – so frustrating please fix asap!!

  • Janet potter

    The idiots who run this game do this to us every time. I have given up trying to get in

  • Elizabeth Quigley

    I am having the same problem since early AM. It says download, I go to App Store and it says open, I tap open and it does to download…..around and around we go!

  • Rodica

    I press download and then goes into App Store and only says open.. pls fix

  • Cheryl Labute

    Cannot download new update from app store – shows the word “open” tap it & takes me back to hay day download – just going back & forth with no results??
    Thank you.

  • Janet potter

    Neither my husband on his tablet and me on my Apple iPad can get thru. Same old story, it says upload but keeps dropping back. Wish I had the courage to wipe it off my iPad for good but I’m addicted….. but one day I will

  • Kelley

    I had to restore to factory settings to get it to load on iPad

  • Anita

    They have done it again, every time new update same problem, this is about the sixth time now, won’t update just goes around and around in circles, got Tom today, bet I won’t get him tomorrow for nothing, didn’t last time.

  • Sharon Rombley-Todman

    Hay day purchases unavailable cant buy no diamonds plse help!!! Google account invalid but mine is valid!! Please any suggestions

  • Julia

    I installed the game on my new tablet and it says updating, then I get an error message saying try again. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

  • Sarah Lovatt

    Heyday notloading just black screen :-(

  • Crazy Daisy

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet did an update last night. Now Hay Day won’t load, I just get a black screen. Google Play store app won’t either… Anyone else with this issue?

  • Jen

    Hay day connects then a message flashs up hay day had stopped working!! Very frustrating. Been like this since Friday 12th May 2017

  • Terri Vangalio

    My heyday app has been stuck in connecting mode since Saturday when I changed to airplane mode then back to wifi it wouldn’t even connect during my flight. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem. Thank you

  • Janice Ferrucci

    My game, Hay Day, has been stuck in the connecting mode–I have shut my IPhone off twice but that didn’t solve the problem–what can be done?

  • Morten Kaiser

    Mine hay day has been down fir a week now, is says”cannot connect to server”

  • Mary-Jane Boden

    Cannot connect on iPad just not going into hay day

  • Jackie Hewitt Sutton

    Hayday has been stuck on connecting for two days. What should I do? I’ve tried rebooting my phone, and switching from wifi to 3G. Nothing works.

  • Cecilia Axén

    We have the same problem on our iPad 3. We’ve updated, restarted and still nothing happens. We have another farm on another iPad 3 and this one works. What do we do?

  • Rachel Anglemyer

    I can’t get Hay Day to work on my IPad. I’ve tried restarting and still doesn’t work. This is the first time I’ve had any problems with the game. It keeps saying waiting…
    Please help. My mom and I love this game. The App Store just says open and when I click on that it takes me back to waiting…

  • Leopold Van Pee

    Problem is solved with a new update

  • Leopold Van Pee

    Download installed. App starts normal, but crahes during downloading of the personal game. The same probblem on 2 tablets Lenovo Tab2 A10-70F with Android 5.0.1. (2 different players, 2 different Gmail accounts 2 different levels)
    On an old tablet Lifetab_9512 (Lenovo) with Android 4.0.1 the update works normal.

  • Farmer

    Has anyone found a solution to this won’t update on iPad

  • MariaWednesday

    my hayday isnt let me update i cant even download it

  • Lesley

    Updated this morning on my iPhone just fine but when I try to access on my iPad, I just go in circles…….have power cycled the device but does not help…..had this happen the last time there was an update but don’t remember what the fix was. I have purchased Tom as well, and time is ticking……please help!

  • Joanne Baugh

    I can not download new hay day either toms been wasted grrr

  • Grandma’s Daffodils

    It seems Hay Day has resolved many of the loading problems we experienced earlier today. Unfortunately, we all lost valuable playing hours while we waited for the fix!

  • Grandma’s Daffodils

    I had this problem all day until early evening. I’m finally able to get in to play &’it seems as though the update is working on IPad (keeping my fingers crossed)

  • Cheryl Marttin

    I can’t download the new update, have tried all day, keeps going back to the log in which says I need to download the new update …goes to App Store…can’t download.. and so it goes on and on! Help!!!

  • Ann Drew

    I can’t download the new update. Just keeps going back and forth and it’s SO frustrating. What is happening. I have an iPhone.

  • Maz Hughes

    Is this problem only with the iPad

  • Johnno Brian

    same here… app store only has a button “open”

  • Debra Grisham

    I update my game this morning and it still will open so I could the game I have never had this problem before until today ok

  • Amanda Hannell

    Cannot install new update on iPad Air, App Store just says open, cleared cache etc, switched off & back on & it’s still the same :-(

  • Victoria25

    Help! HayDay asking for an update. When I click to update takes me to screen to open the app. When click open takes me back to the message to update!!! Any suggestions?

  • Helena

    Cannot download on my Ipad. I have tried for hours!

  • sue

    i have downloaded about 20 times says installed but nothing to press to unlock my farm

  • Jean

    Hay day updates not completing updates or downloads or whatever and now my whole game has disappeared. HOW DO I GET IT BACK?

  • Romac

    Same problem with my iPad …. my android downloaded fine …. have powered down and back on same problem

  • Kay


  • Dawn white

    I’m unable to upgrade on my iPad. Tells me to go to App Store but there is no upgrade.

  • Naomi Darley

    Just updated and it’s keeps crashing
    Any advice please

  • Grandma’s Daffodils

    Hayday needs an update but it keeps circling around from the App Store to the download latest update box. So frustrating because I had used diamonds to put Tom out on the job yesterday & now I cannot play!

  • Them Apples

    Cant connect to server! Tried both wifi and mobile data. Hay day team,
    please help

  • Terry Eccles

    Hayday can’t connect to server. Tells me to check my internet connection but it is running at 75mbps and everything else connects. Using iPad Air 2 and IOS 10.2

  • Morten Skipperud

    That Words out for meget to deler the app and reinstall it

  • chantelle

    I have been struggling to access hayday for two weeks in a row. Keeps showing connecting but does not connect….. a bit frustrated at this stage with hayday

  • Wei Tan

    My hay day is hack by someone but dunno where to report this problem

  • ann

    Hayday keeps telling me no connection to server check internet. My internet is fine. Hayday keeps freezing. It also interferes with facebook, messenger and outlook saying they have stopped. I am ready to abandon the whole thing.

  • Sturits Vikki

    Hi, just purchased 20 saws in your in game special. Cost me 50 diamonds but no saws???

  • Cassy

    Hi there. I seem to be having an issue with my Hay Day on my Sansui Tablet, it seems to work will all my apps except for Hay Day, as soon as I go in, I hear the Super Cell into but can’t see it and then the tablet just turns off, could this be an issue with the app or the tablet?

    Kind regards,


  • Linda Mead Green

    Can’t play hay day tells me I’m not connected to internet been 30 hours I’m lost

  • Uladina Andersen

    Just deleted my hay Day and in app store found it again as purchassed presset the Cloud and now it is ok again <3 (Google translate)

  • Uladina andersen

    Hay day has been down for 26 hours now on my ipad air

  • Shashank Sachdeva

    hay day down since 8 hours

  • Areti

    Today 23 February I was finishing a task “serve 22 people”.I had served 18 people and it started from the beggining:served 0!!!!!!!…now I have the same task opened two times.

  • Michelle

    Today I have tried 3 times to play Hayday and then it stops saying “internet connection issues” everything else on my phone and tablet are working just hayday isn’t. I have also purchased some diamonds and I don’t have them yet, even though I received confirmation of purchase. Hayday is supper slow and keeps freezing or kicking me out. What is going on? Thank you

  • Sebastian Depner

    I move to another country and I have the same problem “unable to establish connection with server”. nobody can tell us how to solve

  • Angela

    I cannot play in the Town section, the screen came out super slow and everything when u click takes 10 sec at least to pop up and everything is moving is slow motion n screen freezes. Farm site ok but not the town and is very frustrating as the train keeps arriving but yet I cannot play!

    Was only advised my the help team to load the latest IOS and clear phone space storage. I did all yet still can’t play. I tried on my other devices, no space issue but same problem. Can anyone advise?

  • Darcy Walker

    I have never had issues with Hay Day npuntil

  • RTR100

    I was able to connect yesterday on three different devices. Today none will connect. All are running the most current Android and Hayday. I have tried 4G as well as WIFI. Nothing works.

  • 92 Alpha

    Today Feb 3 my level 44 farm will not allow me to reconnect to fb it shows a red disconnect button. I read a forum that recommended a force stop on hey day and on a Facebook app which I do not have.
    So after clearing the cache, data,and uninstalling heyday I now cannot get on hey day !! It keep saying connecting then updating. I’m really upset because I’m the leader of my neighborhood, and in the middle of a derby were my neighborhood is in 2nd place. Please help.

  • Alana Schulz

    Would love for this to get fixed! For about a month now, Hay day is constantly crashing!!! About every 10 minutes it won’t load pages or it says it has lost connection to the server. My game is up to date and I have a good Internet connection. This is the only game I have issues with and it’s really starting to tick me off….

  • johannes Pretorius

    Hey, had the same issue here in South Africa.

    I went to my ISP, Internet Service Provider, to download the Internet Setup Settings for that sim card.

    It worked for me, thought I should just share it.

  • Cristian Libardo

    I can’t connect to hay day my connections are good even data…I can access any sites and apps that need ineternet connections but i cant access to hay day heres the problem:
    1.) load for several minutes
    2.) pop-up message will come up
    3.) says “CONNECTION FAILED..Unable to establish connection with the server. Check your internet connection and try again..”

  • Rene

    I cant find the grapes to plant? Help

  • Karen McPherson

    Updated my Samsung tablet this morning but when game tries to load it sits there updating awhile then message that server unavailable, check connection. WiFi is fine, cleared affordable unused apps, emptied cache and moved stuff to SD card, have plenty storage available. Fix thisnplease.

  • Juliet Gray

    Well it’s still not allowing me to upload nor enter my farm… any suggestions?

  • Rose

    Mine works now !! I had to update my iPhone !!

  • Polly

    Same here

  • Henriette Witt Hollenbach

    Same probleme here

  • Rose

    Same here !! Press download and then it says open and so on … please fix it asap !!!!!!

  • Anita Wheway

    Jep, same thing tells me to download update, just gives option to open and we go round and round in circles, isn’t it amazing every time there is an update there is a problem, my iPad is up to date as well.

  • Merle Gibbins

    Cant update from App Store. Just gives option to open. Had this problem with last update !!

  • Rachel

    My iPad won’t download the update, keeps sending me to the App Store where it says open but it won’t even let me do that!!

  • Pauline Smith

    Me too, neither my iphone 7 or iPad Pro will download yet I’ve done a Samsung phone and Lenovo pad without any problems.

  • David

    My iPad won’t download new update on hayday it’s on a never ending loopDavid

  • Ali

    I can’t do the update on my iPad either … grrrr

  • Heather

    I can’t install the update today on my iPad. The app says there is an update, the app store says there isn’t. My iOS is up to date.

  • Sharon Meyers

    My Hey Day has been down for a few days, will not load on my Samsung S3 tablet, I have been playing since the begging. Please tell us how to fix this

  • Sandy

    I have the same problem too only goes to 9.5,

  • Susan

    I agree this is very frustrating…I’m not willing to upgrade my phone that works perfectly fine for a dumb game. They can have it!

  • Carol Arena

    I haven’t been able to load Hay Day on my Galaxy 3 phone either! I have done all the fixes I can find… nothing helps. Very frustrated!

  • Melissa

    I have not been able to load Hay Day on my Samsung S3 since the last update. Is there anything that can be done? I really don’t want to have to start all over again.

  • Bart Musgrave

    Have a Samsung galaxy G3 and cant even load the game it just says loading but
    then the game instead of opening just shuts down. I have posted this several times, and emailed the game provider. I have never received any feedback or explanation as to why.

  • mary beth madill

    I have a samsung galaxy 3 tablet …after the last update the graphics are terrible …my tablet is less then 2 years old and has lots of memory etc…the game is like playing without my glasses now with my glasses on…i played fine with no glitches on high resolution before this update …now i dont play and they wont answer me …im devastated …ive spent a lot of money on this game over the last 2 years …willthey fix this

  • Pamela Flores

    Have a Samsung S3 and since Mondays update. .I have not been able to play. .Are y’all investigating the problem or not..I think its time to uninstall Hayday for good

  • Justine Lynch Arnold

    Have a samsung s3 and been playing hayday for over 2 years. 1st upgrade i could play. When i did the second update it would boot me out. I uninstalled the game, and tried to reinstall and all i get now is, loading and knocks me right back to the main page to open. WHAT is going on? When are they going to fix this issue? I can no longer play this on my phone.

  • Dgirl284

    My son has a samsung galaxy s3 and can’t log into hayday since the last update. It acts like it is logging in and then kicks you back to main screen. So disappointed. Please hurry and fix this issue.

  • Svetoslav Jan

    Can not log on the last two days it’s says ,unable to establish a connection with the server,

  • Carlee

    Have a galaxy s3 and i cant even load the game it just says loading but then the game instead of opening just shuts down and im left back on my home screen.

  • Kim Elizabeth Gutowsky

    Update today tells me to download from App Store but the App Store just says open can not play hay day on my iPad!!!!!!

  • Bev

    Still trying to download the latest upgrade. Won’t let me. Not happy with hayday since the iOS and new helpers. Let’s get back to how it was. What happens about the Derby, am in the middle of task. Time must be running out.

  • Pamela Flores

    Have a S3 and still cannot play since Mondays update didn’t help either…this sucks

  • Cacher

    What is happening? Rose and Ernest are showing as helping me for the next 6 days!!!!!!!!
    I clicked on them earlier this week to try the free 7 days, but it is showing as just under 7 days as of today. Surely it should be down to just a few days. Do not like them at all.

  • jpotter61

    Oh no, another update since 31/10 and Hayday not working again. Do these people know what they are doing

  • Jan Foley

    Stuck on download screen here also. iPad Air2. Please just go back to how it was before helpers were introduced. Nothing but trouble!

  • M.D.

    Can’t open Hay Day on my iPad. It’s been a few days now. The app will load then shut down all of a sudden. I sure hope this gets fixed.

  • Jane

    Geez… Wish I had never agreed to update. Been stuck on the updating screen for 4 days. I’m al it’s ready to just delete the game and play something else despite putting money into Hay Day. Sucks… I play on an IPad mini, or at least I use to.

  • Lillian

    That ok if you can up date to 10.11 but the iPad 2 only updates to 9.5

  • Dottie

    Also cannot get in since update. Very annoying. Will it be rectified???

  • Shara

    Can’t open my Hayday on my iPad since I updated and played it once..kicked me out and won’t work.

  • Daniel Lee Harbison

    me too

  • Daniel Lee Harbison

    my hay day farm will not load on my galaxy s3 phone since the update but will work on my galaxy tab 4 don’t understand

  • Jpotter61

    What I did on my IPad Air was to update it to IOS 10.11 and I got on straight away

  • Vicky ONeal

    I have a galaxy S3 phone. I’m on level 70 and I downloaded the last version of hayday and now I can’t play. It will not load. I love this game but very upset that I can no longer play it

  • Cacher

    Kicked off whilst it is loading/connecting. Giving up on Hayday for now.
    Since the update nothing but problems, and as for Rose and Ernest!!!!! Rubbish.
    Are they listening to their players?

  • Myra Sullivan

    Any suggestions how to fix problems

  • Myra Sullivan

    Can’t play hay day won’t load goes back to sign in screen

  • YD

    Same here it reconnection after every 5 seconds

  • Pamala Oaks

    Still can’t play it crashes as soon as it comes up. Please fix this problem? Haven’t been able to play since the update, so frustrated.

  • Chris

    I have Samsung 3 and it still won’t load waiting on a reply from supercell

  • Gracies Cakes

    Still can’t load game feeling very frustrated only game I play have spent a lot of money on it and now all I have is an icon great ,tried contacting supercell no reply could they just at least post they are going to fix this even if it takes a week at least give us some information besides uninstall etc which does nothing sure I am not the only person who has spent a lot of money on this game x

  • Blazing in Texas

    Thanks for the Google Play suggestion Laura. No luck with loading yet. It attempts for 3-4 seconds then shuts off to my regular screen. I hope they fix this glitch soon. Good luck with your problem also.

  • Amanda

    I successfully updated the game to the new version and immediately had trouble with a fishing task on the derby. It kept resetting my fishing to 0.0lb even though I had fully fished twice. The only solution was binning the task and starting a different one.
    Last night and this morning I cannot even get into the game. It gets to the loading page, welcomes me from the game centre (in the banner across the top of the screen), opens the game for a microsecond and then flicks back to the loading screen. It stays on this cycle until eventually saying it cannot connect to the server.

  • Laura

    Even without social media your game should be saved in the google play store. I had to reload my game once, and all the information was there in the play store. Just be careful if you need to do that, because if you click on the wrong choice it will erase your game. Best of luck.

  • Laura

    I updated it successfully on October 31. Dirt News will hardly load up, and when it does there is nothing but pages full of eggs. I was loading items into my store when the game reset itself back by about 2 minutes of play time. All the things in my store were back in the barn. It was odd. The game will not stay connected very long to wifi, despite a strong connection that was no trouble before. My other apps work fine. It’s very frustrating to play now because of the constant disconnections and partial connections. It takes 5-10 minutes to load all my friends and followers, if it loads them at all. Switching to another players farm is problematical. It often just says loading and never gets there, so I have to close and reopen the game. I have not tried the helpers, because with all these troubles I am afraid it will mess the game up more. I love this game, hope it gets fixed soon. I have an Android tablet version 5.0 with only one other game app on it, and tons of space available.

  • ‘Elizabeth

    Does anyone know if this is actually going to be sorted If not I will just delete the game

  • Blazing in Texas

    I have a Samsung 3, currently updated version with additional memory chip. After I updated the newest Hay Day required update on 31 October, It will neither open nor download. The screen goes black and exits the app. NOW what?? I do Not want to start over and lose real $$ as I’m on level 70 and do not participate in any form of social media.

  • Bonnie

    Still cant get into hay day after update. Using Samsung 3. Tried deleting and installing older apk version but after forced update still wont work. Frustrated in Illinois

  • Suzanne Roberts

    I play on my 3 year old I pad. It keeps crashing and I don’t like the new helpers. They are creepy!

  • Me

    Game constantly crashing since update. Don’t think I will be spending money on this one any more if not fixed.

  • Zoche

    Same here

  • martha

    Can’t open hay day it keeps loading then goes back to main page I’m using Samsung s3

  • Annie

    I have an iPad 2 also and can’t upgrade to System 10, still running system 9, but my upgrades are current. I can’t even load the game now. Hayday updated, then crashed. I got in for a few seconds here and there Oct 31st, after restarting my iPad and opening through the App Store several times, but even that doesn’t work anymore. I have tried everything. The same thing happened to me a year ago and I couldn’t play for months. Frustrating because this is my favourite game and I am hooked. Finally last August I got back into the game and it was running great. I am working on a Champion Derby Achievement and was near the end. Not sure what will happen with that now. So sad! Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Bev

    I have an iPad 2 and cannot load iOS 10.1. I have not been able to play Hay Day since the new download due to crashing on the farm site. The town seems to be better but isn’t any good w/o the farm. Will I be able to play again w/o having iOS 10.1?

  • Cacher

    I don’t lke the 2 new helpers, she keeps making eggs and I don’t need them!! Plus that is all that is in the newspaper, if I keep playing this game then I will not be using the helpers. This has again spoilt the game.

  • anon

    Have not been able to play since i did the new upgrade. This is now day three. I have tried everything and nothing is working. I have a Samsung galaxy S3. Please fix this issue

  • Mary

    Hay Day Crashing for the last couple of days. Takes ages to load and then crashes after one or 2 actions. Are there any updates on progress of when it will be fixed?. Unusable to me as it stands.

  • Jpotter61

    After 24 frustrating hours of not being able to get into Hayday, I updated my IPad Air to IOS 10.11 and was able to play straight away. Yipeeeeeeeeee

  • Linda

    Just click anywhere except where it says “open” so it will go away

  • Ryan Smith

    “Click to the side of open” what does that mean?

  • imisstito

    Hay Day is aware of the problem. It isn’t a simple thing. From what I can tell on the forums, it is the new character Rosie, and Derby task data that are the central bugs. Also incompatibility with old smartphone operating systems. Avoid feeding, truck, boat and help tasks. They seem to be affected. Opting in or out of derby is broken too. I imagine they will reset and cancel this derby when it is fixed. I have played since their third month online and never have had the kind of situation!

  • Chris

    Since updating yesterday I can’t get any of the Derby tasks to work

  • Nessa

    Since I’ve updated hay day yesterday it keeps saying loading and won’t open I’m using a Samsung s3

  • Nessa

    I 2 have been having issues since the update the game can’t seem to open

  • Kuttig Khanh Duc

    same here!!!

  • Cacher

    We went to the App store, clicked on Hayday and opend it and so far it seems to be working (touch wood). We did that even though I had updated the farm beforehand
    Give it a go.

  • Leesa Lou

    Is any one else having problems with the derby?
    I’ve selected one and it just keeps going back to zero or the hole task vanished go to derby to see and it has 7/7 available but don’t allow me to re select, and the other thing is that all there is for sale is loads and loads of eggs :-(

  • Jpotter61

    I still can’t get in and no one from Hayday seems to care. Have been playing for two years. Have tried leaving messages all over the place but no response. Can’t remember any login details from when I first joined so am loathed to cancel and rejoin as I am afraid of losing everythiing I have worked so hard for

  • Chell

    Is it still happening Jackie? It is to me :/ had this for 2 days now, its driving me round the bend :( I’m with you on the 100 free diamonds :)

  • Chell

    Can’t get past loading, just says loading, conecting, then unable to find server try again later. How much later? Hours, days or weeks? So frustrating hayday 2 days of going around in circles, and when I did twice get on it didn’t take long to be booted out and go round in circles again ahhhhhhhhhhhh this is ridiculous.

  • Annie

    Still keeps crashing since the update. So sad!

  • Linda

    Still keeps booting me out. I can get in but a few seconds later I’m booted off. Frustrated!!

  • Annie

    I have been trying to open since updating last night with no success. Very frustrating.

  • Mena Hayday

    I got brave & updated my iPad to the new version iOS 10.1.1 and I am able to play!

  • Barbara

    I still Can’t get on so upset

  • David Hill

    Thanks a million saved the bacon

  • Linda

    Finally let’s me in but boots me out almost immediately every time

  • Jackie

    It let me update and everything but then I go to the game, it loads, then its says updating for like a minute then says lost connection and repeats the cycle, what’s going on! It is 5:30 and hasn’t worked all day! We SHOULD all get 100 diamonds!

  • J Wilkins

    crashes after load screen since update

  • Linda

    Hey everyone my husband just got home and showed me how to get it done !!!!!
    1) click off to the side of “open” in the App Store
    2) tap “updates” at the bottom then tap on Hay Day and it works!!!!!

  • Linda

    Like everyone else here I’m having the same problem……can’t get into my game which says update must be installed, goes to App Store which says “open” then on to the vicious cycle. Why is Supercell not responding, are they addressing this problem ??? Very frustrating!!!

  • Brian

    Can’t get on my hay day ,tells me to upload,but then says open not update,just keeps going round and round

  • Sandra

    Going round and round between “download update” and “open” in the App Store. Getting nowhere…. V frustrating to say the least…..

  • Daisy

    I cannot connect to game after update keeps chucking me out please fix

  • Lillian

    Since download today. 31 Oct 2016 it keeps closing down very frustrating I will have to opt out of Derby not to happy

  • Cacher

    Just tried again to log in, no luck at all. What on earth is happening??????
    Problems, problems I think it is time to move on to a new game!

  • Peg

    2 pm central time and still no access since 9 am this morning. Good time to quit this addiction!!

  • Janet Potter

    Having same problem as everyone else. Why has Hayday staff not responded to all the gamers so that we know what is happening

  • Lily

    I can’t get into the game at all. Says go to App Store for update that says open and round it goes :( gonna fail my derby task this rate

  • Cacher

    Why oh why????? Kicked off no matter where I click on my farm. It has been working fine (well sort of) for the past few months, I dread the updates as I know I will have problems with this game. Cannot get to play it tonight as kicked off everytime!!!

  • Kristin Graves

    Updated app after new iOS update. Now it goes to the loading screen for about 20 seconds then kicks me out.

  • Gnat60

    Better get 100 diamonds to compensate for this one…..

  • Eleni Fikaris

    My hat day hasn’t worked in a while.. I woke up to get on and check it and it won’t connect. I downloaded the IOS 10.1 or something like that.. and it still won’t work. Please help!

  • Randy

    R u guys working on this please update us

  • Live Alve Midthus

    I have hear that it works on Androind, I use and iPad, and nothing has happened here for 4 hours now.

  • Anita

    I am getting the same, it says new iOS update is being installed, come back later, keep going back and still the same, it seems to be well and truly stuck, come on guys sort it out please.

  • Willow

    I’m having the same problems as Minnie, now it’s saying a new iOS update is being installed , not a happy farmer especially when you’ve got Tom ready to do errands for you !!! We should all be given Tom free for a day

  • Minnie

    It keeps redirecting to update the game from AppStore… But there are no updates available there… Nd the game wont open unless i update it… FIX IT!!!!

  • Greg

    Hay Day app is not working, servers have been down since the new meet the helpers update went live.

  • Sheila

    Not loading at all now

  • Sheila

    Slow loading , freezing and cutting out

  • Harman

    Connection lost in few seconds

  • Harman

    Same problem

  • Harman

    Connection lost in few seconds

  • Vishnu nair

    Hay day is fail 2 play after few seconds plz fix it…..plzzz

  • Shweta Gupta

    I m playing hay day on samsung galaxy grand max.. but from past few days the game is not loading on wifi but it smoothly runs on cellular data plz solve my problem asap i really miss my farm :(

  • Armaansharma

    Plzzz fix the problem

  • Armaansharma

    Any solution

  • Armaansharma

    Hay day is disconnecting after few sec any solution plzzz

  • Nannybim

    Hay days went down tonight around 8oclock pm ive NOThad it back since:(

  • Sunil Dogra

    HAY DAY is disconnecting in every few seconds…any solution plz

  • Arick

    From yesterday “connection failed” msg shows in every 9-10 seconds, now its been annoying…connects and failed—-connects and failed…. plz help

  • Brian Brooks

    Hay Day has been acting up since I installed the halloween update. I keep getting a “please wait” message & now I can’t buy diamonds. Any ideas folks?

  • Laura Badham

    The hay day app is not loading on my iphone 5s ios 10.0.2. I am just starting this game, and it worked fine at my friend’s place, but it stopped working when I came to university. Perhaps the wifi isnt too good? Although everything else works fine!

  • Jamie Bally

    Happening with me as well.

  • chiru

    same here…..has your problem been solved?

  • Faith

    I bought a Chest of Diamonds for £29.99 48 hours ago. The credit was taken from my gift card but the diamonds have not appeared. Every time I click on ‘Add more diamonds’ the page is greyed out and the chest of diamonds is continually showing a loading icon. Have emailed iTunes support but heard nothing back.

  • Shahla Bg

    My game doesnt open.what is wrong with it?l installed it again but nothing changed and it doesnt open!what should l do?

  • Sheep dip far4m

    The message I got almost a week ago is hay day has stopped.. I can’t seem to get back in

  • Liz Huber

    My game is stuck in the updating mode

  • Nicola Jane

    The number of crops in silo are needed to make new crops or use to make other things. If you plant 10 then you will be able to harvest 20, so you have 20 in your silo and plant 10 you have ten left in silo until the others are ready to harvest etc.

  • Mjrlegend

    Problem with crops. Every time I plant a crop it reduces the crop from my silo. Example …I have 10 pumpkins in the silo. I go to plant 10 more pumpkins and when I do it reduces my stored silo pumpkins to 0.what’s wrong?

  • Alz

    Hay day app keeps crashing thinking of deleting it this has been going on for a week now!

  • Divyesh Mandaviya

    i can’t chane my farm name and also my roadshop business is stop.

  • Jude

    Hay adapt keeps crashing after only a few minutes . Screen goes black. Very frustrating, makes it so I am playing less and less.

  • Diane Hall

    I have not been able to play hayday for two weeks now it just keeps saying hayday not responding

  • Lou

    Haven’t been able to connect for ten days now. Screen on ipad goes black.

  • missraine2k4

    Hayday wont load on my galaxy note 2014 edition

  • Janis Grant

    Cannot get onto hey day today on any device from 2 different servers what is the problem ?

  • Raji Susan Varkey

    My ipad has shut down and I have lost my hayday.
    how do I get it back on my S3

  • Cynthia Andi

    It comes up with error when i try to update. Has been doing since yesterday

  • mim

    It says i need to download an update to acess but when i download update it comes up with error? Can anyone help?

  • Malene

    I just updated my hay Day now it Will NOT connect to the server

  • Golfna Kha

    I face the problem with the derby point is not show and now derby is end of weeked but game use long time for processing(Now, still processing)
    please help to solve or advice.

  • Ranieri Armando

    Hi there. I have a problem with this game. On an Asus tablet worked well until, at a certain point, it started to randomly exit from the game returning to the “desktop”. I tried to reset the table and install again on a cleaned android but the issue is still there. Any suggestion?

  • Jan

    can’t purchase in-app diamonds. how do i change my samsung payment card details?

  • Meow

    I will write following below
    “My friend’s app has problem it is black stuck in installing mode since 4 days every time she go to load it’s just installing half way . Her farm make tidy’s salaam to u farm x her level is 104 so please try to fix to problem it’s very frustrating as can not play game or Darby or help members thanks”
    Ps. She is my leader from THE CAT’S Meow

  • Maulik Patel

    I am not opening my old Farm…

  • sjm106

    Tablet broken so tried to download hay day app to samsung s3 but google play store says version not compatible with this device.

  • jaime payette

    I have the app on my phone, Samsung Note 5 and it will not.load. I also have it on my appleft tablet and it is working.
    Hoping tomorrow’s fix works

  • Troy Potes

    Same problem. Ap is just on “waiting” status. I think for iphone users only

  • Eveline Whitehall

    Experiencing same problem as Wflball. Been ‘waiting’ for over 24 hours.

  • Sharon Frances Bailey

    I can’t connect to server

  • wflball

    Hay day app stuck on ( waiting) X 2 days now. Does anyone have this issue? Any suggestions?

  • Seana Doa

    Said Hay Day would shut down for 20 minutes for service and it’s been 2 hours. Go to app, says updating and then says server connection lost. Please fix as we’re in the middle of the Derby!!!!! Extremely frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lana Arthur

    Since the last 2 updates of Facebook, my Hayday connects and stops halfway. It has been already a few days like this. Please fix this.

  • Nina

    Is says connecting but stop half way

  • Laura

    I can’t open hay day ? Was fine this morning but updated my iPad and now when I try to click the hay day icon to open the screen goes black and that’s it kicks me back to my home screen on iPad ?? Can you please help!?

  • ماہ نور شاہد

    Still not able to connect . It’s been 24 hrs now.. what’s going on please

  • Harry

    when i try to watch an advert for diamonds,Hay Day stops and returns to my ipad Screen. any ideas?!

  • Stephanie Morris

    I don’t know if anyone else has this issue. I got the latest update for Hay Day, but the sheep still have antlers. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Sumesh Kumar

    problems in samsung mobles only.. Updating……

  • Jemma Nash

    Every time I enter each shop it pauses twice telling me ‘waiting’, it’s every single time and is driving me insane as it’s preventing me from buying and slowing down my game experience!!

  • Edith

    Hay day won’t load, screen goes black then back to main iPad screen. What’s up??

  • Jan

    Tried starting Hay Day and got the “Waiting” symbol. Have been waiting for nearly an hour, logged off, logged in quite a few times and still the same…. can’t do anything!

  • TAM

    Keeps downloading but never finishes. I could not play it since the request to update

  • Tonya K. Granger Withey

    I am having the same problem. I have been trying different things for about 5 days. Any help please.

  • James White

    I don’t know what has happened to make it work but I was able to download Hay Day last night and all is working fine

  • anais

    Same problem here. Dont know what to do

  • Bazo

    Same problem as you Cindy .

  • Ivan

    Same problem here. system crashes after few seconds spent in any game

  • cindy

    installed update on 3/8/16 in the evening. now it will not even open ? anyone know what the issue is and what to do?

  • Bazo

    Still crashing after trying to install latest update ?

  • James White

    since the last update my tablet is telling me I don’t have sufficient space. I uninstalled Hayday, as normal. and tried to install the upgrade but still not enough space.
    I uninstalled Dragon Vale, still not enough space, and was able to reinstall Dragon Vale.
    Ultimately I am told there isn’t enough space when there should be plenty, can someone help plz

  • sharon

    Since new down load it keeps dropping out on my tablet. I really enjoy the game but I’m getting very frustrated

  • Roma Osmani

    Can’t download hay day in my phone, wanted to update it but it was hung then deleted the app and now want to re-download it but it is not downloading HELP plz !!