Problems with Hay Day

One of the worst problems that can happen with the free mobile game ‘Hay Day’ is when the servers have an outage. Other issues can include connecting to Facebook, the Supercell app not opening up, as well as not being able to install the latest update.

Problems with Hay Day

If you are having problems with Hay Day and do not mention this online you will never get the problem sorted, but if we all stick together and post all the issues that occur with this game then maybe just maybe these can all be ironed out.

Hay Day is a game for both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users, and has generated a lot of money thanks to in-app purchases. This is a farming game at its best when running smoothly, all you need to do is look after your crops and trade in products with friends and neighbours.

Add or read about all problems with Hay Day below. Have you got anything to share with Down Today?


Hay Day Status insight for Monday 24th of October 2016

If Hay Day is down today, then reports will be found below.

Hay Day Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Armaansharma

    Plzzz fix the problem

  • Armaansharma

    Any solution

  • Armaansharma

    Hay day is disconnecting after few sec any solution plzzz

  • Nannybim

    Hay days went down tonight around 8oclock pm ive NOThad it back since:(

  • Sunil Dogra

    HAY DAY is disconnecting in every few seconds…any solution plz

  • Arick

    From yesterday “connection failed” msg shows in every 9-10 seconds, now its been annoying…connects and failed—-connects and failed…. plz help

  • Brian Brooks

    Hay Day has been acting up since I installed the halloween update. I keep getting a “please wait” message & now I can’t buy diamonds. Any ideas folks?

  • Laura Badham

    The hay day app is not loading on my iphone 5s ios 10.0.2. I am just starting this game, and it worked fine at my friend’s place, but it stopped working when I came to university. Perhaps the wifi isnt too good? Although everything else works fine!

  • Jamie Bally

    Happening with me as well.

  • chiru

    same here…..has your problem been solved?

  • Faith

    I bought a Chest of Diamonds for £29.99 48 hours ago. The credit was taken from my gift card but the diamonds have not appeared. Every time I click on ‘Add more diamonds’ the page is greyed out and the chest of diamonds is continually showing a loading icon. Have emailed iTunes support but heard nothing back.

  • Shahla Bg

    My game doesnt open.what is wrong with it?l installed it again but nothing changed and it doesnt open!what should l do?

  • Sheep dip far4m

    The message I got almost a week ago is hay day has stopped.. I can’t seem to get back in

  • Liz Huber

    My game is stuck in the updating mode

  • Nicola Jane

    The number of crops in silo are needed to make new crops or use to make other things. If you plant 10 then you will be able to harvest 20, so you have 20 in your silo and plant 10 you have ten left in silo until the others are ready to harvest etc.

  • Mjrlegend

    Problem with crops. Every time I plant a crop it reduces the crop from my silo. Example …I have 10 pumpkins in the silo. I go to plant 10 more pumpkins and when I do it reduces my stored silo pumpkins to 0.what’s wrong?

  • Alz

    Hay day app keeps crashing thinking of deleting it this has been going on for a week now!

  • Divyesh Mandaviya

    i can’t chane my farm name and also my roadshop business is stop.

  • Jude

    Hay adapt keeps crashing after only a few minutes . Screen goes black. Very frustrating, makes it so I am playing less and less.

  • Diane Hall

    I have not been able to play hayday for two weeks now it just keeps saying hayday not responding

  • Lou

    Haven’t been able to connect for ten days now. Screen on ipad goes black.

  • missraine2k4

    Hayday wont load on my galaxy note 2014 edition

  • Janis Grant

    Cannot get onto hey day today on any device from 2 different servers what is the problem ?

  • Raji Susan Varkey

    My ipad has shut down and I have lost my hayday.
    how do I get it back on my S3

  • Cynthia Andi

    It comes up with error when i try to update. Has been doing since yesterday

  • mim

    It says i need to download an update to acess but when i download update it comes up with error? Can anyone help?

  • Malene

    I just updated my hay Day now it Will NOT connect to the server

  • Golfna Kha

    I face the problem with the derby point is not show and now derby is end of weeked but game use long time for processing(Now, still processing)
    please help to solve or advice.

  • Ranieri Armando

    Hi there. I have a problem with this game. On an Asus tablet worked well until, at a certain point, it started to randomly exit from the game returning to the “desktop”. I tried to reset the table and install again on a cleaned android but the issue is still there. Any suggestion?

  • Jan

    can’t purchase in-app diamonds. how do i change my samsung payment card details?

  • Meow

    I will write following below
    “My friend’s app has problem it is black stuck in installing mode since 4 days every time she go to load it’s just installing half way . Her farm make tidy’s salaam to u farm x her level is 104 so please try to fix to problem it’s very frustrating as can not play game or Darby or help members thanks”
    Ps. She is my leader from THE CAT’S Meow

  • Maulik Patel

    I am not opening my old Farm…

  • sjm106

    Tablet broken so tried to download hay day app to samsung s3 but google play store says version not compatible with this device.

  • jaime payette

    I have the app on my phone, Samsung Note 5 and it will not.load. I also have it on my appleft tablet and it is working.
    Hoping tomorrow’s fix works

  • Troy Potes

    Same problem. Ap is just on “waiting” status. I think for iphone users only

  • Eveline Whitehall

    Experiencing same problem as Wflball. Been ‘waiting’ for over 24 hours.

  • Sharon Frances Bailey

    I can’t connect to server

  • wflball

    Hay day app stuck on ( waiting) X 2 days now. Does anyone have this issue? Any suggestions?

  • Seana Doa

    Said Hay Day would shut down for 20 minutes for service and it’s been 2 hours. Go to app, says updating and then says server connection lost. Please fix as we’re in the middle of the Derby!!!!! Extremely frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lana Arthur

    Since the last 2 updates of Facebook, my Hayday connects and stops halfway. It has been already a few days like this. Please fix this.

  • Nina

    Is says connecting but stop half way

  • Laura

    I can’t open hay day ? Was fine this morning but updated my iPad and now when I try to click the hay day icon to open the screen goes black and that’s it kicks me back to my home screen on iPad ?? Can you please help!?

  • ماہ نور شاہد

    Still not able to connect . It’s been 24 hrs now.. what’s going on please

  • Harry

    when i try to watch an advert for diamonds,Hay Day stops and returns to my ipad Screen. any ideas?!

  • Stephanie Morris

    I don’t know if anyone else has this issue. I got the latest update for Hay Day, but the sheep still have antlers. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Sumesh Kumar

    problems in samsung mobles only.. Updating……

  • Jemma Nash

    Every time I enter each shop it pauses twice telling me ‘waiting’, it’s every single time and is driving me insane as it’s preventing me from buying and slowing down my game experience!!

  • Edith

    Hay day won’t load, screen goes black then back to main iPad screen. What’s up??

  • Jan

    Tried starting Hay Day and got the “Waiting” symbol. Have been waiting for nearly an hour, logged off, logged in quite a few times and still the same…. can’t do anything!

  • TAM

    Keeps downloading but never finishes. I could not play it since the request to update

  • Tonya K. Granger Withey

    I am having the same problem. I have been trying different things for about 5 days. Any help please.

  • James White

    I don’t know what has happened to make it work but I was able to download Hay Day last night and all is working fine

  • anais

    Same problem here. Dont know what to do

  • Bazo

    Same problem as you Cindy .

  • Ivan

    Same problem here. system crashes after few seconds spent in any game

  • cindy

    installed update on 3/8/16 in the evening. now it will not even open ? anyone know what the issue is and what to do?

  • Bazo

    Still crashing after trying to install latest update ?

  • James White

    since the last update my tablet is telling me I don’t have sufficient space. I uninstalled Hayday, as normal. and tried to install the upgrade but still not enough space.
    I uninstalled Dragon Vale, still not enough space, and was able to reinstall Dragon Vale.
    Ultimately I am told there isn’t enough space when there should be plenty, can someone help plz

  • sharon

    Since new down load it keeps dropping out on my tablet. I really enjoy the game but I’m getting very frustrated

  • Roma Osmani

    Can’t download hay day in my phone, wanted to update it but it was hung then deleted the app and now want to re-download it but it is not downloading HELP plz !!