Problems with Hay Day

One of the worst problems that can happen with the free mobile game ‘Hay Day’ is when the servers have an outage. Other issues can include connecting to Facebook, the Supercell app not opening up, as well as not being able to install the latest update.

If you are having problems with Hay Day and do not mention this online you will never get the problem sorted, but if we all stick together and post all the issues that occur with this game then maybe just maybe these can all be ironed out.

Hay Day is a game for both Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users, and has generated a lot of money thanks to in-app purchases. This is a farming game at its best when running smoothly, all you need to do is look after your crops and trade in products with friends and neighbours.

Add or read about all problems with Hay Day below. Have you got anything to share with Down Today?


Hay Day Status insight for Thursday 18th of January 2018

If Hay Day is down today, then reports will be found below.

Hay Day Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • John

    Good day. I am using a Samsung Tab 2. Ever since the update i cannot log into the game. Cleared the cache and even did a factory restore. Only supercell aps not working. Please advise.

  • Jimeislen Northern

    I am going in circles

  • Jimeislen Northern

    I deleted and reinstalled but it still didn’t work any other suggestions

  • Jimeislen Northern

    Miss my Hay Day

  • Barabara Taylor

    I can’t log into hay day that been every sense the 26 of Dec that’s not right

  • Babette Erickson

    I cannot get hayday to open it sits on updating screen.

  • Cheryl

    I downloaded the update but my farm is gone! Cannot get any help at all from support

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    Whe i open my hayday .always updating!!!!!

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    They say server is not responding check connnection network even my connection is good .

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    Same here .always update but not working

  • Ayen Olanam Ayalib

    I cant play my hayday dew to server why the other online game i play why is my hayday is not working i use ios

  • Coney Georgina Bundock

    After doing the December 2017 upgrade, I cannot get into Hayday. (It goes goes through the motions of loading but doesnt load) I am using it on an Samsung android tablet. Can someone help. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Hayday.

  • Grandpa

    I have been trying for over a week. Cannot get the update “finished” and even when I try to run the app, it just gets stuck “updating.” I am tired of this, 4 years, level130, big barn, etc. I may just dump it and see if I remember the sponsors names so I can tell them about it. I am tired of trying over and over. I use the newest Android system,no other apps are failing.

  • Clare Soanes

    for two days i have been trying to open hayday, i try and update then when it goes onto to google play it is saying this device is not compatible with this version. ridiculous as ive got a chromebook. i have restarted several times and even emailed supercell but nothing. so annoying as ive spent years on this game and i cannot even open it. not sure what to do.

  • Dawna Ward

    Thank you, this has been driving me crazy! Working now. The key is to pull the updates screen down, releasing more updates.

  • Karma Denton

    Yes! That works, Granny!

  • Granny Joyce

    Granny Joyce
    2 months ago
    I am posting the “fix” that Tom FitzSimmons suggested. It worked for me and several others. Try it…

    Fixed it!
    Close Hay Day, and open your App Store. Go to the Updates page. It will probably tell you that you recently updated Hay Day. Ignore that message. Pull the updates screen down, as if you are scrolling, this prompts the page to look for newer updates. A newer version of the Hay Day update appears, select it, and download the new update. Your download should now complete, and no more annoying “update available” messages will occur!

  • ynpguy

    Granny’s advice may have worked for some, but when I go into the App store, it seems to “know” I have Hay Day loaded on my device and only gives me an “Open” button.

  • Llyr

    I had to delete and reinstall that worked

  • ynpguy

    Yeah, no that did not work. The app store updates only lists Hay Day, with an “Open” button. Of course, I can “Get” Hay Day Stickers since it is not on my device.

  • Colin Holgate

    For anyone still having problems, even though the update overlay says “open”, go to the App Store Updates tab, and you will hopefully find an Update for Hay Day. That worked for us.

  • Bernie Aman

    Same problem can’t get into game until I update but can’t update as it takes me back to the game where I get same message saying need to update. I am also fed up going round in circles.

  • ynpguy

    And I thought I was just losing my mind. Same here – “Open” button and no actual download/update link – takes you in a psychotic circle. Nice.

  • Alice

    Can’t download latest update as not in the App Store. Been trying since this afternoon. Makes me want to delete the whole game.

  • Anita

    They have done it again. Update needed download, no chance just goes round and round in circles. Few months back same thing, months before same thing, about the fifth time since I have been playing. Getting very bored with it anyway, so maybe it’s time to quit.

  • Stephanie

    Cant update my farm. Bummer! Hope someone’s working on this.

  • Linda grange

    Can’t load new version today. I ve only ever once been able to download new version s immediately,,,, this needs sorting daughter is fine

  • Jayjay

    Managed to download the update thanks to advice from Granny. Now can’t sell anything in my shop. It just says edit but nothing works. Perhaps I need to be patient. Why do we have to go through all this trauma ever time there’s an update

  • Gillian Sansom

    I can’t download the update 🙁 I go to the App Store, press open, and it just takes me back to the download pic 🙁

  • Zoe Hancock

    I can’t download the new update

  • Syd B

    Just followed “Granny Joice’s“ advice (scroll way down). This worked. Thank you.

  • Syd B

    Already have the latest update downloaded BUT the game will not open. Instead it keeps saying I need to download the latest version. So annoying!!!

  • Reggie thompson

    Taking ages to load from start and in game too

  • Karen Kalmeyer

    Is there anything I can do to stop the “loading” when I try to look through the circular paper? When it finally comes up everything is purchased from the page. This has been going on for weeks. Why? Thank you.

  • Geraldine Mullins

    Hay Day just won’t open

  • Jenny Moss

    Completed boat orders are not being added to the global event

  • Jean Anderson

    Same for mine. Hasn’t opened for a week.

  • Keeley Chambers

    Constant crashing when shopping from newspaper and roadside shop reported about 15 times still not fixed this is poor

  • Dave

    Hay day keeps stopping on my Samsung pro galaxy tab. It says, ” unfortunately hay day has stopped.” Every 5 mins after opening the game.

  • crystal henderson

    my i
    s crashing please fix love this game

  • Ro

    Hayday keeps saying updating and won’t load.

  • Ro

    Hayday won’t load just keeps saying updating

  • Olaf_Slartibartfast

    Hay Day keeps crashing when visiting other farms. These problems were introduced with the latest Haloween update. Please fix this!