Guild Wars 2 server status

Welcome to Down Today where you can check or add your Guild Wars 2 server status. It is very rare to get constant problems with this MMORPG published by NCsoft and developed by ArenaNet, but when there are issues these consist mainly of installing the game, logging in and the servers being down.

The two major issues include Guild Wars 2 servers going down and players unable to login, and when any of these two happen people look for somewhere to complain and look for answers. This is where ‘Down Today’ can help, this is a best Guild Wars 2 community for gamers where they can either add their problem below as well as reading other gamers issues.

Guild Wars 2 updates occur often, featuring new items, which you can purchase. As well as other goodies such as new events for players. Updates do not always run smoothly, have you ever had issues?

If you are a GW2 gamer on any of the following platforms including Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, please do share below if you are having any issues at all getting into the fantasy world of Tyria.


Guild Wars 2 Status insight for Friday 3rd of April 2020

If Guild Wars 2 is down today, then reports will be found below.

Guild Wars 2 Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • philip lucas

    same here in england and same error code 42. can’t login at all been that way now for over 2 hours

  • siggy

    server gw1 is down server gw2 also down in netherlands error 042

  • Bossy

    The screen is loading but for ever like freezing on me. When will there be a new Guild Wars update?

  • Brandon

    I keep losing connection each time i want to use Asura gate.

  • Malcom

    I am having a few issues with Guild Wars 2 Shattered Ice Ruins jumping puzzle, is anyone else?

  • Orson

    The server and website were both down for me, but for the last 5 minutes everything seems to be back online – fingers crossed hey.

  • Petra

    The Guild Wars 2 servers keep shutting me down, i get in then get booted soon after. Are the servers playing up?

  • James

    I am having issues with this game, cannot seem to get online and play.

  • Patrick

    What dies “coherent host crashed, serious error prevented the application from continuing” This is all new to me has never come across this message before.

  • Alistar

    I am a new gamer wanting to play this game but cannot seem to get access to start, can someone help me please.

  • Sebastian

    Yeah, what new items will go up for sale this week?

  • Lenny

    Is there any new Guild Wars 2 updates this week?

  • Yalonda

    I had a connection error when trying to login to GW2 this morning.

Guild Wars 2 Reports

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