GTA V CE-34878-0 error message on PS4

The GTA V open world game has an CE-34878-0 error message for all PS4 players right now. The problem is being reported in both the UK and United States, which starts with the PS4 system explaining there’s an error in the GTA V application and then gamers receive the CE-34878-0 error code seen below.

It basically explains that “an error has occurred in the following application: (CE-34878-0) Grand Theft Auto V”. We have checked for the PS4 system firmware 2.04 and the GTA V update 1.05, but neither is live yet and this cannot be the problem even though you are advised to check for these under “Suggested Actions”.

If you have seen this error then leave a status update on our GTA V Down Today page, although we have reached out to Rockstar Games to explain what’s going on and why it happened out of nowhere.

This error has taken place without anything else happening, so it can most likely be fixed with a hot fix on the server end, unless there’s been some sort of hack.



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