GTA V 1.03 update causes PS4 CE-34878 error

The Grand Theft Auto 1.03 update just went live for PS4 and with it came problems for this console, especially in-regard to the well known PS4 CE-34878 error code that we’ve seen on FIFA 15, Call of Duty: Ghosts, NBA 2K15, and now GTA V seeing the CE-34878 issue after installing the 1.03 update.

You can see the error code for a Call of Duty game within the screenshot on this page. We have already seen confirmation from Rockstar Games in regard to the GTA V 1.03 update problems, and we expect to see a 1.03.1, or 1.04 patch fix the connection issues within the next 24 hours.

Until that time, Rockstar has pulled the 1.03 GTA V update for PS4 owners at least. If you haven’t installed since the 1.02 patch earlier this week, then you won’t see the new update thanks to it being taken down.

You can see complaints about this and other issues on our GTA V status page and PSN page, which is thanks to reports by Down Today readers. They complain about issues downloading the patch and of course what they thought is server unavailable messages.



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