GTA 5 1.07 update with slow PS4 issues

The Grand Theft Auto 5 1.07 update just went live on PS4 and this should also take the GTA Online version to 1.23 for all platforms. Our download is taking around 30 minutes on PS4 for 4.75GB, which is not bad for a BT fibre broadband connection, although it could go faster if the servers weren’t being hit hard.

While we said it’s taking 30 minutes, this isn’t entirely true thanks to the download slowing right up. At the time of writing, the GTA 5 1.07 update has been downloading for around 20 minutes and now states 47 minutes until it finishes, which is longer than when we started.

After taking a look on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, it’s clear there’s problems with the download on PS4 at least. It seems thousands are seeing their PS4 1.07 GTA 5 update going really slow, or stopping completely in some cases.

Are you having problems with the GTA V 1.07 update today and if so, what platform are you on? We haven’t heard about Xbox One, 360, or PS3 players seeing slow downloads or other problems. Leave your status updates on our GTA 5 servers page, and remember if this is for Heists then it’s understandable why so many gamers will be trying to download at the same time.



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