FIFA 15 TOTY defenders, midfielders and forwards

The FIFA 15 TOTY defenders, midfielders and forwards will join goalkeepers very soon in a narrowing down that will reveal the FIFA World XI Team of the Year. This news will break during a live video stream taking place on, which can be seen at the said website and will finally bring about the best players on January 12, 2015.

We occasionally bring some offbeat news to Down Today and of course our very own EA Sports servers page has seen readers talking about this trending topic. If you are seeing any server problems and sharing these details, then you might also be discussing the expected 2014 FIFA World XI TOTY while you wait for service to return.

FIFA 15 TOTY defenders, midfielders and forwards – You can leave you predictions at the above link, while waiting for servers to return if they currently have issues. It’s also worth noting some official updates by EA Sports FIFA page on twitter as well, which can be seen within the tweets below.

As you can see above, the buildup to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTY has included tweets asking for followers to make predictions. The messages above focus on forwards, defenders, and midfielders with many predictions already left within these official updates.



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